Saving My Innocent Husband | Chapter 1

Saving My Innocent Husband

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“Bastards..!!! They are asking us for evidence, shamelessly. They are the bloody Police Department, they must be finding evidences and nailing the real criminals behind the bars. Oh my poor little daughter Maya, I feel sorry for you, I really don’t know how we are going to find out the real murderer and save your husband,” my dad almost broke down. “Come on dad, don’t lose hope, this is the time we must be strong,” I said, and we were walking out of the Police Station. As we were walking out of the Police Station, my dad stopped in the middle, a good 10 yards from the gate, he stood helpless. He looked at me, “There is not a faint chance that your husband could have possibly murdered Shobana,” my dad was explaining about the “Shobana Murder Case,” in which my husband Akash, a newspaper daily photographer was arrested as the prime suspect. The cops zeroed in on my husband as the murderer because he was the only man present in the Flat #413, 4th Floor of Prasad Paradise Apartment, where Shobana, daughter of a loan shark Mr. Gopal was lying dead. My parents live in the same Prasad Paradise Apartment, but in the 3rd Floor, Flat #313, just below Shobana’s Flat. While my dad was explaining, there was a Police Constable near the gate which was good 10 yards away from us, secretly staring at the slightly exposed region of my waist between my pink cotton saree and black blouse. As my dad was saying “there are big shots involved in this case. The cops are trying to cover up something to save somebody, and we need someone in the Police Department to give us some hints,” the Police Constable was still staring at my waist secretly.

Deep in my mind I thought maybe I can use this guy, so gently started teasing him. While talking to my dad, I started adjusting my pink saree, tugging the saree around my waist giving him ample view of my navel, and adjusting my black blouse, I looked at him, and he turned away. While my dad was saying “I had a friend in the Police Department, he would have helped me, but he is retired and settled aboard,” in the pretext of clipping my hair properly, I lifted my both hands and put it behind my head and unclipped my hair clip slowly leaving my hair flow freely. Biting the hair clip with my teeth and lips, I put my hands behind adjusting my hair and gave him a clear view of my wheatish flat waist and round left boob over my black blouse. When I turned to look at him, I caught him openly staring at my exposed left boob over my black blouse and my waist, but he made no efforts to look at where I was looking. With my left hand still holding my hair from behind, giving the Police Constable a full view of my navel and left boobs from the side ways, with my right hand I took the hair clip from my mouth and started clipping my hair. Biting his lips, and with his eyes feasting on my waist and my left boobs over my black blouse, his hand automatically went on top of his co@k over his pant. Saying “Dad, I am your daughter, I am smart enough to find a cop to help us okay?” I brought my hands back and with left my left hand I clipped my blouse under my left boobs and started adjusting my black blouse, this time when I looked at the Constable, he directly looked at my eyes and turned away quickly taking off his hand over his cock over his pant and looked at the other direction. “How Maya? you are just a housewife?” my dad asked.

“It is almost 12:00 PM now, we are getting late for your insulin injection dad, Dr. Shiva will be there anytime, lets go,” I said, and looking at his watch, he started to leave along with me. “Just drop me home and go to your house, and find some sleep, Dr. Shiva will give me injection and I will take some rest,” my dad said while we were slowly walking out of the Police compound. “I wonder how you never got a chance to meet Dr. Shiva all these years, it has been 5 years since he has been treating me; besides he is my neighbor. Today I will introduce him to you,” my dad said. “Its okay dad, I will meet him some other time,” I said. “No no no, I shall introduce him to you today, he is a very trust worthy guy. He and his wife help me and your mom every time,” my dad said. Saying “we will be needing good people around us at this point in time Maya,” my dad walked along with me exiting the Police Compound, as we were walking out, we were nearing the Police Constable who was near the gate. As soon as me and my dad reached near the Police Constable, my dad quickly stopped “Son, where is the toilet here?” he asked. “Just behind the building sir, come I will help you,” he said trying to offer my dad a help. “No, that’s okay,” my dad said and started walking towards the toilet.

