Special Gift For Wife


I am prashant, I am 28 years old guy, Today my wife Manasi is going to celebrate her 26th Birthday, today this sexy girl turn 26. Let me tell you that my wife is not going to celebrate her 26th birthday with me; yes you heard it correct, in fact right now my wife Manasi is in bedroom right now, and preparing herself for her unknown lover tonight, yes, my wife Manasi is going on date. She is going on date in less that thirty minute leaving me alone in our house, but still she doesn’t know with whom she will go on date. Manasi don’t know who with whom she will be with for entire night, but still she is very enthusiastically making herself presentable for this her so called “lover”, Don’t take it in wrong way, she is not prostitute or slut, she is my loving wife Manasi who love me lot, and we love each other lot. Let me explain it to you.

We are happily married couple for almost five years. I married her as soon as she passed her college, she was just 21 completed then, she just had pass her graduation and I had just switch my job on basis of my two years of experience, and I was well settled in city with nice annual package in MNC company. I am couple of years older than Manasi. I consider myself very lucky that I got girl like Manasi as my life partner. Manasi is metro city girl, I mean to say she spends her entire childhood in metro city, unlike me I spend my childhood in town, and I turn to metro city for my college education. As she spend her entire life in metro city she is little unhesitant in her nature than me. She don’t mind flashing her body part to stranger, she can easily talk to any stranger, she don’t make any difference in boys and girl, I must say she gel with boys pretty well than girls. Probably because attention she get from boys. Luckily she fall in love with me, I was her senior in college, and as soon as she completed her graduation We married, its almost five years since we married, and now we are settled in **** city.

I told you guys Manasi is city girl, so she take care of her body very well. She goes to gym three time in week, she do yoga, She do running, she go to beauty parlor very regularly. In fact my 20 percent of salary goes just on her beauty products, but I don’t mind that, after all I am the only one who ravish her, She do make up and I am the only one who ruin her make up, I am very wild in bed with her Manasi, and even she don’t mind it, we are about to finish five years of our marriage but still we fuck like as if we are on honeymoon. Guys I must tell you Manasi is very good cock sucker, till I got married I was under impression that blowjob only happen in porn movies, but Manasi prove me wrong, and she is as good as cock sucker than anyone else. I never thought she will suck my cock before our marriage but she surprises me on our first night, and I was happy I got such wild wife.

As you have guessed till now, my wife Manasi is petite, very slim girl with curve at right places, Manasi maintain her body very well and she look much like college girl, she look like college girl but she is not flat chested, she has very handful boobies, not too big, not too small, but big enough to get attention. Manasi easily show cleavages boys by bending forward casually, and it is best part of flashing, I fuck her boobs regularly in bed, and it is one of my favorite part of sex, I have cum on er boobs many times and she absolutely don [t mind it. But highlight of her body is her eyes, she have sparking eyes, her eye talk, she could make any boy fond of her only by those sexy eyes. Manasi is milky in color, very white, she often become red when she is exposing to direct sunlight. Her cheeks become red even if she laughs loudly.

So you must have realized it is very difficult to hide treasure like my wife Manasi in home. It is bound that she will get male attention wherever she go, and that is exactly happening with my wife Manasi. Males from age of 12 to age of 80 are attracted to her sexually and emotionally. I told you Manasi is smart city girl, and she know how to handle guys and how to expose, I often see college boys ogling around our house, Whenever she walks past a group of males head always turn towards her. I enjoy this sight, this give erection to me, in fact I like to stay and watch man ogling Manasi sexually. I fuck her brain out when this happen.

I very often took Manasi away from our house, at least 50 KM away, I remove her mangalsutra, I give her college bag, I ask her to dress like college girl, and then ask Manasi to walk past any group of boys, and I stay at distance to watch how boys behave when she walk past them. I chose place away from our house so Manasi also don’t mind showing her exposing art to group of boys, Manasi walk across boys, swaying her ass, smiling, she walk casually and don’t show that as if she is doing it deliberately, boys look at her stare at her, but she ignore their attention and walk normally past them. Boys often whistle at her, some guys even pass comment at her, some guys tease her. if she like comment pass at her she just glance at boys, and give him very sexy smile to them. She some time walk more fast to ensure her ass sway more, and her tits bounce, so she could tempt and tease guys. No need to tell I fuck her very hard once that happen.

Back to present, today I am very excited, as my wife is getting ready for her secret lover, I like when my wife Manasi is getting ready to her date, Manasi always keep me out of her bedroom when she is getting ready for her date. Not only while she is getting ready for date but for that entire week she ban my entry in our bedroom. So I have to sit outside our own bedroom when she gets ready for her date. But its worth waiting because when I get first sight of my wife Manasi when she come out of bedroom, it always give me hot erection, few time I even cum in my own jeans just watching her dressed for her date. Manasi never wear something slutty, but she wears something which compliments her body, and at same time it can give erection to any boy. She wear saree, Jeans, salwar Kameez, anything, all dresses suit her. Today also I am sitting in hall waiting for Manasi to come out to see how she is dressed for her todays date.

