My Friend Girlfriend in bed with me

My Friend Girlfriend in bed with me



Hi, I am Vicky (20) currently in an college pursuing my degree. I have a friend raghu, we both are friends since school days. Apart from other friends we both share a good bond between us.

Our lives were great since a woman crossed in our life in the form of raghu’s girlfriend. Her name is priya (19), cute face,seductive lips,flat belly, Proud boobs.. basically a good shaped modern girl.

She was my primary target since i saw her but my bad luck she became my friend’s girlfriend.

I was getting aroused whenever I saw them two together. She has to be my property but he chased her first. As ordinary lovers they roam around the city most of the weekends. Sometimes I also accompany them.

One day raghu compelled me to join them both for a movie where Priya insisted on watching. Even though I rejected it first he again compelled me to join them. The reason he want to join me is this: I will be a cover for them when they do nasty things near me on the theater.

As the movie released two days ago there was no seat numbers listed. It was on first come first serve system. When we entered inside the theater, it was almost full. At last we found a seat of two and one seat behind them. So I insisted raghu to sit with Priya on the two seat and I’ll join them on the seat behind. But as his plan to make me as their cover he talked to the Person sitting next to the two seat and made him sit on the back seat and he told me sit on the first one of the three seat. As thinking raghu will be sitting near me I sat on the seat he said but shockingly it was Priya who sat next to me followed by raghu at last.

“Oh my god. How can I control me when my darling babe was sitting next to me in a dark room” I thought myself. While my fear was developing the movie started and everyone including myself was involved in it.

After 30 minutes, a hand on my shoulder disturbed me on watching the movie. It was none other than my friend raghu’s hand rubbing the shoulders of Priya nicely. Now I lost the interest on watching the movie and started watching what are they up to. The light from the screen helped me on finding this.

As the things are more intense now I saw raghu’s hand holding priya’s hands and Priya saw me noticing them told raghu about me and he replied “ he is not a problem darling” and that gave me more confidence to look them. As time moved on, the hands that worked on her palm started rubbing her boobs now but on a slow motion.

I was having mixed feelings now. It has to be my hands that should rub her boobs but it was good to see a girl like Priya’s boobs being rubbed. And yeah my little boy between my thighs started to grow and standing still on 90°.

I can hear some small moaning sound from her as raghu started pressing one full half of her boobs in his hand and massaging it passionately. As a positive response for his touch, Priya slanded her head on his shoulders and given him more courage.

With listening her moaning and her positive signal, after 10 minutes raghu took one of her hands and placed it on the tend appeared between his legs and guided her to massage it. But I hope this should be her first time, so she removed her hands suddenly.

I was happy on seeing it but that bastard raghu said something on her ears and again placed her hands on his tend and this time he bolded her hand there and teached her how to rub it which was resumed by Priya herself later on.

For me, the scene was like she is rubbing my dick with her hands and with that thought I started rubbing my penis above my pant and watched Priya’s hands which got his penis completely on her hand above his jeans and massaging it up and down.

Raghu was in heavens now. His one hand was enjoying her boobs and receiving a beautiful massage from her while his other hand which was now on priya’s hips and pressing and holding them. As the scene was pretty intense and awesome now, I saw Priya who started to move her body rhythmically and her moaning increased too. As I searched for the reason behind that, I saw raghu’s hand which had her hips was now inside her t-shirt moving around her tummy area.

Now my complete concentration was on his hands inside her t-shirt, I saw his hands disappear inside her jeans following into her private parts. This bold movement of raghu made Priya back to sense and stopped his hands moving inside her pants and signaled him no. He tried many times to restrict her but no was the answer from her mouth.

I thought things have come to an end now, but that bastard raghu opened his pant zip and guided my darling priya’s hands inside his underwear. Again I saw no from her many times, but raghu didn’t seemed to be okay with it. So priya started holding his penis directly and started massaging it to and fro.

Poor my penis, I can’t masturbate in front of them at the same time I don’t find another way to settle my penis too. Suddenly after 15 minutes of her direct interaction with his penis, he took off her hands from his pant and he removed his hands from her boobs too. So I acted like I am watching the movie now without paying attention to them. ( My heart is beating heavily to know about the result of her masturbation) I was disturbed by raghu now and he told me that they both are going for washroom now. That words made my heart heavy and what can I do for that? So I just nodded my head and they disappeared outside the theater.

It was 20 minutes they left and no sight of them. I was heavily disturbed and my B.P was on its extreme now.

After 30 minutes Priya came back alone and sat the seat next to me. She was murmuring something that i can’t hear. Once she sat on the seat she massaged her thighs for sometimes and spitting below her chair. As thinking this would be a better time to start a conversation i asked, “Is everything ok Priya? Where is raghu?” but she kept her silence and continued her spitting.

I continued asking her about the problem and at last with anger she said “Nothing is wrong Vicky, I am fine and started her murmuring again. Please be quiet.” As she started talking, i can hear her murmuring a bit loud now. “It’s my bad i came with him to film. How dare of him to put it inside my mouth? Shit!!!”

Now i can assume what happened to them, “As Priya didn’t shown objection to the touching part, raghu got quite confidence, took her to the toilet and should have tried to fuck her. As she didn’t allow for that he should have made her suck his dick. Since it was a new feeling for her, she is blaming him.”