I was standing in front of the Police Constable, and he had no guts to look at me into my eyes at all, probably feeling guilty for getting caught staring at my navel and left boob. I looked around the Police Station compound and I could hardly find a cop outside, it looked empty outside for a typical Police Station. Everybody were inside the Police Station, “What’s the fuss inside?” I asked the Police Constable, “What Madam?” he asked. “What case is going on inside?” I asked casually. “Oh, it is Shobbbbaaaaaaaaa ….” his voice trailed as he saw me adjusting my saree frills which is tugged to my petticoat right below my navel, and giving him a full close up view of my deep navel. Saying “Sorry, I didn’t get you,” in the pretext of adjusting my pallu, I exposed my entire left breast over my black blouse. His eyes almost popped out looking at my exposed left boob, I quickly covered my left boob with my pallu. “I didn’t get you,” I said. His eyes were fixed on my boobs over my pallu this time, and he was finding hard to take his eyes off. Saying Hey, I snapped my fingers to make him take his eyes off my boobs and look in to my eyes. “Man, you are too bold, mind your eyes mister,” I said smiling at him. Looking totally embarrassed “Madam, sorry Madam,” he uttered and blushed. “Wait, I am telling this to the inspector,” I said and playfully walked, and saying “Madam.. no..” he quickly held my hand. “How dare you hold a woman’s hand?” I whispered. Looked at his badge and his name read ‘Vikram,’ “Your name is Vikram right, I am going to report you Vikram,” I said and playfully pulled my hand from his and began to walk swaying my ass, turning behind and smiling at him. Perhaps he got me playing with him, saying “Madam, come on Madam,” he put his left hand inside my pallu and held my waist and squeezed my navel. I held his hand by placing my hand over my pallu, “take your hands off Vikram,” I said. Grabbing my belly with left hand he rubbed his cock on my ass, “sorry madam,” he whispered into my ears.

While he was roaming his entire left hand over my waist, “what sorry Madam, I just asked you what case it is? and you are grabbing my waist,” I said. “It is Shobana Murder Case Madam,” he said and planted a kiss on my right cheek. “Hey no kissing okay?” I said. “Okay okay.. I will not kiss, I will just hold your waist,” he said. “mmmmmmm… okay,” I said. With his left hand, he gave a pinch next to my navel, and I quickly let out an ouch whisper. “Mmmm…. you naughty,” I said. “So soft and smooth,” he said. “mmmmm like it Vikram?” I said. Saying “mmmmmm” he dig my deep navel and grabbed his left hand tight. The moment I asked “So, who is the real Murderer of Shobana?” he quickly pulled his hand off my waist and began to go away from me. “Vikram, Vikram… wait,” I said, and held his hand. “Let me go please, you can’t get anything out of me,” he said. I got the hint that he must be knowing the truth and it can save my husband’s life. I quickly held his right hand with my left hand “Vikam, must tell me the truth,” I said. “No way,” he said. “I will be waiting for you at the Victoria Park, today evening, I want you to tell me the truth,” I said. “No way, I am not going say a single word,” he said. Saying “if you want this, you will come,” I quickly took his right hand and placed it on my left boob, and he began mauling it. Saying “No Madam,” he began to enjoy and his entire facial expression changed, he was biting his lips and looking at everywhere if see of anyone is watching him squeeze a beautiful lady’s boobs.

I am not flattering myself, everyone who meets me say that I look exactly like yesteryear actress Heera Rajagopal. As I took my hand off his hand which was squeezing my left boob, his hand was still there feeling my boobs from under and sideways, “Madam, please madam,” he said and was controlling himself from being tempted. “I am not doing anything Vikram,” I said. “Today evening 6:30, at Victoria Park,” I said and touched his boner on top of his pant, “mmmmmm…. No Madam,” he moaned. “Vikram, you like it don’t you?” I whispered. “Madammmmm….” he moaned again. “Oh my god Vikram, | | you are so turned on, wait till 6:30 evening,” I said and took his hand off my left boob and my dad came out of the toilet. “Madam, I will lose my job if I tell you about this case madam,” he said. “Oh don’t worry Vikram, I will keep it to myself you can trust me,” I said and began to walk towards my dad, “But Madam,” he called. “Don’t worry, I will take care,” I said and went towards my dad, and as me and my dad walked past the Police Constable, he was biting his lips and staring at my waist and I blushed and exposed my waist even more. He looked totally fallen for me, and as we went past him, he placed his right hand over my ass, I turned back and looked at him and gave him coy look with a playfully angry expression on my face and he took his hand back. As I helped my dad walk slowly towards the car, I swayed my ass to tease Vikram more, and in the pretext of helping my dad “sir, wait I will help,” he said and came running towards us. Saying “Its okay, I will manage,” I began helping my dad sit in the front seat, all of a sudden Vikram came from the behind and held my waist and began rubbing his boner inside his pant on top of my ass. The moment his boner almost went between his my ass crack, “Ouch,” I uttered and stood straight, “What happened?” my dad asked. “Sorry madam, I accidentally stamped you feet,” Vikram said to divert my dad, and my dad’s phone rang and he started answering it. “I am not going to come Madam,” he whispered. Saying “I will be waiting,” I sat inside the car.


