My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 1

girlfriend and sister Porn Story


My name is Karan, and I am now working in IT company. This story is about my experince when i was in engineering college.

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It was Summer Holidays and i was visiting my grandparents in a small village in UP, after a long time. I used to spend all my summer holidays there, but after my 7th, i could not go there. It was a long gap of 8 years, and I was now a young man of 22. I remembered all the wonderful time I spent there, and all my friends. My grandparents were ecstatic to see me. I touched their feet and hugged them. I was feeling wonderful. After refreshing myself, I went for a walk in the village. As i went to the main market, i realized lot has changed and new shops, electricity and many new things were now available in the market. However the streets were still same. As i walked through the cobbled streets, my eyes met a really beautiful girl. She was wearing Salwar suit, and looked really amazing. I was mesmerized, but i kept my gaze for a short time only as this is a village and almost everyone knows one another. When I looked back at her, I found her looking at me with confusion. I did not know what to do, but I hurried through the market, as i was not sure what she was thinking. I was excited and also a bit scared, for no reason. I started walking towards my home, checking if the girl could still be seen, but i could not find her. After I reached home, I sat with my grandmother and she started telling me all about the village, the recent changes and stories of all the neighbours. It was fascinating for me, and I could see that she really enjoyed sharing all the gossip with me. We have a big house, and the corner most room in the house was my room. MY room had three doors, two of which led into the house and one that led out of the house. After having dinner, i retired to my room and slept.

Next day, my grandmother woke me up at around 6 for morning tea. I was really sleepy, but I knew, she waited an hour to wake me up as we normally had tea at 5 AM in the village. I used to get up with grandmother everyday at 5 AM. I was early riser then, but things changed when i went to college. After tea and breakfast, we three sat together and were talking about my studies and future plan. Someone then rang the bell, my grandmother opened the door and I could hear some voices. I could not make out, who it was but looked like some girl was there. I heard footsteps coming my way, and saw my grandmother walking in with a smile. And here she was behind my grandmother, the same girl i saw yesterday, walking towards my grandfather. She was wearing a blue salwar and white Kurti. She looked really beautiful. She touched his feet and then turned to me and said, Did you not recognize me ? I was confused, and then my grandmother told me, Karan this is your old friend Richa. I could not believe myself, she looked so ugly and fat when she was young. I was surprised, happy and excited. I said ofcourse Dadi, just i could not imagine she looked so thin now, teasing her. Ofcourse i did not say beautiful in front of my grandmother. She replied – ‘You are a liar, you saw me yesterday and did not ever greet me’. I said, Sorry but i could not imagine how you would look when you get thin. She was quick in her reply – ‘You look so ugly but i still recognized you’. I asked her, then why she did not greet me. She was now in a fix and then we all started laughing. My grandmother went to make some coffee and asked us not to fight as we used to when we were young. I could not believe my luck, and i was really excited. We were of same age and shared a long friendship but was limited to summer holidays only as we did not have telephones then or any other way to talk. After some chitchat about what we were doing, I came to know she was now a teacher in some primary school. || She was happy that i was into engineering and congratulated me. My Dadi called Dadu for some help in the kitchen and she asked me, was i really so fat that you did not recognize me. I said not just fat, you were ugly too. She got a little bit angry and said and how about now. I told her with confidence, that now you look so beautiful that i cannot imagine. Her cheeks were red with shame and she smiled at me. Soon my dadu and dadi returned with tea. We had tea and discussed some more things. Finally, my dadu-dadi wanted to take their afternoon nap and asked us to talk in my room. We went to my room and started talking about different things. She asked me if i had a girlfriend and i said no as i did not have any. I liked few in college, but there was no chance for an average guy like me. I asked her if she had any boyfriend and she told me she had but not anymore. I was sad for an instant, it felt like something broke my heart and for no reason. I asked her what happened. She told me that her mother did not like the guy as he was some kind of awara and had no future. I saw some light of hope, but did not know what to do. After some more chats, she had to go, and I led her to the exit door. I got a bit bold and hugged her bye as she was about to leave. The hug was really light, but it sent waves of passion through my body. She was slightly shocked but Ok with my hug, and she hugged me back. I could see the curve of her ass as i hugged her and I could imagine her sexy figure. I was semi erect by the thought of her curves and her intoxicating smell. I was not sure if it was love or lust. She promised to come again tomorrow and take me to her house.


