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Prelude to “A Christmas Party For Three.”

The official company sponsored Christmas party was coming to a close. The unofficial Christmas party, not sponsored by the company was about to begin. The company did throw a decent enough holiday bash; they reserved a banquet room at the Marriot Inn and filled it with a fantastic catered buffet. They even sprung for an open bar.

My wife Beth and I booked a room there, so we could take full advantage of the open bar and not risk the drive home. Beth wore a sleeveless red mini dress over red nylons. The neckline of her dress almost reached her nipples. The hemline barely covered her ass.

There was a gentleman’s club a short distance from the Marriot. It was decided that the party would resume there. The club had a main area with the stage in the center of the room and two smaller side stages. There were many small, round tables randomly situated between the stages. Each table was covered by a white tablecloth with a candle in the center.

Our group consisted of seven of my coworkers, six of whom brought their spouses. The lone exception was my good buddy Matt. Matt had recently divorced his wife, so he came to the party alone. I invited Matt to join us at a table close to a side stage. We ordered drinks and watched as the dancer on the stage closest to us gyrated her hips to the rhythm of the music.

Beth commented that she thought that the dancer was totally hot and that she wanted to buy me a lap dance. “Not here,” she told us,”let’s go to the V.I.P. room where it is more private.”

She approached the stage and whispered something in the dancer’s ear. The dancer smiled and nodded her head. Beth smiled at Matt and me as she slowly stuffed a $20 bill in the dancer’s g-string. The dancer stepped off the stage, kissed Beth on the lips and followed her to our table. The dancer introduced herself as Desirre and led us to the V.I.P. section. It was much more intimate than the main floor. We made ourselves comfortable in a very plush, round booth, a magnum of champagne on ice was brought to us.

Desirre wasted no time. She instructed me to lean back and enjoy. She sat in my lap and leaned back against me. She then cupped her breasts with her hands and gently massaged them. As I stared at her erect nipples and felt the warmth of her nearly naked body pressed down on mine, I became aroused. Desirre also noticed. She smiled at me, sat up and began to grind her ass against my hard on. I put my hands on her hips and looked at my wife. Her dress had hiked up enough that her g-string panties were visible. I told her that she should sit in Matt’s lap. She simply nodded her head and climbed on Matt. She did everything that Desirre did. I watched as Beth knelt while facing him and leaned forward. She slowly moved her body against his. She held on to the back of the booth and rubbed her breasts in his face. Matt’s hands were on her ass, gently squeezing her beautiful round butt cheeks.

A few minutes later, a waitress came over and told Desirre that it was her turn on the main stage. Beth paid her and received a long kiss from her. Desirre then left, leaving Beth, Matt and me alone in the empty V.I.P. lounge. “Wow, that was hot!” Beth remarked.

“Yeah it was,” both Matt and I replied.

I asked Matt if he enjoyed his lap dance. He assured us that he did. I told Beth to lie back and to spread her legs. She smiled as she leaned backward and spread her knees. I looked around to make sure that we were alone. Satisfied in our privacy, I pulled up her dress. I then pulled her g-string down, exposing her pussy. Matt and I began to massage her thighs and fondle her breasts. Matt started to rub her cunt, concentrating on her swollen clitoris. Beth moaned softly and said, “Don’t stop.”

Her moans got stronger as she approached her orgasm. I stuck two of my fingers inside her while he stimulated her clit. She began to shake and grip the booth with both hands, looking at us as she came. Her body shook and her pussy seemed to pulse, gripping my fingers and pulling them deeper inside her.

When her body and mind recovered from the tremendous orgasm that she just experienced, Beth smiled at us and suggested, no demanded, that we go back to the hotel and fuck her. She wanted to show us her naughty Mrs. Santa outfit she bought and to be the center of attention while she gets her fantasy Christmas present.

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