“Okay Doctor, .. No problem Doctor,” he said and hung up the call. Starting the car “Dr. Shiva?” I asked. “Yeah Maya, he is such a wonderful guy, he is like a Family doctor to the people of our Apartment, he is always there for us for any emergency,” while dad was saying, I was thinking about what to wear for the evening. “Ehm Maya, take right and stop near that Pharmacy,” my dad said. As soon as I stopped near the Pharmacy, my dad pulled down the window and waved his hand at someone and a young man in his late 30s approached us with a big smile on his face. Cars behind me were honking. “Get in Doctor,” my dad said, “Hello Sir, how did you reach here so soon?” he asked. “Get in first, too many impatient guys behind,” my dad, and with a brief laughter, he sat in the back seat as I started moving the car. “Maya, this is Dr. Shiva,” “Doctor, this is my daughter Maya,” my dad introduced us to eachother, looking at the rear view mirror I smiled at him. “Doctor had your lunch?” my dad asked. “Yes sir,” he said. “He has a 5 year old daughter Maya, she is so cute, reminds me of you in your childhood days” my dad said. “Bring her home sometime doctor,” I said. “Sure, how is Goutham?” the doctor asked. “How do you know Goutham?” I asked in surprise. “He has seen Goutham several time times in our flat Maya,” my dad said. “Goutham has grown tall sir, how old is he?” the doctor asked. “Ha ha ha.. he is only 12 doctor, but he has grown as tall as my daughter, who is 34 already” my dad said. “Dad…” I whispered in an embarrassed. “Oh sorry, I told your age, I am getting old you see,” my dad said and looked at the doctor.

“Sir, I spoke to my sources and got lot of hints about Shobana Murder Case,… oh … sorry sir, it is not the right time is it?” he said. “No, that’s okay,…. Ehm, Maya, doctor has been gathering information about the case and all the information I gave you is from his sources,” my dad said. “Thanks doctor,” I said. “Sir, the CCTV cameras were switched off on the day Shobana was murdered, not a single new car or a vehicle had entered inside, and the security guard took off on that day because he was not feeling well,” while he was saying this, deep in my mind I was thinking that this guy has done too much investigation about the case and I can use his help. “We need at least one guy in the Police Department to give us some tips, it will be a great help to us in this case,” the doctor said. “Excellent doctor, I was telling Maya the same thing. We will be needing help from someone in the Police Department,” my dad said. “I know people in almost all the fields, but not in the Police Department, you know about me right, I don’t get into any trouble,” He said. “I know you doctor… haan doctor? what if we bribe some police guy and get information from him?” my dad asked. “No sir, money will not work in this particular case, as far the information I have got, too many well off guys are involved behind. It is their money that has got Mr. Akash framed as the murderer in this case,” the doctor said. “My friend’s husband is a cop, and I am going to her house today evening, I am sure she will help me,” I said. “Some tip would do,” the doctor said. “Doctor, I think we are troubling you too much,” my dad said. “Come on sir, you are like my father, I will do anything to help you,” the doctor said in an emotional tone. My dad looked pleased, he lifted his specs a bit and wiped his tears saying “thank you doctor, it is my daughter’s life, and she has got no one to help,” my dad brushed my hair. Looking at tears in my dad’s eyes, even my eyes moistened, “Come on dad,” I said. “Sorry.. Em…it will be great if you both work together to find out the real murderer,” my dad said. I was so happy that I am getting a huge support from Dr. Shiva. “Don’t worry sir, I help madam in every possible ways,” the doctor said. “Please doctor, don’t call me Madam, call me Maya,” I said looking at him in the rear view window and gave a smile. Smiling back he said “only if you stop calling me doctor and call me Shiva,” he said. Saying “Okay Shiva,” I chuckled, “Lets get the Murderer Maya,” he said and we all three laughed, and we reached the Prasad Paradise Apartments, and I dropped Shiva and my dad and left to my house.