I was eagerly waiting for the day to pass and next day to start. I was imagining so many things in my head, her face, her smile, her figure, her dresses. I was going crazy as if she was not my friend whom i knew, but some beautiful date i went on to.
It was finally night and i woke up early at 5 AM. My grandmother was surprised, but i was feeling different. I had my tea and breakfast and eagerly waited for her. We were all sitting in the living room, when i heard a faint knock. It was coming from my room. I went there and realized it was the exit door. I opened it and here she was. She was wearing another beautiful Salwar suit in green. Her tight kurti revealed little of her figure, and i could sense she was naturally gifted. It seems, her weight loss did not have much effect on her boobs and hips. She was not huge but good for her figure. I smiled at her and hugged her. She was expecting this and did not object. This time i hugged her a little bit tighter. Her Dupatta, was blocking all the view, but the feel of her touch sent electric waves through my body. I was a virgin and this was probably the first time i was hugging a girl who could be a potential lover. The feel of her boobs over her clothes on my chest was intoxicating and i was getting hard. I quickly broke the hug and welcomed her.

After we walked in, she met our grandparents and we decided to go for a walk around the house garden. She asked me, if i really think she is beautiful. I was getting confident, and I held her hand, looked in her eye and told her that i have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life and i was happy that now she had no boyfriend. She smiled, and said, why is that happy for me. I was getting bold in my replied and I told her because now i can see an opening. This made her smile and at the same time, she said, but we are friends arent we. I said yes we are, but are we not also just a boy and a girl ? She was slightly confused but smiled at my reply and then said, let us go to my home. I said ok. We walked in, took permission and walked out of the house. She hired a rickshaw for her home. As we sat together, our legs were touching and I was finding it hard to control my excitement.

As we reached her home, I found that she was alone in the house and no one else was there. She told me her parents were at work and both ran a shop in the village. She also had a little sister who was now 19, but she was in college and unlike Richa was pursuing her career to be something. She would come back in 3-4 hours she told me. We walked in and sat down on the sofa. It was hot and we were sweating. She switched on the fan and took her dupatta out. I could see slight cleavage from the kurti and it was a real nice view for me. She went to get some water and I started looking at the pictures in living room. There were very few pictures of Richa and her sister,but the pics were old. I could not find any recent pic of Richa.

Soon she came back with water, and we started talking again. She told me all about her boyfriend and was really sad when she spoke about him. She really missed him but respected her parents wishes. I asked her if they ever went on a date. She laughed at told me there are no dates in villages, it was all very secretive and they hardly met. She was confiding in me and telling things openly. I asked boldly, how did you guys kiss then. She hit me and said stupid, dont ask such things, but to tell you we never kissed. I was not giving up easily. and i said then this was a bad bf. She got angry and said why. I said, you could only love when you can also feel the other person. She did not agree with me and said her feelings are strong. I told her, if her feelings were strong, she must have felt like kissing him. She was now in a fix and said, Ok baba, i tell you. We kissed once when we got chance. I asked her to elaborate and explain if this was a kiss on cheeks || or smooch. She was getting uneasy and said what you think. I said with a girl like you, no one can resist smooching and so much more. She went red with shyness and hit me hard. She said enough of me and asked if I ever kissed someone. I said i never had a gf so never. She smiled at me and said, dont worry soon you will have a gf too. I said how, are you willing ? She was taken aback and said shut up. This is not what i meant. I knew what she meant, but i wanted to tease her. I asked her, why what is wrong with me. She said nothing, but we are friends. I said so what, we can also be bf and gf. it also involves friendship. My answer made her think for a while and then she stood up, saying she cannot really think about any other relation for now. I said, it is ok, i am just teasing you.

She then walked out of the living room and said she wanted to change as it was hot. She came back in 10 minutes wearing a nightie. I teased her and said, why all girls in village wear salwar suit or nightie and not jeans or something else. She said, she always wanted to, but she could not as this was village. I started teasing her more and said its too old fashioned. With your looks and figure you should wear more modern clothes. I was slightly afraid as i used the word figure. But it was too late. She was also taken aback, but she asked me, how do i know if she has good figure. I said it seems like, as far as i can tell. She then laughed and said that she does not even know what figure means. I said i can tell you, but on one condition. She said whats the condition and i said, once you know you will tell me your figure. She said Ok as she thought it was measurement of height and something like this.

