One Hour In Train With Mother

The story starts before 6 years from today. I was then 18 years and my mom Nisha was 38 years and my dad was 42 years. I was district level cricket champion and also a very good student. My mother was a lecturer of physics in a college nearby and my father was an administrative officer. Overall we were rich. Mom had a dream that I will be a doctor one day. I ranked so good in West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam that I got selected in Calcutta Medical College which is the best medical college in West Bengal. After I got admitted in college I had 2 months before the classes’ starts. I asked parents for an outing. But my father had lots of work so mother decided to make trip to Sikkim with me. It was expected. We reserved in 1st class AC 2 tier compartment of Uttarbanga Express from Sealdah.

At right time the train departure from station. From here the real story starts. There was only me and mom in our coop. I was chatting with mom. We both were really happy. Mom was wearing a blue sari with golden boutique works. She was looking more a heroine than a lecturer. I said that to her. She smiled and said don’t flatter me you idiot. Then she said no you aren’t idiot you are going to be a doctor and it’s you who is intelligent not so dull like me, I couldn’t be a doctor but you will be my son, I’m proud of you. And she kissed on my forehead. I in reply put my on her shoulder and said mom if I’m anything today that is only because of you and dad. I love you mom. Mom sighed but said nothing. I also remained silent suddenly I understood one of my finger is touching moms breast. Mom probably didn’t notice that. It was a very beautiful feeling. I don’t know why I didn’t move my finger.

My dick was becoming erect, suddenly I said myself what is it? I’m lusting own mom. But I couldn’t resist myself I was thinking to press my mom’s breast but could not get enough courage. Suddenly mom’s phone rang. It was dad. Before dad could say a word, mom kept saying dad in various way to take care of him. It was 8 pm. Dad talked with me too. Then at 9 pm we took our dinner. I was just putting on my earphone mom said-‘hey keep that bloody earphone out and chat with mom’. I said its pleasure. Actually I was thinking that mom is going to sleep. We stared to chat. Suddenly mom asked me whether I had any girlfriend. Really I did not have any. Mom became surprised. Said-impossible, any girl will like you. You are not fair that’s right but not so dark also and so muscular body you have, you are 6 feet 2 inches tall. I said that there are so many girls who wanted me but I didn’t want them so I didn’t accepted. Mom said which type of woman you like?

I said the truth that probably changed my life. I said like you. It seemed that mom is shocked. But she happily said, why because girls like me are tall? I said mom please don’t tease me. You are the ideal woman. Very beautiful, talented, devoted to family, what’s more is needed? Mom started to laugh. But I don’t know what a demon arose in me. I hugged mom very tightly and kissed on her cheek. She said nothing. I kept her holding. I tried not to shiver but it was very hard. My cock was full erect. I was in full power of sex. Probably mom could understand the situation. She said well my dear it’s time to go to bed and she made free herself from me and went to toilet. I was wearing pajamas. I lowered my pajama and take out my 10 inch long cock out. Started to stroke it and closed my eyes in pleasure. I was nearly in heaven.

I was nearly going to cum when mom entered in room and said oh sorry. Then I opened my eyes and just then my body shivered like anything and I threw cum. It was in such pressure that a huge amount of cum hit mom’s face. I became cold in fear and took my pajamas. I was speechless but with great effort I said I’m sorry mom. But mom seemed not to hear it and removed cum from her face and again went to toilet. I was waiting for her with great fear. She entered in the room and said now go to bed. I without saying a word went to bed. Mom also turned the light off and lay. I was thinking that all the fun is going to end. But in reality it was something different.
I woke up by mom’s pushing. Actually the masturbation of last night made me really tired. As I woke up mom handed me my brush and toothpaste and said to get ready fast as we are going to reach within an hour. I didn’t see any anger or disappointment in mom’s face. Becoming fresh I came and mom gave me a Burger and coffee. I ate silently. As I ate mom asked naughtily so why my handsome is silent? I said nothing. As I ended my coffee mom came and sat beside me. Taking my arm in her lap said look son which you have done isn’t guilt. It’s me to blame that I came without asking you. And with making me hard again she hugged me. I said then you have forgiven me mom? Mom said what to forgive sweetie? I love you and kissed me on lips. It made me mad and also gave courage. I asked whether I can kiss her again. She said with smile ok baby. I kissed her. It was my first kiss of my life. I was in my most lovely dream. We broke after nearly 5 minutes.

Mom said you know what you are a very good kisser; even better than your dad. I said English movies. Mom laughed and said if you don’t mind may I see your cock? I became stunned. But making me more surprised mom came closer to me and lowered my pajama and underwear. My cock came out and hit in mom’s face. Mom took my cock in her hand and said how long it is? I could say nothing. Mom said, dear don’t be so excited because your mom has many things to give you an idiot could not see its night not dawn look at your wrist watch. I surprised that it was 1:30am. Mom said son we have 5 hours. Let your mom have all she needs from her busy husband. I said nothing laid her on bed and started to remove her nighty. She kept saying I am a noble woman I love sex so much but never get any physical relation with any other. But you are a part of your father. So fuck me. Fuck me like your father used to do.

I made her naked. And started saying mom let show you what your son is and without hesitation inserted my cock inside her pussy. She shouted in pleasure I started fucking hard. Mom said be slow sun it hurts me. I was not in a state of hearing and I ejaculated cum before 5 minutes and laid on her. After a long time she said son never be so fast at beginning. At first foreplay is important. I said mom its 2:15 now. We still have a lot of time. Mom without saying a word took my cock in her hand started sucking. Mom sucked like there is no tomorrow. She sucked for 20 minutes but I didn’t cum.

Then after sucking her pussy and playing with her 38D boobs I again started fucking her. This time I fucked continuously for 2 and half hour and then cum a lot. By this time mom ejaculated cum for 16 times. She rally became tired. I also got pleasure. Then we went to sleep together. Mom said that I’m better than dad in everything and blessed for my upcoming life. I said mom I can fuck you anytime it’s the highest blessings for me. We next day woke up at right time and reached to our hotel at Gangtok at 2 pm. Total tour was awesome.
Now I’m married to a girl of our college. We both practice at a village hospital. She is very beautiful and sexy too. I love her very much. She also loves me. Probably she loves me far more than I love her. We have very wild type of sex life. After M.B.B.S we are preparing for M.D also. My physical relation with mom is no more as I don’t want to cheat my dear wife. And my mom before a month of my marriage said me to devote all sex powers to her. I did so.

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