Naughty schoolgirl

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Naughty schoolgirl


Once again, Holly walked down the school corridor, she was being sent to the headmaster’s office. This time it wasn’t even her fault, one of the other girls had thrown the paper airplane. She always got the blame. She walked past the toilets and decided it would be better to hide out in there. Sneaking in, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Holly was a cute seventeen-year-old girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She had a small nose and pretty mouth, perfect for sucking cock. She checked herself out in the mirror, adjusted her sweater over her pert young breasts and flicked her hair back. “Why is this always happening to me?” she thought. Holly was prone to getting into trouble, she often was sent to the headmaster’s office.

The problem the headmaster had with Holly was that she was a genius, the smartest girl in her class. That is why she played up so much, while everyone was revising; she was already on to the next chapter. Because she was so smart, she was easily bored. A slight case of ADHD didn’t help her much either.

She wasted as much time as she could, then headed back to class. Mrs Payton, her teacher, was not in a good mood. She glared at Holly as she walked back in and resumed teaching. Holly sat down in her place, her friends giggling and jeering at her for being sent out.

As soon as Holly sat down, another paper plane was thrown from just over her right shoulder. Mrs Payton screamed at Holly to get out. Damn, Holly thought, this time it could not be avoided, she would have to go to the headmaster’s office.

Steven David Bulkeley sat behind his desk, he had been headmaster of the school for nearly five years, nearly twenty years teaching in the school before that. He was firm but fair, all the students and teachers liked him. He seemed to know exactly what to do in every situation.

He had made a list of the troublesome children in his school. He had a way to deal with each of them, except one, Holly. Holly was a special case to him, he wanted to inspire her, make her see that it would be in her own interest to behave, so far, it hadn’t worked.

Mr David Bulkeley was a man in his fifties, he had dark hair in an army cut, short on the sides and fuller on top. It suited his military way of holding himself and of projecting an image that made sure everything was in proper order. He had sharp gray eyes and smooth-shaven face.

There was a knock at the door. The door opened and the school secretary’s head popped in the door. “Headmaster, Holly Samuels has been sent to you again.”

Holly walked in past the secretary, smiling cheekily at the headmaster. Mr David Bulkeley looked genuinely upset. She sat in her usual | |spot, a chair in front of his desk and crossed her legs provocatively so that her skirt rode right up revealing her teenage thighs.

He looked at her sternly, “Holly, you can’t keep getting into trouble like this. I may have to do things that I would not like to do.”

She gave him her biggest smile. “Like what, spank me?”

She meant it in jest, but something clicked in Steven’s head, yes, that would be a good idea. All his years in education, he knew the cane worked, many a child hit with a cane had gone on to do great things. Discipline is what she needed, and he was going to give it to her.

“Yes Holly, if you get in trouble one more time you will leave me no choice. I will have to spank you. Don’t think I will go easy on you because I won’t. Now run along and remember what I just said. This is your last chance.”

She got up, not sure what to make of his last statement. On one hand, she had never seen him look so serious or focused, and on the other hand, she wasn’t sure he would not go for it. Really, spanking? That would be interesting. The idea turned her on, she’d never been spanked before.

It was nearly the end of the day so Holly decided it would be better to just go home. All the way home, her mind drifted to Mr David Bulkeley and his words. She was worried, knowing she would inevitably be sent to him again and she didn’t know if she would be able to take the pain of a spanking.

Once home, Holly ran up to her room. She quickly undressed and stood in front of the mirror. She admired herself as she looked at her soft round ass. She had done many squats to get the juicy ass she had. Now she wanted to find out if it could take a spanking.

Standing in front of the mirror, she slapped herself hard on the ass, making herself yelp in shock. It stung slightly and formed a pale rosy print on her asscheek. She liked it. She tried it again. This time it seemed to make her pussy tingle. Wow, was she being turned on by this? She thought so.