I started explaining that figure has three values for example 36-28-36. The last value is the measurement of your hips. She was slightly shocked but said nothing. The second if of your waist, i said and she nodded in affirmative as this was something she was ok with. Then i said, the first number is measure of your chest, She was shocked and asked what the hell. I said, yes it is true, it is meausure of your chest along the tip of your boobs. I deliberately used the word boobs. She was really red with shame and got slightly angry. She hit me and said, this is all nonsense and this is all bad. I asked her why and she said no one wants to measure all this. I said yes they do and you need yourself to buy clothes like bra and panties. This sent her into shock and she told me to change the subject as this was uneasy for her. I was however persistent and said, i did not tell you one thing yet. She said what, i said that there is also a letter associated with the bust size. She said what letter, i said letters like A, B, C, D and so on which really mean cup size of the boobs. She was now || really embarrassed and asked me to stop explaining. I said, ok ok, but tell me your figure as you promised. She was now confused and angry. She told me she cannot tell me as she does not know these things. I said it is impossible as she must be wearing bra and etc. She said she never buys her undergarments and all was bought by her mother. I told her it is no problem, we can measure it. She was now angry and sad, and said you are really bad. I felt bad for making her discomfortable, and i used this chance to go near her. I looked in her eye and said I am sorry and hugged her very tight this time. She was not ready for my hug but she adjusted and let me hug her. I whispered in her ears that i did not want to make her sad. My body on the other hand responded differently to the hug and I now had a good erection which she may feel anytime soon. I was broke the hug, controlled myself and out of nowhere kissed her on the cheek. She was shocked but smiled back at me. She told me i was really nice. I went near her, held her hand and said will you be my gf. She looked at me, smiled and said she does not know, but she can give it a try. As soon as she said this, i hugged her really tight, pressing my body on hers and whispered in her ear, i can now guess your figure at least.


She broke the hug and said, not so quick Karan, I just said I will give it a try. I was disappointed but also happy as the sign was positive and i was able to determine that she was a really shy girl who did not resist much. I hugged her back and whispered in her ear, – You are too beautiful for me to let go. The way i whispered on her ears, sent a wave of electricity through her body as I could feel her gasp as i was whispering. I then hugged her tight crushing her boobs on my chest. My guess was she must be around 34. I could feel her boobs over her clothes on my chest, I was caressing her back over her clothes and rubbing my neck with hers. I was getting excited and my dick was getting hard each moment. I slowly moved my hands through her spine to the lower back at the joint. I then gently kissed her ears and she led out a sigh giving me indication that she was enjoying it as well. But she was in her senses and wanted to break the hug. She struggled, but i hugged her tight and caressed her lower back. My legs were now touching her legs, and my dick was placed in her crotch area.I was only necking her and not doing anything else. It got her excited for sure as i could see her rubbing her neck with mine as well. I think she also sensed my hard dick and smiled a little. I held her face with my hands, looked her into eye. She looked down in shyness and i bent my face to reach her lips. She wanted to move away, but i held her tight, and tried to smooch her lips. She closed her lips to prevent me from smooching her. I then pushed her back till we hit the sofa and i pushed her down on sofa. the slight jerk was enough to make her open her lips and for me to kiss her lips with my lips. She was struggling trying to avoid kissing me but as my tongue moved in her mouth licking her lips and tongue, she gave in and started smooching me back. It seems she did not know how to smooch and I was not an expert myself. But nonetheless the kiss was passionate, i was sucking her lips and tongue now and my hands now moved to her back. I was now leaning on her and she was sitting on the sofa. I kept smooching her as i turned her on the sofa so i could lie on top of her. I positioned her to lie on the sofa and I moved on top still smooching and sucking her lips and tongue. My legs were on her legs, and my hands were holding her from back. I was so hard that i was about to come. I did not know how excited she was, but it seemed she never smooched anyone like this as she was shivering and gasping and had lot of goosebumps. As i crushed her with my weight, and continued to smooch her, I was also planning to somehow move my hands to her boobs and ass. I moved my hand from back, to her lower back and slowly on her hips. She seemed to mind that but i was smooching her madly. I squeezed one of her ass very hard and that made her move her head and break the kiss. She pushed me aside and sat up on the sofa. She was sweating and so was I. She looked angrily at me and said, this is more than enough Karan. I dont want to do anything else. I went close and asked did she not enjoy our first kiss. She was still angry but deep within she really enjoyed it. She looked at me and said shyly, Not much. I knew she was lying and to make her admit, i leaned again on her. She tried to move away and we started to tussle. Suddenly the bell rang, it was already 5 PM and we did not take notice of time. She got up, adjusted herself, and went to open the door. I heard some voices and soon a girl, slightly younger to us, walked in. It was her sister Rashi. Rashi and i used to fight a lot, as we did not get along very well then. She was fairer in color than her sister. I was fascinated by her looks. She was more stylish than her sister, her make up was much more than her sister. She was wearing heels and very tight kurti and salwar. I could make her figure out. She had around 36 boobs and very round ass. She looked at me with confusion, and then I introduced myself. She was shocked to see me and also happy. She came and hug me straight away. I was slightly taken aback by her boldness. She started talking about her college life, her dreams and how she wants to pursue her career. She was much bold and more confident than Richa. Ofcourse in a way she was much more sexier than Richa and also had a good face, juicy lips and shiny eyes. I was already excited and her looks and hugs kept me excitement going.

