wife swapping by indian couple for two monthes

indian couple for two monthes

I’m Rajesh and my wife is Swathi we are from TamilNadu and currently in Canada. I’m working as IT consultant and my wife is housewife. We are married for two years and we are in Canada for last one year. Our life is going very well.

To tell about us, I’m 5.9 height aged 29 and Swathi is 5.3 height and 26 aged and she looks quiet awesome with excellent package of beauty, firm and soft breasts no extra fat around waist and very fair in color and attractive buttocks curly hair and cute lips Anybody seeing her will like to talk to her and develop friendship though she is married. She has excellent dressing sense and has cute smile on her face. She is bit modern and not too conservative. She wears tight dresses that exposes body shapes and I’m not concerned with her glamorous dressing sense.

We are having a very good sex life, we were very open with each other in terms of sex needs. There were no hesitation in asking what we need from each other, enjoyed every aspect for sex since married. As years pass on, we felt this is getting bit saturated and we started looking something extra to make our sex life bit spicy, experimented various fantasy, like wife reading sex stories loudly for me and I reading for her to arouse our self and watching porn movies together, and enjoying variety of sex positions. Still I find something missing and want to do more and something new which could enhance both of our happiness and pleasure. One fine day I and my wife both started openly talking about this fantasy.

At the time of thinking something new and spicy, I was thinking slightly about swapping my wife with one couple (My wife also knows that couple the one I have in my mind). Though me and my wife are open in discussing anything related to sex and each other desires, this slightly concerns me to talk with my wife, and not sure if she will take it totally against me.

I was thinking if I can open this to her or not, slowly after getting courage, I started building up to open this matter to her. Here is our conversation

Rajesh (Me): (Holding Swathi’s hand) Swathi, I have something in my mind, but I’m fearing and highly worried to say about this fantasy desire to you. I’m highly concerned that my desire may hurt you. I’ll tell you, in case if you don’t like it, I’ll immediately drop that idea and erase that from my mind and I will never think about it or talk about it till my death. You should never think me bad and we should lead our life as usual and you should not get me wrong.

Swathi: (Firmly and supportively holding my hand) hey, why you are hesitating like this and creating lot of suspense and talking unnecessarily about death, I know you very well and I will not take it wrong even if your desire is even too wild. In worst case if I don’t like it, I’ll politely say you “No” and I will not talk a single word about why/how kind. So feel free to tell me.

Rajesh (Me): Thanks for your kind words, I love you so much for this kind of openness and support for me, I’m blessed to have you as wife. My desire is…..mm…mm…( I stammered a lot to open up and finally broke it up) tell me how much it would be thrilling and pleasure for both of us if we swap/swing our self with other couple and enjoy sex with different person. (I just stopped here are with heavily beating heart started looking into Swathi’s eyes for her response)

Swathi: (She starred at my eyes for almost 15 seconds) and slowly smiled and said in husky voice. Hey, you know what, we both are thinking likely. I too slightly got this idea while reading a sex story, but I thought this will just only happen in story and impractical and I thought that no husband will accept for it so I erased that thought from my mind. I’m happy to see that you also thought about the same and in fact you are Ok with doing that. You will not know how much I’m happy now. This happy is not just for that I’m going to have sex with someone, this happy is for how we both think of same kind of fantasy and desire.

I was extremely happy to hear such supporting decision from my wife, I’m flying in air now. I expected that she will not get angry, but never expected that she will that easily accept this. I thought i may need few days to convince her, luckily in 5 minutes it happened. Now it is time for me to talk about potential swappable couple that I have in my mind. My wife Swathi continued to talk now.

Swathi: As you have this desire, I bet that you may have some couple in mind for swap (she winkled at me with smile), tell me who is that couple. And one suggestion we should be very careful in selecting the other couple. It is very risky to pick some stranger or finding someone from Internet. We should ensure the couple that we are going to choose is someone who is well known for both of us and we should know them in real life and they should be our close friend. This is to ensure that privacy and secrecy will preserved for our life time.

Rajesh(Me): I completely agree with you 100%. We are not going to pick a stranger for this, I have a couple in mind who qualifies for what you said. If I’m right I believe the same couple should be in your mind too (winkled at her, She blushed with a smile and said “yes I have one”) and I said ok in that case let us count down 3 to 1 and say that couples name and see if we are thinking of same couple.
I started counting down 3..2…1.. We both at the same time spelled same couple name “Vinod, Harini”
We stunned looking each other and said with excitement “Oh My god, both of us are thinking of same couple in our mind…”

Before going further, we need to tell about the “Vinod and Harini”

They are also from India and Tamil Nadu and they came to Canada almost 8 months back. Vinod works with me in my same organization and in my team. Since we both are only Tamil people in our team, we become friends and our friendship extended to family level sooner. Vinod and Harini use to come to my home and we use to go to their home and we use to go long trips in either of our cars. Vinod usually comes by his bike (cycle) to my home in morning and we use to go to office by my car and some days he comes directly to office. Almost in 8 months both our family become friends, Swathi and Harini are close and similarly I and Vinod. We share all our family matters to each other and our friendship level is very decent that I and Vinod never talked outside decent area. Never talked about sex related things or adults only topics.