She spanked herself a few more times till her hands started to turn red. Laying back on her bed, she spread her legs wide, toying with her clit. The first image that popped into her head was of Mr David Bulkeley. She thrust her fingers deep into her young, tight hole while thinking of Mr David Bulkeley’s fingers probing her and massaging her as he spanked her ass. She could not get the vision of him spanking her out of her mind.

Her fingers made easy work, the thought of Mr David Bulkeley being too much for her. Her orgasm rocked through her body. One thing she knew for sure, she was getting in trouble the next day. She wanted to feel him spank her.


The next morning Holly woke with purpose: to get in trouble as early as possible. She wanted to get Mr David Bulkeley’s attention. She wanted him to spank her, make her ass red as she had done to herself the night before.

She put on her best-looking panties, a white thong. She wanted him to see the string going through the crack of her ass; she wanted to turn him on as much as he turned her on. Her panties were already soaked.

Once in class, Mrs Payton was having none of it. Right away she had set down her rule, saying any disruption of the class would result in being sent to the headmaster. Holly liked the sound of that. She rummaged through her desk and decided flicking chalk would be the way to go. Taking an elastic band, she put it on her thumb and finger, making into a makeshift catapult. She balanced a piece of chalk and pulled back on the elastic band. She watched as the chalk flew passed Mrs Payton’s head landing on the wall next to her. Right away Holly was sent out. Holly almost jumped out of her seat in her rush to get to the headmaster’s office.

She was excited and nervous. She wanted to be punished but wasn’t sure if he would spank as hard as she did to herself the night before.

As she went into his office, he looked at her sternly. “Holly, I did say I would spank you. Come here and bend over my knee.”

Just hearing him say that made Holly’s young pussy gush. She sauntered over to Mr David Bulkeley, trying to make herself look as sexy as possible. She bent over his lap, her hands touching the floor. He lifted her skirt revealing her white thong. His hand slowly slid over her ass, caressing and squeezing her soft butt cheeks. She knew what was going to happen and braced herself.


His hand came down on her ass making her squeal in pain. She felt that surge of pleasure ripple through her pussy.


Again, his hand slapped her bare bottom, this time on the other cheek. Holly’s pussy gushed, making her panties visibly wet. His hand gently caressed her ass and she could feel his hard-on pushing against her belly as she lay over his lap.

“Mr David Bulkeley, are you getting turned on by spanking me? Maybe if I pulled off my panties it would help you.” She giggled.

Without waiting for an answer, Holly stood up and pulled off her panties. She could see her headmaster’s hard-on and decided to lean forward over the desk. She hiked up her skirt, giving him a full view of her anus and pussy.

Steven stood up and slid his hand over her ass; he softly caressed and squeezed it, savouring the soft, smooth skin. He slowly patted her ass before giving it another hard slap.


She squealed, her pussy literally dripping with desire.


It was too much for Holly. Her body started to shake as she had an orgasm. Mr David Bulkeley blushed; he had never seen anything like it in his life. A girl having an orgasm from being spanked . He had never come across something like that before.

“Please Mr David Bulkeley, spank me more. You make me feel so good.”

He blushed. It was already too late, he had crossed the line and there was no going back. He slid his hand over her ass, gently pushing his finger against her anus. She groaned and pushed back, begging him to slip his finger inside her ass. His finger slid in with ease, he pushed it in up to the knuckle. Her groans spurred him on and as he fingered her ass slowly, he spanked her again.


Steven could not help himself. He already had a finger in her ass, and he wanted to feel her pussy. He pushed her further over his desk, he pushed her so her chest was flat on his desk. Her ass was on full display waiting for him. He could not help himself from giving her ass another quick smack.


Holly whimpered, feeling her ass burn from the spanking. She closed her eyes as Mr David Bulkeley’s hands roamed over her ass. She groaned, slowly feeling his hand slip between her legs, gently sliding his fingers over her wet hole. He gently slid two fingers inside her wet hole, making her groan. His fingers slammed into her pussy from behind, as his other hand stimulated her ass.

It didn’t take long to get Holly off; she was already so turned on. Her body shook, and she lifted one leg as if to keep balance. She screamed loudly, her body shaking and almost collapsing. Mr David Bulkeley pulled his fingers out and sat back on his chair, watching the young girl panting and recovering from her second orgasm.

