Performance Art Gets Audience Approval

When my wife of sixteen years and I first moved in together, we were both very young, very horny and very broke. We both had menial jobs and barely made ends meet. One evening, Sara arrived home from her job as a hostess at a popular sports themed bar restaurant. I greeted Sara with a kiss and led her to the bedroom. We undressed and began kissing each other. I kissed her eyes and neck. I kissed both her nipples before deciding to nurse on the left one. Sara began to gently push my head down to her valley of love. I licked and sucked her pussy and was soon rewarded by her moaning and pulling my hair. I gulped down a delicious torrent of her sweet nectar as her orgasm held her in it’s firm grip.

I asked her if she wanted a cock inside her as I worked my way up and on her, kissing her trim, sweet body the whole way. She assured me that she did. She took my super erect penis and guided it to the portal to heaven. I cradled her head in my arms as I slowly thrust my manhood deeper and deeper inside her. Sara began to moan and told me to fuck her harder. I used all my strength as my cock buried itself in her sweet pussy.

“I’M CUMMING!” She screamed as she dug her manicured nails in my shoulders.

I felt that wonderful tingling in my balls that announces the impending arrival of my orgasm. I pumped even harder as the tingling in my loins grew stronger. I clenched my teeth tightly. My body spasmed repeatedly as I filled Sara’s womb with my cum. After a while, I was able to breath normally and I put my thoughts into words and said,”Wow, baby!” We cuddled for a little while, kissing and touching each other. I told her that her pussy was the best my cock has had the pleasure to fuck. She giggled and told me that my cock was the best cock that has had the of pleasure of fucking her pussy. We continued to cuddle and kiss for about ten minutes when Sara said that something a little strange happened today. I asked her what had happened. She said that it was weird but it also kind of hot. My curiosity was now fully aroused and I asked her to continue.

“Do you remember when I told you about that regular customer at the sports bar who always gives me the big tips and always politely thanks me when I bring him to his table?”

“Yea baby, I remember,” I replied. “Did he harass you or something?”

“No… he asked me if I wanted to earn some extra money.”

“He propositioned you?” I asked. “Baby, you are totally fucking hot. I’m sure a lot of men would pay you big bucks to fuck you.” I continued.

“That is not what he asked for.” Sara replied.

“Huh? Even if he did, you can’t blame him.” I told her.”Yes, it is kinda hot.”

“He wants to watch US having sex. He wants to maybe take pictures of us fucking” Sara said.

“He wants to pay us money to watch us have sex?” I asked incredulously. “Do you think he is a psycho?”

“No; his wife died a few years back and he is lonely. He is a reputable photographer and he is very polite and has money. What should I tell him?”

“How much money to watch me pound your sweet pussy? Fifty, a hundred bucks?”

“Three hundred dollars, baby. And he said he has some real good coke, too,” She replied.

“If you think it is safe… and we do need money and we can party on his blow… tell him yes. I want him to see how beautiful your pussy is.”

Sara told him our decision the next evening at the sports bar. He gave a fifty dollar bill as a tip and assured her that everything was kosher and gave her his address. Sara told him that we could come over the next evening as it was her night off. Jack was his name and he said that would be great. Sara then handed him a menu and positioned herself so she could lift her short, sexy skirt up and show Jack her panties without being noticed. He used the large menu to further shield her from view. She took this opportunity to pull her panties aside, allowing Jack a full view of her vagina. He told her it was beautiful and he looked forward to our visit.

The next evening, Sara and I drove to Jack’s upscale town house and excitedly rang the door bell. He opened the door and welcomed us to his home. His town house was tastefully decorated and we were immediately put at ease. He offered us wine and told us to make ourselves at home. We chatted for a while and fuond him to be a charming host. He brought out a silver tray that had three one hundred dollar bills and a dozen lines of coke and another bill that was rolled up into a straw.

About twenty minutes later, Jack picked up a Nikon camera and politely asked if we were ready. We were SO ready. He sat and watched as Sara and I stripped naked and began kissing. We laid down on his bed and I started kissing Sara’s nipples and massaging her pussy. Jack came and sat on the bed watching us intently. I spread Sara’s pussy lips so Jack could see inside her vagina. He photographed her pussy while I held the lips apart. He sat next to us while Sara and I made wild love. Jack stripped off his clothes and asked Sara if she thought his cock was attractive. Sara stared at his seven inch erection and told him that it definitely was. She put her hand on it and gently squeezed it.

Jack then asked her if it turned her on to have two naked men so close to her and each other.”God, yes,” she replied.

“What about you, Paul?” he continued.

“If my lady likes it, so do I,” I replied.

He then reached over and took my throbbing love tool in his hand as Sara watched, wide eyed with lust.

“That is so hot… Jack, that is so hot!” Sara burst out. “Paul… please touch his… please!!”

The wine and coke seemed to make it alright, so I wrapped my hand around Jack’s manhood. Jack and I now knelt face to face and fondled each other’s erections. Sara came to us and put an arm around each of us and watched us as we stroked each other. She grasped his cock in one hand and mine in the other and made them touch each other. Jack and I began to kiss Sara and fondle her tits as she playfully rubbed our cocks together. We then pushed her onto her back and Jack put his penis so it rested on her face. Sara opened her mouth and began to suck his dick. I straddled her and asked her to guide my cock into her pussy. She stopped sucking Jack and looked at him and said, “Jack, you do it.” She then resumed sucking his dick and pulling on his balls.

He took my cock in his hand and placed the tip right up to Sara’s waiting love tunnel. Sara looked at me, let Jack’s cock slide out of her mouth and said, “Fuck me.” Simple enough. I fucked her while she gave Jack a fantastic blow job. Soon, Jack started trembling and moaning. He shot his cum in Sara’s mouth, which she drank down as if it was a vanilla milkshake. My pounding of her pussy soon had her moaning and her breathing became shortened. She screamed out my name as she experienced an earth shattering orgasm. The rest of the evening, the three of us partied and had the hottest sex. Sex so hot that Sara and I still fantasize about it. We had sex with Jack many times after that. Sara and I were his bachelor party the night before he remarried.

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