A Real Experience of Cuckold

A Real Experience of Cuckold

Hi. I am 28, i work. And my gf and i share cuckold fantasies. To be precise she likes to fuck another being but only when she is real comfy with the guy. When we started all this was like an hunt. I msg om fb to her senior whom she had crush, luckily he was replying. And things got to cheesy between them. The guy met her many a times
But the thing between them happened once…


my gf as Neha. Her senior as Pratik, her other freind whom she had sex with would be Somesh.

Story goes back two years from now. Neha and i stay in diffrent places as she was studying her masters she had to live in hostel
First i was very conservative about her speaking to her male freinds on phone, but then we had fights so i changed myself to being frank and open minded. Once while chat neha told me about jamil
Jamil was her classmate a guy who was into modelling (small time) and she was very impressed by his personality. I didnt mind much, i just used to listen what she had to say, once while we were having sex i told hee that i would be acting as jamil and u should take my dick as jamils… she said no ! She wasnt interested much though, but we cuckolds have a habit of persuading. So i kept on asking her and she said yes.. and we had a great sex, while have sex she uaed to say.. aaahh jamil lund dalo apna muslim wala meri chuuuut mey…chodo mujey..aaaahhh.. i enjoyed..

After this thing happend we used to fantasize about other guys too.. and i found many other interesting handsome guys for her on facebook.. but those guys were not smart enough.. i seriously sometimes pity on those guys, i dont understand why do they behave like an idiots.. these two guys neha was interested wasted there chance when one day she told me of pratik. So i found pratik om fb as her friend. I messaged to pratik wishing him with his birthday while his birthday had passed by two months by then. And he was quick to reply ! He replied all that stuff, like my birthday had passed away why r u wishing now… i replied lying to him that i had messaged u on ur birthday itself but dont know why the message reached you now. I don’t know if he accepted that lie which i made. Then chat took place further and i told neha about this.. she was a little surprises and was irritated in a funny way for me doing all this..

I would like to tell you all about the persuasion i did after the jamil incident that i made to neha.. how did i managed to get her consent in all this.. while we used to talk on phone this wud be our talks

Me- Neha u know that we two stay at far away places.. and a girl cannot be happy without sex. So why dont u flirt with this guys i ll help u understanding them.

Neha- no need! I am fine where i am! Dnt need all this.. why do u want ur gf to have sex with other guys..

Me- its not about sex at first ! When u flirt with these guys u can decide if u want to have fun with them… listen neha! I myself find other girls attractive sometimes but u dnt allow me to engage into some other girls but if u do allow me i wud not have to lie to u about myself and my deeds… likewise when i am allowing u to have sex with other guys u will not have to regret about being an adulterer.. and when u share all this with me u wud not have to feel embarassed about taking other guys dick into ur love hole.. and also u have the whole right to select the guys.. u can have sex with the guy whom u find hot and handsome.. look neha u have always told me about the girls in ur hostel and college, how this girls still have boyfreind and the fucl around with other guys for gifts and money. U are not the same girl. U have a good partner like me to fulfil ur needs.. although as we stay far u can enjoy with me
. And about ur safety ! When u meet this guys u and i will decide together if that guys is good enough to take u into his room and give a nice fuck!!

Neha- shhh… shut up.. u r so cheap.. who talks about her gf in this way.. u r so nasty!!!!

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