Raj Kumar Enjoying Sexy Fun In Bus

Sexy Fun In Bus

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Hi guys, I’m Raj Kumar. I’m 5.6, lean guy, kind of nerdy looking with glasses and curly hair. I had just completed my engineering and started working in a software firm. This sex story is about how much fun it was on a crowded public bus in the city of Chennai.

Two years back, I had just started working here and I was just getting used to the roads and routes etc when once I took an AC bus on a crowded evening. So I was being pushed and all and finally ended up standing being this incredibly curvy looking woman, who was wearing a white color top and leggings. She was also wearing heels, which made her height perfect.

Since it was crowded and I was being pushed from multiple sides, no one suspected as I inched closer towards her. So this bus had this place right behind the first set of seats and just before the second set of doors which the driver has the control to open.

So she was holding on to the rod and standing with a handbag that came down up to her waist. She looked like almost about my complexion, not too fair, but like the south Indian brown. She had a short ponytail, which looked very cute. Her ass looked very inviting. So I went close and stood near her.

The bus driver kept putting on a lot of brakes and each time the bus would stop or start again, there were these jerks. And every time her ass |dtstories.com| would move towards me, I’d move in the opposite direction so that my dick would hit her ass. Oh my, what a feeling it was! My dick was hard even before it started touching her ass. Around the 3rd or 4th time, she felt it I think.

There was one time when my rock hard dick went right between her ass cheeks and then she gave a kind of a jerk, that had nothing to do with the bus movements. She turned back slightly but didn’t do anything to change her angle. So I knew that the game was on and her ass was as inviting as ever.

The leggings were sticking tightly to her legs which made her irresistible. Her height was perfect, her ass placed right at my dick. Then I put my hand beside hers, on the rod, she was holding and got even closer. It was heating up for me because it was a public bus. Then I slowly moved my hand and brushed her waist. She didn’t react and so I went and placed my hand there.

The handbag was the only one that was covering my hand and I used my backpack to cover the other angles that people may see through. And then I moved my hand almost on to her stomach and each time the bus jerks, I would pull her and hump her ass, right in her ass cheeks. That feeling went through the roof and I was getting bolder and bolder with every step.

I moved her hand onto the front side of her stomach and started caressing her slowly at first and then I picked up speed. She would turn back slightly, her eye would meet mine and she would quickly turn the other way. Then as if that was not enough, I started squeezing the flesh out of her stomach and I think I heard a couple of moans escape her mouth.

I tried putting my hand under her top to which she tried taking my hand off. I kind of made her and she ended up resting her arm on mine. Oh man, her bare skin felt so good. I moved my hand around her navel and then stopped at her navel. She tried stopping me again, but I wasn’t gonna listen. I placed a finger inside her navel and she shivered. She arched and now her ass is again on my dick.

The bus lurched again and that time, I humped her so hard, I ended up cumming. Oh man, that had to be the most pleasurable orgasms I’ve ever had. She was breathing heavily too, and I think she felt that I came. Her boobs were bouncing on and on and she breathed. I’m pretty sure she was very wet, but I could never find out.

I was wanted to squeeze her boobs and suck everything out of them, but I think she was scared that people would find out, and even I should have been. But I was having the time of my life. She turned back again and she looked at me. We didn’t talk, but our eyes seemed to communicate!

And then I guess her stop was approaching, I also decided to get down and was walking right behind her, slowly humping her every time the bus lurched. My dick was hard again. I dunno if people saw or if they whispered, I was too aroused to care. It turned out that, it was my stop too and we got down.

I went and asked her for her number, but she declined. She got into a bus and went away. Although I felt bad, I went home and jerked off multiple times to this experience. Although it was a tragedy, I was glad I had my share of fun.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if you were disappointed for not finding sex. But I really wanted to share with you people. Please don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments section below.

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