Revenge On My Sister | Short Story

Revenge On My Sister


This was going to be a boring weekend. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister was out partying. I was sitting on the couch watching TV on a Friday night. I must have fell asleep because I heard the front door open and I woke up. My twenty-one year old sister, Jen, had gotten home.Me and my sister had always been enemies she always insults me in front of my friend and never miss single chance of degrading me in college. I truly believed I hated her. However, tonight I may be able to finally get my revenge. I had a plan, I waited for her to come home.
“Hey Stupid !” She said to me. Jen then headed back to her bedroom. I heard a loud thud moments later.Sure enough she was lying face down on her bed passed out. This was not the first time this had happened. Jen had a tendency to overdo it now and then, and that’s exactly what I wanted.
I flipped Jen on her back, making sure she wasn’t awoken and started to pull her top off. I threw the tube top on the floor and stared in awe at the huge tits. They were so tempting i grabbed each in a hand and started squeezing and moving them around. I bent over her with a leg on each side, straddling her and began to suck on her tits. Oh it was so good! I licked and nibbled for a little bit and slowly grinded my boner against her jeans. I was careful not to wake her but I wanted to try something more. I positioned her face to look at the ceiling and I poked her a few times to make sure she wasn’t awake. |Revenge Sister short incest story ||
leaned over and pressed my lips to hers, at first I was just lightly giving her pecks but as I got more into it I found my tongue searching for an entrance. My tongue slid into her mouth easily and I began to play with her immobile one as I got more aroused. My dick was already half hard. I started to stroke my seven inches as I observed my sister. She hadn’t made a move. She was barely breathing from the looks of things.I figured I might as well have some fun with her. I began to rub my cock head all over her wet pussy. After a few minutes of that I slid the fat part of my cock across her folds.
I must have gotten carried away because my dick momentarily slid into my sister’s pussy. She still hadn’t made a move yet.I pushed it in and felt her pussy squeeze my cock in, it felt amazing! I started humping her more and more, getting faster each time before I pulled out and lost my load all over her stomach. She reeked of beer and she still hadn’t woken up so I thought what the heck? Maybe I can hold it longer this time.
Sure enough my little buddy was still hard as a rock and I re- entered Jen doing the same thing over again, this time I tried real hard to think about other things than porn or fucking my sister. I was holding on for a little bit longer this time and I took a shot at kissing her again. As my tongue entered her mouth and began to play with hers I felt her tongue move a bit. I was still pumping away at her pussy and for some reason it wasn’t a reason to stop so I ignored it. As my hands grabbed her bouncing tits I noticed something, she was kissing back! Oh my god.

I kept with it though as I was almost there, her tongue swirled around in my mouth and we were swapping spit. Her hips were moving with mine as i got closer and closer. She was moaning in pleasure and this made it even hotter. This new feature of her helping has made my cock go off the charts and I couldn’t pull it out in time, and even if I wanted to I wouldn’t because I realized this is my revenge. I can get her pregnant and nobody will be the wiser, except for her of course. I came into her and my seed exploded all in her, as I pulled out white cum was oozing out of her slit. I removed my mouth from hers and watched for a moment.
Jen was giggling and breathing hard, her eyes were only half open.

“haha oh Kale you always did know how to make a girl feel great!” she continued to laugh and then sat up.
Kale? I couldn’t believe my sister mistaked me for her loser boyfriend.
“Oh.. yeah. Right, thanks.” I said in a deeper voice. trying to go along with this, as she was still drunk.

“Kale let ME show you how to feel good? mmhm?” She whispered seductively and stuttery.

“Wha-?” I didn’t get to finish the word before her mouth was wrapped around my dick and her tongue was working its magic. She sucked hard and deep-throated it before instinct told me to put my hands on her head. I leaned back as the sensation of her wet mouth filled my dick. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and came in her mouth.

I watched as she giggled and swallowed my cum and fell back, passed out again.

Oh my god what just happened? I just fucked my sister and she just sucked my dick thinking I was her boyfriend? I had also just gotten her pregnant probably as I didn’t use a condom. I felt the sick and twisted side of my crack a smile as I got another idea. For some reason whenever I jacked off I felt the need to piss, and this time i didn’t but as my dick went limp the feeling ||rushed into me. I hated her so much I stood above her passed out body and let it all out. I just pissed on her stomach, tits, a little in her mouth and I watched her lick it up and swallow, then I proceeded to piss in her pussy and a tad in her ass hole. Oh sweet revenge. I wiped myself of, proud of myself and put my pajamas back on, leaving her naked on the couch covered in various liquids and reeking of beer and piss. I walked up the stairs and back to my room proud to be a man.

A few months later Jen told my parents she was pregnant with Kale’s baby but he dumped her. To this day she has no idea what happened that night and everytime I see that child I’m going to laugh inside.

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