A New Story In The Life Of Melanie Chapter One | Humiliation

The Life Of Melanie

It is many years since I published 3 “fantasy” stories about “Melanie.” They were titled “Pain Slut,” “Addicted to Pain, Humiliation & Degradation,” and finally, “Sissy Cunt’s Transformation.” They were generally well received. A lot has changed over the years and I hope readers enjoy my new posts, which now will be reality, not fantasy.

My life sucks. Just over 4 years ago my wife suffered a stroke making her an invalid and me a 24/7 caregiver. I could not desert her, a woman I loved, but after 4 years I needed “something” to help with the stress of being a 24/7 nurse. I have a dependable and competent CNA who cares for my wife when I go out at a reasonable cost.

As my previous stories showed, I have been a CD with strong masochistic fantasies since my teens, about 50 years now. It was time to make what had been nearly exclusively a fantasy more of a reality. I went on Craigs List and searched for dominant people with very sadistic tendencies. I wanted a true Dom/Domme, not someone who demanded a BJ, maybe spanked my butt and sent me on. I put my own ads out as well but was constantly disappointed by the contacts either way.

Finally, an ad by a Dom claiming to be a sadist seeking a masochist was posted. After several e-mails and a phone call, Master felt I was not a bullshitter and was possibly the pain lover he was seeking. We agreed to meet for a 2-3 hour first meeting to get to know each other and have a first session. The fact I liked to CD and informed him “Melanie” was much more submissive was a definite plus to him.

It was Sunday afternoon and I nervously found myself knocking on the door of the motel room he had rented. I knew that I was taking a chance, as anyone connecting with a Dom should well realize your life could be in danger if the wrong person got hold of you. I had already agreed to bondage, blindfolds and gags besides pics and videos if desired. As “Melanie” only those who really new me well would make the connection if the pics became public.

We sat and talked for about 15 minutes going over my limits (almost none) and setting up a safe word. Finally he instructed me to “become Melanie” and get ready for some pain and humiliation. He went through my bag of toys as I changed and laid out the ones he wanted to use along with his own.

“Not too bad for a nearly 70 year old man,” was his comment as he saw me come out of the bathroom in my flimsy black baby doll top, stuffed bra, frilly black lace panties and black thigh high nylons. This was enhanced by an auburn wig, shoulder length with some curls and a face made up to make me look like the slut I wanted to be treated as. Bright red (please fuck me) lipstick, foundation and eye shadow completed the change from Ken to Melanie.

It is important for readers to know Melanie (Ken) is not gay or even BI, but a slave to any Dom/Domme and I do not say “NO” to any legal command when I serve. I detest man on man sexual activity making my service that much more enjoyable to those I serve. How dominant is the situation if I am “forced” to do something I enjoy?

I was ordered to my knees and told I had to prove my willingness to serve. I was told to get him hard and make sure some of my lipstick got on his balls to prove I could take his entire cock in my mouth. As he was only average or slightly bigger in size I had no trouble complying. I quickly was told to get my mouth wrapped around his balls and before long had to rim him to prove myself as to oral abilities and willingness.

Soon he decided to test my ass and used a vibrator to probe it and eventually pushed a butt plug in. Satisfied that I was going to accept this treatment he decided to test me with some minor pain. Lying on the bed he proceeded to attach numerous clips to my cock, balls, nipples and even my tongue. For anyone unfamiliar with this type of torment the clips hurt some when attached but the real pain comes into play when they are removed later on and blood rushes into the spots the clamps were. I was soon having my cock and balls slapped quite hard causing pain in itself and more so as some of the clips detached. He also would punch and kick my balls and I soon was moaning in true discomfort. Being in a motel room he could not let the noise bring unwanted questions so I was gagged. The gag was a rag he soaked with urine before putting it in my mouth (we had discussed water sports).

Now that I was suitably silenced he let me know my tolerance could be better tested, and he grabbed a small whip designed more for cock and ball whipping. I was ordered to kneel on a chair and bend over and grab the legs, ordering me not to let go. He started on my ass but wanted to whip my cock and balls, nearly impossible to do in the position I was in so I was ordered to stand, turn towards him and spread my legs. He told me I would probably not need restraints today as our first session would be mild to test my ability to withstand his actions. Master alternated between swinging down at my cock and up at my balls. While quite painful I had endured worse in the past and made no attempt to shield my family jewels from his attack.

Master was a beer drinker, and, as they say, you only rent beer. I was ordered to my knees and told to open my mouth, ordered not to spill a drop of his golden juice. Try as I might, a little escaped and ran to the floor. I was kicked in the balls as punishment. The process would be repeated often that afternoon and I quickly learned to swallow quicker.

Master turned his attention to my ass again, having me again kneel on a chair and hold on. He started with a spanking and then used 3 different whips, larger each time, to redden my ass with stripes that lasted almost 3 days after our session. The gag had been re-inserted or I’m sure people outside the room might have come by.

Master was a smoker, as am I. He did take an occasional break and let me have one as well. I had informed him of an unfulfilled fantasy. I wanted my cock and balls to be tormented with a lit cigarette, progressing to a cigar in the future. At different times he held his cig under my cock and/or balls for a short time causing me to wince at the discomfort caused by the heat. We would get to actually touching later. My hand was used as an ashtray as our cigs burned down and I was forced to lick the ashes from my palm when we finished. I also had to use my tongue to clean an ashtray of ashes.

I had been in his control for over 2 hours when it was getting near time for me to leave. I still had to shower to remove all traces of Melanie and sweat. We were discussing the first session. He was very happy that I had properly told him my limits and certainly had a high pain tolerance. We would severely test those limits as time went on. I explained that I was also happy that he was the Dom he claimed to be but had one small disappointment in our session. He had not really used the cigarette on me. He quickly remedied that but just with a quick touch to the underside of my cock, right where they connect to my balls. I screamed (no gag). Next time we will take more time for that, your unlived fantasy.

I know he has plans for the future and asked me to become his “owned” slave, meaning I would serve no others unless at his command. I readily agreed. In the future I will probably face sessions with multiple Doms, Additional slaves so we can interact for his entertainment. I probably will be made to leave the room as Melanie and invite anyone I run into in for some fun, informing anyone that showed an interest that I was a slave owned by the master in our room and was sent out to find some strange cock to satisfy. I had yet to be fucked by Master. I was told I had to earn the right to be fucked. Tomorrow night is our second session and Chapter 2 will bring an update on what happened. All aspects of this story are true, not fantasy.

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