Richa went in to get some water and snacks. Rashi then told me, I look so handsome as compared to when i was young. i was happy to hear this. I told her that she looked very beautiful herself. She looked at me and said, just beautiful ? I was enjoying her boldness. I told her she was very sexy and had very nice figure. She smiled at me and said – I know I am awesome. I liked her instantly. I was getting bold with her and asked what is your figure ? She said Cant you tell ? guess ?. Soon Richa waled in with water, tea and snacks. We could not discuss anymore.

Richa was looking shyly at me. I was also looking sheepishly at her. Rashi guessed something but said nothing. We had tea and soon their parents walked in. I met them and finally said good bye to them. I came back to our house. Went to my room and masturbated thinking about my kiss with Richa but replaced her with Rashi in my imagination. I was on cloud nine.

I was attracted by Richa by her beauty, but the raw sexiness of Rashi was making me mad. I was very confused. Next day, I got a call from Rashi to watch a movie after college in nearby town. I would bring Richa from her home and meet directly after college. I was excited about watching movie with both of them. At around 4 I went to meet Richa at her home. I rang the bell and greeted her hello when she opened the door. I checked that no one was at home, and as soon as i got in, I closed the door and hugged her tight. She smiled and hugged me back. I then pushed her to the door and started kissing her on her face, her nose, her eyes, her forehead and then smooched her. She was more free today, but she was resisting my hands moving down on her back to her ass. I was trying to caress her back and excite her so I could reach her ass. I could feel her bra strap and with one swift motion, i was able to undo her bra over her clothes. She was now shocked and wanted to push me away. I took this chance to grab her by both her ass and smooched her deeper. This made me go hard in my penis and i think this was having effect on her too. She managed to free herself for a minute and said, we are late for the movie. I realized, i was there for the movie. I then stopped and said sorry, please get ready. I wanted to see her get ready and asked if i can watch her. She said no and ran away. She came back after 10 minutes. Soon we got a call on her landline from Rashi and she said that the only movie left is Aashiq Banaya Apne. I already knew that the movie is very bad and only one song was worth watching. Because of the bad nature of the movie, as seen in ads, Richa quickly said No to the movie. Rashi however wanted to see and asked if i can come alone. I looked at Richa and then with her confirmation , said yes. I left to meet Rashi at the cinemahall. She was waiting at the gates, wearing a tight kurti and chudidar. She was looking hot as usual. I greeted her and we went inside. The movie was boring and we were not enjoying it and we kept chatting a lot. She seemed more open and advanced than Richa. She told her plan to go the city and do some vocational courses. I encouraged her as that way she can be closer to me. As soon as the song Aashiq banaya apne started, i was hooked to the screen. I was getting excited and she could tell that. She told me not to eat Tanushree datta with my eyes. I smiled and said, what to do she is so sexy that i cannot control. She told me, I am sexier than her. I said how ? She told me, I have better figure and I have better lips. I was surprised and happy to hear the conversation going in this direction. I asked her, what was her figure ? She was a little taken aback but said boldly, its 36-24-36 and It is better than Richa as well. I was a bit surprised to hear Richa’s name. She then added and its 36 C and teased me. I asked her why she is comapring with Richa. SHe told me that everyone in the village always says Richa is so much beautiful and homely, but i think i am