My wife Richa’s stories – Mumbai to Pune

My wife Richa’s stories – erotic sex stories


Hello friend! Planning to start a thread to post stories about me & my wife Richa! Hope you’ll enjoy and encourage for writing more. Please don’t try to stalk me or my wife or try poking for a lot of personal information. I just want you all to enjoy the stories.


Mumbai to Pune


Hello friends! Here is another story involving Richa. Let me start off right away.

It was a hot October Friday evening when we were required to travel to Pune for something. We were initially planning to go Saturday morning but then had to settle for Friday evening. Obviously, we were late and reached Dadar station around 9 Pm. The regulars would know it is always crowded but that being Friday evening there was extra rush of people returning to Pune. We went to the MSRTC counter to see if any tickets were available. But there weren’t any. We were approached by private Volvo buses but they were charging way too extra so we finally settled for a private car (Tata Sumo). The driver agreed to drop us near Pimpri station for a nominal cost.

But it wasn’t a very convenient adjustment. There were 10 people in Sumo other than the driver. There were 2 seating beside the driver, 4 in the middle seat and we had to adjust with 2 more men on the last 2 vertical seats. Richa wasn’t too happy about it but we just pushed ourselves into it. And the driver was driving fast and soon made his way through the traffic beyond Sion. I and Richa were seated on one of the vertical seats while there were two other men seating opposite us. They were carrying one small travel bag with them each and we had one for us. There was no extra space for luggage so we had to keep it on our laps.

As we relaxed into the vehicle, I started noticing the two men secretly checking Richa out. She too probably sensed it but was not that bothered. I looked at Richa and realized that she was looking quite attractive even in that normal attire. She was wearing a simple nylon saree which was somewhat transparent showing the lines of her black sleeveless blouse. Her bare arms and midriff were shining even in the dim road lights due to the sweat, courtesy Mumbai’s humid weather. In spite of seeing her in every angle with and without clothes, I was hard to see her. No doubts the two men were somewhat excited, besides she was the only woman in the Sumo and the early night timing was adding spices too.

I could not keep my hands off her for long. We were seating on the vertical seat with me near the door and she beside the middle seat. I slowly put my hand around her and got closed to her and whispered, “Richa, you’re looking attractive”. She smiled and pushed me away. She quietly glanced at the guys, stared at me and then starting looking away. I sensed it that the guys did observe me whispering something and Richa smiling on it. They were watching her all the time and since it was dark outside, one could not notice it right away. But their conversation appeared broken after my advances. I decided to make them more uncomfortable and again pushed myself on Richa.

This time I wrapped my hand around her shoulder and started rubbing her bare arm. I also pulled her closer to me and took my mouth very near to her ear as if to bite it. “Come on girl”, I whispered to her again and continued my advances. She nicely pretended that she was not comfortable. Luckily for us, the men in the middle seat were in deep slumber by then. The two seating at the front were also busy in their own world and since the glasses of the vehicle were down, there was enough wind and noise around to suppress our rendezvous. I noticed the two men facing us going quiet, so they were surely watching us. I kept our bag beside and pulled her further closer to me and pushed my hand around her midriff from the other side. I took her palm in my other hand and started rubbing it to seduce her. The tension was building nicely.

As we went past Panvel, I was kissing her on the cheeks and my hands were roaming all over her. Richa had kept her eyes closed or was looking away. I then slowly put my leg behind her and started pushing it towards the man sitting in front of us. Let me put their names here as we gathered from their conversation and phone calls. The man sitting in front of Richa was Yatin and beside him was Shiva. Yatin was a maharashtrain while Shiva belonged to South and they were primarily conversing in Hindi and English. I was pushing Richa’s leg in front so that it was touching Yatin’s. The Sumo was now moving at a steady pace and we were also into a fast gear. I stretched her leg further and sensed it touched Yatin’s because I saw him making a movement suddenly. I knew that Richa would take it further so I focused on warming her up further.

I took a breather and noticed that Richa’s legs and fingers were tickling against Yatin’s legs and he was certainly having a difficult time. I saw him adjusting his bag to hide discomfort in his pants and smiled to myself. I resumed by pulling her pallu slightly down to expose her deep cleavage and caressed her bare back. I also lifted her arm towards me and put it around me and tickled her armpit by my fingers and then my planting a quick peck there. Richa shuddered at this and brought in Shiva’s attention too. He saw me clearly kissing her armpit; needlessly he had to adjust the bag on his lap too. Yatin secret advances were not yet disclosed to his friend but I could notice he had his both leg focused on Richa’s right leg. His fingers were tickling Richa a lot and I could see her sari almost raised until her knees on the right side. Shiva was still trying to come to terms with the situation.

“Left leg Richa!” I whispered in her ear to indicate that Shiva was being left out. And my obedient wife understood it quickly. She stretched her left leg out and touched Shiva’s hairy legs. He reacted a little stronger than Yatin and looked at me first. I didn’t show any expressions and continued to play around Richa’s bosom. He probably wasn’t so comfortable yet and remained silent. But Richa was not going to let him be a spectator only; she stretched her leg again and this time rubbed it on his. I almost gave her a bite on her shoulder as she did that. Richa moaned slightly and I could see her biting her own lips then. I thought that gave Shiva enough indications and he got busy with her other leg. Both the friends weren’t aware of each other’s advances until then. Somebody sneezed loud just then and everyone was back to normal except I and Richa. We continued our escapade until everything went quiet within 5 minutes.