As soon as I parked my car in the basement, I went inside my house, my maid Jancy came out of the Kitchen, “Madam, I just now gave food to Goutham and came home,” she said. “Jancy, how many times I have to tell you not to call me Madam, and call me Maya,” I said. It is so embarrassing when she calls me Madam, because we both are of same age and she has been working in our house since she was little and I used to play games with her in the terrace. “That’s okay Madam,” she said. “How is your daughter?” I asked. “Here take this 10,000 Rs, you asked for,” I said and gave the 10,000 Rs to her, “But Maya, I only asked 5,000 Rs,” Jancy said. “Jancy, she is in 12th now, she will be needing it to buy books, just keep it Jancy,” I said. “Thanks Maya, haan.. Goutham said he is going to give you a surprise, he seems really happy,” she said. “You told about the Case to Goutham, I have told you that his dad is in Delhi and will be back in a week?” I asked. “Come on, I am not an idiot like you I care for Goutham like his own dumb mother,” Jancy said and we both laughed. “Jancy, you are an angel to my son. Guess what, no matter how much you age, you are still as beautiful as you were when you were young, looking at this pink lips” I said and pinched her lips. Pushing my hands away from her lips, “I am just 34 okay,” she said smiling. “Oh Jancy, you are never a maid material,” I said. “I am not a maid you idiot, I am just helping my best friend who needs my help and I need her help and we both are helping each other, okay?” she said. “Okay okay… I am leaving now, things are getting emotional and I will start crying… and I will come back at 5,” Jancy said and left the house.

After she left, I entered our bedroom and quickly peeled off my pink saree and my black blouse, switched on the AC, and slept only in my white petticoat and black bra. In my dreams, I was getting dreams of Vikram, kissing my navel, and I am moaning. When I quickly opened my eyes and saw, it was my son Goutham, “Goutham, is that you?” I said in a surprise. “Yes it is me,” he said and slept on top of me. “Goutham, change your uniform first,” I said. “I have a surprise for you, close you eyes,” he said. “Closing my eyes, what surprise,” I asked. Holding my both hands, he started kissing my lips. My son has developed his habit of kissing on the lips lately, and I did not want to discourage him and give him wrong ideas. I was moving my face left and right to avoid getting kissed on my lips, every time I turned to my left or right, kisses used to land on my either cheeks. “What surprise?”” I asked, he let my hands free and hugged me and started kissing my neck. His kisses were brief, took his time kisses my neck and he was kissing like a grown up man, never I have ever felt his kisses like this, and I was getting totally confused. As he slowly started kissing my neck and below my ears, I was getting turned on and I was cursing myself for getting my panties wet. “What surprise Goutham?” I asked holding his face, “Guess?” he said and moved his body little bit down so that his face was directly at my boobs covered with black bra. “You won in some bet?” I asked. “Nope,” he said and began kissing my cleavage, pulling my bra straps from my shoulder he was kissing my shoulder and cleavage region.

Strangely I was very quiet enjoying my own son’s kisses, and allowing him to almost remove my black bra. It has been months since me and my hubby had sex the last time, and my son’s kisses are sending some wrong signals to my body. My legs spread automatically and his stomach was rubbing between my leg, and he pulled my bra strap till my elbows and my black was exposing my boobs even more, it has down so low that, it he pulled my bra a little bit, it will reveal my nipples. As my son continued to kiss me all over my boobs next to my nipples, I began biting my lips in pleasure. “Mom, why are you biting your lips now?” he asked in a angry tone, “Its nothing dear,” I said. “You are so mean, I asked you to guess about my surprise and you are taking so long to take a guess,” he said. “mmmm leg me guess,???? You got first rank?” I asked. Saying “No come on… I will give you two more chances,” he quickly unhooked my bra from behind and left the bra loose, and this time my nipples popped out and he began sucking my right nipple and I was strangely getting turned on. I was biting my lips and feeling his gentle lips sucking my nipple, “You have holiday tomorrow?” I asked. Saying “Nope.. this is your last chance mom,” he took his lips off right right nipples and shifted to my left nipple and began sucking it. This time I was actually brushing my fingers all over his head and encouraging him to suck my nipple and I could feel my panties getting wet. Biting my lips I arched my head backwards, my legs automatically spread wider, and began to moan, mmmmmmmmmm..” All of a sudden our telephone rang and my son saying “I am going to attend,” he quickly got up from me and ran towards the living room.


