Hot Sex Encounter With Channel Partner keerthi

This is a story about my sex encounter with company store owner. Her name is Keerthi. As she has been newly opened a new store and needed hand holding for store opened hence I started spending more time and guiding team for getting business. Days are passed and we were in constant touch and we never knew when we started sharing our personal life with each other.


One day she was upset and was not in mood I thought it was due to business not running in track but later on after probing I came to know there is some personal problem which is disturbing her.

It was her boyfriend who every now and then emotionally blackmailing her and asking her to get married and settle down but the point she was thinking about her would be in-laws who are very narrow minded and low profile people. When she shared things with me I suggested her not to marry to that person as she don’t like her would be in law and she cannot ask her boyfriend to leave his parents,

reason behind suggesting her to not to marry with that guy because she don’t have right to part son and mother and she cannot not live in joint family. We started sharing out problems with each other and never knew that we are too close to each other that we cannot live talking with each other.

After so many of years I feeling young and was in love with her, but we never disclosed our feelings with each other as don’t want to lose the friendship. T 20 world cup was going on and we decided to telecast India-Pakistan cricket matches on projector in daman to boost business,

we went to daman and organize the things and at around 2:30 it was done we were relaxing in our respective rooms at around 3:30 I got a call buzz on intercom, it was her asking me to get ready in 10 min as she wants to go to beach and want to do spend some time there.

We both went to beach and were enjoying beach with each other, when we were in beach we were behaving like couple she took my hand and drag me in, water level was till our stomach and we were holding each other hand and splashing water at each other in between that she lost her balance and fell on me and due to that I also lost and fell,

we were in each other arms looking at each other, I wanted to kiss her but something stopped me for few minutes we were looking at each other and then with a laughter we parted. After enjoying for some more time we went to our hotel for the preparation for the match.

It went well and we got a pretty good response. After the match was over we were very tired but were happy that India won hence decided to celebrate the same at our room, we entered into my room and ordered johnny walker.After around 15 min our ordered arrived and she made 2 large pack and we cheered for the Indian team’s victory.

After some time we started discussing our lives and after around 4 pegs when we were high started sharing our feelings with each other.We were in love and it took 4 pegs to share things with each other strange naa.. She was sitting on the chair and went to her and sat on my knees and put my head on her lap for some time, she was roaming her fingers on my hairs,

after some time I sat straight and was looking in her eyes and that’s it. I lose my all control and stood up and pull her up and hug her very tightly and got same response from her, it was like that we both want to melt into each other, our heart beat was running very fast and we both were shivering, it was because of boundaries we broke,

after around 5 – 10 min I took her chin and kiss her on her eyes, cheeks, ear, neck and finally on lips.. Ohhhh what a lovely feeling, after years feelings such things. We suck each other’s tongue for long time, I started roaming my hand on her back from bumps to neck, slowly I shifted my hand on front and explore her thin waist and finally kept my right palm on her left boobs.

Ohhh perfect size and shape,. I push her on bed and was on her and again started kissing her mildly on neck then went down further to her cleavage, she was wearing white shirt and top 2 buttons were already opened,I was so much eager to see her melons that I tear off her shirt and there it was, the perfect size of boobs I ever seen,

I started showering kisses from neck to her belly button, suck her nipple above of bra. I again started my journey from her cleavage to downside, I kissed her belly and waist it was her weak area, she was getting more aroused whenever I was kissing on her waist and on her belly, while kissing on belly I undid her pant and started kissing near her panty lines,

she was now breathing heavy, she took my t-shirt and remove it, I was not wearing anything underneath, as soon as my t-shirt was gone I stood up and remove her pant and mine as well. Now she was in her sky blue color bra and panty and I was on jokey. I again joined her on bed and we were kissing and exploring each other like mad,

I removed her bra and the treasure was in front of me, I started sucking and biting her nipple and pressing other boob very harshly but found that she was enjoying it, suddenly she pushed me and came top of me and sat on my thigh, it was like sex goddess.

Her hairs were messed up and the expression on her face was awesome, she kissed me o lips, then on neck, then on nipple she took one in between her lips and mildly bite it, it took me in heaven, she knows every week point of man, she went down took out my jockey and started kissing my penis and slowly took head, then 1/4, then half and finally almost took full in her mouth,

with her facial expression I found that she was not liking it, swiftly I change my position and now we were in 69 position. I started licking her clitoris and she was mine manhood, we came almost at the same time in each other mouth and collapsed, she ran to bathroom and I followed her and we washed our mouth and sat to have our drink, after 15 min,

I again started playing with her and immediately her nipples got harder, I pulled her and made her sit on my lap and started fondling her, she was very high asked me to complete my peg in one sip, we did it together, now it was time for final thing, I took her to bed and made her sleep in such position that half of her body, i.e., till waist it was in bed and the rest was on floor,

I went in between her legs and put my tool on entrance of vagina and started kissing her till and at the same time pushing my tool deep inside her, she was quite tight, it seems that since many months she was not having sex.

I was not in hurry hence I let her pussy lubricated with her own precum and inch by inch I was pushing my tool in, I made sure that she enjoys every bit of it.. When I was completely in I relaxed my body on top of her and she folded her leg behind me, I started kissing and foundling her boobs, in no time she started moving her buttock asking me to fuck her,

I started moving to and fro motion very mildly and at the same time was kissing her. Biting her nipples, neck, in no time she was very high and want to get fuck deeply, I stood up and hold her waist and started fucking her with full strength.