“hmm……… If i was the one who took her virginity, no one can change it” i thought myself and waited for Raghu’s return. As he returned after a minute i asked him “Hey raghu, what happened out? Why was she so angry now? (like i don’t know anything.)” and he replied “Nothing dude, while returning from washroom i bought her a lollipop and she refused to eat it. So i compelled her and let her eat it completely. That’s why she’s angry now.”

“That’s like a giant lollipop Vicky and he forced me to eat it” Priya said shyly.
“Hey it’s just a lollipop. It’s not a big issue to eat a giant lollipop these days” i replied and with the look Priya gave me for that confirmed that she understood what i meant.

Priya kept spitting in theatre for some more time. So to tease her more i told Raghu “Hey Raghu, i think you should have compelled her more and the lollipop should have touched her throat. (Mentioning throat fucking)” suddenly from nowhere Priya threw her hand towards me to hit me. So as a defensive move i blocked it with my hand and it accidently (Believe me it’s an accident) i grabbed her left boobs for some seconds (Wow! What a bubbly boobs she have. Smooth like cotton.)

Priya suddenly changed her attitude and focussed on movie with a bitter face towards me. Raghu didn’t saw me touched her boobs. So i was afraid that did she tell him about that? And i also continued watching the movie without concentrating Priya.

I was getting tensed every second Priya is thinking to take a decision. I was like getting a heart attack now. I saw her face being red on anger and taking a big decision. After 10 minutes of thinking she finally decided to tell him about that and called him.

Raghu also looked at Priya to hear her words. When Priya started to talk suddenly his phone bell ranged and raghu while looking on the caller name stood up and moved outside to attend the call. Once he moved outside Priya slowly looked me with a failure face and I was like nothing happened.

“What Priya? What happened?” I asked

“Scoundrel, I know you done it intentionally and now keeping your face like nothing happened won’t make you innocent. Wait till raghu arrives and I will complain him” she replied.

“No Priya. It was just an accident. I am sorry for that. Please leave it. Don’t tell him and make a scene on it”

“Accident!! No it’s a planned move. I think you planned it for many days and implemented today. Whatever it is, I’m gonna tell him when he’s back.”

“Ok. Tell him. He won’t take it seriously. Moreover he’s my friend before you came and he knows me. But if you wanna tell him, tell him” I said.

Raghu came in some minutes later and told me,

“Vicky, my aunty is admitted in hospital due to a heart attack and I have to go immediately. You drop Priya on her home once the movie ends. Ok”

“What? Wait I’m also coming. We both can go after dropping Priya.”

“Not necessary Vicky. There will be many relatives there in hospital. Too much crowd is bad. You drop her home and go” by saying that he gave me his car keys.

“Please darling adjust a little. Bye” he told Priya and left the theatre.

Once raghu started moving, Priya looked me angrily and concentrated on movie which I also did for sometime. After 30 minutes I think, my concentration again shifted to Priya. I can’t control my urges anymore and I boldly made a move.

With all my brave I moved my hands towards her boobs. But “What if she screams or leave the theatre?” I thought. So I moved my hands little down to her hips. I can sense my shivering hands moving bit by bit towards her hips.

As I was waited for the physical contact, her hips was in my hands now and I gave her a firm grip on it and pinched it very gravely with a lot of lust. Priya on the other side slowly closed her eyes for a minute enjoying it and suddenly looked me angrily. “Don’t wait Vicky” I thought and told her

“I also have an lollipop, do you wanna suck it?”

My question increased her angry quite more and “Thap……” a hard slap gotten on my face by Priya. Without wasting anymore time, Priya left the theatre and moved outside where I also followed her. She walked very fastly, but I was just walking through her now.

“Oh my god. My darling Priya was crying because of my words” I blamed myself.

Priya moved outside and reached the roads in no time.

“Lets go via car” I said. For that she suddenly shifted her head the opposite direction and got into the car and I started to drive it. There were no words coming out of us now.

It been nearly half an hour we talked and I said “Sorry Priya. I was overwhelmed. I never should have asked you that. Sorry”

“Raghu thought you like a brother and without thinking that how can you lay hands on his girlfriend. Don’t you have any morals” she shouted.

“Just think Priya. Without thinking about me, he put his hands on your body near me. How can I control when a girl like you being touched bear me? Also the toilet scenes made me even more hornier. That was the reason priya. I am so sorry.”

After that she never talked to me a word and when we reached her home too she walked into it without even saying bye. I then moved to raghu’s home. I left his car there and moved to my home.

I was very much afraid now. What if she tells this to raghu. That will be the beginning of the end of our friendship. But what happened is happened and how can I change it? I was confused at that time, Then I got an idea.

I thought about calling Priya and ask sorry one more time. But what if she was already slept? It’s 10.30 pm now. So I send an message to Priya that I was really sorry for what happened and waited for reply.

It’s been 30 minutes from my message being delivered and no reply now. I thought she was very angry or she may have slept. So I started preparing my bed for sleeping too. Suddenly my phone bell ranged. It’s an message send by Priya……

T Be Cont……

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