Raj Losing Virginity To Senior Colleague Monika

Senior Colleague Monika

I think you guys already know about me. I am Raj from Bangalore, working in an IT company (now changed job), 26 yrs, 5.9’, athletic build and quite handsome. This happened between my senior colleague and me recently. I got a good opportunity and changed my job. There new team and new people. Amongst them, there was one beautiful lady by name Monika.


She was very active in her work and everyone used to appreciate her. Since I was new, my manager had assigned me to her so that I get to learn things faster. Though I was equally good to her but wanted to learn about the processes quite faster so that I will be used as a business asset to generate revenue.

Now coming to her description, she is around 5.8” in height and 32 yrs age and has a very healthy body. Got to know that she is married and has a kid of age 5 yrs. Wheaties in color and very seductive eyes. Rosy lips and firm boobs of 36”. Has a pear shaped ass of 38” and waist of 32”. She was a treat to everyone to watch for.

Occasionally she wears a sari, the drape is always perfect. She looks like a woman made for saris with a little amount of flesh exposed. Now coming to encounter, it was almost a 3 months since I joined my new company. I and Monika were pretty close now. She stays in a gated community in Bangalore. She had invited me to her place for some work.

On that day she was working from home and so as I. Her hubby had left for the job and so as the kid. We both started to work on the project from 10 am. The flat that she stayed was at 4th floor. There was a honey bee nest in the balcony of their home and the windows in the next room were open but not near the balcony.

It was hot and very sunny day, few bees started to fly to drink water. They were buzzing around the pots that were kept in the balcony. 3-4 bees entered the room lose to that at the same time Monika got a call from her hubby and went to speak to him in that room. She was busy talking him and four bees sat on her body that she dint observe.

She finished the call and came to the work area in the home. I observed two of the bees were sitting on her left boob and told the same to her in a panic voice. She all of a sudden started jumping due to a bite on the back side exactly at the neck portion and due to which other two bees bit her on her left boob.

And the last one was buzzing around her that went inside her t-shirt and bit her kidney waist, just above her bum. I was trying to control her jumping and asked her to relax. She started crying in pain, in the mean time all the bees stuck were squeezed in the hands to death. I told her I shall remove the sting very soon so that it won’t cause severe pain asked her to show me locations that she was bitten.

She is crying intensely and showing the areas that were bitten. She removed her t-shirt and what a sight it was. Two giant gobbles resting in a transparent bra. Nipples are brownish and pointed. I was awestruck by her view. Now she pointed her finger at three locations, neck n waist and left boob.

We went to her room close to the mirror. I slowly removed her sting in the waist and at the neck. Now I asked whether I have to help her with boob. She told no, she would remove it by herself and asked me to go out. I came out, after 5 mins she called me in and told not able to locate the stings, the boob was slightly swollen, and she is struggling to cover in her hands.

She asked me help. She removed her hands and what I can see is left boob was much bigger than her right and stings were submerged in the swollen regions. One sting had bit on the areola and other on the side breast.

I easily located side breast one and removed it. Now I am struggling to locate areola one, I tried to catch nipple and pull here and there to see the sting and finally found sting. Here comes the real twist, the sting is half Broken, not able to use nails to dig. She is crying continuously due to pain, I put my mouth and swallowed left breast and applied some pressure on the sting region.

Now it looks like it has loosened. And easily came to the nails. I asked for violin pain relief, she directed me ti her cup board and she rested on the bed, with her breast open. My tent was editable and it was saluting the roof. I sprayed some volini and also bought some eyes cubes started massaging her left breast and also in the mean time I used my other hand to relive her pain in neck and waist region.

I was sitting behind and she was facing wall and was getting her boob a nice massage. I asked her whether to call her hubby, she said no. Her cries were subsidized and I slowly took her on my lap, now by using my right hand I was slowly massing her left boob and by using left hand I was massaging neck and waist region. The most awesome feeling is giving a boob massage, that I gave for 30mins.

She stopped crying and now she was quite ok. But her left boob now become like 40-42’ bbw boob complete swollen. right boob is being pushed to the right, u gotta see the cleavage formation. It was formed as if boobs were in bra. We ate something and got back to the work. And thanked me nice massage. And she noticed my tent and smiled at me.

We worked till 4pm by keeping my hard on and without her top cloths. I was unable to concentrate at all. Even she was feeling restlessness and suddenly she kissed me on my lips. I kissed her and went to washroom by kissing each other. And washed her boobs in water. We came out of wash room. The time was 4.15pm.

She told me her son would come from school by 5pm. I asked her till 5pm can I help relive her pain. She told ok and gave me her boob to lick and suck. She sat on the sofa I was pressing her right boob and licking her left boob by holding in other hand. Dint know how time became 5 pm. She put her bra without hooking and wore t shirt.

And she asked me to come tomorrow as she cannot come office tomo in this pain. I told ok and left for the day. The night got over and I was badly waiting to see her boobs again. I went at 9 am only so that I get more time to eat her boobs. But her hubby had not left, she introduced me to him and we spoke for some time.

And he left for the office along with his son to drop him at school on the way to office. As soon as her hubby left, she opened her bra and t shirt and left huge sigh, she told me she dint say this her hubby that bees bitten her. Asked her why, she told he might get doubt that I might have helped in handling boobs. I was smiling and asked her about the pain, she told there is pain.

As soon as she told there is pain I went near and started massaging her boobs. We both went bedroom and massaged her boobs in tongue for an hour. She started to feel my hard on and held my dick in one hand. I opened my shirt and pant and banian and threw away. Also opened her pant and panty and threw away. She opened my boxer and threw away.

She went on berserk and started sucking my dick. I was gyrating my body according her sucking strokes. I was putting my finger from her back into her pussy and was stroking her. Juices were flowing heavily. She took a condom from her cupboard and put on my dick and asked me to fuck.

We went on to missionary position and started giving wild strokes. Forgot to tell you, here pussy was pink in colour and neatly shaven, the lips were popping out just like lips on the face. On that day we fucked 5 times and took bath together. The swelling had come down now. And even the pain.

This is how I lost my virginity to the most beautiful women. Any comments and feedback, kindly share them below in the comments below.

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