working late at the office

working late at the office Sex Story



Jessica  should have made sure her door was shut before logging onto her computer…


Jessica Alba was working late at the office one evening and was surfing the Internet trying to find a site to help with sales leads, when she got an alert that she had received a new email message. She checked her inbox and discovered that her friend had sent her a link to an erotic story site.

She smiled… it had been a while since she’d had the time to flip through such a site. She remembered one particular place that had incredibly hot stories – so much so that just reading a couple of paragraphs would make her pussy swell and throb, the wetness seeping into her panties and wetting the insides of her thighs.

Sometimes the stories she read there got her so hot that she would have to stop and relieve some pressure before she continued reading. Of course she had never risked that at work before, but…

She got up from her desk and went for a cup of coffee, checking to see if anyone was around the office that could interrupt her if she decided to take a few moments to read. She saw Tony, the security guard, walking down the hallway doing his usual rounds. She smiled to herself because she secretly had a little crush on him. He was five foot nine inches tall, dark black hair cut short and had a “circle beard” – a mustache that flows into a goatee.

Tony had one of those body types that makes a girl say “Mmm Mmm” to herself every time she saw him… you know, the wide shoulders tapering into a slim waist and a tight hard ass. He knew it too, and that gave him a cocksure attitude. Tony had a way of looking directly at a girl that made her flustered and wet at the same time.

Jessica considered herself a confident, intelligent person and she wasn’t used to feeling self-conscious around men. But for some reason, Tony could make her feel meek and timid whenever he was around her and that just pissed her off. For that reason she chose to avoid him, just keeping to herself in her office and concentrating on her work.

She headed back to her office, getting excited now. She planned to find a good story to read on the site and forget about work for a bit. She loved getting swept away in a sexy story, and imagining the whole thing in her mind. She walked into her office and pushed the door closed behind her with the heel of her shoe, sat down at her desk, and began to click through the titles trying to find one that interested her. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be reading them at work, but she had to do something to pass the time!

She was a common visitor to Lush, enjoying the different types of stories found there. She had her favorite authors, ones she read more often than others, and her favorite types of stories as well. Her favorite type of story was the kind that feature a male authority figure of some sort and a young woman – usually in some kind of trouble from that authority figure. Policemen and young girls, male teachers and errant female students, BDSM Dominants and female slave girls were some genres that she particularly liked. Anything that had a man in charge of and ruling over a woman worked for her!

Scrolling through the Lush website, she found a story titled “Fucked Straight” by Master_Jonathan, one of her favorite authors, and focused her attention on it. She brought the story up and began to read.

In this story, a young Hispanic high-school girl is caught driving home after a party. She had been drinking although she wasn’t completely drunk. She saw a police car behind her and tried unsuccessfully to lose it. The officer in the car pulled her over and she realized it was her next door neighbor. Trying to plead for him to “let her go this one time” didn’t work with him and knowing her mother was a single woman working hard to support them, he came up with an alternative to jail and a big fine – neither of which her mom could afford. He came up with an alternative punishment for her.

The young girl was quite a tease and she was dressed rather provocatively when he pulled her over. He decided that she should work off her punishment by becoming his sex slave…

He gently touched the girl’s lips with his fingers to silence her. “Shh… no, Adriana, I’ve got another idea. Yes, you will work for me, but not the way you’re thinking,” he said to her. “Here’s the deal, take it or leave it. You know what I could charge you with, right? It’s pretty serious. Well, I’ll let you go free if, and only if, you agree to become my slave for the week your mother is gone!” he said, smiling down at the young girl.

“Your slave? And you promise you’ll let me go free? Okay, I’ll do it,” gushed Adriana with a look of relief. “Thank you, Officer Parks! Thank you so much!”

“Hold on a minute, Adriana,” the officer said, “When I say you have to be my slave I’m not just talking about working for me. Have you ever thought what being a slave-girl might entail?” The officer gently touched the girl’s bare thigh with his fingers, then slowly began running a hand up the girl’s slender leg.

“What are you doing?” Adriana began to exclaim. “Stop it!”

Adriana stared back at him in shock, the realization that he was talking about more than just cleaning house here. She gulped and asked quietly in a timid voice, “W-what exactly would I have to do?”

