My story since school days | COLLEGE PEON ANIL


After school I went to college where I was enjoyed by some boys.College started and there was no uniform business there.And I started enjoying shopping new clothes.My parents were happy as I passed schooling finally.So they gave me money to shop.I started wearing punjabi suit when the college had just started.Later on when I made friends around I started wearing jeans and tops.I used to buy skin tight jeans and short tight tops revealing my curvy body.Boys used to stare at me and also the college attendents. I used to take good
care of my long black silky hair.It flowed till my big round bum cheeks.I used to tie it till the end when I used to wear jeans.So whenever I walked the end of my hair used to hit my round bums.Boys called me with different names.Even the girls in my group used to call me chamiya sometimes.When I come in jeans they used to say, “Chaitrali teri gaand ne aaj bohot se ladko ko ghayal kiya hai.”.And I used to blush on their remark.In my group the girls used to tease me saying, “dekh aaj woh sir teri gaand ko ghoor rahe the.” Suresh used to pick me up from college daily.And as usual I used to tell him what all happened that day.What all comments I got and so on.He
used to get excited.One day he asked me to buy a tight short skirt and a tight top.We went to buy that and got a sexy short skirt.

He asked me to wear it in college on friendship’s day.And I did it.I wore a very sexy panty inside and the top without bra.When I reached college there were many boys who wanted to be friends with me.I allowed some handsome boys to tie the band on my hand.I enjoyed that day.
One boy proposed me the same day.He said he wanted me.He said he’ll take me for shopping.I was little hesitant on it.So I said some other time we might go for shopping.Next day one peon came to me with a friendship band.I was excited as even a peon was willing to date me.

I allowed him to tie the band.I told Suresh about it.Suresh said keep talking with him.Next day at college he asked me out for a coffee.

I said ok and planned of meeting in the evening.I told Suresh about this.He asked me to carry on.We met in the evening in a cafe.I wore a tight jeans and a tight top.And tied my long hair as always,applied a red lipstick.As soon as he saw me he complemented me saying that I looked very beautiful.I blushed on his remark.He ordered coffee which we both had and we left.He told me if I wanted anything he will help me out.Next day he was waiting for me outside my classroom.He asked me if I can talk to him for sometime.I said ok.And my friends(girls) gave me a smile and said, “chal kal milenge.”We went to an empty classroom.We entered and he locked the door.We sat on
a bench and he asked me about my school life.He asked me if I had any boyfriends.About any problems if I was facing in the college as I was new to the college.He kept on talking on topics all related to my personal life.Finally he told me that he liked me a lot.And then he started complementing my body.He said “Chaitrali tumne apni body ko achhi tarah se maintain ki hai.Aur tumhare lambe baal bhi khoobsurat hai.”Then he asked me if I used to go to gym.He kept on talking about my body and was staring at my boobs and lips.

He asked me if he could open my tied hair.I agreed to it.He asked me to stand up.I stood up and he went to my back.He took a round checking my body parts.He said,”kya is badan ko kisi bhi ladke ne nahi chua hai?”.. I said “nahi.”He went to my back and opened my hair band and my long hair rolled down till my big round tight bums.I was wearing a skin tight jeans and a tight shirt.He then said “wah Chaitrali,kya lambe baal hai tere.”He then said “mai toh tumhare baalo ka dewana ho gaya hu.Kya tum aaj shaam ko mere ghar aaogi chai peene?” I said,”main ghar jakar phone karoongi.”Then we left the college and I reached home.As usual Suresh told me to
go to him and have fun.I wore a tight jean and a satin tight top, tied my long hair to a bun.Applied light make up and I reached his place.He was waiting for me.He opened the door and went inside.He said I live in this small place.I hope you like it.He made me sit.
He said, “Chaitrali tum toh ekdum ban than kar aayi ho!” I blushed, “Mast lag rahi ho.”He sat near me and said “Mai ek baar tumhare dost tumhe item bulate hue suna! Kya woh tumhe item karke bulate hai?”I blushed and said”Ha.” He said,”Waise to tum ho hi ek hot item.”I just smiled on the remark.I told him tum bhi bohot hot mard lagte ho.He said call me Anil.Only Anil.I blushed.

