My Divorcee colleague Sheela ‘DIDI’ gets desperate ! | CHAPTER 2

Sheela Didi came straight to me and came closer and touched my broad shoulders and spoke again, “BAHUT ACHHA LAGG RAHA HAI….AAPKE SAATH AISE” I wrapped my hands around her and she came closer, I caressed her hairs and cheek lightly, she closed her eyes to feel my sensual touch and released her breath and moaned very lightly. I tried to release her hairs, opened the hair clip and took out the bow of her pony and released her hairs.

We both looked into each other’s eyes, for a fraction and started kissing. It was my first kiss and it went good, I enjoyed exploring Sheela Didi’s mouth and she too inserted her tongue into my mouth and exchanged her saliva with mine. Soon we came to bed and continued love making, though I was enjoying and like Sheela Didi I was fully active in love making, still my hands were trembling a bit as first time they were moving over any females seductive assets.

Sheela Didi took initiative to undress me and took off my t-shirt and undershirt together and felt my torso like bit desperate female, kissed and rubbed her wet lips over them to make me moan in pleasure. “AAP BHI UTARIYE HUMARE KAPDE” Sheela Didi spoke while looking into my eyes and got up, I too got up and took off her Kurta,

as I said it was really very tight to her body as compared to the clothes in which I usually see her and I asked her about that, “AAP USUALLY TO LOSE FITTING KE SUITS PAHANTE HO, AAJ ITNA TIGHT KYUN PAHNA HUA HAI” “AAPKO APNI BODY DIKHANE KE LIYE……” Sheela Didi replied back and it was straight forward reply.

By this time Kurta was off from her body and Sheela Didi was sitting just in bra on the upper half. I think I will not be able to write down what I was feeling, she was looking so beautiful, her huge milky juggs were caged in tight bra, making a deep cleavage. I was lost, I could not stop staring at her breasts and above those fleshy mounds my favorite spiritual mala was resting.

“UTTAR DIJIYE ISSKO BHI” Sheela Didi herself got up so that I can pull down her leggings by saying that Sheela Didi took me back to senses. I pulled down her leggings and now she was just in Bra and Panty. Wow what a flesh she had on her thighs and it was so soft and silky.

Sheela Didi sat down again on the bed and looked at my expressions, she too was conscious but not as much I was, I was in the state in which I could not utter much, but she was talking to me and her words were arousing me, though they were simple and straight. “KAHIYE KAISI LAGI AAPKO HAMARI BODY?…. ACHHI NAHI HAI NA?…..MOTE HO GAYE HAIN HUM BAHUT”

Sheela Didi somewhat asked me and replied as well. I was on somewhat on my knees and next moment Sheela Didi’s hands went to my shorts and she unbuttoned that, “PAHLI BAAR HAI NA….ISS LIYE AAP NERVOUS HO RAHE HAIN” Sheela Did spoke again and just then I moaned as her hands were inside my jocky and Sheela Didi was playing with my rod, her hands went under my balls and she somewhat massaged me and my moan rose further high.

She was looking at me, at my facial expressions, I too was looking at Sheela Didi, spiritual sandalwood tilak on her forehead was looking astonishing with the act she was doing, she was playing with my balls while sitting in front of me in just bra and panty. Sheela Didi herself unhooked her bra by extending her hand on her back and her pendulous breasts were sagging in front of my eyes.

Sheela Didi’s neck was long and had bit of extra flesh it was leading smoothly to sexily hanging breasts, her ripe and succulent mounds were tipped with long dark brown nipples in large, dense aureoles. As I said earlier her belly was not firm, she had bit of belly but it was not prominent, the way Sheela Didi was sitting facing me while taking off her bra I could see the width of her bottom and I was getting desperate to see her totally naked,

I wanted to take off last cloth of her body and I moved ahead and pushed her a bit and she lied down, I pulled out her panty from her legs and saw her fuckhole. Wow Sheela Didi was really very wet and as I took off her panty smell of her fucking juices flew to my senses. I too got up a bit and took out my shorts and underwear from my legs which were on my thighs.

Sheela Didi’s sight flew to my size, I was fully erect and she seemed impressed with the size I had. Widening her fleshy thighs apart she made space for me and spoke again while looking at me, “CHALIYE AB HUMEN PYAR KARIYE AAP…..BAHUT TIME SE SOCH RAHE THE HUM AAPKE SAATH YE SAB KARNE KA….” And then spoke again,

“DEKHIYE AAJ HI SUBAH HUMNE APNE YAHAN KE BAAL SAAF KIYE HAIN,….. AAJ AAP NAHI BOLTE TO HUM BOL DETE AAPKO……KI HUMEN AAP KE SAATH FUCKING KARNI HAI” her hands were on her fuckhole and she was showing me her cunt hole, talking to me about the sable hairs which she removed in the morning.

