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Hello Friends, first of all, I would like to thank all the ladies and aunties who have read my earlier story and given me an immense pleasure and response which led me to submit my another story. So sit back and be ready for another real-life encounter I had with Nisha (name changed for privacy reasons).

For those who are reading my story for the first time I wanted to tell you briefly about me. I am Alok Saxena, 28 years of age and currently working with a reputed company and residing in Delhi. I have an athletic build and my height is 5’7 inch and my dick size is 7’5 inches.


Nisha came with her husband to live in the house just above ours. She was educated but she don’t work as her husband doesn’t like her working. So she was managing the house and she doesn’t have lot of work so after completing her household chores she come to our house to meet my mother.

My mother and Nisha become a very good friend.I used to call Nisha as bhabhi most of the time. Sorry guys forget to tell you about her. So she is 30 years old and she doesn’t have any kid and her figure is to die for she is 32b-26-32. She has maintained herself after her marriage of 3 years. When anyone see her for the first time nobody can tell that she is married girl.

She mostly wear knee length nighty, tight fitted low waist jeans top and several other western wear. She also wear Patiala suits also with cut sleeves and backless kurti. She used to come to our house whenever she gets time and in little time she became a very good family friend of ours. Nisha use to go for morning walk in her tight leggings and t-shirts.

I have a crush on her from the day I seen her in her morning attire. So I always tried to see her in those clothes and go outside and wait for her to return. When see return from her morning jogging in all her sweat around breast & her armpits.

This incident happened with me when my mother had to travel to Mumbai for some function. She told Nisha bhabhi to take care of me till time she is not here. Next morning I went to her house to give her the key of our house as I was going out. To my surprise when she opened the door Nisha bhabhi was washing the clothes.

She was in white sleeveless top and a black shorts which were all wet from the outside while washing the clothes. After entering the house I realized that her husband is also not at home. After entering the house, she asked me to seat for a while and so she will wind up washing the clothes. After 10 minutes she come out and went to balcony to hang the clothes.

She hangs all her clothes. Then she went inside to change her clothes which were all soaked in water while washing the clothes. As soon as she went inside her bedroom to change her clothes. I went to the balcony and took her one of red thong which was hanging on the rope.

Then I put that sexy panty of her inside my underwear around my dick. After that I came back to the living area. After few minutes Nisha bhabhi come in the tight fitted jeans and a tank top. She was looking so damn sexy. I was continuously watching her and after sometime she replied saying Alok why you had come here.

I didn’t respond to her question, she continued to ask for few more times but when I didn’t responded then she shouted at me. Then I come to my senses and said yes Bhabhi you were saying something, she replied yes I was asking why you come to our house.

I said bhabhi I needed to give you the key of my house. I have some urgent work and need to leave the house and gave her the key of my house. Then she went to balcony to hang her towel and come back in few minutes. She was full of anger and asked me where it is. I said what bhabhi she repeated where is it Alok, I again said what bhabhi.

She said my red thong (panty) I said what bhabhi. She said yes my panty which I hang outside just few minutes back and now it is not there. I said I don’t know Bhabhi what you are talking about, she said I know it’s with you Alok give it back. I said what are you saying bhabhi I don’t have it. She said are you sure you don’t have it.

And suddenly she put her hands inside my jeans, my underwear and touching my dick took out her panty and shown that to me. Then she seat down on the couch near to her. Then I told Bhabhi please don’t tell anyone please.

After this incident Bhabhi got totally changed and become so open. I never thought bhabhi would have such a large urge and so dominating when it comes to sex. Then Bhabhi told me to go back and stand there. I begged in front of bhabhi continuously for some time. After continuously begging she had shown some sympathy towards me.

And told me that she can leave me only on one condition do whatever I say you have to do that. I told Bhabhi I will do whatever you will say without any questions. Then she asked me to take of your clothes. I said what Bhabhi she repeated that take of your clothes. I hesitantly started taking of mine clothes. First I removed my jeans and then t shirts.

Now she told even your underwear also. I said Bhabhi no I can’t, then she picked up her phone to call my mother. I hesitantly said wait bhabhi I will remove it but don’t call my mother. As soon as I removed my underwear my balls got little tight and my dick got semi erected and I tried to cover it with my hand. She was amazed to see my dick and told me I have a nice dick.

After watching my dick she asked me how many girlfriend I have. I replied I don’t have any girlfriend. She further asked me whether your dick is worth anything or it’s just a show piece. Then she asked me whether I am virgin or not. I told bhabhi that I am not virgin.

Then she come near to me and hold my hand and put it behind. She started checking my balls and dick for several minutes by putting her hands around it. Then she started giving me hand job which made my dick hard and started saluting her. After watching my dick saluting her, she started giving me a blowjob.

I said Bhabhi what are you doing. She told me to shut up and just let her do what she is doing. Then she took her clothes too. Then she started giving me very wild hand job which was hurting me and my foreskin round my tip got all red. I said bhabhi it’s hurting. She told me it didn’t hurt you when you were taking my panty and putting it around your dick.

