Behind The Gym

The gym was like a sweat box. Coach was working us hard. We had lost every game so far that year and he was pissed. We were doing push ups, sit ups, running laps. He was cussing us the whole time. I need a brake, I thought. When I saw the coach talking to a concerned parent, I took off out the back door. Down the hall past the weight room and girl’s gym, finally outside.

It was a cool crisp October day. A gentle wind was blowing. I leaned against the building, catching my breath. Skipping out of her cosmetology class, here comes my girlfriend Misty from the other direction. As usual my dick got hard.

“I was hoping I would find you here,” she said, taking out a pack of Marlboro’s and lighting one. We share the cigarette, passing it back and forth. She notices my stiff cock bulging from my jogging shorts. She takes the head between her finger and thumb, squeezing it.

“You know I would much rather be sucking on something else right now,” she said, licking her lips. No way I could deny her this. We were both 18 and madly in love with each other. Coming to school was like sexual torture. We fucked in the mornings before school. Then after school at her house. So a quickie behind the gym seemed ok. Why not?

“Baby, there’s no reason why you can’t,” I tell her, taking her hand and leading her behind the dumpster. She goes right to her knees, pulling my shorts down. Then takes my sweaty cock right into her mouth.

“Oh baby. You’re so awesome!” I run my fingers through her thick blonde hair. Life was good, I thought. Spontaneous blow job, cigarette on a beautiful day. But all of a sudden I get the feeling we are not alone. Turning around there stands the coach.

“Well, I see now why we are losing games. Put that cigarette out, pull your shorts up.” Misty lets my cock go.

“Oh come on, Coach! You could have let me cum first!” I pull my shorts up.

“Lets go!” He leads us back in to the gym. All the boys go wild when they see Misty; she was hot with her luscious D cup breasts and hour glass figure. They all whistled and yelled at her. Coach Thomas led us toward the office. He stopped outside the teacher’s lounge and gave Misty a stern look.

“You get your sexy little ass straight up to Mr. Dudley’s office and wait for me to get there!” he said.

“Mr. Dudley? Can’t I see Mrs. Beasley instead?” she practically begged.


He opens the door to the teacher’s lounge and pushes me inside. Sitting at a kitchen table was his wife. Mrs. Thomas was a 40 something Milf type. Tall with blonde hair and nice tits. Good looking body. She was eating a salad and drinking a Slimfast. Sitting on the couch was Mrs. Beasley, the assistant principal. She too was tall with shoulder length blonde hair, in her early 30’s with C cup tits and sexy legs.

“Coach Thomas, what is the meaning of this?” Mrs. Beasley asks.

“I caught the stud here smoking and getting his dick sucked,” he replied.

“And who was doing the sucking?”

“That little tramp, Misty Jones.”

“And where is she at?”

“I sent her to Mr. Dudley’s office.”

“You want to see her punished bad, don’t you?” she chuckled.

“Well, we have lost every game so far. Somebody needs to be punished.” There was an awkward silence.

“Strip down, son. Show these ladies that big dick you have,” Coach demanded. I look over at Mrs. Beasley.

“We are waiting,” Mrs Beasley says.

I take off my gray tee shirt. The women stare at my athletic physique. I drop my shorts. Mrs. Beasley gets up, walks over and grasps my cock, stroking me.

“Nice cock.”

Mrs. Thomas stands looking at her husband, unbuttoning her blouse. He gives her the nod. She continues unbuttoning it, staring at my cock. The blouse is pulled out of her skirt. Her husband assists her in unhooking the clasp of her bra. The bra falls. My cock throbs. Mrs. Beasley kneels and teases my cock with her tongue. Coach finds the button and zipper of his wife’s skirt. I watch as the skirt falls. To my surprise she’s not wearing panties. Her bush is neatly trimmed above her pussy. She steps out of it. Walking around the desk, she keeps her high heels and stockings on.

“Kim, you’re the boss. Don’t you want to get fucked first?”

“No, I’m going to wait and see what happens in Mr. Dudley’s office,” She flashes a wicked smile at me. Mrs. Thomas hops up on the table.

“You fuck me right and I’ll bump that C you have up to an A.”

Mrs. Beasley guides my cock into her friend’s pussy. It slides right in. She’s so slick, wet and tight. She starts to moan as I fuck her. First time I fucked an older woman.

“Harder! Faster!” she begs. She begins to play with her tits. I take hold of her tan nylon clad ankles, pushing them back. I take a moment to look at her sexy black high heels and legs.