“Goutham, careful, run slowly,” I shouted, and got up from the bed removed my black bra and wiped his saliva off my nipples with my black bra and threw it in the laundry bag. With nothing on top and just white petticoat I walked towards the wardrobe, opened up the wardrobe and pulled out a black silk nighty and wore it. “Who is it ?” I asked. “Grandpa mom,” he said, and I went to the kitchen to prepare snacks for him. As I walked to the kitchen, I could feel my wet panties sticking on to my groin, and as soon as I entered the kitchen, I put my both hands inside my nighty and petticoat and pulled out my grey panties. The portion which covered my groin was totally soaked, and I was curing myself for getting turned on so much, and that too to my son’s kisses. While I was looking at my soaked grey panties, “Maaaaaom.” my son screamed and ran to the kitchen, and I quickly put my both hands behind to hide my wet grey panties. My son ran into the kitchen and straight away saying “grandpa just called me to find out if I was home. So tell me mom, what is your final guess?” he directly placed his hands over my boobs. I was in total shock, this is the first time he is touching my boobs like this, I mean he has actually touched me every part of my body, but this time was different. Since I was not wearing my bra inside my silk nightie. my boobs totally went into his hands, it is as good as grabbing my boobs naked. Since I was not in the position to bring my hands and reveal my wet grey panties and also was not in the position to push him away and give wrong signals to my growing son, I stood there biting my lips and looking into his eyes. “Why are you biting you lips every time I touch you here mom, you got hurt here? Can I see it?” he said and squeezed my entire boobs gently. “no no no.. Its not pain,” I said. Surprisingly he took out his hands from my boobs and pinched my cheeks, “My mommy should smile all the time,” he said and spread my lips to smile.

I could hear the door getting opened, “Oh my god, my sweetheart has won a Trophy,” Jancy shouted in surprise. “Jancy!!!!” my son shouted and ran towards the living room, curious about the trophy he had got, and forgetting about my grey panties in hand, I followed him to the living room. Saying “Jancy, I am the school Chess champion now,” he hugged Jancy and lifted her in the air. Jancy looked so happy and I was happy for my son too, and saying “without you I wouldn’t have won this trophy Jancy,” he put her on the sofa and slept on top of her and began kissing everywhere on her face and she was laughing. “I know you will win,” she said receiving the kisses, with her right leg resting on the sofa and left leg on the sofa, with her legs spread. My son quickly put his hands inside her green saree and black petticoat, and started kissing her lips. To my shock, Jancy held his face and began kissing my son passionately, strangely I was getting turned on. “Goutham, you must now kiss Jancy on her lips,” I said, and when I looked at his hands, he had already removed Jancy’s dark blue panties till her knees. The telephone rang, and when I attended, it was my dad, “Maya, its me,” My dad said. “Dad, Goutham has won a trophy,” I said, and when I looked at Jancy and my son, Jancy was hugging my son and kissing her passionately, and strangely I was getting turned on and my hand automatically went to my crotch and began rubbing it. “Mayaa,, are you there?” My dad asked. “Yeah dad,” I said and with my grey panties in my left hand. “He told me already, send him down I am taking him out” my dad said. The moment I hung up the call, Goutham broke the kiss and pulled her dark blue panties threw it away. “Is it from dad?” he said. “Nooo…” me and Jancy screamed at the same time. “Its grandpa and he is taking you out,” I said. “Yeeeey… ” he screamed and ran to his room.

