The accident – Part 1

Dear readers, here comes my new story. I know most of the people here may be expecting and looking for full fledged erotica here. Though I don’t want to disappoint you with this story, I want to make one thing clear. My story is a slow paced one which may not contain sexual encounters as often and quick as you may find in other stories here. Basically it’s a romantic story. I hope it will turn out to be an enjoyable one. One thing I can promise is, this story will end in four or five long updates, one update per day.

Please enjoy, and do encourage/criticise me with your valuable comments.
Thank you.


The accident – Erotic Sex Story

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It had been raining very heavily on the previous night. The road was slippery as well as congested with traffic. It seemed like everyone except me out there was late for their work or whatever.

The driver of the taxi I hired was a careful man and he refused to drive fast. Then we witnessed a tragic accident. It all happened very quickly, as most accidents do. A car had made a left turn without signaling and as a result a bus crashed into it. A few cars behind the bus rammed into the bus as they could not brake in time and soon it became a pile up, halting the whole traffic. As it turned out, the driver of the bus fled from the scene and it even looked like he might have fled even before the accident. He vanished so quickly. Mine wasn’t the nearest vehicle stopped, but I was the first one to reach the spot. The impact of the accident had left the driver lifeless on the steering wheel. His passenger, a lady in her forties, was seriously hurt and bleeding profusely from the head and hands. She was conscious although too weak to realize what had happened. Door was jammed and I couldn’t pull it open. As I was trying to open it with all my strength, she looked at me with her weak eyes and extended her hand to me, before falling unconscious. She was dying in front of my eyes. I felt I shouldn’t wait for any assistance. I kicked the door a few times and fortunately it worked. I pulled her out of the car and my driver helped me to lay her on the backseat of his car. A few men had by then intervened and were trying to pull out the driver. It was very tough and they suggested me to take the lady to the hospital at the earliest. I got in, and the driver rushed us to a hospital.

We reached the hospital just in time I guess, the lady was saved. But she was critically injured. Two policemen came to take statements from eye-witnesses and my driver had vanished by then. He might not wanted to involve in this at all. The driver of the collided car was brought to the same hospital, and declared dead on arrival. I later gave an account to the police on what had happened. They told me to stay in touch. I had enough time and I didn’t have any problem to obey.

I was in Gujarat for a few days. It was my first visit to Vadodara.

I walked through the corridors of the hospital, watching the Gujarati lives. Everyone was struggling, in the hospital. Everyone’s in pain. I had my own pains, but at those moments, I felt at ease, because none of them was my closest. Wearing a small backpack bag, I walked around like a tourist.

One of the strugglers I witnessed there was Deepika. She was wearing a blue saree and looked a twenty five year old. She was crying silently, sitting out side the operation theatre. What turned my attention to her was her child, a one year old boy child, crying incessantly due to lack of attention from his mother on whose lap he was lying. At first I was irritated at the child’s cry and angry at mother’s insensitivity. But as soon as I saw the mother’s face, and the tears she’s been shedding silently, I felt sorry. It was easy to guess that she was alone there, and the person inside the operation theatre was the closest to her.

I tried to ignore her at first. Then I walked to her.

“If you don’t mind, let me handle the child…”

I extended my hand to her. She looked at me like she was seeing me for the first time. I had been around that place for quite a few hours by then and I was unconsciously hoping she would have seen me, but the look on her face suggested otherwise. She hesitated to trust me. However, after holding back for a moment, she gave in.

I received the child in my both hands. After a few moments of walking and singing, I calmed down the boy. But it seemed his mother was watching me, as she was also calmed down by seeing my efforts.
The boy had slept by the time I walked back to her. It turned out his mother had also fallen asleep. She was sitting in the steel chair by resting her head onto the wall behind her.
She looked very tired and I thought I shouldn’t wake her up. I stood there holding the child close to my chest.

I didn’t know her name. I actually didn’t care. It wasn’t a place to care for such things. But I eventually found out her name when a nurse came and called her.


But nurse’s voice didn’t wake her up. She had to raise her voice.


Many people were looking at her. But none of them dared to wake her up. Maybe they all were lost in their own tough world.
I took a step forward and the nurse quickly noticed me.

