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My Arab Wife, Nadia, With My Friend

Hi, this is my real story: I am Spencer; 32 years old, from Albany, New York and working for a real estate company. I am white and my wife is an Arab named Nadia; she is from Saudi Arabia and is 25 years old. We married about one year ago and she wears beautiful hijabs all the time. We are a happily married couple.

Six months ago I got into a financial crisis, owing a huge amount. My friend, Ricky, offered to help out as he is a rich financier; he owns his own office. He is not married, he is a playboy: good-looking, funny, spending most of his time with girls–girls like him. We talk about girls, and our sexual experience–pretty much all things. Many times he comes to my home and he always tells me, “I am really like your wife; I really to have dinner with her.” But he just says it to be funny. Anyways, I had tried many ways to solve my financial problems, by day by day it become worse. Three weeks before he was talking to me about his money–he wants to invest in some companies. I told him to wait as it its huge amount. Five days late he again comes home with me; there are friendly talk and drinks, but before he leaving, he says, “I like Nadia, please one dinner with her?” After he left, I think and think about his words. The next morning I have a plan: After I go to my office–in the evening–I will go see Ricky’s in his office and talk him as usual. But before I leave I will put my file on his table and walk away. That evening, I tell my wife that tomorrow I want go Buffalo to meet my old school mate; she says she wants to come with me. But I tell her its not possible, so she asks if I am meeting my old girl friend. I don’t say; I change the topic, but before we sleep, she ask me again. The next morning, she comes out and waves me off as I leave at 9 o’clock.

I drive to my friend Martin’s home and take his Ford SUV; I park near Ricky’s office and at 1 o’clock I call my wife to tell her I have reached Buffalo. I say I am waiting in restaurant for my school mate, but that I forgot an important file in Rick’s office, “Can you pick it up for me? It’s a very important file, please.” She says yes, and at 3 o’clock shows at his office to grab the file. After some time she comes out with Ricky; he walks with her to the car and they talk, then she leaves. I followed her and as she reached home with file, and I park one block away from my home. I think my plan is not working after she called me saying she got the file. I tell her I am a little busy and ask if we can talk later, then hang up the phone. After 6 o’clock she calls again, and this time I increase the car stereo to sound like party songs and tell her I am at pub, hanging up. After seven, Rick’s car comes to a stop in front of my home; he rings the doorbell and she opens the door for him to walk in. I know that he called her. After about ten minutes, they come out; she is wearing a tight, red, shining hijab dress and carries a lady’s handbag. She looks more beautiful and sexy in that moment than I can remember. When they near his fancy car, he opens the front door for her. Once he starts driving , I follow his car as he drives to Broadway; I am sure he is driving to his favorite restaurant: Angelo’s 677 Prime. He stops the car near restaurant and they get out , enter the restaurant. I park my car as they sit near to window seat; waiting outside, I can can see them. They talk and talk and she laughing; I know that he can talk nice to girls, which means they spend more than an hour in restaurant. When they come out, she takes her phone to call me, but I don’t answer. She calls me again, and again I don’t take the call. I can tell she is mad at me and her look says she hate me; she throws her mobile into the handbag. Then Ricky comes near to her to talk and they get in the car; he drives and I follow. On he drove, but at a red light he just kisses my wife’s face! She does not oppose him, so once he got the go signal, he stopped the car near a foot path. I also park–behind his car–and can see he is talking to her; she doesn’t say much, but at last he smiles and kisses her again. Starting the car, he changes direction from my home to get on the highway of Saratoga; I know that he is driving to his holiday home at Saratoga Springs. He has an estate danbury home at Saratoga Springs–I went with him a couple times before.

