With strangers in Chennai Express

strangers in Chennai Express

This is sandy from Chennai am doing my pg course am submitting here kindly bare my grammatical mistakes. I am submitting a Story, which happened a few months back when I was returning to Chennai from Madurai in Train. This time also I went to Madurai and returning to Chennai in a unreserved compartment as I didn’t get any Berth, due to unplanned travel. The Train compartment is almost empty and on the opposite seat of mine there was a Mother (45) and daughter (20), they are also traveling from Madurai to Chennai. I had a laptop bag with me, I didn’t keep it on the luggage stand.

I kept the bag on my lap and I started to sleep by keeping my head in the bag. Suddenly I woke up as I was feeling some disturbance on my feet. The time has crossed Twelve in the night, Train is going on its way and the girl who sat on the opposite seat of mine was sleeping on the floor covering her with a Bedspread. Her mother is sleeping on the opposite seat.

Nobody else was there in that cabin except us. The girl’s feet is touching on my feet, I thought she is in deep sleep. Till now I didn’t have any wrong intentions about her in my mind. So I adjusted myself and started to sleep again. But after about 10 minutes she kept her foot on mine and started to rub, now I understood her intention.

I maintained the silence and I pretend like sleeping. After some time she raised one of her foot to some level and continued raising my trouser, rubbing on my bare leg. Now my dick started to erect. I thought of starting my actions. I slowly stretched my legs, by seeing my movement she had taken back her legs to normal state and pretend like sleeping.

But I stretched my legs till it reaches her leg and I touched her leg over the Bedspread. I haven’t stopped there, She is sleeping on her back, so I have sudden my leg inside the Bedspread till it reaches her thigh. I kept it there for some time by touching her outer thigh and I started to caress her outer thigh using my leg fingers.

Then slowly I inserted my leg fingers below her bums inside. Suddenly she kept one leg above other in crossing position, so I got some space to insert my leg. I inserted my leg till it reaches her anus and started to tickle using my thumb finger of the leg. She started to act for my tickling, she is jerking her body slowly.

Now I bent downwards, took my right hand and inserted into her bed spread. She was wearing a Churidhar, I kept my hand over her thigh and started to caress slowly. Now I progressed my hand towards her inner thigh and slowly I touched the warm triangular area of her and continued my fondling.

Chennai and Tamilnadu mature ladies and young girls who are willing for chatting hangouts phone sex straight performance and advice. Now my leg’s thumb finger is tickling her anus under her bums and my hand’s fingers are fondling her pussy area over the churidar pant.

I could feel her movement now, she is moving her hips up and down slowly and enjoying the activity which I am doing. I continued this for some time, then slowly I inserted my hand inside her churidar top and touched her bare belly.

I progressed my hand upwards and reached her boobs over the bra. I caught her left side boob and started massaging slowly over the bra. Suddenly I pulled the bra downwards and started to squeeze her bare boobs and pinched her nipples one by one. She adjusted herself so as that I can easily put my hand inside her churidar top to squeeze her boobs.

I did this for some time, then again I brought my hand down to her belly and massaged there. I slid my hand inside her panty on the top and squeezed her bare pussy. Now I can feel her pussy hole with my fingers. It was wet, I inserted two of my fingers and started to finger fuck her. She started to move her hip up and down again.
All these time, she is closing her eyes. Now the time is almost 4 AM, I could hear some talking sounds on the next cabins. I squeezed her pussy again, took my hand to her boobs again, squeezed them. And took my hand out before somebody comes and came back to my original position.

All these time, my leg’s finger was continuously tickling her anus. When everybody got up, she also got up and sat on the opposite seat of mine next to her mother and smiled at me. When we reached the Junction I went on my way and she went with her mother.

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