Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends | Chapter 1

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Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends


All the guests had finished dinner and some were about to finish their desserts as well. Others were taking some ice cream and jelly into their desert cups or just getting started with eating their desserts having sat down on the sofa or chairs. The TV was on, with a low volume, and no one appeared to be watching it as well. They were talking to each other in low voice and were sneakingly looking at my wife Sulekha. It appeared as if they were expecting something.

They had good reason to do so. We had talked about having a dinner at our place on a Friday night for a while but just after we settled on a date things took an interesting turn. They were all American guys from office – 6 in total – and were in their mid to late 20’s. It was quite common for us to talk about sex and girls in office and somehow the conversation drifted to taking off different dresses of girls one day. The guys were talking about difficulties in removing some dresses of girls after they have dressed well for a date. Suddenly, someone – I don’t remember who – said that it would be very difficult to undress some clothings worn by “ethnic” chicks, the sari worn by Indian girls for example. Then someone, Steve I believe, said
“Hey, Pavan, you should know something about removing saris. Is it difficult to do?”
It was somewhat common for them to say this kind of things.
“Not really, if you know how to do it” I said.
“So you often remove Sulekha’s sari” He said amid some laughter.
“Not really. She doesn’t wear it that much. But it’s not really that complicated”
“I have no idea how to take off that thing without tearing it” Steve said.
“True that” someone said.
Suddenly, another guy Randy said this mischievously.
“Why don’t you get Sulekha to demonstrate how to take off the sari once we come to dinner”
There was more laughter.
“Sure, why not” I said half jokingly. There was more laughter and the conversation ended there. No one, including me, wasn’t sure whether I was joking or not. But I knew that they would love to see Sulekha undress. They have seen her Facebook pictures and knew that she was slim, tan and had a beautiful face with long hair.

After I went home, I told Sulekha about the conversation we had. She too laughed. We were fairly open about matters related to sex and talked about cuckolding as well though we haven’t done anything. I’ve often got a hard-on seeing other guys staring at her ass and boobs and once in India, lightly molesting her in a bus, but we haven’t done a threesome or anything. I didn’t try too hard to get something happening as well. Normal sex with my beautiful wife was good enough for me. As for her, she kind of liked the idea of cuckolding, but wasn’t too eager as well. But I did know that she had a soft spot for younger guys. I was 30 and she was 31. All my American friends were at least a few years younger than us.

“So should I show how to take off a sari for them?” Sulekha asked smiling.

“I don’t know” I said pulling her close to the chair I was sitting. I made her stand up straight. She was wearing a skirt and blouse.

“You should definitely wear a sari, though” I said, squeezing her thighs under the skirt.

“To tease them? That’s not a good way of treating guests” she said smiling.

This was just too sexy for me and I just pulled her skirt down. We had great sex that night but didn’t talk about it anymore. Nor did we talk about it after that. I wasn’t sure whether it was a temporary fantasy or something more. I didn’t want to push to find out as well.

It was around 6.30 pm when I came home on the day of the dinner. Sulekha has already finished cooking and was taking a shower. I went to other bathroom to take a shower as well since guests would start to arrive soon. When I came back from shower, wearing a casual pair of trousers and a shirt, Sulekha was back. And… she was wearing a sari. It was a beautiful green sari with flowers that she would wear for functions. She was also wearing a necklace and bangles. She was wearing a matching sari jacket. I could see that she was wearing a petty-coat as well. It was the full course. Since she wouldn’t normally wear saris for dinners, at our home or outside, this was clearly based on the conversation we had. She had a sweet smile as well.

“You look great Sulekha” I said.

“Thank you” she said. Then she turned around in a circle showing me the entire view.

Just then, the bell rang. The guests started arriving. They all got smiles when they saw Sulekha in a sari. Some even complemented her on her looks to which she shyly said “Thanks”. Two guys had steady girlfriends but they haven’t brought them although the invitation was for significant others as well. It was as if they were expecting something mischievous as well.

The dinner went great as Suleksha is a good cook. Everyone said that it tasted great. And throughout dinner, everyone was sneakingly looking at Suleksha. Her midriff, exposed between the jacket and sari was the favorite target of their eyes. Her boobs, whose shape was visible through the jacket, and her ass were also being targeted. Steve once “accidentally” brushed his hand against her ass when moving a chair. He said sorry but I could see that he was not sorry at all.

But now the dinner has come to an end. The air was thick of anticipation. Sulekha has also eaten and put the dishes in dishwasher. She sat at the table eating some ice cream. The eyes were getting aimed more and more at her. Soon we would find out whether the talk of a strip tease was a joke or not.


“Hey Sulekha, your sari looks great!”

Steve said looking at Sulekha. After saying this he licked his spoon as if to indicate something. I haven’t told the guys that I spoke with Sulekha about the naughty conversation we had. He might have just been probing.