Vinod is 25 years and Harini is 23 Years, very young couples. Harini is from a moderate town in Tamilnadu and not from city like us and she is conservative. Harini is close relative of Vinod. Harini is not ultra-modern and can’t say as a country girl. She is of moderate type and conservative. She will look similar to actress Sridevi in her earlier ages. She is of good beauty good height and fair in color. Unlike my wife, Harini doesn’t wear modern dresses. In home she wear saree and during our long tours couple of times she came with t-shirt and churidhars. As she wear saree in house, during some of our visit to her home I had a glance to look her at side pose where her soft and big boobs cupped in tight blouse stands firm and straight and her hip looks like made of butter and wax mixture and tiny micro dot mole on visible side of her hip that increases her glamour to greater extent. Some times when she walks after sitting in sofa, saree that gets bit locked in her buts/ass crack exposes the heaviness and solid size of her buts. Her face is too beautiful and she has a very soft lips and beautiful smile. During one of our visits I had a luck of seeing her in half saree and later when Swathi enquired Harini about her half saree, she said that she is fond of halfsaree and wears just in home some time. Seeing her in halfsaree that day was a pleasant feast to my eyes. All these are something I noted in split fraction seconds during my visit to their house, never left any impression to Harini or Vinod that I’m looking at her in wrong way.

Came back to my discussion with Swathi.

Swathi: Very glad that we are thinking of same couples for swap, tell me if you had already spoke to Vinod about this and did he agree?

Rajesh (Me): No. I never spoke to him on this and I don’t dare as well. Our friendship is not to that extent, we never talked anything outside decency level. We talk several other things for hours but never about sex or girls. How about you? How is your relationship with Harini, up to what extent you both talk? Do you stand any chance to talk to her about swapping?

Swathi: No way, me too never talked to her. Naturally she is bit of shy type. I don’t stand chance to talk to her about this. We don’t have a chance of directly talking to them to convince them for this. We need to plan something different. We will do that, but before that (winkling at me), don’t hesitate or feel shy, tell me how you get idea of this couple, I bet something in Harini should triggered your fantasy, pls tell me da. What in Harini attracted you to think exchanging me for her?

Rajesh(me)Started feeling excited to see Swathi’s reaction and query and I started narrating my feelings on Harini) Harini has a sexy body, hope you remember, during one of our visit to her home once and she was wearing half saree. Her half saree cannot cover her complete beauty, starting from her hips to boobs and butts. Two eyes are in sufficient to see her beauty. Based for my visual measurement of her potential sizes, i believe my two hands are not sufficient to catch hold of soft boobs. Moreover I like her shyness, if we take us as example, we were never feel shy. If Vinod and Harini comes to our home we never felt shy of being together like sitting closer and holding our hands, but she is bit of shy and if you notice that she will not move closer to her husband with shyness in front of others. Her shyness is another motivating factor for me. Imagine of getting such a shy Harini on bed with me and exploring her.

Think of how her face and eyes would burning with shyness while my cock is getting inserted into her. I’m feeling aroused and not sure if we are lucky enough to make it practical. Swathi. Please don’t mistake me for such an erotic narration about Harini, I just want to be open and talk from heart about what I feel. It is your turn tell me when you selected Vinod Harini couple, what aspect of Vinod attracted you.

Swathi: As you said, you too don’t mistake me for narrating about Vinod. Almost here too we are having same line of thinking. First reason for my attraction on Vinod is that he is a good and gentle person unlike common third rated person he is very good, kind and jovial. I feel I will be safe in such a known person’s hand rather than some unknown person. And as you said we need variety. You being in wheatish fair and north Indian kind of look, Vinod will be of different variety, he is from moderate town/village background, his moderate complexion and well-built body is a plus. Again as you said Harini’s shyness is also one of the reason. Based on my casual talks with Harini I don’t believe Harini would have given wild sexual satisfaction to Vinod? like blow job etc. etc., sex is something we should get enjoyed by seeing other partner in extreme pleasure, based on Harini’s shyness I think Vinod may had not got extreme pleasure things, Imaging how erotic it would be if I aggressively jump on Vinod and unzip his pants and put his big banana on my mouth and squeeze it with my mouth? How erotic it would be to make him to see the pleasure he never witnessed in his life time? I’ve noticed a good bulge in his jeans pant during one of our long trips. It seems he has a strong tool (winkled) all these are attractive points for me with Vinod.



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