“Are you with Karthik?”

I nodded, hoping Karthik to be Deepika’s husband.
The nurse gave me a prescription.

“You need to bring this. Ask for the special edition. It’s written.”

I nodded, and took the paper, though I didn’t understand a thing.
The nurse disappeared in a second, closing the door.
I looked at the paper in my hand. I could see the writing and it looked an alien language to me. Nothing new, for a medical prescription.
Only the doctor and a pharmacist can read those writings.
Will the God be able to read it? I wondered. I’m merely a mortal, so don’t even try.

I looked at Deepika’s face. And looked like she was passed out.
I held the boy onto my shoulder and walked out. There was a number of drug stores outside the hospital. The first one I approached didn’t have the special one. I couldn’t understand what’s this special one meant. Luckily the next store had it. It was a shoulder stabiliser pad. And the special one meant one with Velcro on it. I suddenly got the picture. Deepika’s husband, Mr. Karthik had a dislocated shoulder, means some mishap has caused his upper hand joint to dislocate from his shoulder.

It’s not life threatening disease. It’s not a disease at all! Then why so much drama and tears? I laughed at the thought.

For me, it sounded no big deal, especially because of what I had witnessed in the morning. People die, in accidents.

The pad cost me four hundred rupees. I paid the amount and walked back to the hospital.
I had just entered the corridor, when I saw Deepika coming in a hurry. She looked very panicky.
What the hell has gone wrong? I thought and stopped there.
She noticed me and ran towards me. Before I could say a word, she snatched the boy from my shoulder and held him to her chest.

“What happened?”

I asked. I noticed faces noticing us.

“Where were you gone?”

She frowned.

“What? What happened…?”

I asked again.
This woman was so mysterious and I was starting to feel anger.
She was silent and I raised my voice.

“You were sleeping there and they asked me to bring this….”

I showed the packet as I spoke.


She was taken aback. She bit her lips once.

“What oh..? Are you going to tell me if you need this or I should go and get a refund for this?”

I was shaking the packet as I spoke.

“No. I need.. I need this. I’m sorry, please forgive me…”

She looked into my eyes as she spoke.

“When I woke up I couldn’t see you and I thought…”

She stopped.
It was enough. I was offended.

“… And you thought I have taken your child, didn’t you?”

I didn’t hide my anger.

“Sorry… Sorry…”

She quickly said. She looked and sounded helpless.

I started to walk, dismissing her presence completely.
She walked with me, a few steps behind me, until I reached the operation theatre.

The nurse came soon and I gave her the packet. It took half an hour for the doctor to come out. He seemed a junior doctor. He spoke to me directly while Deepika stood next to me.

“We’re still trying to put the joints back… It’s really tough. But not hopeless. And if it works, we can put it back, we’ll then use the stabiliser. Otherwise we’ll have to stick with surgery, but we don’t know if it’ll be same like it was earlier..”

I nodded my head for all and he went back. Deepika was still standing next to me.

“What happened?”

I asked her in a low voice.

“He slipped and fell on the staircase..”


I saw her looking at the floor. She was going to cry again.

“Come on… It’ll be okay. He’ll be alright..”

I said, in a low voice again.
She looked up, and her eyes was wet.

An hour might have passed, a policeman came and called my name.


I turned to him.


“You’re with the accident case, aren’t you?”


“Come with me.”

I went with him. He sat me with him for the next one hour. Writing all the things about me as well as the accident. I wondered if the earlier report had gone missing.

I said I was there for a friend’s marriage and would leave in two days. He recorded that as well. I thought he would say I cant go just like that, but he didn’t. He didn’t care much. He did his primary job and left me, asking me to be available until I leave. I said okay.

At first I thought I should go back to operation theatre. But then I decided to have lunch. It was 3 O’clock. I was very hungry. When I was crossing the medical stores I saw her again.
Deepika. She approached me.


I stopped and looked at her. She had her child in one hand and once piece of paper in other hand.

“Sir.. I need to buy some medicine. But that ATM there isn’t working. Both of them are not working. I don’t know what..what to do. Please help me.”