“Holly, pull your panties back on. No doubt I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

Holly picked up her panties and pulled them on; she gave Mr David Bulkeley a peck on the lips before leaving the room.

As Holly went back to class, she could feel how sore her ass was from the spanking. It tingled and stung. She knew she’d have a hard time sitting down. She spent the rest of the class daydreaming, she liked being spanked by Mr David Bulkeley, and imagined what it would be like if he fucked her. She knew he was well endowed, she could feel his hard-on against her belly as she lay on his lap and she wanted to feel him inside her.

She could not believe that Mr David Bulkeley actually fingered her pussy and ass; it made her feel like an adult, like a woman. She wanted him to hold her, touch her, dominate her and spank her. She loved it when his bare hand came into hard contact with her bare butt.


Steven sat on his bed that evening gently stroking his cock, Holly’s image burned into his mind. She was the most beautiful, naughty tease he had ever met. He wanted her badly. He just wanted to bend her over and fuck her brains out, make her scream his name and make her cum on his hard cock.

He jerked off to the image of the young teen, cumming all over his own hand.

He decided right there and then he would have her, but he would have to take precautions or he would lose his job.


Holly awoke the next morning full of anticipation; she couldn’t wait to go to school. She wanted to get into trouble again; Mr David Bulkeley would have to punish her again. He would spank her and finger her. She couldn’t wait.

She got dressed slowly, not bothering to wear any panties. She wanted to give him easy access to her teen pussy and ass. She longed to be touched again. She put on extra makeup, making sure to look as beautiful as possible for him.

Once at school, she tried her best to get in trouble; nothing seemed to be working. Teachers seemed to ignore her and not pay attention to her. Therefore, she decided to make herself get into trouble. At break time, she went to the headmaster’s office. She knocked on his door and when she heard him answer, she went in.

He looked up at her with a stern face and said five words. “Come back at four o’clock.”

She was taken aback; she didn’t expect that. She left the office deflated, she wanted to be touched, and she ached to be touched by him.

She spent the rest of the day in school doing her work. In that aspect his plan worked. She wasn’t disruptive or messing about; she studied hard, trying not to think about the tingle between her legs. She watched as the clock ticked by slowly, making her moan in anticipation for four o’clock.

He had hardly looked at her when she went in. Was he not interested in her since he had already touched her? A thousand questions played on her mind all day. At three-thirty school ended. She still had half an hour before she had to go to his office. She went to the school gym, throwing some basketballs into hoops for twenty minutes.

Finally, it was nearly four and Holly ran towards Mr David Bulkeley’s office. His secretary was not there. She knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. He called her in, telling her to stand in front of the desk. He stood up and walked up behind her.

He rested his hands on her arms and breathed in her scent. She got wet just from his touch, all her worries of the day washed away.

“Holly, I want you to get undressed. I want you to be completely naked for me.”

She quickly stripped, revealing her naked body to him. She wanted him to touch her, spank her and even make love to her. She would not be disappointed.

He stood behind her, his hands wrapping around her, cupping her soft, young breasts. He whispered things in her ear that made her feel so wanted and so horny.

“Holly, I am going to make you my little slave. We will do things together that the world would condemn, but that you will love. First, I am going to spank you again because you have been naughty again. Then I am going to make you suck me off.”

Holly only wanted to please him, her body was his to use and she knew he would use it well. She stood on the spot and could hear Mr David Bulkeley rustle about behind her. She then felt his hand on her bare butt, squeezing and caressing. She knew he was going to spank her good and she could hardly wait.

Mr David Bulkeley took hold of her arms from behind and led her to the wall, he pushed her forward slightly, making her ass jut out. He stood by her side and she could see he was fully naked. She liked how he looked and salivated when she saw how big his cock was.

Steven took young Holly’s hand and placed it on his cock. She complied by slowly stroking him. As she jerked him off slowly, she felt his hand on her ass.