better. I told her, Richa is really beautiful and you are sexy. I wanted to keep her jealous as well as praise her. I told her, your figure is so hot that i think i am getting excited. She laughed at me and said you are a liar. It is because of Tanushree datta. We both laughed and started watching the movie again. I then made a bold move and put my hand around her and rested my hand on her arms. She did not mind it, but whispered, its not city so be careful. I nodded and we continued watching movie. We took an auto back home after the movie. We sat real close and i could feel her legs touching mine. I was imagining her figure and looking at her side boobs all the way. When we reached her house, it was dark and since there was no light in the village we had to walk for like 100 meters in the dark. I told her, dont be afraid i am there for you. She teased me, i should be afraid of you as you can take advantage of me. I said, that is true, you excite me with your figure. She said you are a liar as you only liked Tanushree. I then grabbed her by her waist from behind and said, do you need proof. As it was dark, no one can see us. She said, what proof can u give. I then hugged her tight and said, let me fee yuor figure and you will have the proof. She said, i would let you but I think you like Richa more. I said, I like her because i met her before you and then i pulled her closer to me from behind. My penis was between her tight ass. I started touching her from her thighs and she was getting restless. I was feeling her thighs from over her clothes and i moved my hands upwards, circling it back to her ass and then moving forward to her belly. I was only touching her and not pressing her. As my hands neared her boobs, she held my hands and said dont press them. I caressed her boobs over her clothes and this gave me such a hard on that i was about to come. I then whispered in her ears, your proof is ready and took one her hands over to my hard penis. She could feel my hardness in her ass and in her hands now. She gently squeezed it once and i took this as the chance to squeeze one of her boobs. She gasped and then broke my grip. She started walking towards her house. I had an orgasm by now and was standing there so i could look sober when i go in the house. We rang the bell, we were silent now. Richa opened the door and was happy to see us. I looked shyly at her in guilt. We exchanged hellos and then i left for home.

Next day, around same time as everyday, Richa was at the house. I hugged her as she entered the house and we sat in my room. Dadu and Dadi were going for marketing and i decided to stay back with Richa. Richa asked me, how was the movie. I told her it was good and Rashi was really nice. She told me, be careful of Rashi as she is mean. I said why she thinks so. She told me that ,she always finds way to hurt her and she is worried that she maybe trying something here. She told me that she has many male friends and she is not a good girl. I was surprised to hear all this enemity between sisters. I wanted to use it to my advantage. I told Richa that I dont care if he has many friends or not, she was nice to me. Also, she is very sexy i think. This made Richa angry and she stood up, saying then u amke her your girlfriend and started going out. I held from back and in her ears, said she maybe sexy but you are my beauty. I then kissed her cheeks from back. She smiled and I lifter her up in my arms. I said, your sister is sexy and wears tight clothes. I can guess her figure but i cannot find my own gfs figure. She smiled and said, you are really bad. I then put her on my bed and went inside the house to come back with a measuring tape. I said I want to measure you. She said no no, please dont. I said why not, your sister wont mind. The mention of her sister, always made her angry and i noticed that. She stood up and said you are really bad and then she spread her arms to allow me to measure her..