I moved ahead and sat beside her, touched one of her breast with my hand and squeezed that gently and further lied down and came almost completely over her. Sheela Didi moaned nicely as I took her breast in my mouth and sucked it, she grabbed me in pleasure enjoyed my lips over both of her melons one by.

I was squeezing one and sucking other but my this activity did not lasted for long as I was getting restless, one my thigh was touching her soft fuckhole and my erect rod was over her belly and I was feeling that I will burst even without penetrating her fuckhole.

Sheela Didi made more space for me between her fleshy thighs and pulled me a bit to get me more in her arms and as we hugged her big milky jugs got pressed against my chest and I could feel her long nipples over my skin. She took my hand to her fuckhole and spoke again, “ISS KO SAHLAIYE, RUB KARIYE ACHHE SE HUMARI PUSSY KO” I followed whatever she said, I touched Sheela Didi’s love opening.

Ohh….wow first time in my life I was touching female genital, it was freshly shaved, soft and damp like anything and completely soaked in a sticky fluid. I was in some sort of semi conscious state, and everything was happening on its own, I was rubbing her fuckhole and feeling a fresh stream of love juices coming out of her pleasure hole and Sheela Didi too was holding my rod and moving it up an and down and we both were moaning and gasping in our ways.


“AAPKI MUMMY AKELI RAHENGI KYA RAAT KO GHAR PE”….I asked her back, “NAHI PADOSE MEIN EK 14-15 SAAL KI LADKI RAHTI HAI, USKO BOL KE AAYE HAIN RAHNE KE LIYE…KOI PROBLEM NAHI HAI” Sheela Didi replied, by now we both were getting restless, I could see that Sheela Didi was really desperate, extending her hand down to my lower she was already holding my rod, she was jerking it up and down to pleasure me.

We were already in good position, I was lying over her and our crouches were close, Sheela Didi further pulled my rod to her opening while saying, “DAAL DIJIYE AB….ISSKO HUMARE ANDAR” “LEKIN MAINE CONDOM NAHI LAGAYA” I replied over what she said and looked at the pack of Condoms, it was kept bit far on the box of the bed.

“KOI BAAT NAHI, AAJ BHAR KAR LIJIYE BINA CONDOM KE….ABHI HUMARE LIYE EK I Pill (contraceptive pills) KA PACKET BHI LE AAYIYEGA JAKAR” I got up a bit and simply followed wherever Sheela Didi took me and in next fraction of second I was inside her. “Oh….GOD” I moaned loud, as foreskin of my throbbing rod got removed while entering inside her burning hot fuckhole “Ahhhhhh…….”

Sheela Didi gasped too as my monster rod stretched her virginal muscles apart. I was in heaven, so was Sheela Didi. She was so wet and hot, that in a fraction my rod slipped deep inside her till the end of her fucking cunt. Certainly I was feeling great but weird as well, as it was my first time but at her end after a very long time Sheela Didi was getting this pleasure and this fact was evident on her facial expressions,

she was enjoying up to max I could feel it from her pleasure gasps. As I moved back and forth into her fuckhole and we both moaned loud in divine pleasure once again. Finally I was fucking Sheela Didi but this did not lasted for long, I was feeling myself going to peak and like me Sheela too was very close to her burst, I could feel her state from her body movement.

unintentionally my speed of fucking her cunt hole rose and as I started moving to and fro into her with short and deep thrusts burring my long and thick rod tiil the root of it and within 1 minute she orgasmed and trembled while moaning strangely and grabbed me tight between her arms and fleshy thighs, I too released myself deep inside her fuck hole and hollowed whatever I had in my balls with a shattering gasp.

Sheela Didi puffed for a while and kept on holding me for long, my limp rod slipped out of her fuckhole. I lied beside her for a while, without saying a word. Once again Sheela Didi broke the silence “AAJ HO HI GAYA AAPKE SAATH HAMARA MILAN…… HUM KAB SE SOCH RAHE THE ISSKE BAARE MEIN” “KAB SE SOCH RAHE THE?”


She seemed bit excited with that concern “ABHI DEKHNI HAI….YA BAAD MEIN?” I asked back, “CHALIYE BAAD MEIN DEKHTE HAIN…… AB TO HUM RAAT BHAR YAHAN HAIN” “LUNCH ABHI KARENGE….. YA ABHI DOBARA KARNA HAI?” Sheela Didi asked me while getting up and while tugging her hairs in a bow.

