Gf sharing experience. 100% real incident

Hello friends, sharing my 1st ever gf sharing experience with ya’ll. I’m 25 and my gf jaya (23), we both are together since 5 years and plan on getting married next year. We experienced something erotic/exotic couple of weeks ago after getting intimate with a friend of mine. This experience has has been amazing & spiced up things between us.. details are as follows;

I am sharing a 1 bhk flat in mumbai with a colleague, dev (25) things were fine, v used to hv our gf’s over for partys n all. One evng me, my gf (23) and my frnd were drinking & were feeling tipsy n my gf got a bit naughty. She asked me if we could watch some porn, my friend heard it and he said he’s going to his room & u guys enjoy!

(About my gf jaya, she’s 23 very bubbly character, never dated any1 & very shy. She’s 5’4″ , very fair, good filled boobs and the best ass, a heart shaped one.)

The bedroom AC was not working, so i jokingly told him to be in the living room & give us company. But to my surprise my gf said ya why not come join us, I was surprised and added yeah anyways you would watch porn inside and use the wifi. We all joked about it and we switched on the laptop and started browsing some Indian porn on xvideos.

We sat on the couch with my gf in middle and I on the left side with my friend dev on right.
V wer enjoying all the videos and the drinks was making us more horny.
I removed my t shirt as it was getting hot, my friend dev too got shirtless as it eas normal for us. My gf too volunteered and removed her shirt buttons, but did not remove her shirt completely. Her navy blue bar was visible. My friend complimented her and I was getting exicted. My gf said she has never seen a uncut cock in real life while watching a porn video ( as i am cut), I said dev is uncut, if he doesn’t mind showing you. Dev was kind, he unzipped his jeans and pulled it down with his boxers upto his knees / lower thigh. My gf liked his tool n kept staring at it, I asked her touch it, it won’t bite. He had a broader darker tool than mine, even though mine was longer than him. She touched it, felt its tip his balls.. dev was enjoying it. She said thanks pulled her hand back and we started watching the movie.

But dev did not pull his pants back, instead was stroking the dick and watching the movie with us. I also got hard and removed my shorts till my knees and starting playing with it. My gf said that’s not fair and even she wants to play with herself, so stop doing it guys.

I just unhooked her jeans button and pull her zip n jeans a bit down n asked her to enjoy yourself.

There were we 3 playing with our private parts.. me n my friend openly while my gf fingering herself with her fingers inside her pants.
Dev was only watching her. Her navy blue bra and deep clevage n her fingers frantically playing wd her pussy.

I started focusing on her now and thought about ways of teasing my friend.
I started playing with her bra covered boobs feeling, pressing it. I unhooked her bra n wss removing it. She resisted n said no twice, I got slow but still continued pulling her bra out. She finally daid wait and in a second pulled her shirt and bra both out being completely topless. Dev got so excited he removed his jeans n boxers and throwed it away, I too did the same.

So now here me and dev were completely nude, with me sucking jaya’s boobs and dev looking at us and masturbating. While my gf topless with her jeans down to her thighs and one had in her white panties and her other hand on my dick. With she watching the video and time to time staring at dev’s dick.

We all 3 were very aroused, masturbating in front of each other on the couch, a bit drunk and watching some good porn. This was the 1st time jaya had exposed herself to anyone except me, we dating since 6 yrs and I have been her 1st. I was shocked to see her boldness and it was making me horny. Dev was a horny lad I knew that, often I could hear him and his gf fighting for not giving him sexual pleasures. To the story now..

Dev commented how jaya’s boob were so perfectly shaped and awesome, while I was licking them. Jay was very quite, unlike her as she is very talkative. She just said thanks and told, you too have a good uncut dick, while touching his thighs. I asked dev, dude my gf felt your tool, it’s only fair if you get to feel her tits. Jaya blushed, dev said I’m dying to but only if jaya has no problem with it. Jaya smiled and said just touching okay and she rested behing and closed her eyes. Dev slowly touched her right boob, felt it and started playing it both now as I left her boobs. I started smooching my gf, kissing madly & she too was getting so horny to let a guy feel her boobs other than me for 1st time. Dev was feeling both boobs with both his hands. Later he left 1 hand and was stroking his dick & trying to take her hand and keep it on his dick. She felt it and moved her hand, he pleaded please jaya, he again tried keeping her hand on his dick.. she again back. He continued playing with her right boob, while was smooching her and playing with her left boob. Jayas 1 hand was always inside her panties with her jeans down to her thighs.. dev again took her hand n kept it on his tool, this time she didn’t move it but just kept it there. She slowly started shaking his dick too while smooching me. Then to my surprise she whispered me and asked if she could kiss him?

I said yeah go ahead. She just leaned to his side and smooched him madly, both were kissing like anything. To be honest I got jealous there, but aroused more than that. I was playing wd her boobs while she was shaking his dick while kissing each other. They broke the kiss soon and she just came over to my side and started sucking my dick, in doggy style.

She used to reluctant in giving me blowjobs & i had to always force her. But God, she was giving my 1 of the best blowjob. Dev could only see her back, her white panty till half her ass and then her jeans. I saw dev staring at her panty covered ass. I asked dev to remove her jeans please from behind. She didn’t say anything as she was bussy serving my dick. Dev pulled her jeans down and she gave him way while sliding it out of her ankles. Now she was only in her panties. Dev was jerking off to her panty covered ass and I was going out of control with her blowjob.

I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it all for the 1st time ever. I felt so awesome!
We kissed each other and sat back. Dev said jaya you’re so hot & I’m so lucky to have you as a gf. She kissed him and told him thanks. I told her let me return the favour and I pulled out her panties, she left the kiss and said pls don’t remove my panties, while I was trying to get it down and she was holding it, half of pussy line could be soon amidst her light pussy hair. Dev too joined in and told her remove it jaya it’s just us, I put my finger in her panties and started fingering her while dev started licking her boobs she left fighting and dev pulled her panties down and she gave him way. I was getting hard again, seeing dev sucking on her 34C white fair boobs. She took dev’s hand and kept it on her pussy.

It looked like a scene from a porn movie. We all 3 naked & both ma and dev fingering my gf. She just had her eyes closed and kept moaning with pleasure.

to be continued..)

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