It was a genuine problem. Half of the ATM machines in our country stops working when it matters the most.
I took the paper from her hand and walked to the store. She silently followed me. As the pharmacist got busy searching the medicines I asked her about her husband.

“Doctor said they’ve done it. They put the joints back in position..”

“Oh really? That’s really good news. You should speak with a smile now.”

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Have you seen him?”

“Yes, but he’s sleeping.”

“They must have sedated him.”


“Yes. How long are they asking to keep him?”

“Two more hours.”


The medicine was ready. I paid the bill and collected it.
I walked with her to the hospital, again.
A nurse collected the medicines from me and disappeared. Five minutes later she came back.

“He will be kept inside here only for next two hours. Then, after one more scanning, doctor will say what next. Mostly you can take him home.”

This time Deepika’s face really lit up.
The kid had waken up again. He straightaway started crying.
She walked away with him and I could guess where she was going. She sat on a lonely bench and draped the child with her saree flare to breast feed him. The child immediately stopped crying.

She came back after fifteen minutes. I asked her if she had had lunch. She shook her head no.

“Come on, let’s go have some food. Even I’m hungry.”

She nodded immediately. She was really hungry, I guess.
We walked outside again and found a hotel. I suggested I’ll handle the kid if she needed to wash her face. She agreed and handed me the kid as well as her small shoulder bag. She thanked me after washing her face.
As we waited for food I asked her about her.

She was from Tamil Nadu. Her husband Karthik works in Gujarat. Seventy kilometres away from Vadodara. They both were in Vadodara for some shopping as they’re planning to visit hometown next week.

The food had arrived by then. From the way she ate it just made me realise how hungry she was.
She noticed me watching her. She was embarrassed.

“I was very hungry…”

“Yeah that I can see..”

I smiled.

“Stop smiling.. You’re not allowing me to eat..”

She complained.

“Okay… Okay. You eat.”


After the lunch I paid the bill. She said she will pay me all the amount once she get the access to a working ATM.
While walking back she asked me why I was there.
I told her the whole story about the accident.

“Oh so you’re not helping only me…”

“Yeah.. actually my train is on day after tomorrow. So I have time to help…”

“So what are you going to do until then?”

“Mmm… No plans. I’ll stay until I see any relatives of that lady. Then I’ll leave.”

“What if you don’t get to see any of her relatives?”

“Why should we think so negatively? What if I hadn’t spot you there?”

“Oh. That’s true.”

She turned her head to me and smiled. First time since our meeting I noticed her smile. It was beautiful.
Actually, she was beautiful. Very beautiful.

“If you hadn’t spot me, oh God! I don’t know. May be it’s God who sent you to me.”

“Yeah God sent me to you.. And for that he had to kill one person and injure another one…”

I said without thinking much.
She was taken aback at my response to her praise.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

We had reached the operation theatre. We stayed there only for the next two hours. We sat together and I held the child.

“What’s his name?”

I asked.

“Vignesh. Vinnee.”

“Vinnee is nice name. Vignesh is an old name.”

I commented.

“It’s his father’s choice. I didn’t like it either.”

“What was your choice?”

“Mmm…Don’t tease me okay?”

“What? I mean… Was it such a bad name?”

She laughed a little.

“I don’t know that. But my choice was Krish.”

I smiled.



“No. You’re saying this to please me, aren’t you?”

“I told you, don’t…”

“Oh.. Okay..I believe.”

She nodded.

“So, have you informed anyone else from your family?”

“Yeah. I’ve informed. Karthik’s uncle is in Mumbai. He’ll come soon, means day after tomorrow.”

“No one else is coming?”

“Aunty will also come.”

“No, I mean no one’s coming today?”

“We don’t have anyone here.”

“Oh, so I can leave only when your uncle arrives day after tomorrow..”

“No! You can leave as soon as he’s discharged. I mean, you can go anytime if you want, but I want to give you the money first.”

“You want to return the money. That’s it? You don’t need any help?”

“I need, honestly. But you’ve already done so much for me, I think it’s not nice to ask more.”

I smiled.

“Don’t worry. I will stay with you. Today is already gone for me. I’ll stay with you until he gets discharged and then I’ll send you to your place, in a taxi.”

“Thank you so much, Krish.”