“ABHI TO BHOOKH NAHI HAI…THODI DER MEIN KARTE HAIN” I too got up while saying that, “BHUKH NAHI HAI KOI BAAT NAHI….PYAS TO HAI NA?” Sheela Didi asked back in sarcastic tone with naughty smile while looking for her panty, “HAAN PYAS TO BAHUT HAI…..AND I DON’T THINK WO RAAT BHAR MEIN BUJHEGI”…..I replied in same naughty fashion with a smile

“KOI BAAT NAHI….. AAP JAB KAHEGE HUM TAB AA JAAYENGE AAPKI PYAS BUJHANE…..” Sheela Didi replied with a bigger smile and asked me again while wearing her panty “KAISA LAGGA KARKE…. MAZZA AAYA?” “HAAN MAZZA TO BAHUT AAYA…. PAR BAHUT AJEEB LAGG RAHA THA” I spoke back, “PAHLI BAAR THA NA…. ISS LIYE”…

“DOBARA KARENGE TO AJEEB NAHI LAGEGA” Sheela Didi was trying to wear her cloths back, I stopped her by saying “MERI T-SHIRT PAHAN LO…. AUR NEECHE KUCH MAT PAHNO…..ACHHE LAGOGE” “KACHHI BHI NAHI PAHNE KYA”? Sheela Didi asked me back, “WO PAHAN LO…..THIGHS DIKHTI RAHEN BAS” I replied back.

Sheela Didi smiled a bit on my desire while looking into my eyes and spoke again, “ACHHA….. HUMARI JAANGHE(THIGHS) DEKHNA CHAHTE HAIN AAP”? And then spoke again, “DIJIYE FIR APNI KOI T-SHIRT” I gave her one and she wore that without a bra underneath, at lower half Sheela Didi wore just panty and in that t-shirt all her massive thighs were exposed.

I was also back in my cloths, next I asked her, “APPKO KAISA LAGGA MERE SAATH KARKE…. MAZZA AYAA YA NAHI?” “ARRE KYA BAAT KAR RAHE HAIN….? BAHUT MAZZA AAYA….. AUR AAPKE LIYE EK COMPLIMENT HAI….” Sheela Didi replied me and spoke in continuation, “KYA?” I asked back, “AAPKA SIZE BAHUT ACHHA HAI…..”…. “SIZE”?

I asked back in questioning tone as I could not guess what she was talking about, “HAAN… AAPKE USKA SIZE, KYA KAHTE HAIN AAPLOG USKO …. COCK” Sheela Didi replied in casual tone and I could see that our hesitation was almost vanished, and she spoke again in continuation “HUMARE HUSBAND KA ITNA BADA NAHI THA”

I smiled on her straight forward words, from the beginning I could see that Sheela Didi words were arousing me a lot, though she did not used much slang or nasty words except few places, wherever they were necessary and she could not think of using anything else.

Anyway after some casual television we had lunch together and came to bedroom again and I switched on my laptop and saw one blue movie together. Instead of movie I was more interested in looking at Sheela Didi’s facial expressions, the way she was watching things happening on screen it was very arousing.

As excepted it was a typical xxx movie and after bit of kissing oral sex started and I saw a light smile on Sheela Didi’s face, she looked at me and realized that I am just looking at her and not at all on screen, “AAP HUMEN KYA DEKH RAHE HAIN…… MOVIE DEKHIYE” I laughed a bit with a light giggle on her reaction “AAPNE APNE HUSBAND KE SAATH KIYA HAI KABHI YE”

I asked her about the oral sex which was running on the screen, whether she has done that with her past husband as one seductive Latina was sucking a throbbing cock in the movie. “HAAN KIYA TO HAI HUMNE…..LEKIN HARDLY EK DO BAAR” Sheela Didi replied while looking at me in between and then again her sight went to screen, “MERE SAATH BHI KAROGE?”

I asked her whether she will suck me” she looked at me for fraction into my eyes and then replied, “HAAN KAR DENGE…..AAP BHI KARENGE HAMARE SAATH?” Sheela Didi said yes to suck and asked me in continuation whether I will suck her too. “HAAN MAIN BHI KARUNGA……” I too accepted. “’HUMKO ISS MEIN SE EK-DO DVD DE DIJIYEGA….. HUM GHAR PE DEKHENGE RAAT KO”

Sheela Didi asked me for couple of xxx DVD’S to see at her home in the night. “’RAAT KO TO AAP YAHIN RUKNE WAALE HO NA”? I asked back, “HAAN….. I MEAN BAAD KE LIYE” “OK” I replied, and while saying that I closed the application on which movie was playing. Sheela Didi looked at me with a question as if she was asking why I closed that.

