Beautiful Amazon Woman

Beautiful Amazon Woman True Story

Vinica is in her early forties, a little over 6 feet tall with long black hair, dark chestnut eyes, and a beautiful complexion. In her younger years she was a model for some time. Also, when gazed upon it could be determined she possessed large breasts that were a large DD, if not bigger. Men’s mouths would drop as she walked by them and words would be stammered to get out by them. She did not demand the attention nor really did it faze her either way if it was given or not.

One day a man named Kurt who knew her for a few years took a chance and he emailed her, professing that he thought she was jaw dropping gorgeous and asked if there was a small hope he could take her to lunch. Vinica responded she was flattered and appreciated the compliment and agreed to the lunch. They met for lunch and made small talk and Kurt tried to not stare at her breasts hidden in her shirt. After lunch she asked if he could take her by her house to quickly grab something and he agreed. When at the house she invited him in to see the house while she grabbed the items needed. She gave him a quick tour and he sat on the couch as she retreated to her room.

A few minutes later she called him to the room asking if he could help her with something. When he arrived at the bedroom door she was standing there wearing a purple baby doll lingerie which hung tight to her huge breasts. Kurt couldn’t help but stare and smile before muttering, “Wow, wow, gorgeous, wow!”

She smiled sheepishly and Kurt began disrobing until he was in his boxers. Vinica began staring at the bulge in his boxers and she smiled. She walked over to him and knelt down and began running her hand over his bulge while he slowly touched her tits and slid the sides of her lingerie over her shoulders. Then she took his hardened cock out of his boxers and slowly ran it between her tits before putting it in her mouth and sucking. He moaned in delight as she slowly milked his precum out of him before stopping and standing up, allowing the lingerie to fall to the floor.

She looked at him and said, “Lay down on the bed.”

Kurt laid on his back on the bed and she licked his balls and ran her tits in his face before climbing on top of him. She took her hand and guided his cock into her wet pussy and began rocking back and forth. Her pussy would tighten around his cock as she would orgasm and both of them would moan. He reached up and pulled her tits to his face as she pounded him harder and harder. Kurt could feel that he was getting close and she must have seen it in his face, because she whispered, “I want to feel you cum inside me. Fill me up!”

He exploded at her coaxing and he felt it shoot out of him. She moaned, “Yes, yes!” As she climbed off him his cum dripped out of her pussy onto the bed. She leaned down and licked his cock clean. As she walked to the bathroom and Kurt gathered his clothes he smiled as she walked back in the room and said, “You want to leave already?”

He said, “No, of course not.”

Kurt felt himself starting to harden again and he walked over to her and said, “One more thing before we go, if you don’t mind.”

She said, “Not at all. Whatever you want to do.”

Kurt motioned to her tits and she smiled and she knelt down once again and put his cock between them and he thrust his hips as his cock slid between her luscious love pillows. When he was ready to cum again she took the head of his cock in her mouth and milked all his cum out and licked him clean once again. Kurt snapped a couple pictures on his cellphone of her nude as she smiled and didn’t care. Then they both dressed and he drove her back to her office. She kissed him on the lips as she exited his car, and as he drove away he thought hopefully I get to see her again, but if not I have the pictures.



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