Carrie Has Sex On The Internet

Carrie brought a chair into the bedroom, placed it at the foot of the bed and said, “I want you to have the best view while I let you see how I fuck myself!”

I was all game and couldn’t wait!

So I sat down in the chair with just my shorts on while Carrie stripped down, got her Ipad and crawled up on the bed with her already wet cunt facing me!

She said, “Log in to my account; I’m talking to Cuntman2020!”

So I did as I was commanded; I always want to be a good husband, after all these years we have never kept secrets from one another. Nor have we made any lies about what we like to do for sexual pleasure!

And one of the things I had always wanted to do was to watch her fuck herself! So today was that day!

I logged into her account and started reading!

Cuntman2020: We are in our fantasy now until we meet, then I’m going to put my cock deep inside of your cunt and I’m going to cum inside of you, ok? You like?

Carrie: I would like that.

I saw Carrie starting to rub her cunt and gently massage her clit! This was going to be hot!

Cuntman2020: I will fuck you hard while your husband watches. Will you like that?

Carrie: Yes, I would like that a lot!

Cuntman2020: I read your story so I know what you like; you like a hard cock in your cunt hard and deep, then filled up with hot cum in your juicy cunt.

Carrie: Yes!

Cuntman2020: So you would like it?

Carrie: I would like u inside of me!

Carrie then sticks a finger in her juicy cunt and starts working it in and out, she looks at me and gives me that grin she does when she is horny! I could feel my cock rising for this occasion!

Cuntman2020: And I will be inside of you hard and deep.

Carrie: Mmm.. I like!

Cuntman2020: Yes, I know. I am going to pump you a long time and you will cum many times.

Carrie: Yes!

Cuntman2020: Are you rubbing yourself?

Carrie: Yes, it feels so good!

Cuntman2020: Would you like if I lick your juicy cunt and taste your sweetness and then put 2 fingers deep inside you?

Carrie: Oh yes! I put my fingers in my cunt, too. Yes, feels so fucking good!

Cuntman2020: I slide up to your face, I kiss you and you taste your juice and like it. I then slide my cock into your cunt.

Carrie then pulls her fingers from her cunt, looks at me and licks her sweet juice off her finger! I was so ready to crawl up on that bed and lick her cunt, but rules are rules! I was just there to watch her fuck herself!

Carrie: Yes!

Cuntman2020: I just put the head in…

Carrie: I want it all!

Carrie then puts two fingers deep into her cunt and starts pumping them in and out, she was moaning so loud! She was really loving this!

Cuntman2020: I then push it in deep until I am buried all the way inside you. I gently start pumping you slowly… Now I’m pumping you harder and harder. You like?

Carrie: Oh yes!

Cuntman2020: Now I am slamming my cock into you with each stroke!

Carrie: Oh yes! Fuck me good!

Cuntman2020: My balls are slapping you on the ass with each thrust.

Carrie: Oh, feels so good!

Carrie is really fucking herself good with her fingers now. I am jacking off as I watch her finger fuck herself! She has juice dripping from her cunt and onto the bed, she is so excited!

Cuntman2020: My cock starts swelling from the cum within… I keep pumping you hard!

Carrie: Yes!

Cuntman2020: You like being fucked hard?

Carrie: Yes! I have 3 fingers in my cunt now!

Cuntman2020: I swell and as I pound your cunt I shoot my hot load of cum deep inside your fucked cunt! You love your cunt filled with cum, don’t you?

Carrie moans really loud, then I see her shaved cunt start dancing and her body starts shaking, too. I see the juices flow from her cunt with each thrust she makes in and out with her fingers, I can tell she is cumming, and cumming hard!

Carrie: Yes!

Cuntman2020: I keep pounding harder and faster and you cum and our cum mixes inside your cunt.

Carrie: Yes! I came so hard!

Cuntman2020: Wow! That was great, Carrie!

Carrie: Yes, it was! I have cum running down my leg!

Cuntman2020: I have a mess to clean up, too! Ttyl, thanks!

Carrie: OK, soon!

I then crawl up between Carrie’s legs and started licking up the juices around the edges of her cunt. I work my way to her cunt lips and to her clit and as I am licking her cunt she is still so excited it is hard for me to keep location because of her bouncing around from the pleasure! I continue to lick and suck her clit until she cums again, then I slid up and ease my hard cock deep into her cunt with one thrust! I pump her hard and fast and she starts cumming again. I start swelling up and then I fill her cunt with my hot cum. I then pull out and lay beside her where I push four fingers into her cunt and finger fuck her until she has another explosive orgasm!
I told her, “This was good, anytime you want to fuck on the internet, please let me know! I would be more then happy to help you out!”

Carrie agreed, she has had several internet fucks since then that I am aware of, and it’s always fun!

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