Got fucked with friend son in trip

My husband was always insisting that we go to Mt. Abu, Hill station near Rajasthan in Gujarat. But my pregnancy had started so had to wait till my baby was born. When our baby was about 4 months we decided to go to Mt. Abu for a 3 day picnic. My Neighbor and my good friend, wanted us to take her 19 year old son, Harsh along with as he has not seen Mt. Abu. I asked my husband if we can take Heni. He said he did not mind.

Only when we reach Mt. Abu we came to know that we had to book Rooms in advance. After so much search we found a hotel but only one room was available. We still tried but no success. Finally I asked my husband, can we let Harsh stay in our room ? He said, he is your friend’s son , I don’t mind and also he is small of age.

So, extra bed was placed in our room. Entire day we went out and then came back in evening. I had my dinner early but my husband wanted to drink so he brought wine bottle and started to drink. Harsh was also tired and he also went to sleep on the extra bed.. I was feeling sleepy so took my baby and slept at the edge of the bed facing the wall. My husband was to sleep next to me.


Late night, maybe 2 am or so I woke up half sleepy, to hear my husband was snoring loudly behind me. So I just examined my sari pallu which was over my baby and went to sleep. My baby was sucking my breast milk. Somehow I found, baby was extra hungry and her sucking was hard then usual. I opened my eyes to see that my baby was sleeping peacefully touching the wall. My husband was still snoring. Then whom was I breastfeeding ?????? I lifted my sari pallu and in the dark I could make out it was Harsh. Harsh was drinking my milk. I pulled out my breast from his mouth. Immediately, he caught my hand. I whispered to him, what are you doing. He also whispered back, Aunty please let me drink little more. I whispered to him back, NO. I was careful not to wake up my husband. But Harsh came near my face and whispered in my ears, Aunty, please your milk tastes so sweet, I just started few minutes back, I want little more, your milk taste so sweet, I want little
more. I was not willing but he went on insisting in whispers calling be Aunty, Manju Aunty, manju darling and came near my face and put his lips on my lips and started to kiss me. It was first time that Harsh kissed me. I felt his warm lips over mine.

But I freed myself and pushed him. He said, please Aunty, I want to drink your dhoodhoo, little and went on saying that. I was totally nervous. He kissed me again. Finally I said, OK little then you go…


He whispered OK and put his mouth close to my half opened blouse and waited. I bent towards him and he took my breast into his waiting hungry lips and started to suck . I was really nervous as this was the first time, I have allowed anybody other than my husband to suck my breast. Of course after my delivery I was feeding my baby. My husband drank my milk some 4 or 5 times. But here, my best friend’s son, was nursing on breast that too right when my husband was sleeping next to me. He sucked my nipple like a small baby and I also felt little excited, breastfeeding a 19 year old boy. I felt nice and my motherly milk was flowing as demanded by his lips and tongue . In that excitement, I did not know when my leg went over Harsh waist. My hand was covering his head brushing his hairs with affection. Only when he started to roam his hand, over my back and then sliding over my leg and his hand almost reached my panty, I felt that it was I who had
wrapped my leg to his waist part. I wanted to remove but he held it tight with his hand. He wanted my leg to remained wrapped over his waist.

Harsh then left my breast, so I soon covered my blouse. But he caught my hand and whispered saying, Aunty I need some more from the other side. I did not want to say yes but actually had started to enjoy those moments and I wished that forces me for more milk. I said no. He put his hand to the lower part of my blouse and pulled it upwards and without my permission took my second breast into his mouth and started to drink. I whispered in his ears, this is wrong. But he went on drinking my baby’s food. I was enjoying one side but having a guilt feeling that I am allowing my baby’s milk to be sucked by this grown up boy who is my best friend’s son. However, my nipple was giving me pleasure and I pushed his head more towards me as if it I who was wanting to breastfeed him. Meanwhile his hand was busy playing with my panties front and back trying to bring it downwards which I pulled it up again and again. He was playing with my saree and petticoat
examining the material. He also covered his head with my saree palluu as if some one should not see him.


He continued to more than 10 mins and then left my nipple and saw me and whispered thank you Aunty, your dhoodhoo is so sweet. He came near my face and again covered his lips on my lips not willing to leave them. I could get the smell of my own milk from his mouth. While he kissed me he unhooked the remaining 3 hooks of my blouse and started to play with my breasts. Then he positioned himself on top of me while still locking his lips to mine and adjusted himself between my legs. I pushed him to say no but he was so determined that he kissed me again and said, Aunty I cannot control myself please don’t say no for anything just 5 mins more. I whispered in his ears that my husband will wake up. He whispered back saying we will not make any noise and he pulled one bed sheet on top of us covering both of us together. And he forced himself down to my legs and entered my petticoat. I saw my husband sleeping and snoring. I was wondering my husband is sleeping
next to me and this young boy is entering my petticoat from lower end and by the time I could do anything else he mouth was on my panties trying to eat my panties hungrily. He was biting and chewing my panties and then with his hand he pulled down my panties down from my legs. He then started to kiss me on my vaginal part biting my pubic hairs and pushing his tongue in my pee hole trying to kiss whatever comes in the way. I felt nice while he pushed his tongue inside my vagina and was surprised as to why my vaginal juices had already started to flow. He came on top of me again, kissed me again and kissed my breasts and was trying to do something below. Then I came to know that he was trying to remove his underwear & shorts as I felt his naked body over my naked legs. He had pulled up my saree and petticoat right up.


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