My Wife Is Finally Fulfilled Part One

Names have been changed but there is plenty of facts and some fiction. We are Kay and Vernon.

Having now been married for over 20 years to Kay, we have been through the normal ups and downs during this time that most couples encounter. As couple we are now in our mid/late 50s and we had both had our share of previous partners, while I had been married previously my now wife had not.

It was obvious to me from those little bits of background history that she would/has divulged that she had had a good number of previous lovers including a colored guy. She also admitted and mentioned the so called holiday romances that I personally viewed as her just wanting to get well and truly seen to and then walk away (something sort of confirmed in pictures she still had in her box of photographs that she had stored in the loft of keepsakes of guys that looked either Greek or Turkish).

Over our first few years of being married the sex was great but I was aware or felt that Kay appeared to want more; more cock than I had to offer. She would occasionally in the these early days also put stockings on or wear something sexy for bed but this soon faded as she said she was not a hooker. Kay would also not entertain the idea of me getting some sex toys so I could test my theory of her wanting a bigger cock in her pussy. Our sex life just went from there to average and if we had sex more than once a week it was a real treat. I just have no idea to this date when Kay would actually entertain sex and there are only so many times you are told not tonight before porn sites become attractive and the ability to live out those fantasies I have of Kay while stroking my cock.

Recently and for her special birthday we had friends round for the evening, lots of wine, beer, champagne and so on. This was a great evening and once everyone had gone about 1 o’clock in the morning and I had cleared up it was time for Kay and me to head to bed.

Now bearing in mind she was at the point between merry and slightly inebriated she had let some of the normal barriers down and was most definitely up for sex. Having started with some soft kissing, I then went down on her and started to slide my tongue over her clit and then run down to her beautiful pussy lips. This started to have the desired effect and Kay was at that point of getting just what she wanted; her hips rose every time I licked her from top to bottom and with occasional dart of my tongue between her open pussy lips she would force herself onto my face with a longing and desperate urge to be taken.

I tried my hardest to keep my cock standing to attention for as long as possible and build Kay up to an enormous orgasm despite wanting to just plunge my 6 inch cock deep into her pussy and shoot my load. When Kay had her first orgasm I briefly left the bedroom and went to the kitchen and grabbed a decent size cucumber from the salad draw. Returning to the bedroom she was still laying there, pussy spread and looking so inviting I just had to go for it.

Sliding a condom over the cucumber while I licked and sucked on her pussy, I knew she was ready. Grabbing some lube from the bedside drawer I slowly edged it forwards to her opening. It was amazing and really erotic to see this green giant edging its way into my wife’s pussy, her pussy lips spreading wide to accommodate the extra thickness and her responding sighs once the first five inches were embedded in her pussy.

This long cock substitute was a lot thicker than me but she had no problem taking it, having already cum. She was obviously enjoying the sensation and for the next 15 minutes I gradually managed to ease about 8 inches into Kay, slowly easing it out and then gradually sliding it back in, then fully withdrawing it and letting her enjoy her first new cock in 15 years. It was after another 10 minutes of following this slow and rhythmic fucking of my wife’s pussy that I decided to pick up the pace, longer and deeper thrusts while making sure not to hurt her. She was now getting into it and I could sense she was close to another orgasm as she held her right breast and run her hand gently over her nipple while I licked the other. I continued as before and with a continued steady pace of me fucking her with her new thick cock she had an amazing orgasm, squirted and said out loud, “Oh, Nikos!” or a name very similar.

While I did not react and question who the hell is Nikos? I just presumed it must have been one of those guys from her supposed holiday romances. However and to my surprise I realized my cock had just became even harder than it was while I thought of my wife taking some guy’s large and thick cock. Being at a point between the fantasy in my head of her taking some huge cock and seeing her gaping pussy I just jumped on top her and slammed my cock deep into her soaking loose pussy and shot my load with gusto.

To this day she has never mentioned it despite me asking about it and just ignored the question. It is however still fixed in my memory and I still wonder just how big Nikos was to leave such a lasting memory in my wife’s head.

As I said before my own cock is only about 6 inches long and an average thickness, so after the events with the cucumber I decided to buy a cock extension, it only gave me about extra inch or so in length but it also gave me some extra girth to my cock. Some weeks later I was brave enough to slip it over my cock while Kay was in the bathroom and it felt so big in my hand. But I then panicked whether Kay could cope with my new bigger and thicker cock. We had the normal pre sex build up, me fingering her and playing with her breasts till she was wet. It was now or never to try and see if she really did want more cock in her pussy than I had to offer, placing a large amount of lube on the head and shaft of my new cock I moved on top of Kay and started to nudge my way in. Kay never said a word and appeared to be oblivious to my new bigger and thicker cock. However once I got my rhythm worked out and my now bigger cock was sliding easily into her well lubed pussy, she placed both her hands on my buttocks and pulled me deeper.

Kay still did not say a word and her eyes were closed shut while she continued to pull me in deeper. The feeling of giving her perhaps what she had been missing for some years was wonderful. As I moved faster, she started to tremble with an orgasm that appeared to hit her hard as her whole body tensed up and she just kept me buried deep in her while she came back down from that special place. It was not long after this that I also came with that vision of me being one of the guys she had had on her holidays or perhaps even that Nikos guy with his huge cock.

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