He smiled and caressed the young Hispanic girl’s face, then slowly ran a finger down her neck and onto her chest. “You dress and act like a little cock-tease, wiggling that tight little ass and taking pleasure in keeping all the boys panting after you. Even with me, you think that you can smile and flirt and get away with whatever you want. Well it’s time you learn that such behavior can come back on you. You are going to do whatever I say, and I am going to do anything I want to with your lovely body,” he said in a husky voice. “This luscious body… I like the way it looks in those tight, skimpy clothes of yours. I want to see if you know how to use what you have been showing off,” he said.

“You are a policeman! I mean, isn’t this illegal?” she said. She didn’t need to remind him.

He looked deep into her eyes. “Look, Adriana, I could bust you right here, right now. I’ve got all the evidence I need to haul your ass in right now and make it stick. I probably should have already done it, but instead I’m trying to help you and give you a break. I’m going to unlock the handcuffs you’re wearing and then I’m giving you the key to my front door. Then I’m driving back to the station to sign out for the weekend. I’ll be back here in exactly forty-five minutes. Either you’ll be long gone by then, which means I’m filing an all-points bulletin out on you for your arrest… or, you’ll be in my house, bathed, totally nude, and wearing these handcuffs as my willing, submissive slave-girl. It’s your decision,” he told her.

…Jessica could feel herself getting excited, wondering what Officer Parks was going to do to the girl, putting herself in the girl’s position and feeling very vulnerable and exposed. Would she have agreed to this arrangement? From the description of Officer Parks in the story, she probably would have…

With that, he pulled Adriana up and out of his patrol car, got back in it himself and drove away. Adriana stared at the patrol car as it made its way down the street. She was pretty shaken up by what had just happened, and shocked at the proposal Officer Parks had just made to her. He was suggesting trying to turn her into his personal sexual plaything. It was outrageous. But at least she’d be free… no, it was just too bizarre. And yet at the same time, deep down, the idea also kind of excited her.

Officer Parks pulled into the station and checked out without incident. As he returned home, he passed by her house and noticed that Adriana’s car was exactly where she had left it. So far, so good. He pulled into his driveway, opened his front door, and a smile slowly crossed his face.

There, sitting on the sofa, totally nude and with her arms handcuffed behind her back, was his pretty neighbor, Adriana Hernandez.

“Welcome home, Robert,” the girl said.

The girl stood up. He saw that her lithe body was trembling. Her C-cup breasts looked pert and soft and wonderfully well-rounded. His eyes devoured the young Mexican girl, surveying her up and down as she stood there biting her lower lip coyly.

“Turn around, my pretty slave,” he said, “and let me see your pretty ass.”

Adriana did as she was commanded, bending over slightly so that he could get a good view of her gorgeous derriere. He unlocked her handcuffs at that point so she could move her hands out of the way.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered.

He stepped up behind the young girl and softly stroked her rounded ass, enjoying the silky smooth skin and sinking his fingers into her soft flesh. Adriana seemed to like the way his hands felt because she began wriggling that delightful ass in time with his strokes. His hand seemed to automatically be drawn to the crack between her cheeks and he softly brushed over her young tender pussy…

Jessica was now reading the story intently and didn’t notice that Tony stood watching her through the crack in her office door, wondering what she was up to. Jessica felt her panties getting moist as she read the story, her body going through the same reactions as if she were the young misbehaving girl caught by Officer Parks. She read on, squirming a little in her seat as she got to the part where Officer Parks made the young girl go get the hairbrush from his bathroom… pulling her onto his lap and rubbing the flat back of the wooden hairbrush across her bare ass in preparation for spanking her.

As Jessica read, she reached under her desk and lifted her own skirt up her thighs, pulled her panties aside with one hand and began to stroke her clit with her forefinger. Her pussy was so wet, she could hear the sound of the wetness as she moved her fingers against her pussy, pushing between her swollen lips and up to the tight bud of her clit. She closed her eyes briefly as she imagined the scene she was reading and moved her hand faster.

Tony watched her with increasing curiosity. He couldn’t figure this girl out – he had tried, but found that she didn’t respond to his advances and his charm like the other girls in the office. Which, of course, only served to make him want her all the more. He figured she was playing hard to get, but he couldn’t figure out what it was she was looking for from him. The reality of it though, was that she was as unnerved by him as he was by her!

Every once in a while he would stop outside her door as he did his rounds and watch her as she worked, trying to figure out how to get her attention. Jessica was beautiful and like any man, he often wondered what it would be like to get her in bed. Would she be wild? Timid maybe? Was she aggressive – demanding what she wanted and taking charge of things? Or maybe she was submissive, giving herself over to whatever he wanted to do to her?