This time I pulled Richa close to me towards the middle of seat and squeezed her far breast tight. The men were still watching us but didn’t advance. “They are scared Richa!” I whispered to her again. This time she took a bold step and pushed her legs towards each of them on their lap. Both of them could see it clearly but I pretended to be busy with Richa’s bosom. She tickled them further and that regained the momentum for them. Both pushed their bags beside them and took Richa’s legs in their hands. They were now caressing it passionately. Yatin in fact bent towards front and increased his reach. His hands were now almost reaching her thighs. Shiva copied his friends soon. Richa was nicely massaged all the way to thighs by two men in open vehicle while her husband was busy playing with her bosom. Shiva quietly tried to raise her saree all the way above thighs.

I pretended to notice it at once and looked at him directly. He seemed to have a wry smile but looked scared too. But I comforted him by raising her saree further almost upto her upper thighs. I don’t know why Richa was not wearing petticoat but that made it very simple for them. Both of them were now freely moving their hands all over Richa’s legs caressing and massaging them and almost giving few pinches too. Richa seemed to have accepted her fate as she collapsed into my chest with her eyes closed. I knew they might soon reach her panty which could be moist. They were doing it professionally and didn’t rush into things leading to drawing attention. While I was caressing Richa’s silky hairs I whispered again, “Isn’t it going so nice dear?” Without looking at me she pinched my groin. I took that as her confirmation and whispered again, “I am having fun baby. If we continue for another hour, you won’t need your pedicure.” She pinched me harder this time.

“Kisi ko toilet jana hai toh jaldi jake aao; nahi to hum 5 minutes mein yahan se nikelenge”, the driver suddenly announced as he drove the Sumo into one of the food malls. We all straightened up at once; I brought Richa’s saree down to her legs while Shiva and Yatin adjusted their groin. As the Sumo stopped under a light post in the mall, I saw Richa glancing them secretly while they were ogling her with a smile on their face. The driver quickly rushed into the toilet after parking the vehicle and everyone got down to free up limbs. In spite of being late hours there was quite rush in that mall as I took Richa little away from the Sumo. I looked at her, into her eyes, with the key question of the time. She sensed it and replied, “Up to you sweetheart” I smiled and kissed her forehead. “Let us see how they continue and we’ll decide”. I took her close to the ladies toilet. “Richa, come back with the panty in your hands”. She was slightly taken aback but I comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry honey, no one enters you until I allow”. I saw my obedient wife walking towards the toilet and in a couple of minutes coming back with the panty carefully folded in her palm. She quietly gave it to me and walked by my side towards the Sumo. I could sense she was breathing heavy and I was excited too.

Everybody was back to the car by the time we reached. The driver asked everyone to get in so that we could leave quickly. Yatin quickly opened the backdoor this time. I saw he had placed his and Shiva’s bag in the middle of seats. He asked me, “Can we change places?” I wasn’t sure how he wanted it but agreed. So now I had Richa seating beside Yatin. I was facing her and Shiva was facing Yatin. It certainly wasn’t the best position for Shiva and I thought Yatin was selfish to have Richa all by himself. I looked at Shiva to see if he was disappointed but he didn’t look like. There were a few talks as the Sumo started towards Pune. I wasn’t sure about Yatin’s plans and was thinking of intervening if he had tried going overboard. Richa too was little puzzled at this arrangement but we decided to be patient. Yatin quickly had his hand wrapped around Richa and was pulling her closer. She was quietly looking for my reaction. But seeing none, she continued moving with the flow. I could see his hands moving all over her side and even pressing her breasts. Shiva soon joined him by stretching his leg out to touch Richa somehow. I asked him by gesture if he wanted to seat facing Richa so it could easier for him. But he denied which was strange to me. He probably sensed it and whispered to me, “Once we get to the speed, we’ll take her in the middle of two seats” indicating towards the bags placed as a mattress. He patted my shoulder as if asking me if I was comfortable. Damn, I could not deny that their idea really kicked me high. I could only show him a thumb and indicated that they can continue. He smiled back and showed a thumb to Yatin and we all smiled at each other. Poor Richa, she continued being the obedient prey amongst all this.

My heart was literally racing as the Sumo got into the speed and things were going quiet inside. Yatin wasn’t ready to waste a lot of time. He signaled Richa quietly to move onto the bags between him and Shiva. Her instant reaction was to look at me but I actually pulled her and helped them both to place her on the bags. They had smartly put two bags between the seats so the when Richa was placed on them, she was well hidden behind the middle seat. Nobody from the front could notice what was happening with her. I was only skeptical about potential moaning that she could get into. But there was no time to think about anything. I remained frozen on my seat while Richa was lying like a doll between the two predators.