“So how’s it feel to fuck a real woman?” she pants.

I look over at the coach. He has his dick out jerking off, watching me fuck his wife. I continue to fuck her hard. Mrs. Beasley walks over to the phone. In the lobby of the office the phone rings.

“Whoreville High school,” The secretary says “Oh hi, Mrs. Beasley. Yes, she’s here.”

She starts to look Misty up and down. Today she wore a pink Panama Jack tee shirt, tight Guess blue jeans tucked neatly inside her black high heeled crunch boots.

“You want me to tell her what?” She looks Misty over again. “That’s what I thought you said.” She hangs up the phone.

“Misty, that was Mrs. Beasley. While you wait, I’m going to need you to slip your boots and blue jeans off.”

“Seriously? Here? In the lobby?” She has a shocked look on her face.

“Yes, here. Go ahead and strip all the way down. You can leave your socks on, if you want.”


Back in the teacher’s lounge, the coach shoots a big load of cum into the trash can.

“Mikey, you come on up to the office when you finish.” They walk out. I continue fucking Mrs. Thomas, not sure how much longer I will last.

Back in the lobby of the office, Misty reluctantly takes off her boots. She then stands, sucks in her belly unfastening the snap to her jeans. She looks at the secretary watching her as the zipper is pulled down. Her pussy bulges from her white bikini panties. Her jeans fall to her feet.

Back at the teacher’s lounge,. Mrs. Thomas grabs hold of me. She lets out a moan. I bury my cock balls deep inside her, And cum hard. Filling her pussy with my hot steamy jizz. Mrs. Thomas kisses me.

“We will have to do this again,” she says as my spent cock slips out of her freshly fucked pussy. “You better get up to the office.” We begin to dress.

Back in the office, Misty slips her panties down and steps out of them, along with her jeans. She looks down at her shaved pussy. Then at the secretary.

“You like my pussy?” The secretary licks her lips.

“I want to see those big tits too,” she says.

Before Misty could get out of her shirt, the door opens and Mr. Dudley, Mrs. Beasley and Coach Thomas walk in. Misty is led in to the principal’s office. Mr. Dudley slaps her on the ass. A few minutes later, I arrive at the office. In the floor I notice my girlfriend’s boots, jeans and panties. From the principal’s office I hear her moaning. I walk over and stand by the secretary who was watching from the open door.

Coach Thomas had his shorts down. Misty was on her back, her white sock covered feet up over the coach’s shoulders. He was fucking her hard. First time I ever watched her fuck another guy. My dick was hard as hell as I stared at his dick going in and out of my girlfriend. He soon pulled out and jacked off all over her pink tee shirt. She then slapped him.

“You son of a bitch! You get off and don’t get me off?! No man does me like that!”

“Let me have her,” Mr. Dudley said.

She watches as the big black man strips. Her eyes focused on the bulge in his boxer shorts. Her mouth falls open when she sees his huge black cock.

“No! No! I can’t handle that!”

She starts to get up and Mr. Dudley slaps her and pushes her back down onto the desk. We all watch as he lines his cock up to her slit. She lets out a squeal as his big dick stretches her pussy. The painful squeals soon turned to moans of pleasure. I just stared at his big black cock as it went in and out of my girlfriend’s pale white pussy. Mrs. Beasley took off her red dress. I watched her strip down to just her red pumps. She bent over a chair and I mounted her from behind. As I fucked her, Misty turned toward me and watched. Then Mr. Dudley picked her up and fucked her in the standing position.

The secretary was a 20 something just out of college. She went to work sucking the coach’s dick, getting him hard again. Over the next hour it was like a big orgy. We had all got off except for Mr. Dudley. And Misty was having multiple orgasms. Finally, the big black man let out a moan. He started to cum inside her pussy. He sat her back down on the desk, his cum running out of her all over his desk. Sliding his cock out, cum still flying, he jacks his big dick hard, hitting her in the face and across her glasses with more of his cum. More fell onto her shirt.

“Next time, you will get your shirt off first,” He starts to laugh. He then grabs me by my mullet.

“Get down there and clean up that fucking mess,” he demanded, making me lick the cum from his desk. I then taste my first creampie, eating the cum out of my girlfriend until she cums again, locking her thighs around my head. After we finished we were allowed to dress and go home. I got her to her house and we fucked again. But her pussy was never as tight as it once was. This started my fetish of being a cuckold and her fetish with hung black men.

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