Tony didn’t know, and not knowing allowed his mind to spend long hours fantasizing all manner of scenarios and possibilities with her, as he was doing right then. Suddenly something caught his eye, and his attention snapped back to watching Jessica. While Tony had been daydreaming, she had put her feet up on her desk on either side of her computer screen and had hiked her dress up around her waist. She had pulled aside her white lace panties and… was she fingering herself?

Jessica sat there at her desk, legs spread wide and feet propped up on the desk. She had one hand holding her panties aside and the other frantically rubbing her swollen clit. He saw the muscles in her arm moving, he looked at her face and saw her lips part, her tongue snaking out to lick her lips… eyes still closed, hand busily working her clit. God, thought Tony, Is she really masturbating right here in front of me? The thought was enough to make his cock immediately hard.

Tony stood there spellbound, afraid to even breathe for fear of ruining the moment. He knew that they were alone in the office – everyone else had gone home for the night. So there was no one there to catch them. As he watched this beautiful, sexy woman pleasuring herself right in front of him, his cock was desperately trying to rip its way through his pants. The sight was incredible. He wanted to figure a way to get closer, to get a better view of that hand as it furiously massaged her wet pussy. He could hear the squishing noises and he could almost smell her scent. He was so close… this was too much!

As she read and fingered her dripping pussy, she shifted in her seat to get a better angle at her hole. Tony was barely breathing as he watched Jessica. His cock was so hard it was straining against his slacks, throbbing with lust as he waited to see what she would do next. His eyes moved to her lap, craning his neck to see her fingers parting what he was sure was the most beautiful pussy God ever made.

But her high back desk chair prevented him from getting a box seat at this show. He could see her forearm moving and he could hear the wet slickness of her pussy as she fingered herself. Her legs were spread wide open and two fingers of her right hand were buried in her pussy, stroking it quickly. He could see her legs twitch as her fingertips brushed over and over her clit, the juices of her pussy wet on her fingers and glistening on the inner lips of her pussy. FUCK! He wanted to taste her, and he could almost smell her sexy delicious scent from where he sat.

His cock throbbed now and he reached down and began stroking his thickened cock outside his slacks, watching her face. Her eyes closed again and he could tell she was close. He moved the door open just a little bit wider, stroked his cock and watched. Suddenly he saw her hand tighten on the mouse and heard a muffled moan. He knew she had just cum… cum for him.

He wanted more than anything to shove her back into her chair, spread her legs wide and pump his cock deep into her cunt… fuck her hard and make her moan like that again and again. He heard her clear her throat and start to get out of her chair. Tony knew this was his golden opportunity, and a chance like this might not come along again for some time, if ever. He had to act fast if he was going to get any chance at her at all.

Jessica started to push the office door open and leave her office. But before she could close the door again, Tony sprang into action. Jessica felt a hand close over her mouth and heard the door close. She struggled in Tony’s arms for a minute until he leaned down and whispered in her ear,

“I saw what you were doing in your office, Jessica… I watched the whole thing, watched how you made yourself cum sitting in your chair. I wonder how the company would feel if they knew you were on a porn site using the company computers?” he whispered hotly. She felt her shock and surprise turn to utter embarrassment.

“Can you feel me, Jessica? Can you feel how hard I am from watching you get yourself off?” he asked, as he pushed his hard, thick cock between the cheeks of her ass while pulling her skirt up around her waist.

“Jessica, I will gladly keep this incident just between the two of us, but you will have to do something for me. Or I can put this down in an Incident Report which will go to Mr. Wilcox’s desk and he will most likely take some kind of unpleasant action on the matter. He does have a thing for cyber security, and I doubt he would look favorably on something like this. If he didn’t outright fire you, you can be sure that word would get out about your exploits, and you would be the talk of the office for some time.

Now, I just finished my rounds and we are alone on this floor, so I am going to remove my hand. There’s really no point in screaming for help – no one is around to hear you. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head and he released her. She whirled around to face him with an indignant glare and arms crossed. She wanted to be really mad at his intrusion, but found the thought of him watching her incredibly arousing.

She tried to compose herself and regain her dignity, straightening her skirt and blouse. She stepped back away from him, staring at his chest, then scanning his body and finally (and subtly) stealing a glance at the bulge at his crotch. Tony caught her surreptitious glance and began stroking his hard cock again outside his slacks.