Then I hold both her boobs and started pressing it hard and pulling her towards me and at the same time I was pushing my thing in.. I was feeling her womb on tips of my penis, after some time she had her orgasm and I was still fucking her like there is no tomorrow, she had her 3 orgasm and her boobs were almost red in color as in between I was slapping on it.

She asked me to lay on be and came on top of me and inserted my penis into her vagina and started moving her ass up and down, I was caressing her boobs, pinching her nipples, with in 5 min she again had her 4th orgasm, I was not near to my climax due to alcohol.

I started ramming her very hardly from down side which took her near to another orgasm which I didn’t allowed, I asked her to be in dogy style as this gives the deeper penetration, I grabbed her ass cheeks and in one shot was in her and started ramming, her, after some time I took her down the bed and bend her and rested her upper body on bed and again inserted my penis from behind,

its my favorite potion to fuck. I don’t know when did I came but when I came it was like volcano,..I was collapse on her and we were sweating like any thing, it was morning 6 am hence we sipped our last peg and went to sleep. Before sleeping I asked her to wake me up in the morning before going to bath as wanted to take bath with her.

At around 10 in morning I was woked by a call from my boss, after reporting I kept mobile on charging and was about to go to bed my attention went to beauty sleeping in bed, her face was glowing and she was looking damn sexy, I drag sofa near her head and sat in front of her and was looking at her innocent face.

She might sense me near her and made a space on bed, I slept on bed facing her and planted kiss on forehead, she took me inside the blanket and hugged me very tightly, temperature of our body were raising and in few minutes v started exploring our private parts. I wanted it to happen in lovely manner.

Hence I parted myself and sat on bed and made her as well to sit beside me and I was about to say something she put her index finger on my lips and said ” don’t say anything except I love you” I repeated her last 3 magical words and started kissing her.

I was so excited that I bit her lips and drop of blood came from her lower lips for which I said sorry and started licking her lips and my hands were busy exploring her body, my left hand was moving her back and right hand was measuring her left blobs.

I made her sleep on the bed and watching her from top to toe her hair are silky and was spread on the bed above her head. Beautiful eyes which were half shut with every breath her boobs were dancing deep naval and thin waist. and lastly partially shaved pussy dripping juice. I was so lost with her beauty.

I put my lips near her naval and was roaming my fingers on partially shaved pussy. After some time she started to move her hips upward as wanted something in her lower lips but I wanted to tease her. I started licking her naval and move downward and reached her pussy.

She put her both hand on my head and forcing me to stick there but I don’t want her to cum so soon so I shifted left side inner thigh and started biting there. She cried in pain again I started licking her pussy and after some time I bite on her right side inner thigh. She shouted at me asked me to lick properly. I was playing with her and she was going crazy.

And started moving her ass upward and I was licking her clitoris. She held my head and was pressing very tightly against her puss and was moving her ass more vigorously. I was paying for my deed. Lol. Finally, she announced with big screamed that she is cumming.. and would appreciate that finally she left me and I was gasping for air.

On the other hand, she was lying still.Controlling her breath. I asked her to return favor to which she denied and ran towards bathroom. I followed her with my erect dick she was sitting on commode I was standing in front of her and my duck new that it’s time for him to get treat. I kept my tool on her mouth.She was not opening it and teasing me by moving her head.

I was going crazy and hold her head by craving her hairs but still she is not opening her mouth. I started smashing it on her face still she kept her mouth shut. With index finger and thumb I squeeze her nipple very harshly which made her screen and as soon as she open her mouth I inserted my duck in her mouth. Now I win with smile she started sucking my cock and testicles.

I was feeling out of the world. and in few minutes.I came in her mouth. She is master in sucking.
We took rest for 15 -20 min and decided to get fresh. She dragged me in the hot shower and started sucking me. Within no time I was ready to fuck. I started tab of the bathtub and interchange the position.

I made her stand and was licking and fingering her. At the same time, she was pressing her boobs. When bathtub started overflowing I sat in and asked her to ride me. She sat and inserted my tool in her pussy and started jumping.Her boobs were dancing.She held my head and poke right nipple on my mouth. Happily, I took and started sucking her nipple.

Beneath I was supporting her to make her jump. Her ass was very soft and smooth. She was murmuring.I love you. Fuck me. I will always want to get fucked by you. Common move your ass and fuck me.Deeper.Ahhh ahh. Love yuùu. Ahhh. I am.Comiinngg. Oh god.What you have made me. In just one night. But truly. Enjoying.

I thanked her for the compliment and reminded her that I am still inside her and yet to be finished. She apologies and asked me on which poisoned you want to finish.I asked her to be in doggy style and kept bath stool in tub between her thigh and switched on the hand shower and gave her and asked to position the shower to hit on her puss.

Now I positioned myself and inserted in her in one shot. Grab her hair and pull towards me. Now she was on her knees holding shower exactly in front of her clitoris and I was fucking her slowly. While fucking I removed bath stool as now it is not making any sense. With other hand, she was taking the support of wall and with pleasure she was asking me from where I am getting new ideas of fucking.

As she is feeling out of the world. She is moving her ass to match my thrust.The pressure started building. and increase my speed and deeper thrust. Our knees were painting but both of us were so highly tucking each other that it was not nattering. In between she came twice and finally I was about to come.

I pulled her more towards me and grab her both boobs and was pressing very harshly. and came in her. I went out and made 2 strong pegs and sat bath tub and drag her between my thighs. After finishing our drink we took bath and came back to our home. Hope you have enjoyed.

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