“Thank you Steve” said Sulekha. When she said this a very nice smile naturally came to her. Clearly, she was thinking about what I said. And more importantly, and bad for her, it opened her hand to the guys. Seeing her smile Steve and the other guys realized that she knows about the conversation we had. Soon there will be more probing.

“You know Sulekha, we don’t see that many women wearing saris here in the US. To us, it’s an exotic dress” said Zack, a well built guy who was about 26. He and Steve were the oldest of their group but full 5 years younger than Sulekha. She liked younger guys.

“Oh is that so?” Sulekha said feigning interest. Clearly this can’t be news to her.

“Yeah, we ware fascinated by it” Steve added. It was as if there were walking on a tight rope. They are half way in now.

“Really?” Sulekha said slightly smiling. She had stopped eating ice cream and was looking at the guys who were seated in front of her. I was sitting in another chair of the dinner table and had a good view of every one.

“Yeah…” Zack said and took a brief pause. He was nearing the end of the tightrope and might have been nervous for a moment. But as all guys do in such situations, he crossed over to other side.

“in fact we have been wondering how difficult it might be dress in that thing and more importantly to take if off without damaging it” He had one foot in the other side.

Sulekha looked on but didn’t say anything. If the guys had any doubt about whether she had heard about our conversation, it would be gone now. If she hasn’t heard about it, they would see more dramatic reaction from her on this statement which comes dangerously close to asking her to strip the sari. Sulekha looked a bit nervous but not surprised. I don’t think the guys noticed it but I saw that her right toe was curled. She does that when she is sexually excited. Clearly she was a getting a strong sensation out of seeing this six well built white guys treating her as a sexual object.

“We were talking with a married Indian friend of ours” Steve joined in, seeing that Sulekha is not going to say anything. He had apparently decided to use the classic anonymization technique to approach the request in a more diplomatic way.

“whether he could get his wife to take her sari off in front of us to satisfy our curiosity” They have crossed into the other side.

Sulekha kept smiling, which was a good sign. She was in no hurry to answer and had another spoonful of ice cream as if suddenly remembering that she was eating ice cream. After a couple of seconds, which felt like eternity, she spoke.

“If he has spoken with his wife, I’m sure she would have questions” she said nonchalantly.

“like what?” asked Jason. At 22, he had just graduated from college and was the youngest of the group. He had blue eyes that I know Sulekha likes.

“like whether you guys would take photos of her.”

“Oh no, we won’t” Almost all of them said at once. Now that it looked like Sulekha was open to the idea, they were eager to assure that they would abide by her conditions.

“We would leave all our phones with the husband.” Steve said.

“Also, there is the question of it being awkward for the husband. If you guys keep on talking about it at the office” I added. That was my main concern about this.

“Oh no, we would have kept our mouths shut after the event. Work is work and after work is after work” Zack said carefully selecting his words.

It looked like Sulekha was satisfied by their guarantees. She looked at me with a beautiful smile. I came to the chair next to her and put my hand on her thighs and started stalking them lovingly.

Still she was not going to say yes, as girls normally do in this kind of situations. They pretend that they don’t want to do it and wait for the final nudge from the guy or guys. She just kept smiling looking away from the guys.

Steve and Zack realized that the time has come to use light physical force. They got up and came close to Sulekha. She looked at them, as if being surprised, but still smiling.

“C’mon Sulekha, please do it for us” they said gently putting an arm each on her shoulders.

“What? we were talking about a wife of a friend of yours. not me” she said, her smile turning into a laughter.

“Oh C’mon you knew it was about you” Steve said. At the same time, he moved his fingers under Sulekha’s right armpit and pulled her up. Zack did the same thing with her left shoulder. I let go of her thigh. In a moment, Sulekha was standing, still smiling. They moved her forward by a couple of foots in to the middle of the sofas where they were sitting.

“Alright, alright” Sulekha said smiling. “Let go of me please” she added.

There were cries of excitement all over. Steve and Zack high-fived and let go of her shoulders. Others were high fiving with each other as well. As if to show that they meant what they said, they brought their phones to me and left them at the table where I was sitting. Then they went back to their sofas and adjusted them to form something like a circle with Sulekha standing in the middle. They kept a gap where I sat so that I had a good view. Steve and Zack were still standing near Sulekha as if to ensure that she won’t run away.

Now my beautiful wife Sulekha, 31, 44kg, 5’3″, thin, tan, with a beautiful face, long hair, a firm ass and small but firm boobs was about to strip her sari for 6 white Americans. But wait, I thought. Is she going to stop after stripping the sari? It was clear that the guys would try to cajole her into stripping everything and may be doing even more. Will she do that? It was kind of ominous that she didn’t demand an explicit condition on this like surrendering their phones. Curious, I though amid the hard on I was getting.