I went near her, and sat down. My face almost on her pussy and i started breathing heavy. She could feel my breath on her pussy area and this was exciting her. I took the tape around her waist and squeezed till it was tight to measure her. I touched her waist and squeezed it a bit. She was 26. Then i moved the tape down to the roundest part of her ass and squeezed both her hips as i adjusted the tape. She was 34 by her waist. She was getting excited by all the touching. I then stood up, pulled the tape around her chest and touched her side boobs for the first time. I was really excited and my hard on was now visible over my shorts. I took her measure and squeezed her boobs ón the pretext. She was 34. I told her, you are really sexy. She was shy and happy to hear this. She said are you happy now. I said you can look at my shorts to see if i am happy or not. She looked down and found my hard on. She said you are really bad and smiled. I took her hand on my penis and said hold it. She said no, but i insisted and she held it shivering in excitement. I pulled her near and said, I now need to measure your cup size. She was shocked and said no. But i was not in the mood to listen today. I shushed her and smooched her. I started smooching her deep and she was still holding my hard penis. As I smooched her, she was getting excited too and started to rub my penis over my clothes. I then got rid of my shorts and now i was in my underwear: this frightended her as well as excited her. She slid her hand in my underwear and touched my penis. I was too excited and i moved my hands to her boobs over her clothes and started pressing them hard. she massaged my balls and was squeezing my dick. I could not control as this was the first time a girl touched my dick. I ejaculated all over her hand and she suddenly broke the kiss. She said, eww Karan, you made me dirty. I said sorry you are too sexy to control. It made her laugh. I gave her tissues. After she cleaned herself, i took off my t shirt and baniyan as well. Now i was only in my undies. She looked at me and said, what now, you are done and what you need more from me. She was happy and sad at the same time as she did not want to do all this so soon with me. I told her, I have to give you something as well. She was too shy and and said no no, i have to go. I grabbed her and pulled her on my bed. I started smooching her again and came on top. I inserted my hands inside her kurti from her waist and moved it up the back. I unhooked her bra and then i undid her kurti chain from back. I started sliding her kurti to the side of her arms to make space to expose her boobs. She was resisting me the whole time, but i kept her pinned down.

I was smooching her deep and wildly. My tongues were massaging her tongues. We were sucking each other madly. I had now made enough space to touch her boobs for the first time. I inserted my fingers and touched her boobs for the first time. She was getting really excited as well and was sucking my tongue. I slid my fingers further in and touched her nipples for the first time. I cupped her boobs and squeezed them hard. She was in pain but I was enjoying every moment of it. She could feel my penis getting hard again on her crotch area. I removed her kurti exposing her boobs and was cupping both the boobs now. I then broke the smooch and looked at the most amazing boobs I have ever seen. Her pink nipples, tight boobs and round size gave me a big hard on. i bent down and took one of her boobs and started sucking it very hard. I was biting one boob and sucking and squeezing the other one very hard. I was sucking and squeezing her boobs and she was getting really wet as she was now grinding her pussy on my penis. I used my hand to open her salwar and slide it down. I then got up and removed her salwar. She was feeling real shy and was not looking at me. I then made her sit and removed her kurti and her bra. She was now only in her panties. I asked her to look at me and i removed my underwear. She saw my penis for the first time and it was rock hard. I started sucking her boobs again and made her sit on my laps wrapping her legs around me. My penis was rock hard and she was grinding her pussy on it. She was really wet and almost leaking. As i sucked her boobs and played with her nipples, i could sense her getting an orgasm. She led out a loud moan and collapsed on me. I then made her lie on the bed and started to remove her panties. She looked at me and said, dont have sex with me please. I wanted to respect her wish, and I told her , i just want to see her nude. I took her pants out and looked at her pink clean shaven pussy. It was glistening wet and made me even harder. I so wanted to fuck her and fuck her so hard. However I did not want to do it without her consent. I lied on top of her and started to kiss her again. I started moving down from her boobs to navel. She was not sure waht i was going to do. I licked her navel and started touching her pussy. She was really wet and gave a moan as i touched her. My fingers were touching her from top and massaging her clit. I was licking her skin around navel and slowly moving down. She was trying to hold me from going down. I moved down on her and with one swift motion, started liking her pussy. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She was now moaning loudly and came for the second time. I could feel her juices on my tongue and i was licking her from inside. She pulled me up and said enough, i cannot take it any more. Please calm down. I said, i am too hard to calm down. She said, let me then rub your penis. I said no, do something like I did. She said eww, she cannot take my penis and lick it. I said try it. She was very reluctant, but it was better than sex for her. She went down on me, started licking my penis. I was guiding her as she was doing this for the first time. I told her to lick it from base to the top and then take the whole thing inside her mouth She was licking it and taking it all in her mouth and then licking again. I asked her to massage my balls as she did that. She was doing it really well and i was about to explode. I asked her to swirl her tongue around the head of my penis and suck the head and lick it more. I then asked her to try to take all my penis in her mouth. She was trying to do that, but was not able to. I held her head and pushed my penis deep in her throat and with one strong burst, ejaculated deep inside her throat. She started to gag, and i pulled my penis out a bit so she can relax. Her mouth was full of my cum and she had a disgusting look on her face. But she continued to suck me till i was all out. I had the best orgasm in my life. She then ran to the toilet and cleaned herself up. I was almost sleepy due to this intense session. We held each other for a while after she came back and then she left for home. I slept and woke up only after my grandparents came back.
I was very satisfied with my achievements so far, however i was not sure how could i date Rashi. I always thought that Rashi would allow me to fuck her if we got a chance. I was planning my moves for coming days but I was not sure what to do. Next day, I got a call from my parents in the city and i was asked to come back as my sister was hospitalized. I went back and shared my number with Richa and Rashi. I could not meet them, and i was sad.