“BAAKI KI MOVIE GHAR JAAKAR DEKHNA….. ABHI JO MOVIE MEIN HORAHA THA WO KARTE HAIN” I spoke with a naughty smile, Sheela Didi too smiled naughtily on my words and replied with just “THEEK HAI” I folded the laptop and kept that away from the bed and came to her again and started kissing.

Very soon I was lying over Sheela Didi and we were lost in kissing and exploring each others mouth and this time it was much better kiss. We took off each other’s clothes and got totally naked just in few seconds. Throughout the lunch, while being with her I was thinking that I have not loved her breasts properly and for next meeting I had a plan to play with them for long and as we both got naked without wasting much time I started doing that.

I sucked Sheela Didi’s huge melons like a child for really long and she fed me and enjoyed a lot, her pleasure moans were telling her states and her moans went denser as I started sucking her nipples properly and flicked numerous times with my tongue. Just like we see in xxx movies I was giving attentions to both of her luscious fruits, while sucking one I was playing with other by caressing,

pressing and squeezing and pinching her long erect with my fingers, my activities were making Sheela Didi bizarre and she got so excited that she started chanting my name and requesting me to suck her more in her typical way using simple and sensual Hindi words, “HAAN……HEMANT JI …….HMMMM……BAHUT ACHHA LAGG RAHA HAI….AUR CHUSIYE…..PYAR KARIYE HUMEN….HEMANT JI….JO MARZI KARIYE HUMARE SAATH….HUM AAPKE HO GAYE HAIN”.

Sheela Didi’s words were making me crazy and I sucked her hard and her excitement rose with it. Finally I stopped as now I was really excited and I wanted to go ahead and as I stopped Sheela Didi started handling my monster and started jerking it properly to pleasure me and asked me while looking into my eyes,

“AB CHUSEN ISSKO….HUM”? “HAAN CHUSIYE….” I replied in puffing voice, “AAP BHI CHUSIYEGA HAMARI” Sheela Didi spoke somewhat in requesting tone, “HAAN….. HAAN MAIN BHI CHUSUNGA DON”T WORRY” I replied and assured her that I will suck her too. “AAP LATE JAAIYE ARAM SE” Sheela Didi told me to lie down and I obeyed her and went on my back immediately.

Sheela Didi was already holding my rod, she jerked it nicely, I was not fully erect it was somewhat limping with lot of precum on the tip of it and I could feel that it is still coming out of it. Holding it tenderly, Sheela Didi kissed my cock-head and touched her tongue on that softly. Then rolling back the foreskin slowly drew it between her lips. I hissed in strange pleasure.

I widened my legs and made more space for her, Sheela Didi was leaning on my crouch and as I went wider she went on her front and lied between my legs with support of her elbows and continued sucking my rod with her warm and moist mouth comfortably. Oh….GOD I moaned loud, as most of rod was in her mouth.

Slowly I lifted my legs and rested them on Sheela Didi’s shoulders, she moved forward and gave support of her shoulders to my thighs and took me deeper in her mouth and sucked it hard. My penis trembled in Sheela Didi’s mouth. My belly rippled, holding her scalp I moaned loud, Ahhh… Ahhhh…,

Sheela Didi continued sucking me and, I moaned couple of times again, as I was going crazy in pleasure and pain. “DIDI DARD HO RAHA HAI, PLEASE SLOW”. Sheela Didi looked at me and then started again and took out lot of her saliva and continued sucking my rod for sometime and this time she was tender. It was much better feeling then before but still it was very weird.

Sheela Didi continued sucking it with less passion and just in few minutes the sensation went wonderful: her mouth was already warm and moist and it went better and better, pain was disappearing and her tongue was giving me some sort of current as she took foreskin of my rod in her mouth and sucked it slowly, I was trembling in electrifying pleasure,

once again my belly rippled as she continued and I gasped in divine pleasure. What I could see laying there on bed by raising my head, my monster rod was appearing and disappearing in Sheela Didi’s mouth and her head was rocking up and down, Sandalwood Tilak and that Spiritual Mala was adding up spice to the act she was doing,

I could feel her tongue working around my cock head and feeling was out of the world, though it was still paining a bit but I could bear that pain. Sheela Didi stopped for a fraction to get a breath and spoke while looking at me “KAHIN APNA LIQUID HUMARE MUH MEIN MATT CHHOD DIJIYEGA…..AGAR HONE WALA HO TO BATTA DIJIYEGA” I was already going crazy and Sheela Didi words took me to further hardness.

