My girl friend Other Side

This is about my ex-Girl friend.
The other side of her romantic world

To describe about her she is fair , 5.4′ , Perfect figure.
She was 19 when we got into Love , i was 24.It was going very well
for 2 years. I meet her only once or two times a month, since i was far from the city
so most of times our conversation was in phone or msgs.
Our romance life was great, took to next level, had few times complete sex.
she sometimes ask me to take few pics or videos while we are having sex,
then later she sees and tease me, how we are good in bed.
days were good going , until this happened
Her collage got over and she was in home many days .she used to often fight ,since she was boring in home. she was asking me to come out often.But i was busy with my works since i was out of city.
In order to make her busy i told her to join zumba class. So that she gets some time
The center was my friends . So i was ok to allow her for the class.


I enquired completely about the class, before i tell her. It was a lady trainer.
The center also had Yoga and Aeriobics.
After first day class i asked her about the session.
She was telling , it was good.the trainer told to get the proper Zumba dress.
So when i came to the city, we went for the shopping to get her the dresses.

She also asked some inners. normally she never trials it, but this time she asked me
” i want to trail the bra”.I was Ok with it, since the shop was well known .
I was near her ladies section, where she got few bras in hand for trail.
the boys in the near by section was seeing my girl and were gossiping something in them.
All the guys attention was on my GFs boob. She had a Sexy size, measuring 32C.

she went to trail the bra, a lady accompained her, with few bras in hand for the sample trial.
she took models from Jockey , Bwitch.Pink colors, Dark blues were the colors i saw in her hand.
I was little scary, as anyone will keep any camers inside. Made sure the room is clean.
the Lady smiled and told , “there is nothing to worry sir”.I told my GF if possible show after wearing the bra. I was standing outside the door. My GF slightly opened the door and showed, me and asked “how is it”? She was looking damp hot in the new Bra. But i was scared why she came out, and showing. She was wearing a blue jean, and Pink bra. The lady near me was smiling.

That time suddenly some guy came to call that women outside who was incharge of Inners section.
he saw my girl who was in bra and talking to me. the guy was staring at her. I was uncomfortable,
But my GF was not shy in show off. after few seconds she went in and was trialing the next bra.
the guy was still there and was tallking to that women who was outside.
My Gf asked ,but i told its not needed. finish and come .
then our shopping was completed after she got few panties, both V shape and boxer type.

When we were going out , i asked her ” why you were standing and showing off , when a guy came ?”
she told me ” whats wrong in it.He is just seeing me in bra, I like it”
She told , she like to expose her body.
the reply was quite disturbing for me , but it was horny too when a guy sees my GF in bra in front of me.She even told, normaly she will be lyig in bed in bra, after her collage ,
And many times , a guy from her next home comes in (even though he is 14 age).
has seen her in bra.

The next side of her was to begin.

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