Routine wife Story….???

Chapter One – Deepuck the Boss

Arya and Divya were coming back to the hotel from the Goa beach they just had fun playing water sports
Arya was in his boxer shorts and Tshirt
Divya wore a Monokini with her ass draped in the swimming cloth.

Divya: THat was fun Haha

Divya was happy with the tour they were having together

Arya: Yeah that was…

Arya was 34 years old and Divya was his wife 34 years old too.

The couple entered the hotel and went to the reception to collect the room keys

At the reception there was a guy 6 feet height talking the receptionist.

Arya enquired about the keys and took the keys

Meanwhile the 6 feet tall guy was gazing at Divya.

Divya was too impressed with the built of the guy he was 6 feet tall and had abs 6 of them

Arya collected the keys and was about the leave.

Arya noticed the guy staring his wife but did not want to talk to the guy

THe guy clapped at Arya and said

Hello Man, You dont greet your Director How rude of you

Arya turned to him

Arya: Oh I am sorry dint recognise you Deepak how are you

Deepak: Ha Ha Ha
Well the receptionist told me one couple where staying here on our money

Arya and Divya were staying at the Marine Hotel and resorts Goa, which was sponsored by the company Nevlon where Arya worked as a Team Lead and Deepak was the Director.

Arya introduced his wife Divya to Deepak and left immediately to his room with his wife.

Arya and Divya entered in the lift

Deepak was gazing at the buttocks of Divya

Arya noticed the same and walked swiftly.

Divya: Is it the same Deepak?

Arya hesitantly said, Yes

Divya: Bastard

Meanwhile Deepak took his phone and dialled a number

Deepak: Hello cucky wassup

Sampath: Sir, Please tell me

Deepak: I just met a guy Arya he works for our company and looks after YYYY project as a lead. DO you know him

Sampath: Yes sir

Deepak: How does he perform

Sampath: He is good sir Why sir?

Deepak: Oh cucky stop questioning me bastard. I ask questions not you

Sampath: Sorry sir

Deepak: I saw his wife and wanted some information
Deepak kept talking to Sampath

Sampath: Yes sir, anything else sir

Deepak: Just say hello to your wife i will be coming to bangalore after 8 days in May.

Sampath had tears in his eyes as Deepak ended the call.

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