After 9 pm, they reach the estate; he unlocks the gate, but then relocks it from inside. I park my car near the rock wall and jump the gate, walking up to his home. By that time, they have reached the house and switched on the lights. I stand right beside one of his windows to hide, and it is much too cold, but then I can see clearly my wife. She is sitting on couch, looking anxious, with her handbag beside her. She begins to walk around, looking at paintings on the wall and the pictures on the shelves–in that time, Ricky is not there. She continues to walk around and after some time, he comes into the room with wood and puts it in the fireplace. She helps him start a fire, then sits back on the couch, looking more anxious than before. He takes a bottle and two glass from the liquor cabinet, and moves to sit near her. She begins to talk about me–I can hear her clearly–and she asks him, “Is my husband having an affair? Tell me, Rick, please.” He tells her about my old girlfriend and what happened with the breakup as he pours vodka in to the two glass. One glass he gives to her as she tells him, “Thanks, but I don’t drink alcohol.” As she puts the glass on the table, he asks her is she wants any other drinks and she asks for tap water. After he gets the glass of and gives it to her, she asks him again, “Do you think Spence was going to Buffalo to meet her?” He laughs and tells her, “Maybe, I don’t know. A week age he talked to me about Angela. He wanted to meet up with her.” He asks her, “Didn’t you call him?” She tells him she tried many times, but I didn’t pick up the phone. “Well, you know, he may be with Angela right now.” Suddenly, she gets mad, takes the glass of vodka, and drinks fast. He knows that she is in a mood now, so he pours another drink and she drinks that too. Then he moves near to her; when he sees that she doesn’t oppose that, he slowly touches her hand and grasps it. He moves a hand to her shoulder, touches her face, and moves his lips on her lips. She moves her head to the side and closes her eyes. Then she turns to look in his eyes, and suddenly he kiss on her lips, hard; she returns the kiss using her tongue. He bites her lips slowly and she makes a small noise; as she stands, he continues kissing and starts hugging, hard. He tears her hijab dress up and down…buttons are falling…

He removes her hijab veil, kissing her again and since she is in a seducing mood she kisses him back–she has on only a red bra and panty set. She removes his shirt and trousers, kissing his chest. He presses her breasts in both hands, then moves on hand to her panty to finger to her pussy. She moves her hand to touch his dick, making moaning sounds. He removes her bra and presses against her bare chest as removes her panties. Turning her around, Ricky slaps her butt then begins kissing her ass; he makes her ass gape and licks, bite her ass. Pushing her onto the couch, he spreads her legs to both sides, kissing her fully shaved pussy–then he starts licking using his tongue deep; she begins to make hard moaning sounds. He stands up, moving her hand to his dick. She sits up and begins to move her hand, sucking his dick deep, deep sucking his balls, using her tongue to lick the tip of his dick, while he pulls her hair to stand up. They start kissing, and he puts saliva in her mouth for her to drink.

I can’t believe it…it makes me harder.

Then, taking her with both hands, he kisses her again moving towards the bedroom. I, too, am moving to his bedroom window as he slowly puts her on bed. He ties both her hands with a cloth to the back of the wooden bed, then kisses her lip and moves down to her tits; she is moving her body up and down. He kisses her pussy and both of her legs, spreading them and inserting his middle finger into her vagina. He moves faster and faster while she makes loud moaning sounds, “Aaaaah…yeah; yeah, baby! Ahhh…” He pushes his dick into her vagina, and begins to move it–at first slowly and then faster when she says, ”More, faster, oh my god. Now, please. Don’t stop… Yes, yes, yes!” He moves faster and harder, until finally he unties her. She sits on his dick, moving up and down, and he kisses her harder. Then he turns to fucking her on her back. At the very end he puts his dick in her mouth; she sucks it, and he cums on her face, mouth, and tits. As both of them lay tired on the bed, she kisses him. I look at my watch time and see it is 2 am

After some time he says to her, “You know, I waited a long time for this moment…when I saw you…” She kisses him again, getting up from bed to go to the bathroom. She comes back wearing a white bath towel and goes into th next room for a drink of water. At that time, he get up from the bed and hugs her from behind, kissing her neck and shoulders. She turns and pushes him to bed, removing the towel in a sexy way. He stands up and kisses her, taking her back to the bed to fuck her doggy style. Fucking harder, she moans, “FUCK ME, BABY! HARDER! HARDER! Yeah, yeah…” He kisses her and presses her boobs as she orgasms, making her cry loudly. Then he stops, tired, both of them in bed and kissing. They turn off the bedroom light. I leave, taking my car and parking near to my home. A 6:30 am Ricky’s car stops at my home; my wife now wears his black jacket above her torn hijab dress. She gets inside, and he leaves. After some time I come home, acting like normal, and discover she is having breakfast.

Ricky calls me to talk about the money I owe. He doesn’t want money now and tells me to forgot about that. When I turn, my wife asks me, “Who was that?” “It was Rick,” I say and she turns back to kitchen. But guess what? I took pictures from my mobile of all of their sexual journey.

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