sexual adventures

GoPro, Wife, BBC And Blowjob

This is my first submission but not our first adventure. Wife and I been doing this kind of stuff for quite a while. Did I mention, 100% true.

I have two email accounts for our sexual adventures, one as a couple where we set things up and where I pose as my wife. It puts the guys at ease when they think they are talking to her instead of me. Once everything is set up I fill the wife in on the details and she takes over either texting on cell phone or emailing the guy.

Now to me there is nothing sexier than watching my wife give a black guy head, and then watching that BBC slide in and out of her pussy.

After emailing a black guy for a few hours as my wife, I had it all but set up. I sent my wife the info and she took over. After a few text messages she had it set up. She would meet him in a parking lot, get in his car and give him a blowjob. I would stay in our vehicle but she would be alone with him. The best part, she would bring our GoPro camera and the guy would record her sucking his dick for me.

We drive up to the parking lot, he was already there, an older Ford Expedition decked out with rims that probably cost more than the Expedition itself. We pulled up beside the 22 year old black guy and introduced ourselves.

I powered up the GoPro and gave my wife, Danielle, a quick tutorial on it. The black guy got in his back seat, Danielle got out of our vehicle and joined our friend in his backseat. His windows were tinted so I couldn’t see much even though he had the cab light on for recording purposes. Within 15 seconds I saw Danielle’s head disappear into the black guy’s lap and I could see it bobbing up and down. I instantly had a hard on and started jerking on my own cock, just thinking about my beautiful wife in a car next to mine sucking a black cock. I strained to see what I could, I could barely see her head bobbing up and down, knowing there was a BBC sliding in and out my wife’s mouth. The guy’s head laying back and one arm stretched out with the GoPro capturing all the action. After about five minutes I see Danielle’s head go down and the guy put his hand on back of it and see him stiffen up, he must be cumming in her mouth, I thought.

Danielle lifted her head, said something I couldn’t hear to her satisfied friend and got out of his car. As she walked back to our truck I could see cum all over her mouth and chin. Man, I hope he got it all on camera for me. We quickly drove home and as soon as we got there I put the video on. There on my ultra HD tv was my wife sucking the black cock of a guy she meet only seconds before.  She sucked it all the way down, it was shiny from her spit. She stroked it with both hands and sucked it.

I pulled my cock out and grabbed Danielle’s head and started fucking her in the mouth while watching her suck a black cock on tv.

As I was getting close to cumming I could tell it was also time for our friend to cum in the same mouth that I was now fucking. I heard him start to moan and Danielle started to suck faster, both on tv and my cock. As our friend came and filled up Danielle’s mouth with cum, it was a huge turn on for me to see my wife suck a black cock and watch as that black cock came in her mouth.

I could no longer wait, I tensed up, grabbed Danielle’s head and started fucking her mouth intensely, just seconds after watching a black cock cum in her mouth on my ultra HD tv, I was cumming in that same mouth.

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