My First experience with my Maid

Hi Readers, this is Prasad from Hyderabad, I am going to narrate about an incident which happened in my life which has changed my sex life more encouraging and passionate to have more encounters with other mature ladies. This happened when I was in 12th standard it was those days when I was getting the sexual feelings.

We had a maid Lakshmi who used to work in our house, she was around 28 years old 5 feet 6 inches and having good sexy figure, she used to wear saree well below her sexy deep navel and has huge melons 36d filled with milk she has a two kids. She still feeds milk to the younger one. I was very much found of her deep navel and huge boobs.

She used to come early in the morning and starts doing her daily work. I use to look at her boobs whenever she comes to clean my room and i used to get instant hard on. She used to notice me and my erection. I never used to miss any chance to have a glimpse of her boobs. I use to fill water in kitchen and watch her boobs as she used to wash the utensils sitting just opposite to the kitchen window. She also used to enjoy me watching her boobs and never cover them when I am around. This action used to make to crazy and used to masturbate thinking about her and waiting for the day to fuck her.

One day when she was cleaning my room, I was watching her and pretending as reading on my bed, she was just beside me and I could see her sexy navel which was very close to me. She tried to clean the selves which was on the right side of the wall and just came over me my heart was beating heavily and lost my control and intentionally touch her waist and kissed her navel she stood in the same position with a soft moan and junior was in full erection in my shots and she could see it I was still kissing her navel holding her waist. She holds my hand and sat down and watching my erection.

I asked her what she was watching, she replied babu you are no more a boy you are becoming a man pointing at my boner. I asked her why it was happening when I look at her pretending as I am innocent. She smiled and said I know every thing like me staring at her boobs and waist and she asked do you like them. I was sweating and I my mouth got dried and not able to speak. She saw my tension and said this is common for the guys at my age there is noting to worry about it, it’s a healthy sign of a boy changing to an adult. Saying that she kept her hand on my boner which was 6 inches and starting pressing and was moaning ahhha… mhhhhh.

She took my hand and placed them on her boobs and asked to press them i started pressing them and Lakshmi was pressing my erect penis after 5 min she stood and brought her belly just in front of my face and immediately starting licking her deep navel for couple minutes and when I was about to open her blouse my mom called Lakshmi, we suddenly departed and she went out of the room. I could not able to control and went to the washroom and released my tension. From that day I was looking for the time to fuck her and I used to touch her kiss her, she used to hold my dick and kiss it whenever we got a chance and this was making me crazy and mad about her.

After a month my parents has gone out of station and I was waiting for Lakshmi to come in the morning so that I can fuck her. I could not able to sleep properly and masturbated three times thinking of her. I woke up with the sound of a door bell and went and opened the door and saw my dream lady Lakshmi standing outside. I immediately pulled her in and closed the door and started kissing her. She was stopping me saying my mom will come I said no one is there just you and me and hearing this she started responding me and we both were kissing passionately for about 15 min and was pressing her boobs , buttocks in between.

I removed her pallu and removed the hooks of her blouse there came the beautiful white melons. I took one in my mouth and pressing other the milk was oozing from her breast. I was drinking the milk like a baby. After 15 min she asked me to remove my dress I was in my T shirt and shorts. I asked her to remove them. She removed my T shift and short and grabbed my junior and said wow what a dick it was bigger and thicker than her husband and kept it in her mouth and started giving a blow job. I could not able to control and I completely released my cum into her mouth and she swallowed the entire cum without dropping anything. She laughed and said don’t worry we will have more fun later let me complete the house hold work.

I said no need to do any work lets enjoy today and started kissing the navel and removing her saree and her petticoat. This was a beautiful site of my dream lady complete naked in front of me I was kissing on her tummy and slowly went to the love triangle and started licking it. She was moaning aaaahhhhh mmmhhhhhhhhhhhh and after 10 min she had her first orgasm. She asked me come in 69 positions and we were enjoying for 15 min and my junior has regained it strength. She asked me come on top of her and took my dick and pointed at the entrance of her love hole. I slowly inserted and started giving slow strokes and after 5 min I increased the speed and giving her hard and deep strokes and after 10 min she got her orgasm. She is leaving her love marks on my back with her nails. She was asking for more harder and deeper strokes. I was giving her as she was asking and in 15 min she got her other orgasm and I too released my cum in her love hole and fell on her fully exhausted.

After 15 min we regained our strengths and we went to bathroom we started to have bath soaping each other I was soaping her boobs with one hand and other hand was busy at her love triangle. She was busy soaping my erect junior. She asked me to insert in her love hole from back side. She came into a position in which I could easily insert my dick into her pussy. I slowly started giving her strokes and had one more passionate round. We came out and got dressed she started to complete the house hold work. I asked to stay till evening so that we could able to enjoy our self’s for which she agreed. We both enjoyed for couple of more days till my parents returned. She used to come in the morning and leave in the evening. We used to enjoy when ever we got a chance when my parents are not around. This continued for couple of years as she left the work as they moved to another city.

This experience with my dream lady Lakshmi changed my sex life more passionate as I used to look for more opportunities to have sex with elder / married ladies. Friends please share your feedback

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