Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague

Sexperience With A Colleague

I am married 34 year Man. Though I used to read stories few years back in this site just for pleasure and fun during my marriage years and used to enjoy sex with my wife. Though at those time I was craving for sexual pleasure like any thing and I usually end up some time self-stimulating thrice a days before marriage.

And post marriage it was thrice a week and if it was weekends sometimes thrice a day. But after birth she too lost interest and we used to have sex once in a month and I too got occupied with my buzzy professional life and this bussy scheduled occupied my bedroom also. Sorry, I forgot to mention I am an HR Professional with one of the renowned MNC in Mumbai.

The story I used I am going to tell here is an real life.. which I never thought or any time dream of having any real encounter other than my marriage. I am an introvert personality and at times take time to gel with my surrounding staff or people.

Though I have fantasied about many females during sex with my wife in initial years of marriage but slowly with increase in pleasure and satisfaction with my wife we both used to have lot of erotic fun and use to fulfill each other’s fetishes/fantasies it was she who use to be in mind during the act.

She from being and innocent and decent girl went on to become master and occupied a dominant wild player during the act. It was my rigorous ramming of my hard bamboo which made her go wild and set her on fire. She always asked more of that many a times there were deep nail bite marks on my back and chest. But I was never able to win over her during the act.

Coming to the this incident I can only say it was one of most enjoyable and a memorable one. We used to have few recruitment consultants to support us in carrying out recruitment activities for our company at Mumbai. It was this consultancy firm which had helped me lot during initial days to close on the critical recruitment and our journey was long of 7 years.

Though I used to deal with many female staff and many of them were like friends as it was day to day dealing with them explaining them our manpower requirements in depth discussion one to one meeting. Though most of them were married and were quite beautiful but I never had such thoughts about them.

There was this consultant with whom we were deeply involved and used to handle quite a good number of recruitments from us. The firm was headed by two person and they have supported very well to us in recruitment to our Group and our business in last 7 years. Her name was Deepti. We had very friendly relationship with Ms. Deepti and Mr.Nair.

Though both had established this firm and were proprietor of this firm. Deepti was a Gujarati Jain and was married to Prashant a businessman. Being Jain, business is in their blood. It was she who had grown the recruitment business and was instrumental taking her firm to this level. Recruitment & Talent sourcing was her passion hence she was pursuing her passion.

Her husband being a business man and she from well to do family money was never her need it was her passion. I used to frequently interact with her Deepti in and out, and she had also introduced me to her husband many times. When ever I used to visit Mumbai we all used to have dinner together at restaurants i.e. Deepti & Prashant and Mr. Nair & Ms. Nair.

Many times it happened that Nair’s sometimes were not there, but Deepti & Prashant were always there. It happened to be that our company’s Guest House was at Vile Parle and Deepti also used to stay at Vile Parle.

She was beautiful lady some were around 36 yr old. I have done my Masters Phycology & Behavioural science and hence I sometimes get to sense mind of person and can analyse her/his behavior or personality. Whenever I used to shake her hand, it was she one who used to offer her hand for hand shake first and her touch was strong and shaky.

Though I never had fantasized or had any wild thoughts about Deepti, except only once or twice. Her dressing sense was quite erotic, she mostly used to wear bright colors or light colors Sarees, sometimes transparent ones, with mostly sleeveless blouse with cut less neck, or tight Punjabi salwar with sleeveless and arousal deodorants perfumes.

She was Jain and Jains are very conservative community and are very strict about their life style. At back of my mind, I was apprehensive, what if she comes to know that, I had such thoughts about her in my mind, that too for a married lady in such manner and as our interaction was very frequent and she was too pushy and aggressive.

I used to think that she might be thinking about me in different manner, or might be having some other thoughts about me..because during handshake here grip was strong and she use to keep holding my palm for few seconds maintaining continued eye contact. Prashant was handsome guy with whom she had married and she told me it was her arrange marriage of her choice.

It was her inclination to get married and she wanted go for arranged marriage hence her parents got her married when she was 29yrs. Many a times Prashant was travelling on business tour and she often used to accompany him during his foreign tours. She had travelled across globe and now she felt boredom/tired of travelling.

Jains are very conservative community and follows a stringent life style and are community centric. She was mature lady. She and Prashant regularly used to send birthday gifts and cakes for my 4 year old kid and myself regularly. I told her many times I didn’t like such norms. But she continued such practice.

It was one my regular trip to Mumbai during August. My boss had told me that I shall instantly go to Mumbai the next day and initiate recruitment activity for our upcoming Mumbai Project as soon as possible and manpower should be on board by 1st week of Sept. Hence I had to suddenly rush to Mumbai by Friday Night.

So as I can start the process by Monday and have got two days i.e. Saturday & Sunday for all preparations. Though before starting from Ahmedabad I ensured my Guest House is booked and my admin guy told me it will be booked. But as I reached Mumbai, I came to know Guest House is fully occupied due to an event of our company at Mumbai. My mind totally went blank.

Though I had few good friends at Mumbai but they were at far away places. Hence I tried calling hotels near by my Office and Guest House.. but all hotels too were full. I had informed Deepti too about booking of hotel room. She told me you won’t get one in next three day due to big event in the city where many VVIP are coming from across India to attend this event.

Deepti is a very open personality and her Prashant too. Prashant called me up and insisted me that I stay at their residence. I refused bluntly. But they were pushing me and I didn’t had any choice with. I was about to reach Borivili and then from there I had to go to Vile Parle. Deepti ranged up and told me I have to stay at her place bluntly. I agreed as I didn’t had any option.

Prashant & Deepti came for pick up at Station and from there we went to our favorite restaurant and had spicy dinner, and we reached at their place at 10.00 night. She had wonder full place at 29th Floor overseeing half of the city from their Balcony and cool breeze coming with heavy rainfall across town.

During discussion Prashant told that he is leaving for Sweden for business tour tonight at 1.00am and will be back in 10 days and he will be leaving by 11.00 for Airport. He told me to make myself comfortable and said Deepti would be there to take care me and their parents too below the floor.

Prashant and Deepti took me through their place it was luxurious and spacious; it seems he had spent quite good amount in making this place luxurious. He showed me the room where I would be staying the ambience was good. Deepti was packing the luggage for Prashant. I was tired and hence I went to my Guest room for rest.

While leaving from home, Deepti knocked on my door, I opened the door, as Prashant was about to leave and wanted to say Good bye and his parents were also there. He left and Deepti was bussy with her in-laws. I went to my room and closed the door. It was raining heavily, I was going through my mails, sudden there was knock on my door.

I opened the door, it was Deepti wearing, off light pink thin nightie. I was worn out and tired due to my hectic travel. But seeing her in nightie revealing her vital figure of 35-26-38, she was looking stunning. She asked me, if I am comfortable and if I required anything?? I told her thanks and said I am full with my stomach.

She came inside in my room and just went to cupboard and took out blanket. She was laughing and was frank and told me to settle down. You are too Innocent and introvert, and told me to be open. What were you doing? Were you buzzy with some work?. I said, I was just going through my mails and was listening some soft music to relax.

Oh! you like Music.. I thought you might have slept, She said. She told me to come to hall room so as we can listen music together, as she is also fond of listening to soft music and generally sleeps around 12.00pm.

I told her my head is feeling heavy and stressed due to travel and hence was relaxing by listening to music. She told me to come to hall room and feel relax as it had open balcony where we can breathe fresh & cool breeze.

To be continued… NEXT PAGE ⇓

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