Fucked By My Doctor

I’ve always had this fantasy of being fucked by a Dr when I go in for a physical check up.

You see, the Dr comes into the room to do the examination and, like usual, I strip to my underwear. As she pokes and prods and feels different things on my body she finally says for me to drop my underwear.

When I do my cock is half erect; as she plays with my balls my cock grows more stiff. At this point, she begins stroking my cock.

She asks if it feels good and I tell her it does.

She tells me to turn around and bend over; I do and she sticks a finger in my butt hole and reaches between my legs and strokes me more.

Oh man, it feels like I’m about to explode when she tells me to turn around and kneel down.

As I kneel she lifts her skirt to reveal a large bulge in her own underwear.

What she exposes is a large male cock between her legs; she says she needs to check my throat.

Slowly I take all 8 inches of her cock in my mouth; I’m trying to deep throat her.

Then she tells me to bend over again so she can do an internal hemorrhoid check.

Willingly I get down like a dog on all fours.

I can see she has taken off her skirt and underwear and her cock is gleaming from my saliva.

I feel her as she puts KY on my hole.

She positions her cock and tells me to take a deep breath. I feel it as she penetrates me fully.

She’s slow to begin with, but as she slips in and out she picks up the pace.

Oh man, finally she’s slamming my hole.

Oh yes, fuck me! I’m begging for the cock to fuck me.

I feel the moment she slams in and holds as she dumps her load deep in my hole; I can feel the cock pulsing.

Then she pulls out and tells me to come back in three weeks for a follow up.

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