Enjoying First Time Sex Farewell Day

Jiggu Enjoying First Time Sex With Vijji On Farewell Day



This is Jiggu. Please forgive me if there are any grammatical mistakes in the story. Let us begin the sex story. We are about to finish our B.Tech college days, a farewell party was arranged by our juniors at a 3-star hotel which is around 25 km far from our college premises. I never spoke to any girl in my whole B.tech. But, I spoke with everyone that day. I felt very good.

Our farewell party started at 6’O clock in the evening. Every girl was beautifully dressed and looking gorgeous. I kept seeing every beautiful girl. The party ended at 1’O clock midnight and went very well. We all had a lot of photographs together. Many of my friends (boys) were drunk.So, accidentally I got the responsibility to drop one of my classmates Vijji.

She is very fair, gorgeous and wearing a half sari. Her figure is 34-28-36(I guess). I took the bike (CBR 150) and started from hotel to college hostel. I felt horny because her breasts were in contact with my back while I was driving. Suddenly, there was heavy traffic, So we waited for 30 min. and I suggested her to take a room in that hotel itself were already some of my classmates stayed.

She accepted and I booked a room for her. She asked me to stay with her for some time till her friend arrives. I accepted and went with her. As I am new to girls, I was feeling very shy. She finally broke the ice and started a conversation with me about girls, girlfriends etc. We had a very long conversation for about an hour. She was removing her ornaments.

For removing her necklace, she asked my help. I tried with my hands but failed to open the link of the necklace. I asked her to keep it like that, we’ll see tomorrow. But, she insisted me to try with my mouth. I bit her unknowingly. Her expression was changed. Again, this time, I bit her wantedly and her breath was changed.

I felt like I was doing something wrong and said her, ” Vijji, I’m leaving, Bye. See you tomorrow”. But she said, ” Harry, Please stay with me. I am afraid to stay alone, No issues anyway I am not getting sleep now. We can chat”. I agreed and stayed back. She got a call from her friend saying that she can’t come to the hotel.

During our funny conversations, she asked me whether I’m a virgin or not. I’m shocked and said yes. She said, “How sweet! You’re a gem of all”. Later she touched me several times. Suddenly, I kissed her shoulder. She said stop it. But, I pressed her navel very hard. That was such a soft and smooth. I felt like played with honey.

Her breath was changed and I kissed on her right ear and tightly hugged her from the back. She said “leave me..This is not fair”. I said,” sorry, this happened unknowingly. Anyway, I am leaving this place bye”. Then she came and suddenly kissed on my lips. That was my first kiss. I felt heavenly.

She started eating my lips and licking my mouth. I did the same. We had a kissing session for around 15-20 min. I removed her dupatta or whatever we call. And saw her cleavage and navel. Such a hot. I cannot resist after seeing her like that. I started kissing her whole face, ears, neck. Then after started tasting her cleavage and navel.

Meanwhile, I put my hands inside her bottom and started pressing her smooth ass. It was very smooth like a teddy bear. Then lifted her and locked her lips with mine. We both sat on a chair and I removed her blouse. Her armpit and hands were soo smooth and sexy. I started pressing and licking them. I kissed her back very hard. I made her back wet with my saliva.

I took her to the bed and started kissing her navel and around. She started moaning “mmm.. aah aah… aaaaah.. kiss me lick me, baby, please”. Then I took a Dairy Milk silk from her handbag and it was completely melted already. I applied chocolate to her stomach, deep navel, cleavage, and lips. I ate like an ice cream. I felt very heavenly.

I undressed her bottom and she is wearing a black color underwear. I started licking her legs, pressing her thighs and hips very gently and passionately. I applied chocolate on her inner thighs and licked them. She asked me to go inside and taste her pussy. I opened her underwear and astonished to see her pink shaved pussy.

I started kissing her pussy like lip lock. She was enjoying and said to eat her pussy. I applied chocolate again and ate it well..very clean. She instructed me about how to finger pussy and did very well. She said that she can even die for such a sensual fuck. I, then went on her back and removed her bra hooks with my mouth. She moaned sweetly mmm…

Then I turned her to my side and started my play. She has got very beautiful melons with hard nipples. she is really flawless. I bit her nipples and licked her |dtstories.com | boobs. She said to eat chocolate on her boobs. That was very smooth just as honey. I spent around 30 min on her boobs. She started moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her really hard.

I took off my dress and we both hugged very tight and kissed each other again. I inserted by penis into her pussy. She started crying a bit but said to insert very hard. I dipped my dick completely into her pussy and started riding. She said stop and she started to lick my dick. That was an unexplainable experience.

We started fucking in cowgirl position. She is moaning very sweetly. I hugged her and kissed while fucking and kept her boobs in my mouth. I was about to cum. I said her I’m gonna cum. She then stopped and started blowjob again. I cummed in her mouth.

We both slept together in the same blanket hugging each other very tight. She said ” This is my first sex..this was very awesome. I can even die for this kind of sensual fucking.. your partner is very lucky” and kissed on my lips.

I got mood again, we started sex in doggy style and then 69. I tried tittyfuck and she asked me to fuck her on the chair. I did that. When I was about to cum.. she insisted me to cum on her tits. Also, she put her boob in contact with my dick and she did a hand job. There is no gap between her tits and my penis head. Cum directly released on her boobs.

Then we had a shower together. I applied shampoo to her body for bathing. She moaned, I fingered her pussy…very fast like a vibrator and she squirted. After the shower, I kissed her whole body and dressed her with my teeth. It was a very beautiful experience. She then did the same.

We hugged each other and left the hotel room. While going on the bike she hugged me very tight. As it was the last day, I have not got any other chance to have a sex like that. But that day will remain as a sexy memory for both of us forever. We are now having casual conversations in WhatsApp.

I am waiting to meet her again. Hope she also get a job in Hyderabad, then we will have a lot of sensual fucking every day. Hope you guys like my sex story. Forgive me if there are any mistakes. Please feel free to add your feedback in the comments below.

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