Grabbing her dark blue panties, “He pulled off your panties too?” Jancy asked looking at my grey panties in my left hand. “I am sorry Jancy for my son’s behavior,” I said. “Come on Maya he is my son too,” Jancy said. “I know Jancy, but still kissing on the lips and removing the panties and stuff are little too much, don’t you think so?” I said. My came out changing his dress, and saying “Bye mom, Bye Jancy, Love you both so much,” he said and left the house. “Did you see that Maya, | | he is just an just an kid, and he is just playing with us. So make a big issue out of it, if he kisses in the lips and remove the panties okay?” Jancy said. “Yeah Jancy, I am psychologically weak because of my husband’s case, and I can’t judge his innocence,” I said. “I know Maya, if he kisses you, just kiss him back and smile at him, and take it casually, okay?” Jancy said, and started putting her dark blue panties back. “Yeah Jancy, you are right,” I said in a sort of confused tone. Saying “Maya, still thinking about your husband’s case dear?” Jancy gave me a hug, and it reminded me of meeting Vikram the Police Constable, and I looked at the clock, and it was already 6:00 PM. “Jancy, I am getting late, I am going to meet a Police Constable, to get some information about the case,” I said and broke the hug. I went to my bed room, threw my grey panties into the laundry bag, pulled out a towel and went for shower. With just a towel wrapped around me I came out and opened the wardrobe and pulled out a peach color panty and wore it, throwing the wet towel on the bed and I picked up a white bra from the wardrobe and wore it. I was in total confusion as of what to wear, since the time was running out, I quickly pulled out a pink long skirt and a white short sleeve top. First I wore my pink long skirt, which was till my feet and the waist portion was only of elastic, I wore it over my peach color panties. I put my both hands into my white color short sleeve top and secured the top, putting on some make up with lipstick and accessories, and putting on my high heals, I grabbed my car keys and my had bag. “Jancy, I will be late tonight,” I said and left my house.


Victoria Park, usually it gets closed after 6:00 PM, because of all the illegal activities which used to happen before. Since husband is the Chairman of the Victoria Park Club, we had the keys of the gate. As soon as I reached the park, I opened the gate getting down from my car, and drove my car inside and parked my car and I was waiting for Vikram, sitting inside the car. The environment was totally dark, the only source of light there was a the light of the street light which was near the gate. It was already 7:00 PM, and I was worried if he would come or not. I got down from the car, and was looking around in search of him, deep in my mind I was worried that if I lose this guy I would not get information about the case and will be difficult to save my husband. “I should have teased him more, maybe I should have smooched his lips,” I said to myself. All of a sudden, a pair of hands hugged me from behind, I was so happy at moment, as I knew it was | | Vikram. Hugging me tight, he was rubbing his dick between my ass crack from behind, the skirt I was wearing was a very thin material and I could feel his dick trying to penetrate through my panties. “Vikram, I know you will come,” I said. Saying “how would I possibly say no to this navel,” he turned me around, knelt in front of me, lifted my whit top and planted a kiss on my navel and hugged my waist. As he continued kissing my navel, his mustache was making me feeling tickling and getting me excited at the same time, I held his head, saying “Vikram, stop being naughty.” He stood up and smiled at me, “what heavenly deed I have done to get to fuck a hot and sexy lady like you,” he said and hugged me tight and lifted me and circled me around, with my arms around his neck and my chink resting on his left shoulder. His hug was so tight that, my hard nipples almost popped out of my bra, “Oh…Vikram drop me down,” I said. As he was dropping me onto my feet, “not until I get what I want,” I said and stood on the ground full of green grass, adjusting my white top.

Saying “anything for this,” he placed his big palms over my both ass cheeks and pulled me close to him and stared rubbing his boner between my legs. I quickly pushed him aside, “why? you don’t want the information?” he asked and knowing that I am in the desperate need for the information, he started unbuttoning his shirt. I was wondering what to do next, “take of you tops,” he said as he took off his shirt and vests. He spread his shirt on the grass along with his vest. Saying “come on, take it off,” he removed his pant and was in his underwear. Looking at me doing nothing, he held my white tops and lifted it, pulling it off my body and spreading it over the grass. I was only in my white bra and pink skirt. “I know your husband is innocent,” he said placing his hands over my pink skirt. “You do?” I asked in anticipation holding his face. Saying “don’t worry I am gonna help you,” he grabbed my skirt and started pulling it down, since it was only an elastic material, it was coming down quite easily revealing my peach color panties. He took it off and spread on the grass, all his clothes and mine looked like bed sheet spread on the grass. As I stood only in my white bra and peach color panties, with his arms around my waist he hugged me tight and and my hands were went automatically around his neck. His hands were roaming all over my bra from the back, “thanks for offering me your help Vikram,” I said and planted a kiss on his cheek. “You are a wonderful wife, I wonder my wife would do anything like this to save my life,” Vikram said, gently unclasping my bra. “Thanks Vikram, if she loves you, she will go to any extent to save you,” I said, and he gently removed my white bra and threw it on my white tops. Saying “not to this extent,” he slid his both hands inside my peach color panties and grabbed my naked ass cheeks. I quickly hugged him tight, with my naked boobs crushing against his chest. “I am going to pull your panties down and get you naked, you sure you want to do this for your husband?” Vikram asked. Saying “anything for my husband,” I broke the hug and held the elastic of my peach color panties. “Come on, make is fast Vikram,” I screamed and pulled my panties down, took it off completely and put on on top of my pink skirt.