“You always welcome, Deepika..”

“How did you know my name?”

“It’s written on your face.”

She smirked at me.
I smiled back.

“So how was your marriage? Was it love marriage?”

“No, it was an arranged marriage. Actually he’s my uncle’s son.”

“Oh marriage within the family.”


“So it was love cum arrange marriage.”

“No. Not at all. Actually I didn’t like it. But you know, the family pressure…”

“Oh so sad. But not so sad as well. See, how cute is your Vinnee…!”

She smiled.

“Yeah, now I love him.”

“Yeah I saw that. A few hours ago. I’m so sorry to tell this, that when I saw you crying so badly, I thought something terrible might have happened..”

She seemed trying to recollect it.

“Yeah actually I was crying from the moment I saw him falling. I was so scared. Shocked..”

“Now you’re okay?”


By evening, the lady I had brought was able to wake up. I got contact numbers from her and contacted her family. They reached the hospital within an hour. Soon there were a crowd. Her husband, two sons and a daughter, her farther and so on.
All of them thanked me. Her name was Alka, and she worked in an advertising agency.
Deepika was watching as the people were hugging me and shaking my hands.

“You’re really a good person. You got blessings from eleven persons.”


I looked at her and corrected her.

“Yes. Twelve. No. Twelve and a half.”

She smiled gesturing to Vinnee.
Again hers was a beautiful smile. On a beautiful face. Of a beautiful woman.

Once Alka’s family was there, I was free to go. But as I had promised to Deepika, I stayed.
The doctor came again to Karthik. He checked the scanning result and was disappointed.
And he said Karthik needs to be admitted. For few days. He was awake by then.
I went out and bought some food for him. Deepika fed him as I stood outside holding Vinnee.
As soon as the sedation ended, Karthik was in pain. He was given pain killer as well as sleeping pills.
It was 8 o’clock by then and came the night staff. They said nobody are allowed inside during the night.
Deepika was shocked.
I was with her and I argued with the staff saying it’s his wife and child.
But the staff said she can go to the medical wards and look for some space there, but nobody is allowed to stay with the patients under observation.
We went to the medical wards and soon found out it wasn’t safe for a lady. Maybe it was safe but we both were outsiders and we didn’t feel safe.

“What will do now?”

Deepika worried.

“We’ll have to look for some hotel rooms.”

I said.

“Hotel room? No!”

She said quickly. And stopped walking as well.

“What no? We don’t have a choice.”

“No. I can’t.”

She shook her head.
I now got her problem.

“Are you worried that I’m going to stay with you?”

She looked at me. Without saying a word, she said it all.

“Oh, come on!”

I couldn’t believe it.

“Look, Deepika! I’m not a moron to jump on you at every….”

I stopped talking as I saw someone walking towards us. I waited him to walk past us.

“Look… Deepika, I’m here with you because of my sympathy. Not my lust. By renting a hotel room I meant one room for you and another room for me. Now I’ll stay in one hotel and you’ll stay in another one. Is that okay?”

She had a very embarrassed look on her face.


“Oh please, don’t!”

“I’m sorry Krish. I’m so sorry. I’ve never been like this…”

She almost cried.


I said.

“Trust me first. Else you’re just pissing me off.”

She nodded and walked behind me. Then I thought about it. Though her response had almost pissed me off, she was correct. If she had agreed instantly to my hotel room suggestion with a smile on her face, what would I have thought about her? She was correct and indeed, had made a strong positive image about herself in my mind.

She was struggling with the child and the bag in her both hands.

“Give me the kid. I’ll hold him.”

“Oh it’s okay.”

“Oh come on, look at you Deepika, you’re gonna faint soon. You’re so tired. Forget the formalities, please.”

She gave in and handed me the child.

“Thank you.”

I just nodded to acknowledge her and walked.

I hired a taxi and asked him to take us to a good restaurant.

“We can have food here also, can’t we?”

She asked.
I looked outside. There were many small dhaabas.

“Oh these dhaabas? Please, I don’t want to go there. I’m really tired, I need a big fat dinner today. Please allow me..”

I replied, looking through the mirror. I saw her smiling. It was tired, yet beautiful indeed.



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