“My God, Jessica, you’re so fucking hot,” he said in a low, almost animalistic growl, “I couldn’t help getting hard watching you finger your pussy.” Jessica felt her face flush and her nipples harden and stand up straight with his words.

She couldn’t stop watching his hand rhythmically stroking his cock. Her pussy got wet all over again at the sight, and she began to wonder what Tony’s cock looked like, tasted like. She met his eyes for a quick moment and then she suddenly sank to the cold floor at his feet.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, she unzipped his slacks and pulled out his hard cock, letting the tip of it brush against her cheek. Jessica knelt there like a little bird wanting to be fed, her mouth open and waiting for him to push his hips towards her warm, welcoming mouth.

“Mmmm,” she moaned at the sight of his long hard cock. She extended her tongue out and licked the head, swirling her tongue over & under it.

Jessica held her open mouth close enough to his cock for him to feel her hot breath teasing him, then she sucked him into that warmth and closed her lips around the swollen purplish head. Using her tongue to swirl and flick the head, she began to swallow more of him, taking him slowly into her mouth.

She was teasing him deliberately, ­pulling his cock out of her mouth and licking the tip… holding the base of his shaft in her hand and lightly slapping the tip on the end of her tongue before sucking him deeper into her mouth.

She felt Tony’s hands grab her head and pull her face onto his cock, pushing his hips forward at the same time ­fucking her mouth. She spread her knees open on the floor and lowered her hand and once more started to rub her clit…

Her pussy lips were already swollen and her clit was standing at full attention. She slipped two fingers inside her steaming pussy, moaning around the hard cock in her mouth.

She started pushing her fingers in & out of her pussy, keeping time with the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. God, she wouldn’t last long as horny as she was.

Tony smiled wickedly at the sight of her kneeling on the floor in front of him, legs spread open, her fingers in her cunt.

She sucked his swollen pulsing cock into her mouth, bobbing up & down on it. God he tasted good! She started out slow and then increased the speed. Up & down. Faster & faster. Then she moved her mouth down sucking his entire cock into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She reached down and gently squeezed his balls.

“Ohh, fuck,” he groaned. She smiled with her eyes at his reaction. She knew she was good at cocksucking, but it was still nice to see her talent was appreciated.

“Okay, you have to stop,” he said. He reached down and removed her mouth from his cock. Jessica groaned in disappointment. She was just getting into the rhythm of things.

“I’ve got to fuck you, Jessica,” he said huskily. He stood her up and turned her around facing her desk. Bending her over her own desk, he spread her legs apart with his knee.

Tony reached down and ran his fingers across her dripping cunt lips, smiling at the wetness he found there. He stepped up behind her and lined his cock up with her pussy lips.

“You want this baby?” he asked her. “You want me to fuck you?” he asked, sliding his cock up & down her pussy lips.

“Oh, God yes, Tony! Please fuck me,” she groaned loudly.

He slammed his cock into her hot pussy in one hard push, sinking all the way in until his hips slammed up against her ass.

“OHhh!” she moaned as she felt her pussy being opened. Tony was not a small man and his impressive cock was now burrowing deeper into Jessica’s pussy, sending her to a place she hadn’t been in a very long time.

Jessica’s love life had been aggravatingly calm as of late and Tony’s big tool was a welcome change of pace. She had always suspected he packed more than the average guy… his attitude alone gave that away. And now he was using his pile-driver of a cock on her.

Tony started fucking her hard and fast, just the way Jessica liked it. “Oh fuck!” she moaned, this was just what she needed.

She arched her back, grinding her ass back at him. He grabbed her hips and started slamming into her faster & faster. “Oh God, I’mmm cuummiinnngg,” Jessica moaned long and loud.

Tony felt his cock flooded with cum. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. He slammed his cock into her pussy one last time, grunting loudly. Jessica moaned as she felt him spurting inside of her. She squeezed her pussy muscles tightly around his cock, milking him.

When Tony had finished filling her happy pussy with his seed, he collapsed over her pressing her down onto her desk and holding himself inside her until he finally softened enough to slip out with a plop. Jessica turned and sucked the last few drops from him, licking him clean and putting him away gently.

Jessica got dressed and as she was about to leave, Tony kissed her and said, “Let me catch you masturbating more often…”


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