“Wait, wait.. relax…,” he said holding my face. “mmmmm… looks like you are totally turned on,” he said removing his underwear and getting naked. “No, I just want to make it fast,” I said. It really angered him “oh you are not turned on then? you don’t have to make love to me?” he said, “Aright, here take your panties, were it and leave the place, and before you leave I am leaving,” he said and gave my peach color panties back to me, picked up his clothes and started walking naked with his clothes on his hands. After a couple of steps he turned back, “find the real murderer by yourself, before they hang your husband,” he said and continued to walk. I was totally cornered now, “Vikram, wait,,” I said and ran naked behind him, and grabbed his clothes from his hand. “Vikram, I was just kidding, you know how badly I want you inside you?” I said giving him that seductive look. Saying “Really?? But you are not wet here,” he placed his right hand between my leg, right on top of my pussy, “aaaoh,” I exclaimed and jumped two steps behind. “Come here, let me see if you are wet or not,” he said playfully and and held my right hand around his neck, wrapped his left hand around my waist and started sucking my right breast, and my body began to react. “Aaaaah…” I let out a soft moan biting my lips and squeezed his hair. Biting my nipple gently, “you like it?” he said, as his teeth was clinching to my nipple gently, he could not speak properly. “aaaaaaah…whaaat?” I asked, and was getting wet down there. “You like it?” he asked taking his teeth off my nipple, and before I could answer, he put his index finger right inside my wet pussy, and I quickly locked legs involuntarily, crushing his palm right between my inner thighs and his index finger deep inside my pussy. “Aaaaaaaah…” I moaned, as his index finger began scratching my inner walls of my pussy , the more he scratched me there, the wetter I was getting. “Mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,” I was moaning, as my vaginal walls were involuntarily tightening and gripping his finger. Without my knowledge, a strong orgasm was begging to build, and all off a sudden, he wrapped his left arm around my waist and lifted me saying “spread you legs,” and with lack of control over my feet, I automatically spread my legs, and he began finger fucking me, “aaaaaaah.. aaaaaaah,” I moaned as he lifted me and walked finger fucking me and finally dropped me on top of my pink skirt and white top which was spread as a blanket.

As I lay on top of my skirt and tops naked, he slept on top of me, hugging me tight he started kissing my lips. His dick was rubbing on top of my crotch, with my eyes closed I held his face and began kissing his lips. His right hand went to my left boob and began squeezing my left breast, making me break the smooch and start to moan, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” His right hand then went down to my left knee and he spread my left knee and placed his hand right on top of my pussy, and put his middle finger right inside my pussy. “Aaaaaaaah,” I moaned, and I was no way going to control anymore, | |and held his face and started kissing his lips, and he quickly put his dick inside my pussy and began fucking me vigorously. As he continued fucking me vigorously, I could feel he was reaching for this climax and I was getting ready for a huge orgasm, and the thoughts of how my son fondled my boobs, kissed me, hugged kissed and almost fucked Jancy removing her panties were encircling in my mind; and not to mention the thoughts of how I teased Vikram in the police station was going on in my mind. “Aaaaaaah… aaaaaaaah.. aaaaaaah..” Vikram screamed and began giving me heavy thrusts, as my nails were roaming all over his back, and I could not take it any longer, “aaaaah… Vikram, I am going to cummmmm,” I said moaning. “Aaaaaaah.. I am gonna cum too….,” he moaned and in only final push deep inside my pussy, he came inside me, and biting his shoulder and I came at the same time leaving my entire pussy totally wet. Vikram crumbled on top of me totally exhausted breathing heavily, pulling out his dick, he and slept beside me. I sat down and pulled by white bra and started wearing it, and stood up grabbing my peach color panties, and I began wearing, looking at me putting on my clothes, he stood up and started wearing his clothes. I wore my pink skirt and white top, “it was great,” he said buttoning his shirt. “Did you enjoy it?” I asked securing my hair into a bun, he just hugged me and started kissing my lips, and I started kissing him back, making sure not to leave him dissapointed, I was kissing him quite passionately.

