My wife Richa’s stories – Training in a train

My wife Richa’s stories – Training in a train


Training in a train


Hi all! This is a story about me & Richa traveling in a Mumbai local train but written from a third person’s perspective.


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Those of you who know what Mumbai local trains are like during rush hours, may very well know how much of pushing and fisting takes place in the men’s compartment or even women’s compartment for that matter. It becomes even more fun when a female gets into the men’s compartment, and that is what this story is about. I have mostly travelled in the 1st class. One day in haste I accidentally entered the 2nd class as I didn’t want to miss the train from Churchgate to Andheri. Our compartment was totally packed as you can imagine at 5:30pm. I had just about started getting adjusted to the crowd when the train reached Mumbai Central station.

Alongwith all the local commuters there appeared to be a family which had come from out station with all their bags and parcels. It was difficult to tell how many of them were there exactly in the family but it seemed like it consisted of the husband, his wife, and a kid. The wife, around 32 years of age, definitely got all the men warmed up in the compartment with her voluptuous, fair body brushing tightly against them as she made her way through to get inside. Naturally, I couldn’t see anything of her body below the bust area due to the crowd, but the bust itself was so heavily bulky and firm that it was easy to imagine an equally massive bottom. She must be having a 34DD huge breast.

I noticed some nasty guys already trying their luck in every secretive way. It was all too obvious in their mischievous eyes, and this made me laugh. I was standing much away from the entrance to be in a safer position and I realized this woman also wanted to be in a safe place away from the entrance. I got this creepy suspicion if she would come close to me which I was feeling embarrassed of already. And I was dead right. She saw me dressed in elegant formals and my very sober appearances made her feel all the more secure. So she came and stood beside me pulling along her kid. Her husband was still struggling with baggage and was forced by the crowd into opposite opening of the compartment. He called her loudly, “Richa, are you all right? Please bear it for a25-30 minutes. The train is only till Andheri. So we can get down comfortably.” So the beauty was Richa and I was excited to learn that she was traveling till Andheri. Richa could not find her husband but replied, “Yea Bharat, I am okay. You also take care.”

So now Richa was standing beside me with her back towards the crowd. She managed to pull her son in front and he was standing beside her. But even before the train reached Dadar station, is was jam packed. And Richa was forced to stick irresistibly close to me. Luckily I was not carrying my briefcase or anything else in my hands, allowing them to have the time of their life now. So on one hand I could feel her bulging arse, and I continued holding the handle with the other. But I couldn’t continue it for long as her son was too close to her arse and I had to remove my hand. But while doing so, I gave her a slight pinch near her clit just to make her little hot. Now I adjusted myself to be very close to Richa not to miss the chance of fondling her beautiful body. I saw by now that Richa had closed her eyes.

And the reasons were clear when I had a proper look at her position. Richa’s son was standing close to the partition and she was holding the handles above him just to bear the rush and not to crush her own son by the pushing of the crowd. I was standing on the side of her and there were two big guys standing right behind her. They seemed to be friends and were clearly enjoying Richa’s body. One of them was caressing Richa’s tight butts while the other one was pinching it. In between they were also moving their hands on Richa’s exposed back. In fact it was covered till some time by Richa’s hairs but one of the guys in a flash pushed her hairs on the front side exposing her milky and inviting back through her deep cut blouse. One of them even kissed her on her shoulder. Richa both hands were busy holding the handles and she couldn’t resist any of their action or I guess she was silently enjoying it and thus encouraging them.

I decided I am not going to be left out and took some risk. I put my hand directly onto Richa’s belly. Believe me it was the most amazing skin I ever touched. Richa understood it was me and directly looked into my eyes. I was worried for a second but didn’t remove my hand. Richa knew there was no use of fighting with us. She once again closed her eyes and decided to keep quite. It was enough for me as a green signal. I started feeling whole of her belly below her blouse and above the sari. In no time, I started moving my hand towards her bosom, but it was still under her pallu. So no one was able to see it except Richa who was feeling it hard. To my surprise, Richa’s son was watching all my devil activities but he was too small or frightened to react and kept just watching his mom molested by some strangers.

I got even bolder and just gave her left boob a slight squeeze. My god, they were so huge and equally firm. I was rock hard to even slightly squeeze them. I decided to first take hr left breast. Now I was exploring it quite freely. I circled her entire breast and then pinched on her nipple. She let out a slight moan. I could feel now, Richa was getting hotter and was breathing heavily. I too was hot by the time and started pressing her boob and giving it pinches near nipples. Then I moved my hand towards her cleavage and started feeling it and then I suddenly found that two upper button of her blouse were open. That’s when I gave a close look and found that the man standing opposite to me and on her other side had already attacked her right side of bosom. The man was too cunning. He understood me watching him and gave me a wink asking me to continue on the other side. I acknowledged him and also suggested him to move to her bottom. He accepted and now I started feeling Richa’s entire bosom. I inserted my hand in her blouse and enjoyed her tight boobs and pinched and cupped them. Richa was really sandwiched between four of us and was having difficult time. Also she was getting aroused by out fondling and was finding it difficult to hide her moans. She was continuously biting her lips to stop her moans escape.

By that time, the train had reached Bandra, and we were running out of time. But that fourth man was really courageous ( if trapped, all of us would have been beaten to death) and moved his hands towards her bottom. He knew the other two were fondling her bums, so he inserted his hand into her sari from the front. His hand was right in front of Richa’s son. But he really didn’t care and inserted it deep towards her clit and cunt. There was a danger of Richa’s sari being released in the process but he did it carefully and by the time we reached Santa Cruz, he must have fingered Richa’s clit as she moaned little heavily this time. I had now managed to insert my fingers inside her brassier and was pinching her nipples. That guy was playing with her clit and pussy and the remaining two were busy caressing her butts as well as exposed back. As a result of it, Richa was really aroused and it was evident on her face. So we had to be very careful.

We had to stop the game in a minute or two as the train was almost reaching Parle and many people would be getting down to create more space and also her husband could have approached anytime. I removed my hand from her bosom after giving her a tight pinch on left boob. But before taking it away from her, I touched my finger onto her lips and made her lick it just for a second. I could feel the heat in her lips on my finger. Then I gathered myself and stood at a little distant from her. The two guys behind her were also getting down at Parle. Then fourth man was still standing close to her crushing his body against her but had removed his hand from her sari. Richa too quickly put the buttons of her blouse and adjusted her sari.

As the train passed Parle, her husband approached her. He lifted his son and pulled Richa close to him away from that man. He spoke to Richa,” Darling, I am so sorry; we should have taken a cab. It was horrible in the train. Are you all right?” Richa was still hot and nervous by the unexpected attack and just relaxed on his shoulder saying,” She is ok”. Richa then secretly glanced towards me as well as to that man. She couldn’t believe she was fondled so badly just in a matter of 30 minutes. Her husband was now hugging her firmly but barely had he known that his beautiful wife was at mercy of four strangers for a long 30 minutes and was fondled and fingered all over her private parts.

I too was now back to normal composure and gave her a glance before getting down at Andheri. Believe me it was the most memorable journey in a train I ever had.

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