Arya Enjoying Cheating Sex With Aunty

Enjoying Cheating Sex With Aunty


Hi, my name is Arya. I lived in Mumbai in PG with my friend when this incident happened. My friend was in different college. He had his exams so his mother came to take care of him. This was my first sex encounter with an elder lady. His mother was around 38 years old. She was fair and had nice pair of breasts. She had a figure of 36-30-38. Her ass and her boobs were best part of her body.

We had a single bathroom so we used to share it. I used to imagine how she would be bathing and masturbated thinking about her. The door of bathroom was in front of me I didn’t close the door of my room which I obviously did not to see her coming out of bathroom. Once, I sniffed her panties and bra when she forgot to put outside to dry. She wore a lacy bra.

She used to wear suits mostly without sleeves. I used to focus on her clear underarms and badly wanted to lick them.. She did not put a dupatta when she was at home. Many times I saw her cleavage. I used to get a hard on. We used to talk on different matters and she also gave me homemade cookies to eat. I wanted to fuck her badly. She did not have any idea what I used to feel about her.

Now coming on to that day when things happened. It was my friend’s last exam. The exam center was a bit far so he used to leave one hour early so he doesn’t get late and come after chatting with his friends. After the last exam he was changing his pg so aunty was packing up. I was helping her. There was a bag on top of the almirah and we had to take it down.

So, I climbed on a chair and she was holding that up. I could see her cleavage from top and was getting a hard on. I was wearing a pajama so she saw that and smiled looking at it. I felt shy. Then we had to roll the beddings and it was not easy to do it alone. So, she held it from one end and I rolled it from the other end. This time I got a more clear view of her boobs.

Her boobs were milky white and quite marvelous. I came near her while rolling the bed and could not control myself and kissed her on lips. It was just a touch of my lips on hers. I said sorry. She got angry and said I should not have done that. I asked her sorry again and said I could not control myself as she was looking really beautiful, at which she smiled.

I again kissed her forcefully. I thought she would respond this time but she threw me and turned her back towards me. She asked, “Why are you doing this?” I said, “Because you are too beautiful to be loved.” She turned face towards me.

I got that as a signal and hugged her and said I want to love you more and without wasting any time I kissed her on neck and put my hands on her navel over her clothes. She said, “You are my son’s friend.” I said, “So what? I won’t tell him about this. “, and kissed her on lips. This time she was also responding to my kiss. We were kissing each other madly.

I was getting her sweet smell. Her lips were really soft. I could not believe I was smooching her. This became a really wet kiss. Our tongues were just slurping each other. My dick was full tight by then and it was touching her private area. I could feel her large boobs over my chest. She was such a good kisser. Her experience as a matured woman was really showing up.

After kissing her she opened her eyes. I started kissing her sexy neck. She moaned. I made her neck wet with my saliva, and was kissing her ferociously. She was moaning badly with my every touch on her neck. I untied her hairs. She was looking really sexy with her cleavage and open hairs. Her boobs were bouncing with her breathe. I turned her back again.

I then put aside her hairs and opened her chain of kurti. Then I kissed on her back. She was getting hornier. She turned and opened my t shirt and started kissing my chest. She sucked on my nipples. I was getting mad when she rolled her tongue on my nipples. I pulled her kurti down and pulled her hands up. I then kissed and licked her underarms. She had clean underarms.

She used veet as I had seen empty sachet in the bathroom. Then I took her to my room, since her bed was already folded. I came over her and started kissing her cleavage. I opened her bra hooks. And she was topless in front of me. She was feeling shy and hiding her boobs. I hold her hands and got a clear view of her delicious melons. I started sucking her boobs.

She was moaning, “aaahhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhh….. Arya suck them…” I was feeling hornier listening to her noise. I came to her navel and put my tongue inside her navel. I made it wet and started rolling fingers around it. She was biting her lips and hushing. I opened her salwar. She lowered my pajama. I sniffed her panty. I started fingering it.

She was getting crazier. By now her panty was drench wet. I touched my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it on her pussy. She was getting crazy on this and was pulling my body towards her. My chest was pressing her boobs. Then I pulled her panty down. It was clean and had just little hairs around the pink spot.

I kissed her pussy and started licking it. She again moaned. I then kissed her on lips rigorously. We were kissing and our hands were on each other’s private area. I was fingering her pussy and she was giving me a handjob. We then came in 69 position and she gave me a blowjob. She was really good in giving blowjob.

I was taking full-time since it was still 1 hour for the exam to end. We were both naked in each other’s arms. She said, “fuck me Arya now….” I came on her and slightly pushed my dick inside her pussy. I have an average dick size of 5’5” and she was wet. It did not take much time to get my full dick inside her pussy. I was thrusting her in missionary position.

Her boobs were crushing against my chest. With every push, her boobs were bouncing up. After 5 minutes of thrusting, we shifted position. I came behind her and pushed my dick inside her pussy. I was now fondling her boobs from back and fucking her. After 10 minutes, we shivered, she held me tightly, I put my lips on hers, and I came inside her. We then kissed each other.

And she took my promise to not to tell anyone about this. We wore our clothes. Then, we slept for some time until my friend come. This was my first and only experience with any elder woman till date.

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