Carrie’s Photo Shoot

Like most women, Carrie loves attention; she also loves to go out and buy expensive lingerie and get all dressed up and have her picture taken with them on, sometimes exposing, sometimes just plain erotic, without exposing much flesh! And I just love taking the pictures for her, because it always makes her hot as hell! So we both really have a great time.

So Carrie started out in a little white shorty with matching panties, very low cut, almost down to her nipples. I snapped several shots, then she let her left tit come out. As she rubbed her nipple I snapped more pictures, she then moved her right hand to her cunt and started rubbing her cunt, as she did, I snapped many more. We were both getting super hot! I could see her panties getting wet from the juices of her cunt as she rubbed!

She then removed her panties and laid on her tummy with her legs opened, and her cunt exposed; I snapped several pictures, then I reached up with my fingers and gently inserted two fingers deep into her cunt, making her moan with excitement!

After taking several shots of her wet cunt, she got up and changed into a black nightie that snapped in the crotch, but no need in that. She laid back on the bed as I snapped pictures, she then took her favorite purple dildo and inserted it in and out of her cunt, I could see the juices on the dildo as she was moaning with each thrust!
By this time we had both had all we could take, so I crawled up between her legs and started licking her clit as I worked the dildo in and out of her cunt. She was moaning and her cunt was dancing!

I then removed the dildo from her juicy fucked cunt, and I crawled up between her legs and slid my cock deep into her talented cunt and started pumping in and out! Carrie was moaning from being so turned on! I heard her scream a little as I continued pumping, then I unloaded a wad of fresh hot cum deep inside of her well fucked cunt. She then laid back as I snapped pictures of her creampie, sticking her fingers in her cunt and finger fucking herself until she came again! Then she licked my cum and her love juice from her fingers as I snapped more pictures! We take pictures often, she likes to buy nighties, and I like the results of her buying them! Well, time to go take some pictures!

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