She cried, more from the shock than anything else. She really liked the sting, the sharp short pain. Her ass shook from the power of his hand, making her feel what she so wanted. She loved his power over her and so wanted to feel more.


She closed her eyes, savouring the sharp sting on her butt. She loved that the sharp pain ebbed away, leaving a slight sting on her cheeks. She could feel the heat starting to set in and could feel the blood come to the surface, reddening her butt.


She could feel her ass throb, pulsating where his hand had just spanked her. She still had her hand firmly around his hard cock; she knew it wouldn’t be long before it would be in her mouth.


Her whole body shook; she could feel her pussy throbbing from pleasure. Her pussy tingled like never before; she wanted to cum and knew if he spanked her one more time, she would.

Steven pulled away, his cock pulling away from her hand. He spread her ass and gently slipped a finger deep inside her butthole. He pulled her by her butt making her turn to face him slightly. He could see how wet she was, her pussy glistening for him.

With one hand on her ass, he gently started to pat at her pussy. She squirmed as his pats got slowly harder, till he was spanking her bare pussy. She groaned and screamed as his hand came down hard on her pussy, splashing her juices everywhere.


Her pussy started to spasm as her ass gripped his finger tightly. Another spank and then another, making her body shake uncontrollably. Her orgasm ripped through her body, making her stagger, his finger pulling away from her ass. He stood back, watching her body shake. She almost fell to the floor, but held the wall for support.

As she calmed down, he took one of the chairs and sat down. He watched her young body as he gently stroked his cock. She looked at him and he motioned for her to come closer to him. Without saying a word, she crawled towards him. He lifted her face and gave her a small peck on the lips. He then guided her head down onto his cock, pushing it into her mouth.

It didn’t take much persuasion for her to suck him off, she was falling in love with him. She just wanted to please him and make him feel as good as he made her feel. She sucked hard on his hard cock, feeling his hand on the back of her head. He gently put pressure on her head, forcing his cock further into her mouth. She slowly started to gag as his cock started to slide down her throat. He ignored her gagging, pushing his cock still deeper. Her face was going red and he slowly stood up. His hand still pushed her head on his cock and she could feel it sliding all the way into her throat.

“That’s it, Holly, relax your mouth and breath through your nose.”

She did as she was told, feeling it becoming easier for her to breath. She relaxed her throat; the colour started to come back to her face. She was amazed that she could take all his cock in her mouth as he held her head in place.

Slowly he pulled his cock from her mouth and a saliva string came out with it. He took all the saliva from her mouth, rubbing it over her face. The way he treated her was exciting. She had never felt as loved and as used by anyone before. Steven was her first major sexual experience and she loved being treated as if she was his possession.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth again. This time, relax your mouth and throat. When I cum, I want you to swallow everything I give you.”

Steven grabbed a handful of Holly’s hair, pushing her head back down onto his cock. She willingly took him into her mouth, feeling his cock right away force its way down her throat. She was surprised that she didn’t gag as she felt it slide all the way down her throat. He slowly pulled his cock till it was nearly all the way out her mouth and then shoved it all the way back in fast.

He fucked her mouth roughly, holding her head and pounding her mouth. Her eyes slowly welled up with tears. He held her head tightly against his belly, holding her in place. She could feel his cock throb in her throat and she sucked him as best she could. He pulled his cock halfway out her mouth before pushing it back all the way. He grunted loudly as he shot his load deep into her throat. She could not help but gag on the amount of cum that exploded down her throat, her eyes watering once more.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, the last drops of cum dropping on her outstretched tongue. She sucked the tip of his cock, making sure to get every drop. She looked up at him, seeing a glint in his eyes. She loved that glint; it meant he was happy with her.

Mr David Bulkeley motioned for Holly to get dressed as he slowly got dressed too. Once dressed, he kissed her passionately, his hands groping her young body.

He kissed her again, and with a pat on the butt, he escorted out of the office.

“I’m sure I will see you again. Maybe next time I will fuck you. I can see this is a start of a wonderful relationship.”

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