Once again Sheela Didi started after jerking my rod couple of times and my rod swelled and grew further hard in her mouth, I moaned and my moan excited her and she continued sucking me in same fashion with lot more saliva “DIDI…. DIDI… BASS… BASS… PLEASE… BASS KARO…MERA HO JAYEGA…”

I was humming in pleasure and finally Sheela Didi stopped sucking and continued jerking for a while and looked at my face. I was puffing in pleasure and my rod was fully wet with Sheela Didi’s saliva and well erect to fuck her but now it was my turn to give her oral pleasure. I got up, Sheela Didi too got up without uttering a word she continued looking into my eyes,

waited for me to say something, “’AB AAP LATE JAAO MAIN AAPKI SUCKING KARTA HUN” finally I uttered she was waiting for, Sheela Didi was really excited and as I said that she smiled a bit and seemed happy. She went on her back and now I came between her spread legs and leaned over her and went further down on my stomach and started sucking Sheela Didi’s fuckhole.

Sheela Didi moaned sexily as my tongue touched her aroused pleasure hole and she spoke in puffing voice, “BAHUT GILI HO GAYI HAI” about her fuckhole, that it is very wet. I kept on licking her damp fuckhole and moved my tongue lightly over her slit couple of more times and found her leading to heaven.

At my end truly speaking for few minutes it was really creepy feeling, embarrassing and filthy, Sheela Didi’s fuckhole was already wet and totally soaked with her pleasure juices and I was sucking that fluid. Though it was more or less tasteless but still I was really very uncomfortable in doing that.

Somehow I was trying to overcome my feeling and continued licking her soft and swollen fucking cunt and I tried to lick it as I saw in number of XXX movies. As I moved my tongue over her cunt bit deeper while parting her pussy lips Sheela Didi trembled nicely in excitement. From the very first moment her moans and pleasure movements were making me crazy,

to hear more from her I dragged my tongue from bottom of her slit to up till the edge of her crack, licking her sodden slit, and I continued licking it without any break. Sheela Didi’s face got arched and, her eyes got shut. She moaned thickly, and murmured nicely “CHOOSIYE….. HEMANT JI HMMM… UMMM… ACHHE SE CHOOSIYE ISSKO”

I followed what Sheela Didi said as by this time my hesitation was disappearing and I was getting crazy with her moans and words and I wanted to hear more from her, spreading her fleshy thighs further I parted her pussy lips and next moment my tongue rippled into her cunt. Suddenly Sheela Didi gasped sharply, and went crazy. Her hips shivered in excitement.

I took Sheela Didi’s thighs up and rested them on my shoulders, they way she was resting my thighs on her shoulders and went deeper in her fuckhole and felt her streaming out heady, erotic juices. I pressed my face deeper and sucked her hard to take out every drop. Sheela Didi screamed nicely while trembling and moaning passionately and cried

“BASS KARIYE…… BASS…… BASSS……HEMANT JI BASSS….” finally I stopped and got up. Sheela Didi also got and her sight flew to my rod, I was losing erection, I was holding it in my hands and jerking it to make it harder. “KYA HUA… ERECTION CHALI GAYI”? She asked what she saw and spoke again,

“LAAIYE HUM FIR SE CHOOS DETE HAIN” I moved ahead on my knees and once again Sheela Didi took my rod in her mouth and sucked whatever precum I had on the tip of my cock. Holding Sheela Didi’s head I moved my rod in and out of her mouth or you can say fucked her mouth properly while looking at her pretty face filled with my size and regained my size within couple of minutes.

Sheela Didi felt my monster growing back in her mouth and stopped and asked me while looking up, “KAHIYE KAISE KARNA HAI,… I MEAN KAUNSI POSITION MEIN KARNA HAI”? “JAISE AAP BOLO” I replied, “AAP BOLIYE PEECHHE SE DAALENGE YA HUM OOPAR AAYEN” She asked my decision and gave me two options,

whether I want to fuck her from behind or she has to come on top. “JAISE AAPKA MANN HAI” once again I told her to decide, “ABHI AAP NAYE HAIN… PEECHHE SE THEEK SE DAAL NAHI PAAYENGE….HUM OOPAR AA JAATE HAIN” Sheela Didi got up further on her knees and expected me to lie down, “AAP… MUJHSE PEECHE SE NAHI KARWAOGE KYA”?


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