I could not return to the village as soon my college opened. We were in constant touch and one day after and year Rashi told me she is going to Delhi for some courses. I urged Richa to do same, but she was not able to go as she wanted to help her parents. My college was also finishing and, i got a job.I asked my company to place me in Delhi. The day i landed in Delhi, i called up Rashi and set up a meeting. We met in a cafe, as she was living with some relatives then. I was shocked to see her, she was in tight jeans, a tight top and sun glasses. It seems, Delhi had her effect on her. She was enjoying all the modernity she had access to and all the male attention she was getting. Her tight ass and visible cleavage was a great sign for me. I was remembering our brief encounter and I really wanted to fuck her now. She was happy to see me, i guess, and started telling me about her courses and about her 5 new make friends. It seemed she was dating them or wanted me to feel that she is capable of getting anyone. She asked me about Richa and i told her that we are doing well. She then started telling me that all boys she is friends with are really handsome and they all respect her and follow her around. She wanted me to feel jealous, but the real fact was none of them was her real friend. Our meeting was short but i realized she wanted to make me feel bad about myself. I was living far from her place and she used to call me everyday. I was not sure what she wanted, but i was often called to help her with shopping and all other activities. I was enjoying my time with her, but i could not pursue it further as we had no place to go to. I used to hold her hand at times and hug her. Her cleavage show at times was making me mad. I was not sure what to do.

However one day we had a huge fight due to her comments on Richa and also due to her bad attitude. She was day by day getting nastier with me. I decided, it was enough and stopped talking to her. Ofcourse deep within, i was sad that i could not really fuck her. Richa knew about our fight and used to tell me that i should not worry and leave her on her own. I was constantly talking to Richa and making her agree to come to Delhi. My efforts finally paid off and she decided to study in Delhi as well. Her family was also happy that she will study more. Richa called me and said that she was also coming next month and Rashi has found a place to rent for them to stay together. However Rashi needed help and asked Richa to request me to meet her. Richa told me to forgive her and go to meet her. I was not willing at first but then was also excited at this new development. It was Saturday and I went to meet Rashi in her new apartment. The apartment was empty and nothing was set up. We did not even have place to sit. Rashi looked at me, and smiled and said how are you. I told her I am fine and after an awkward greeting we started to set the apartment. It took us all day but we could not finish the set up. We did manage to set one bed in one of the rooms but i was not sure what to do. I decided to return back to my house, but it ws too late. Rashi asked me to stay and said are you still angry with me. I said ofcourse not, I just think there is no bed for me. She said, i wont eat you, this bed is not double, but wide enough. I agreed to stay, but we decided not to tell this to Richa as it maybe odd for her. I was too tried as i did lot of heavy lifting. I had nothing to wear, so i decided to wrap a towel around me and took off my shirt and jeans. We laid side by side and Rashi was talking to me about her and that i was her only real friend and she was sorry for what she did. She turned to look at me, but i was too tired and i was only nodding. She said you look very tired, let me give you some massage. I did not know what to say, but i was happy deep inside.


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