The guys were settling in to their chairs except for Zack and Steve who were still hanging around Sulekha as if to stop her from running away. They had reluctantly let go of her armpits but were still touching her hands, pretending to position her correctly. I knew why. Sulekha’s body was so nice to feel, kind of cold and very feminine, one doesn’t want to let go of it.

Suddenly, Sulekha turned to me.

“Are you sure this is ok with you hon?” She asked me.

I waited, just for a second, but that was enough to make the guys nervous, as I could say from their faces.

“Sure, to satisfy their curiosity” I said. Sulekha smiled. It looked like she needed just a little bit of reassurance from me.

“Thank you, sir” said Steve. “And we’ll make sure that you get to oversee the entire thing” saying this he adjusted the chairs a little bit so that my view was even clearer.

“Ok, let’s get this over with” said my beautiful wife Sulekha. Randy moved away and sat on a sofa. But Steve waited, thoughtfully. Getting it “over with” would definitely not in their favor, he might have realized.

“Wait, we know very little about sari. First describe what you are wearing to us and then give us a chance to look at it closely. Then we’ll see you strip it, ok?” he said in a somewhat commanding voice.

Sulekha looked at me, as if helplessly. I nooded.

“Ok, whatever” she said nonchalantly.

“Great, now describe everything you are wearing” saying this Steve took a seat.

“Ok, I’m wearing this green sari..” Sulekha touched her palu.

“Below that is the sari jacket as well call it” she touched it near the midriff.
“And the petticoat” she pointed below her waist. I could see that she was getting excited, being an exhibit in front of these young white guys.
“And I have some bangles” she put her hands forward.
“a necklace”, she touched her neck
“and the mangalsutra” she showed it.

“Is that the thing you get in your wedding day” asked Jason, genuinely curiously.

“Yes” she said brightly.

“Are you wearing any underwear?” Randy, another guy asked somewhat rudely.

Sulekha blushed. Her face turned a bit red. Somehow I wanted to make her more uncomfortable.

“Yes, she has a bra under the jacket, and an under skirt and a panty under the petticoat. Kind of an overkill” I said smiling. Sulekha, turned to me and almost frowned. I’m going to pay for this, I though. The guys smiled.

“Oh that’s very good. Now go around the circle starting from wherever you like so that we get a chance to see your sari closely” Steve said. He was beginning to take control over Sulekha, in whatever this thing we were doing.

Sulekha obliged. But instead of starting from Steve who was closest to her she walked to Jason who was in front of her.

“Oh, Sulekha has a crush” said Zack with a laugh. I couldn’t see whether Sulekha was blushing because her face was turned away from me. But Jason was not a novice. As soon as Sulekha cam close, he put his right hand on her left thigh.

“wow, this material is so soft” he said. Yeah, I thought. Of course, all he wanted was to touch her thigh.

“Thank you” said Sulekha.

“Oh, you have tucked the sari inside the petticoat” he said touching her waist.

“Yeah, be careful, don’t pull it out” Sulekha said. Zack and Randy stood up and came close to her, apparently not wanting to wait till there turn.

“It’s tucked all around her” said Zack touching the top of her petticoat from her behind. He let his fingers touch her ass, as if accidentally.

“I can see her bra through the jacket” said Randy. Clearly, he has decided which part of Sulekha is his favorite.

“C’mon guys, let her walk around” said Steve. With this, the two guys went to their chairs. Sulekha moved to the next guy, David. He also touched her thigh and inspected her politely. Then it was the turn of the next guy. This continued fairly smoothly until Sulekha reached Steve, who was the last guy to inspect her.

“You are very beautiful Sulekha” he said as she came to him.

“Thank you” she said looking down, somewhat shyly. He is the alpha dog here she was beginning to fear him a bit I thought. Like others he touched her thighs but his grip was stronger than others it seemed. Looked like he was getting a bit rough with her.

“How do you start to take your sari off?” He asked looking straight at her eyes. Saying this he move his hand back squeezing her ass fairly openly. I had a hard on for the whole time but seeing this it got harder. Sulekha was kind of caught off guard, not sure whether to protest the assault or answer the question.

“I put down the palu” she said in a shaking voice.

“Good” he said standing up.

“I’ll help you. It’s time for stripping” he said. Sulekha looked up to him. At 6’2″, he was way taller than her. He put his right hand on her shoulder and caressed the palu.

“There’s a pin” Sulekha said in a low voice, as if ashamed of herself.

“Thank you” said Steve. His finger found the pin. He took it out gently from his left hand and pulled her palu front. It fell to the front, hanging by the petticoat. Her jacket was completely exposed.

“Hmm, very nice” said Steve.

“Show it to all of us” someone said.

“Show it around Sulekha” commanded Steve. He went back to his seat, but before he went he touched her necklace, grabbing her boobs fairly openly in the process.

“Nice necklace” he said.

“Thank you” was all Sulekha could say as she started turning in a circle showing her exposed jacket and fallen palu to everyone.

My wife’s striptease has begun in earnest.


To Be Continued…!!

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