It is 5:30 PM, and my wife Manasi partner for today can be here at any time to pick her up. My wife Manasi is getting ready in bedroom, but best part of this date is that my wife doesn’t even know with whom she is going on date tonight. You heard it right, Manasi don’t know her partners name today, she don’t know with whom she is going to spend evening of her 26th birthday.

You guys must be confused, right? But it’s true, Manasi don’t know it, because I have set this date for her. Manasi has given that right to me, she believe I know her very well, and I can choose best for her, Since we get married, on her every birthday I arrange date for Manasi, and she spend her birthday evening with her date and not with me. So this is Manasi fifth date since we got married. Her 22nd, to 25th birthday she had spent with guy which is selected by me.

Manasi also love this suspense, entire she keeps guessing with whom she will spend her evening, and it keeps her on edge. Many time she also ask me name of her date, but I never told it to her, I kept it secret from her, because it is fun of game. It keeps her excitement level at top. Manasi guess name of males and ask me one by one, it excite me how my wife is taking name of different male, I often see Manasi is in deep thought, Manasi often blush a lot days prior her date, she always keep thinking about it, for that one date she keep thinking about all males she know, it excite me lot, and that suspense just make experience hotter for my wife Manasi.

Manasi came to know the name of her date only when that guy come to pick her at our house. I always ask Manasi to open the door for her date, and I like to see expression on face of Manasi when she first looks at her date. Guys, I have arrange date for her 6-7 times (birthdays and special occasions), but Manasi never refuse to go with guy, she always trust what I chose for her. Even if she don’t like guy she go with him as she trust me.

So what this date consist of? Partner of Manasi pick her around 6 PM and they spend entire evening together as couple, as I told you we arrange this date on birthday of Manasi or any special occasion, so they spend evening together, they go for dinner, they dance, they might go to movie its all up to them, I never interfere there, at the end it depend on that guy whether he want to spend night with Manasi or if he want to drop her home to me at night. But only fool can leave Manasi without fucking her, all 6-7 dates which I arrange for Manasi guy have fucked her for entire night. And he had returned my wife Manasi back to me only next day morning.

When guy pick my wife Manasi I expect her to spend entire night with him, Manasi did not carry phone with her, but I usually take address from guy where he will take Manasi to spend entire night, so I generally know where they are, I usually take some drink at home once Manasi leave as I know there is now way that guy will drop her home tonight. I drink and relax in our house while Manasi is on date, I watch porn movie, I masturbate on thinking how that guy enjoying Manasi, I after drink and masturbation I sleep on our marital bed.

I told you, I arrange date for Manasi, and she is totally unaware about her date until he pick her, I ensure that my wife Manasi should remain safe, and I only choose guy to date with my wife only I am satisfied with her safety. So I choose gentlemen only, I chose understanding person, because I also don’t want interfere them in our personal life later, as it is one off thing.

I select date for my wife as follow, I told you Manasi go to beauty parlor, gym, running so she is very social person. I keep checking her social networking to see with whom she is interacting. I have password of Manasi social site, I see with whom she is chatting, with whom she feel comfortable, I ask her lot of question about her male friends, about her gym, her yoga, her running her parlor and she answer all the question as she know it is for choosing correct date for her, , she tell me about her day to day life, what happen in gym, what happen in parlor, what happen in society, I just listen her it all help me in choosing correct date for her. Manasi never say that she want to go on date for particular person, she always trust me about selecton of her date.

Once I shortlist candidate then I make friendship with him three month prior to her date, and then build easy friendship with him. I judge them personally, I select 4-5 candidate two months prior to date, but I keep it secret from Manasi, I just inform Manasi that I have choose candidate for her, but I don’t tell name to Manasi, finally I select one among those whoever is more suitable to Manasi, Once I am sure about the guy is good for my wife Manasi then I revel my secret to him. I told guy about date with my wife ten days prior to date. And I ask him keep it secret from my wife Manasi as I want her to meet her date only on her birthday evening as guy is surprise for her. Once everything is set I told only time of her date arrival and ask her to get ready. Manasi ban my entry in bedroom seven days prior to her date as she want to enjoy her date at full.

Today also I am sitting in my hall, my wife is getting ready for her date, her date could arrive at anytime to pick her up. I am very keen what Manasi will wear today? How will she react after watching her date for tonight? When will her date return Manasi back to me? Who is her date for tonight?

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