In no time, I saw Richa’s pallu removed exposing her heavy breasts and deep cleavage. I could see them both squeezing her breasts like a stress ball. I also saw Yatin stuffing her own hands in her mouth to avoid any noise. “My god, she is having a good test today” I thought to myself. Yatin quickly explored her entire top while Shiva was lingering around her naval. Richa’s eyes were closed and she was choking on her own palm but she did well to remain quiet. She hustled her body a couple of times but it wasn’t drawing any attention from the front. I was on fire too but decided to touch myself and kept away from Richa’s body. Shiva was now bending in the front and was kissing on her naval and licking her tummy. I am sure Richa was nervous with that as she stretched her legs out to me. I took them in my grip and started massaging her. She was surely on fire but it was only the beginning for her.

Yatin looked quite determined and I saw him soon opening her blouse. Now that was scary in a moving car with people around but he managed successfully. Richa’s blouse had buttons in the front and he opened them and exposed her treasure. Thankfully, he didn’t take it off entirely but left it hanging by sides. Both their hands were quickly to the job and I saw her breasts mauled numerous times. Yatin was pushing her own fist in her mouth to avoid any moaning while Shiva pushed her bra aside exposing her right side breast. Yatin followed soon with the left side and Richa had countless pinches and pressing all over her nipples and full breasts. It was a great sight indeed and Shiva fuelled it when he bent down and kissed her nipples. Richa’s body moved rhythmically as she was kissed on the nipples. She adjusted herself soon to the sucking from both of them. They had to be cautious not to make sounds but they were quite lustful about all this. I saw Richa biting her wrists to avoid making noises. I had her feet in my hand and was using them to shag myself over my pants. When Shiva pinched her midriff (Rowdy Rathore way) while licking her areola, I felt as if shooting inside my boxers.

I stopped at once but they were still having a full go at her. I saw Shiva pulling her up a bit and kissed her on lips. Richa didn’t protest and gave in her mouth while Jatin continued licking her neck from the other side. Their hands were still at job on her breasts while Jatin’s hand was sliding deep down at times. They didn’t know she was naked below and luckily didn’t go that far. They were both kissing her lips alternately and licking and biting her neck and she was willfully obliging to their advances. I was now a lot passive with her feet in my hands and trying to keep watch on others while these two stranger men were enjoying with my lovely wife. Yatin had now moved her to face Shiva so that he could lick her back. He was certainly enjoying licking her smooth back while his hands were caressing her bums. Shiva in the meanwhile, took her close to her lap and started licking her arm reaching towards her palm. He was enjoying licking her fingers while Yatin focused on her back. Shiva once or twice tried bending down to kiss her armpits also but the space didn’t allow him. No doubts though, they were having a good time. Richa was certainly not hating all these and looking at her reactions probably enjoying it. I was happy and gaining erection seeing her being slutty when I saw Yatin carefully moving her hand towards his groin. “Oh god, was he going to make her give a hand job?” I wondered. And I got the answer fairly quick. He straightened Richa and took her right palm and put it on his pants zip. Shiva got the clue and copied his friend.

Richa wasn’t a fresher in the business either. She quickly lowered their zips. Both of them adjusted their boxers so that she could touch their members naked. Now that was scary as their cocks were already having precum and one could smell it. But neither of them seemed bothered and Richa began her hand job to her new men. “Aap ko Pimpri jana hai na?” the driver suddenly asked me without looking back. We all stopped at once and I replied, “Haan, aa gaya kya?”. “Nahi, leking mein highway chhod raha hoon” he responded. “Aur 20-25 minutes lagenge na?” Yatin asked this time and driver confirmed. I tapped Shiva and Richa and asked her to get up. But Yatin intervened, “it will take another 20 odd minutes”. “She can finish” he whispered so that only 4 of us were able to hear it. But I wasn’t too comfortable and insisted that they stop. He looked unhappy but didn’t protest and smiled and gave Richa a full mouth kiss when she licked the fingers she was using to massage his shaft very seductively. Richa adjusted her bra and buttoned her blouse and sat beside him. Both of them also adjusted themselves so did I.

I saw Yatin quickly typing something on his smartphone and showing to Richa. She blushed and showed it to me. “Can we meet some time?” he was asking her. It wasn’t totally unexpected considering the free service that Richa gave them and how willingly I was okay with it. “Sure, this is my name/number. Call me up and I’ll set up something.” I typed in his phone and showed to Richa and him. She blushed again while he quickly saved my number. I took his phone again and typed “’Richa in the Sumo’ is your code word when you call me in the week and Richa is the name of the ‘slut’”. He read it, Richa read it and they both smiled. He even squeezed her once and thanked me. Shiva remained calm all through this but Yatin confirmed that he will pass on the information. We all soon bided adieu as we got down at our stop in Pimpri.

When we got into rikshaw to go to our destination, I sensed Richa was shivering in excitement. “Don’t worry honey! I trust you” I told her to make her comfortable. We finished our work there the next evening and decided to return to Mumbai Sunday morning. When we started in the morning, I asked her “Should we take a Sumo again?” she blushed and punched me hard. We took a state transport bus and returned home by afternoon. Neither of us touched the topic again but we had a good Sunday night fun.

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