10 Best Reasons To Sleep With A Hot Mom

Moms are the best, especially hot ones. If you had a chance to sleep with a really hot single mom would you do it? I know I would.. MILFS! Here are the 10 best reasons you should sleep with a super hot mom.

1 She won’t ask for a baby

Since she’s already a mother she’s not going to ask you to have a child with her.. perfect!

#2 Experience

She’s probably super experienced in bed and knows exactly what she’s doing, you can’t go wrong with that ?

#3 Plays no games

Mom’s are older women who know what they want and what they like, she won’t be playing any games with you, you lucky boy.

#4 Worldly

She’s probably really hot and amazing.

#5 She’s very nurturing

She will take care of you as if you are one of her children, you will never want to leave her sight.

#6 She’s not going to ask you to get married

Why would she? She already did that once she doesn’t need to do it again

#7 Classified

She’s probably very mature and classy… Which is always a really hot quality.

#8 She has it all together

She’s older so she has all her things together.

#9 She wont be clingy

She probably has a high paying job and is busy most of the time. So she wont be too clingy with you.