Chuck had been attracted to Colleen for quite some time and decided he couldn’t take it anymore and would see if his affection was reciprocated. So he began by emailing her for her number and that progressed into some flirtatious texts and before long they arranged to meet for dinner at his place.

When she arrived for dinner he let her in and Colleen calmly slipped in the conversation that her two kids were spending the night at a friend’s house. They ate and talked and Chuck’s mind would drift occasionally, wondering what she looked like nude. After dinner they went to the couch and had some drinks and as she laughed Colleen would put her hand on his thigh. Each time she touched him he would get a warm feeling of arousal. He couldn’t take it anymore and made his move, leaning in for a kiss.

Their lips touched and tongues began to wrestle. Colleen’s hand grazed his crotch and she smiled as she felt his dick starting to harden. Colleen got up from the couch and as she walked toward the bedroom she playfully turned and threw her shirt and bra at him and said, “So you coming or what?”

Chuck raced after her, stripping as he followed, and was in his boxers as he caught up to her in the bedroom and she was in her booty shorts. He began sucking on and biting her pink nipples of her size c tits. She bit her lip in excitement. Chuck laid her on the bed and began softly kissing her panties and could feel that they were moist. She yelled, “Take them off!” and he removed them with his teeth. Then he ran his tongue up her thigh and slowly pleasured her with his tongue as she moaned. Finally, Colleen screamed, “Give me your cock!”

Chuck wasted no time pulling off his boxers and climbing on top of her and inserting his cock into her warm wet pussy. He began pumping harder and harder and his balls slapped against her ass. Colleen moaned louder and louder and he would feel her pussy contract around his cock as she orgasmed. After a while Chuck felt himself getting ready to blow and he braced himself by grabbing her tits in each hand and his load of cum shot inside her pussy as he sighed. Colleen got up and smiled, grabbed her clothes and said, “We will have to dinner again,” and she kissed his lips and left. Chuck laid back on his bed and thought ‘it finally happened.’

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