Sriram Enjoying Sex With Suja

Stranger Erotic story

Hi friends and fans, it’s been a long time since I posted my sex story, as it goes I got my share of fun’s and hook ups but as my partners were not comfortable about their experiences been shared, I didn’t share it, but this experience I am sharing with my partner, she is 100 percent comfortable in sharing our experience,

I am Sriram 27 years old now, looking for more and more fun’s and hook up’s and one night stands, whatever you call it. Now getting into the sex story, this happened before 2 years, when I posted my previous sex story I got a mail from an unknown person named as Suja, she told she was from my same place Erode, she was too shy and she told,

she loved the sex story and she started to enquiring about the sex story whether it is real or fake and we started to talk about family and friends for 1st 2 days,I was happy at 1st but then she started to disappear all of a sudden and after some 3 months she appeared back and told that she was ill so she couldn’t be online.

This time she was bold enough and started talking whenever we got time, we started to share our whole life, plus and minuses and more about the society and also the restrictions, please do mind my manners, she was in her mid-thirties, 34 at that time, and she was a 5.7 ” inches tall (taller than me of course) and weighed 58 kgs,

and she asked me about my stats and we were becoming more of a thick friends. We both shared our pictures and numbers and started our conversation in WhatsApp ( a gift ), she was a real beauty, a perfect brown she was, and her stats were perfectly stitched by God I would say, I am also lean, brown,

she liked me anyway and we talked about sexual appetites and thin chances that women have to explore sex, then suddenly she told she is going to abroad and will never be back and we can be in touch in emails, I was really sad that I lost a beauty.

Then after 7 months I got a message from an unknown number, asking how I am and how do I do, and it turned out that Suja was the one messaging, in between this time I got many hook up’s chances and I shared with her too (later), she is in India again, she wanted to talked to me in person this time, I was awestruck,

we decided a place in Coimbatore as she got a lot and lot of relations in erode she couldn’t meet, we met in a mall, she was wearing a blue transparent saree. At that moment I wanted to fuck her. Believe me, she was damn hottest, my dick was perfectly 90 degrees.

We then had lunch and some shopping and we were time passing, I told her in ear, ” I want you to ride me now ” she blushed and she winked ” just wait “, we finished our meet meanwhile I had chances to touch her hands ( was waxed and smooth like a silk ), she gave me a ride till Thindal and we planned about our next meet,

that night we talked about the weirdest sexual chats and ended up video chats and we both jerked our life together, after 2 weeks she planned and we met at her home. I was planning on hugging her immediately once I see her, but to my shock there was her husband and daughter to receiving me, she introduced me as business dealer (like a foreign exchange guy),

and then she provided me juice and eatables, after some time both her husband and daughter left the home waving to us, immediately I hugged her from behind, she turned and released herself and asked me not to be so fast, as we have full day, I didn’t talk to her as I was upset.

She went upstairs and after 5 minutes she called me upstairs, when I entered the room she hugged me from behind and running her hands at my crotch straight away, I turned and hugged her so tightly and kissed her soft lips (which was like red velvet cake) and tasted it like a wine, we both exchanged our saliva,

and I started pressing her boobs she started letting out moans and the breath from her mouth at that time was making me more and stiffer. She undressed me straight away and asked me to make her nude like a slut, I have to be so rude to tear the dresses out from her body ( was like removing the skin of a pomegranate ),

I got those two melons which were in perfect shape and size 34 b, I was wondered how does she maintain such a body even after giving birth to 2 child’s, ( she has son too, later I came to know), I started kissing her boobs and swirling her nipples and biting it little hard for her ouch sounds and moans which were making me more hornier.

By now she was at my rod, which was dark and 6 plus inches, her hands working on that tool like a pro ( her husband never let her handle his dick ), I gave her full freedom on that after all, who doesn’t like a gorgeous lady on her knees, we both become fully nude, and she moved me into her bathroom where they had a big bathtub, we both got inside and started tasting our privates,

she sucked my dick like a child, 1st she touched it, then licked it, then kissed it, then blew it a little, I started licking her pussy and fingering for a while. As we moved on to 69 we both had our ecstasies filled out (outside the tub), she started biting my dick when she was nearing her orgasm, so I stopped but she shouted with her tooth on my dick” don’t stop just do it plssssss”

out of pain I also did it, she came on like flood, and she fell down shivering ( her first time pussy orals obviously), after 10 minutes she stood up and asked me to stand up, and she started giving me a blowjob of my life, ended up gulping all the semen. We were lying in the tub and talking nonsense and stupid ideas and sharing our fantasies,

by that time she started massing my dick with her foot, so I got mt boner back again, she came on top of me and started to ride like a pro, I shouted ” no condoms “?,, ” cool I am operated”,,, my eyes gone further zooming and then she rode me for 15 minutes and got tired, we changed the position to doggy and while I fucking her, I started to slap her ass, pinch,

it and fingering her ass hole, she was moaning out louder now. After 15 minutes, we got on to the high pitches, with fast fucks and high shouts with little bad words, we both came from hell and heaven, she asked me not to take my dick out but turn towards her,,, we tried it and ended up laughing and once we turned back we both hugged each other like soul mates for sex,,,

for 40 minutes we both were silent till her phone rang, she talked in the intercom to her husband while I am licking her inside. Just I started to fuck a little as my naughtiness came to life,,,, she gave me a weird look, but I didn’t mind and started fucking her again, she immediately told me not to do it, but she started enjoying it a little, let out a long breath, then suddenly,

came to sense and terribly tried and said, ”ok dear gotta go now” and she crossed her legs around me to make it deeper, we had had this session for another 20 minutes, she came quickly this time, and hugged me so tight, then we got up and cleaned ourselves.

Talked the sense about how much we can meet for sex, and we both loved the idea of one time sex, so talked and we parted,after that I have seen her a few times but in the public, both never reacted so much, I respect her life and started to find my luck outside the league, if you guys like the experience, please do give good comments.

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