She also told me now onward you will be my personal slave. I was happy to see her fully naked. She was so fair and there were no hair around her pubic area and on her legs, arms and armpits. But at the same time I was little nervous also because I never done a submissive sex ever in my life with any of the girl and ladies I had sex.

So it was my first experience of being a submissive sex male. Then I told bhabhi I have to go to the toilet and she didn’t allowed me to go to. And then she hold my balls and squeezed them hard. Meanwhile the pressure of pee was building inside my bladder. I begged her again and again that I need to go to loo. But she was not wanted to entertain my request this time.

Then I told bhabhi mera nikalne wala hai (bhabhi my pee is going to come out). And then she squeezed my balls and I started peeing in front of her in her living room and somewhat on her. After doing pee I was feeling relaxed has heavy burden has gone from me. Then she asked me how I am feeling now. I told her that I am fine now.

And suddenly she shouted at me saying who will clean your shit. I said bhabhi I will clean it wait for a minute and asked bhabhi for some rough cloth to wipe my pee from her body and from the floor. Then she told me why you need cloth, clean the shit with your tongue.

I had never done this before. But she made me to do it and when I started licking my pee from her body. She asked me to lay down on the floor and she come on top of my mouth. And she sit down on me and started doing her pee on my mouth and asked me drink all.

After she completed her pee I started licking my pee from her body and she was licking her pee from my body. After 20 minutes my pee build up again and I told bhabhi that I need to pee again. She took my dick straight in her mouth asked me to release all my pee in her mouth. To my surprise she drink all my pee and didn’t let any drop came out her mouth.

She hold my dick like a bullock cart and took me with her around every corner of her house and slapping my ass. After showing her whole house she took me to her bathroom. Meanwhile we both were naked all the time. After entering the bathroom she suddenly started the shower. We both got wet now under the shower.

She come closer to me and asked me to fuck her in the standing position. I was little shy to start the first move and suddenly she hold my dick tightly and started sucking my balls and dick. That made my balls and dick both wet with her saliva. Then she continued to give me blow job for quite some time. I was moaning ahahaha ahhahh ahahah aahahahh ahahah uuuumm.

After 15 minutes of sucking my dick and continue playing with my balls. I told bhabhi I am about to cum she told me to cum in her mouth. After all this I forget everything and got totally open with her. I asked her to put per one leg on the seat of commode and started licking her pussy & inner thighs. She was moaning very loud like aahahah.

After sucking for 20 min she started spitting her fluid on my face. She was all wet like a hell. Then she asked me to put dick inside her pussy. Then I said bhabhi I don’t have a condom. She said stupid don’t give me any excuse just put it inside.

Then I started pumping her pussy in and out motion in the standing position. She started moaning Alok ahahahah fuck me harder. I was starving for last 3 month for sex….. ahahah ahhahm hmmm mm mmhhh hhmm hmh mhm I have never had this type of fun before … uuuum yeahaha ahhh aaahahh.

After 30 minutes of pumping her pussy she cummed but I continued to pump her as I didn’t cummed yet. And after 10 minutes I told bhabhi that I am about to cum she told me to cum inside her pussy. This was the first time I had ever cummed inside any female pussy.

Then we both took the bath and come out. As soon as I come out I wanted to wear my clothes and she took my clothes. She told me did I asked you to wear your clothes. She took my dick in her hands and started squeezing it hard with her soft hand. I said sorry bhabhi then she release my dick. She also told me when I asked you to wear then only wear it.

We both were naked in the living room, then suddenly she asked for a lunch. I went to kitchen with my hanging balls and semi hard dick. And started looking around to think what I can make for the lunch. She suddenly come from behind and hold my dick from behind my ass and seat in between my legs.

Then she started giving me a blowjob again but this time she put her one finger in my ass. It was the first time anyone put finger in my ass. But to be honest it was an awesome feeling and I cummed in 10 minutes of sucking. Else I take 30-45 minutes to cum when female give me normal blow job. Then I took a bread and butter from the fridge.

And we both ate it and then started fucking again in the kitchen floor. That very day I was her slave for the full day and fucked her numerous time. We ended up fucking 7-8 times in all the fucking position which are given in the Kama sutra. Further I hardly remember any place where we didn’t had sex in her house.

By the end, she was like a dead women and laying on the floor of her bedroom. After this she ask me to wear my cloth and go but she didn’t wear anything. She asked me to come tomorrow again. After that day we didn’t wear any clothes whenever we meet each other. It was our dress code to not where anything. We started having sex in her house as mostly she live alone.

That day showed me the other side of a women, who is so desperate in the sex. And this incident also give me knowledge about what happens when a married female doesn’t get a proper sex in her life. As you know I had sex with many married female so I know how to make them happy.

After this incident we are more like a husband wife and whenever we get time we start fucking. Now sometimes she dominates me or sometimes I dominates her in the sex.Till today we are fucking each other like there is no tomorrow. Even when I am writing this story while she is reading this and fucked her ass twice.

If you like this story about me and Nisha bhabhi how she made me her sex slave please do tell us about it on my email id. Your appreciation and suggestion would be of high importance. And it will motivate me to tell u about my next encounter with her on the holi. How we made a holi weekend a sex weekend.

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