Me And My Choir Teacher

Erotic student teacher Stories

True Stories Of student teacher
One day after school, I walk into my choir teacher’s office. “Hey, Ms. Gardner, is there anything I can do to help?”

She gives me the “hold on” finger while she finishes up an email to the principal. She faces me, “Not really, Jordan, but you can tell me about your day.”

I sigh. “Well actually there is some thing I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

She looks at me curiously, “What?” she replied.

“Well, all year long I’ve had a crush on you. I’ve been staring at your ass and tits, and having dreams about us fucking.”

She looked at me and brushes her brown shoulder length hair over her ear. “Wow, um honestly Jordan, I have thought about you too. I think you’re cute,” she said.

I perk up. “Really?” I replied.

“Yes, and I’ve actually wondered how big your cock is,” she says, biting her bottom lip.

I start to get hard, I look down and see a bulge in my pants. Ms. Gardner gets up and walks over to me; she’s 5’4″ and has a perfect round ass. She starts sensually kissing me. I start kissing back harder. I grab her ass, and pull her up onto the desk. We kiss harder and harder. She breaks and takes off her shirt revealing a deep blue colored bra. My favorite color. She takes off the bra letting her 34BB breasts pop out, her nipples are already hard. I take off my shirt while she starts to take off her jeans and panties.

I start to undo my belt, but she stops me. “Let me do that for you.” She undoes my belt, and pulls down my pants. She rubs my bulge coming out of my underwear, getting it harder. She then slowly pulls down my underwear, my penis fully erect drops down to her face. She takes a hold of it with her right hand and strokes.

“Wow, this cock is huge, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in my mouth.”

She strokes my cock up and down, precum is already coming out. She licks the tip and starts to make sensual circles around the tip. She then sucks the tip, licking up my precum. She moans and puts the entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. Going ever so slow, in and out. She looks up at me with her brilliant blue eyes. Have I said that blue is my favorite color. I get more erect. She keeps getting faster every minute, precum still pouring out. She stop and strokes my wet cock making me even more hard.

“You know, there is a way you can help me.”

She stands up and sits on the desk. I take my cock and tease her bare pussy. She wraps her legs around my waist. I push her gently down on to her back, her legs still wrapped around, I push my cock easily in to her wet pussy. She moans with pleasure and arches her back. I start thrusting my cock in and out of her slowly. She moans and sighs with every intake. She looks at me and says, “Don’t pull out,” and falls back on to the desk. I keep going, faster now. I grab her tits and put the nipple between my thumb and first finger. She groans with pleasure. I stop and pick her up without effort and place her gently on the floor. She looks up at me with a “please fuck me” face.

“Get on all fours,” I said. She immediately complies. I find her pussy and finger it for a few seconds. She moans, and I push my cock into her. I could tell I hit her G-spot, she cried out and crumpled under pleasure. “Ohh, Jordan!” I slapped her ass and started up again, going the same speed I was before. “I’m going to cum,” she says. She starts squirting all over my cock. I pull out. “I’m sorry, Jordan.” “Its fine,” I replied. “But now its my turn.”

She giggles and gets back on all fours. “Get on top,” I said. She jumps up while I lay back. She gets on me. She looks in to my eyes and breathes in my face. Her breath has a hint of strawberry. She kisses me, grabs my cock and aims it to her pussy. She sits and my cock is all the way inside. She puts her hands on my chest and squeezes her pussy around my cock as she thrusts my cock into her. “I want your cum,” she said. And goes faster and faster. I’m on the verge of cumming inside her. I hold her waist and thrust harder. Almost there now, faster I go.

Finally I blast a massive load inside her. I groan as I keep cumming and cumming. “Ohhh my god, Jordan!” she yells. I look down there’s cum all over the floor and a on me. She gets up off of me and lays down beside me. “That was the best I ever had,” she says. She breaths deeply while her pussy drips with cum.

“Wow,” I said. “That was the biggest load I have ever shot.” I look at her and we start getting our clothes on.

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