As his right hand slowly traveled from my face to my boobs to my belly, and finally to touch my pussy, I broke the smooch and smiled at him before it gets sexual again. “I shot my entire load inside this one,” he said with his right hand on still on top of my pussy over my panty and skirt, I did not want to push it aside and piss him off. “So Vikram, tell me about the real murderer?” I asked. “Wow, what a body you have,” he said and placed his left hand over my right breast. “Who are behind the Murder?” I asked. “My god, I can’t believe my luck today, I actually fucked this beauty,” he exclaimed. I got angry, because he was not giving me any answers, so I forced his hands away and began to walk towards my car without saying a work. “Madam,.. I will tell you wait,” he came behind me and hugged me from behind circling his arms around my waist. “Let me go, you are only trying to enjoy my body, but trying to help you,” I said and tried to push him away and leave, but he pulled me and grabbed me tight from behind. Lifting me by hugging me from behind he walked a couple of yards and sat on the park bench making me sit on his lips. I tried to get up and leave, but he quickly grabbed my boobs from behind and made me sit on his lap and he took off his hands from my boobs. “Your husband is innocent…” and now he started to give information, and I began to listen to what he has to say sitting on his lap.

“One day we got a call from an unknown person saying that a young girl is found dead in the Flat #413, 4th Floor of Prasad Paradise Apartment. Four of us plus the Sub-Inspector, rushed to the spot, and when we broke open the door, we saw your husband trying to escape through the window. We quickly arrested him and my superiors came to the conclusion that he is the murderer and filed the FIR, even I was convinced that your husband was the murderer. After a couple of days, a lawyer came to the Police Station, and handed a suitcase to the inspector and said something to him and left the place. Inspector called us inside and told us that, we have received money from the lawyer, for framing the case on your husband and produce him to the court, and he even warned us that if we tell this to anyone he will kill us. I am 100% sure that this lawyer is the murderer of Shobana. Here, this is his card, you must get him quickly before he flies to Bangkok to party, tomorrow evening,” Vikram said and gave me lawyer’s business card. As I was looking at the car which read Advocate Srikanth Mani, M.A. L.L.B, “You are happy that you got the information, you needed?” he asked. I nodded “yes,” in response. “After you get this guy, your husband will be free and enjoy with him,” he said and playfully tickled my navel, and I giggled. Saying “thanks a lot for you help Vikram,” I held his chin with my right hand and planted a smooch on his lips. Saying “what a lucky husband, he is getting to enjoy a beauty like you forever,” Vikram slid his hand inside my white tops and lifted my bra gently and inserted his both hands inside my bra and cupped by boobs and began squeezing it, and it was driving me crazy. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned as his dick began rubbing my butt. My body was tempting me to just go with the flow and allow him to enjoy my body, but my mind was alarming me to just run of the place as I have already got the information and he is no more needed. With his hands still inside my bra, squeezing my boobs, he made me stand, and kissed my cheek. My knees were weak now, and I could barely stand as my thighs were squeezing my panty making it rub against my clit. Taking his hands off my boobs, he turned me to face him and kissed my neck, and then straightaway went for my navel and gave a kiss there, and all I could do was close my eyes, bite my lips and hold his head right on top of my navel. Without waiting for no time, he put his both hands inside my pink skirt and grabbed my panties and began to pull. “No no no … Vikram now,” I screamed in shock and held his hands over my skirt. Since his grip was strong, he started pulling down it down slowly and I could feel my panties coming down completely off my ass, and coming down from my thighs. I could feel the wet portion of my panties were still sticking to my thighs as it came down till my knees. As my panties came till my knees, I lifted my pink skirt till my knees, pulled my legs out one after the other, pushed his to the ground and began to run leaving my peach color panties in his hand. Before I could take a couple of steps, he quickly grabbed by pink long tops, and to prevent myself from being raped, I quickly removed my pink long skirt pulling it down and ran to my car bottom naked. I quickly closed the car door, started the car and left the place.

To Be Continued…!!

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