Sex With Cute Department Store Girl Rusmita

Department Store Sex Story


I am a college student. I live in a flat with two friends. Every now and then we host get-togethers at our apartment – booze is a must, accompanied by music, sometimes it gets loud. Neighbors do complain, but seriously who gives a fuck.

Anyways, this is something that happened last week. We as usual bunked classes and smoked up the whole afternoon. After countless hours everyone started craving for munchies.The three of us decided to visit the department store which is just across the road.


Straightaway we grabbed some chips and started eating them like they were the last few packets left on the planet earth. While we were busy filling our mouths instead of our stomachs, a cute girl ( I mean really cute ) came to us.Her clothes said that she worked in the store and name tag said “Rusmita”. In a very polite way, she asked us not to eat.

My friend asked her the reason, to which she said that we hadn’t yet paid for it. We have been living there for 3 years and we know each and every guy of the store. I asked her whether she was new or what. The answer was affirmative; in fact, she had joined the previous day only.

I tried to explain to her that it was fine and we were not going to run away, but she didn’t seem to understand. In the end, the manager had to intervene. But deep inside I just didn’t want it to end. That girl was all over my mind.

Next day I went there again to buy some stuff. She was there, but now on the counter. Bought something and went to her. She looked at me and then got busy with merrying herself with the beep sound. She wasn’t paying any attention towards what I was doing. That was the time I had some serious look at her body.

Boobs definitely 34, waist – 30 around I guess with the perfect amount of fat, couldn’t reach down to the ass. She must be 5 feet 5 inches tall. In the end, she asked me if I needed a poly bag, she looked at me and I started smiling like a dumbfuck. I have no idea what happened to my lips, they just wouldn’t close. And there she was looking at me in sheer amazement.

She must be thinking ” what’s up with this guy? Is he a fucking retard?”.Anyways, paid my bill and got out. Never mind. Next day was Saturday and friends decided to get wasted as fuck and that too by doing shots. OK. But the problem was that we didn’t have shot glasses. Time to hit the store again.

I and my friend grabbed two glasses and again went to her counter, although her counter had the longest line. She grazed her eyes on us and I could see her lips broaden a bit. :-). Our turn came and I put the glasses on her counter. She beeped them again and asked whether we needed a carry bag.

Me and my friends started laughing and I said ” Itni si chhoti cheez k liye bhi carry bag, kya yaar!!”. She also started giggling. And then to my utter surprise, she asked ” kya piyoge isme? Beer?”. We again started laughing and then I explained her the purpose of those glasses.

Next day was Sunday. Woke up at around 2 in the afternoon. I hardly remember any Sunday without a hangover, so was this one. My head was paining like hell and I needed some coffee. Went to the kitchen to find that there was no coffee left. It was time to hit the store again. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be there, but she was.

Today I wasn’t in the mood of flirting but then suddenly something struck me. I took coffee and also picked two cups. It was Sunday and there were very few people. I went to the counter and kept the coffee and the cups. I was smiling again and so was she. Just looking at her cute smile was so mesmerizing. She broke the silence by saying “Kal vodka aur aaj coffee!”.

I asked her “Do you like the cups”. She said, ” yeah, they are lovely”. Then I said, “So this means that you would like to have a cup of coffee”. She didn’t say anything and just returned to her work. But in the end gave me the cute smile again.

For next three days, I went there just to meet her and buy some useless stuff. On the 4th day i.e. Thursday she agreed to have a cup of coffee and I asked for her phone number. She usually gets free after five in the evening. She also lives nearby and we met at a restaurant. Had coffee and then I asked her if she really didn’t know the difference between vodka and beer.

She said that she really didn’t know but wanted to try vodka once. We then chit-chatted for a while and then decided to leave as it was getting late. While returning I asked her if she wanted some shots. She hesitated but agreed after a while.

We straightaway went to my apartment. I had already texted my friends to go out for few hours. I opened the door and asked her to sit on the mattress. Brought the two glasses and poured some alcohol into them.

With a fair warning about the taste, I asked her to swallow it all in just one go. Hahaha… her face after the first shot, fucking amazing. I asked her to do one more, she resisted but again agreed after a bit persuasion. Again the same face. She started all that bullshit about why people drink if it is so bad in taste. I was waiting for it to kick in.

We were sitting there, talking to each other when she said that she is feeling something. It was something warm and suddenly her shoulders were light. I went close to her and pressed her shoulders from behind. She first looked at me by turning her head and then kept it on my chest.

That was for the first time I smelled her hair. It was so fresh and something like I have never smelled before. I slowly removed my hands from her shoulders and slid them down her hands and held her palm. She was leaning all over me now. I moved my nose to her left ear and started slowly rubbing it. She didn’t resist even a bit. Then I bit it. I heard her moan.

She turned, looked at me and came even closer. Without losing even a moment I kissed her. Those lips were so soft. She is a good kisser, she responded to my each move with a better one. Like when I bit her lower lip, she got on her knees, pressed her boobs against my chest and bit my ears while licking them. God! It was like heaven.

We missed each other for like 10 minutes. Then I guess the alcohol started losing its effect. I took one more shot and gave her too. She took it immediately. I asked her to take off her top. She smiled and asked me to do it. I took it off in no time. Aaahhh those breasts were just waiting for one snap to break free from that tight black bra of hers.

I couldn’t resist and dug my face into her cleavage. I was kissing them like a lion who hadn’t eaten in days. Mmm ….those soft, juicy melons. I could have lived there for eternity. When I got overexcited I just pulled out her right breast and put the nipple in my mouth. She wasn’t resisting at all. I sucked it to my full. She removed her bra.

I was dinned on those perfect tits for like countless minutes. She took off my shirt and kissed me all over my chest and neck. She is a wild tigress, trust me ! While doing so, even gave me some love marks. One is right on my neck. I had one more shot while she was licking my chest. Her firm ass was filling my palms and her nipples were inside my mouth.

Licking, sucking and what not. I moved my hand to hey pussy. She was already dripping. The wet spot was clearly visible. Removed her pants and started rubbing her clitoris. Also, put one finger inside her vagina. Mmmm …it was so warm and wet. I too got completely naked and she started stroking my penis.

She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it. I liked her techniques. She has a special way of rolling the tongue over the glans before giving it a stroke. She even rolls her tongue while stroking and then takes it whole in.Man, it’s awesome!

We got into 69 and I started licking her pussy. She was literally dripping. Her brown pussy is tight, reasonably tight. I felt like she came about 2 times. Her muscles tensed and she moaned loudly. But then the worst thing imaginable happened. She received a phone call from her roommate. She had to leave as it was urgent. I asked her to at least made me cum once.

She started giggling again. I don’t know what happened to me.I pushed her on the mattress. Went to her face and put my cock on her lips. She understood and started sucking it again. I stopped her and began fucking her mouth.

She made me stop in between and asked me not to cum in her mouth. I obliged. After 2-3 minutes of hard mouth fuck which was full of gagging, I finally came. She was again smiling. Her smile is like Mona Lisa’s. The only difference is that I have fucked this ones.

While she was getting dressed I grabbed her pussy and said “ab zindagi me bas yahi chaiye” she laughed and said “next time dear”. We smooched for a while and then I dropped her. We are again meeting tomorrow. I will be sharing my experience soon.

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