Me: Anil tum mujhe jab hot item bulate ho to mujhe achha laga.
Anil: Chaitrali kya mai tumhe kuch aur naam se pukaru?
Anil: Jaise hmmm ghodi ? ya fir maal ?
Me: (blush) mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..
Anil: tumhe pata hai “raand” ka matlab kya hai?
Me: Nahi … kya hai matlab?
Anil: raand ka matlab hai jo ladki khoobsurat hai aur woh mere jaise mard se apne badan ko masalvana chahati hai.To tum meri raand
Mesharmakar) haa banoongi mai tumahri raand.
Anil: tumhe pata “gaand kya hai aur chut aur lund kya hai?
Me: Nahi kya hai ?
Anil:Gaand matlab tumhara pichwada and chut matlab tumhara hole.Lund matlab (he opened his zip) yeh hai…
Meshocked and horny) par tum isse kya karoge?
Anil: (makes me stand,turns me around and holds my big round tight bum)dekho yeh tumhari gaand hai.Kya size hai…badi tight aur gol hai.
Ise mai chodunga…(turns me around again and his face is in front of my wet pussy)dekho yeh tumhari chut hai.
Me:I close my eyes and I feel his hands roaming around my bums and pussy.He opens my jeans button and drops my jean to the ground.I am
not wearing anything inside.
Anil: oh rundi tune to andar kuch nahi penha hai…Oh meri chudaakkad raaand.Meri rakhel banogi?
Memoan)mmm banoongi …ragado na meri chut koooo mmmmm
Anilrealised that I was a sexy raand)Meri ghodi raand chal tujhe bedroom le jata hu.(took me to the bedrooom,took off my satin shirt and made me stand nude in front of him.)Kya tight badan hai tumhara ghodi Chaitrali.Teri is tight badan ko chodne mein bohot maza aayega.

Tujhe aaj chod chodkar rundi bana doonga.(he came near to me and held my shoulder.He kissed my cheeks and with his hand held my big tight round bums.He was massaging my bums hard.)Chaitrali teri yeh rundi gaaand ko kiss karu mai?
Me: chooso naaa meri gaaand ko..Meri rasili badi tight gaand ko choomo…and chaato…mmmm
Anil:Rundi saali tu meri ghodi ban jaa aaj ke liye.(He took me in his arms and threw me on the bed.)Teri badi gaaand ko chodu meri
chudaakkad chamiya…
Me: mmmmmmmmmm meri gaand maaro naaaa
Anil:chal ghodi ban jaa ..teri gaand ko lick karta hu.(He made me stand like a horse and started licking my bums.)ufff kya tight gaand
hai teri Chaitrali…Ghodi ( slapping my bums with his penis) dekh mera lund khada ho gaya tujhe chodne ke liye…
Me: (moan) mmmm tumhara lund ghusao na meri hole mein….

He then brought his penis towards my face and slapped my cheeks with his penis.And slowly I opened my mouth and he inserted it inside and I started sucking it.”choos rundi ise, tere mu ka pyasa hai yeh.” And I kept on licking and sucking it.Once it was hard and he made me stand like a dog again.”kutiya tujhe to chodna hai abhi.” And he inserted it inside slowly and started fucking me hard and harder.He then took it out after sometime and turned me around and again inserted it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.
He was also playing with my nipples making it hard and erect.Then he placed his lund in between my boobs and fucked them hard.After some jerks he sprayed all his cum onto my face and my round tight boobs.He laid down beside me and we kissed each other for sometime.

Anil: Chaitrali tere andar ek chuddakkad rundi hai.Meri kutiya chamiya hai tu.Jo tujhse shaadi karega woh lucky hoga.Tujhe chod chodkar ek raaaand bana dega woh…Ek din mujhe tumhe us classroom mein chodna hai..har ek bench par bithakar chod chodkar rundi banana hai..

I blushed and said “mujhe bhi college mein nangi hokar tumse chudvana hai.” Then I left his place and went to meet Suresh to tell about
what happened.

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