Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law – Part 2

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Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law adult sex stories

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She came closer to me and kissed me gently on my lips. She started to wrap the belt of the strap-on around my naked waist… Ohh it looked very erotic that a penis of almost 8-9 inches was attached with me fully erected..

She then pushed me to lie on the bed straight as the dildo portion was fully up then. She climbed over my legs and moved towards my groin. She started to rub the pinch of dildo on her again wet pussy and cunt and started moaning slightly. After some rubbing, she moved her naked groin a bit to enter the dildo in her hole…

Ohhh what a scene as I was clearly watching the dildo was entering in her pussy..1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches….the entrance was enchanted by the groans of Sara. She now started to move up and down over the dildo..

What a look…just like I was fucking her, I moved my hands to her tummy to hold her…soft and hot body.. She was pumping over me and she knew this act well too.. Despite having the weight of 176 lbs, I was feeling a little weight of her over me.. She was definitely the queen of ecstasy..

Her big boobs were bouncing with her movements and were looking awesome while I was seeing lying under her. She had tremendous control on her movements, as she was not only moving up and down but also moving her groin and ass circularly so that the dildo can visit her pussy’s every inch.

She was holding her hair with one hand while my one hand was trying to reach her magnificent boobs and rock-erected nipples.. After about 10-15 minutes of continuous jumping and pumping she increased her speed more and with the louder moans and groans, I understood that she was nearing…. I deliberately touched her cunt with my left hand…..and she shrieked loudly….she couldn’t squirt as dildo was in her but I felt a lot of warmth in my pubs….and it was not other than the hot fluid of my lovely hot Sara..

She hugged me by moving her upper body down while still in same posture. I kissed her over the shoulder and neck and then kissed her face. She was breathing heavily with her face and ears were red..

Me: You are great Sara…. You are a gem….How unlucky was your ex who left you…Pity on him.

Sara: And How unlucky my brother, having a bomb like you and he is wandering here and there leaving you lonely…(She said with heavy voice)

After a couple of minutes, she got up and moved her groin from the dildo and quickly moved there to suck the dildo… Another hottest scene. It was just like seeing Sara giving blowjob.. She was lusciously licking her own juices over the dildo and also sucking it….Now the dildo was in a mixture of the wetness of her hot juices and her saliva…

Suddenly she got up….

Sara: Hey let’s fuck my ass Aniqua…(She said in soothing voice)

Me: Ass…..(I was astonished how this 1 and half inch thick dildo can enter her asshole.)

Sara: Yes…ass (She said with her lips and also with her big talking eyes)

She turned around and showed her big lovely ass to me…

Sara: Get on your knees and enter it in my hole…

I abode her and got up, held her ass in my hands and moved the big dildo towards her asshole. It was already lubricated with her pussy and mouth juices so I knocked at her asshole door…Her soft moan responded that the entrance is accepted…

It was not that easy to enter there but I continued pushing there and at last succeeded….The tip was in and she was clearly shrieking with mixtures of pain and lust emotions. After the tip entrance, the dildo was gradually though slowly started to move in more….Wonderful experience….like I was fucking her ass……

Suddenly I heard the door bell along with horrendous knock on our outside door of the house…

We were not in a situation to meet anyone nor Sara’s room, which was in a total mess that time. I took off the strap-on and ran nude towards the door to see from the secret eye of the door who is troubling us and to my disbelief and shock……

There were Sara’s both sisters. Youngest one was almost in crying mode while her other sister was holding her hand. There were two other people from her relatives there too. All of them were looking very anxious. They again rang the bell and knocked the door. I ran back to the room and with haphazard breathes……..

Me: S..Sara, your sisters are there and they are beating the door madly..

Sara have worn a trouser and a top but the room couldn’t be settled in that short time..

Sara: What…..why are they here without informing… Mona (Sara’s youngest sister) was there to stay another week.(She was astonished too and quickly tied her hair back)

Me: I don’t know…..(I was looking for some clothes of mine)

Sara: You run to your room and lock the door… I will handle the situation and will tell you, then you will come out……..(She suggested me)

Me: Okay….(I ran towards my room and closed the door)

I searched for some clothes in my wardrobe and wore some jeans and top and sat on the bed. Outside there was quite much noise. Weeping sound of Mona was heard and also there were some high pitched chat between Sara and her other sister. I couldn’t understand what was happening, suddenly I saw my mobile placed at the side table of my bed..

There might be some messages or a couple of calls……… I thought and picked it up..

To my disbelief….there were 53 missed calls and quite a few messages….The battery was about to end. Now I realized that we both were not in contact of the world since almost one day….There were 37 calls from my husband, 8 from Mona and others from my brothers etc.

Now I guessed why her sisters were here. But still no confirmation.. Feeling hungry, I looked around and found some snacks to beat my hunger for the time-being. I sat on the chair and dipped into the thoughts of Sara and mine amazing acts….Awesome they were…Still thinking it was a dream..

There was a knock at my room door. I got up and moved closer to the door… Sara was whispering there to open the door.

I opened the door and she quickly came in… She was surprisingly puzzled….

Sara: Aniqua, mess has been created, my mobile’s battery fucked off since early morning and I think your mobile was here in your room.. They all thought that we had some serious trouble that you weren’t picking your phone and my phone was off. The news has been spread all over..Your husband couldn’t come here in quick time as he is in some far country and non-availability of flights..

I wasn’t there to speak a single word…But she continued…

Sara: I bluffed that your health was too bad that I even couldn’t notice to charge my phone…You should now disguise as seriously sick..

Me: But how can I be looked sick as I am not sick?(I questioned)

Sara: I told them that you are getting better. Now quickly lay in bed and cover yourselves with some quilts and blankets and let the door unlocked now..

She advised and quickly ran away from the room…I couldn’t do anything but to follow what she said..

I wore some warm clothes along with a cap and covered myself with the blanket and then a quilt.. After about 15 minutes, Sara along with her both sisters came in. I pretended to be slept. They were whispering with each other. Suddenly a hand came on to my cheeks and I guessed in a second that she was Sara…

Sara: Aniqua… open your eyes…see Mona and Haifa are here…(She said in low but loving tone)

I opened my eyes slowly to see the surroundings. Sara with her full body was standing over me trying to wake me up..behind her was her two sisters. Mona was looking anxious and kinda happy to see me opening the eyes but the expression of Haifa was indifferent..

They asked me about my health and I replied with low, weak tone. I was trying my best to act like a sick person and I think I had impressed Mona at least. They went back after staying there for 5 minutes..

Now I was bound to be like that so I started waiting for Sara to get back…She needed 3 hours to come back. In between, my husband and brothers called me and I responded to them with same approach as I did earlier with Sara’s sisters.

She came there and I got up…

Me: Sara, I am tired and damn hungry now…..(I pleaded)

Sara: Some food is prepared for you and I will give it to you soon… But by the way your acting was amazing… You were really looking sick (She giggled and I felt her breath on my forehead)

Me: For you Sara… I can do anything….(I said looking into her eyes)

She got serious at once and moved closer her beautiful face towards mine and kissed on my lips. I responded and smooched her hard. My hand moved to cup her left boob but she moved away and broke smooch…

Sara: Naughty girl… don’t melt me down… We will not be closer uptill Haifa is here. She is intelligent enough to guess what is going on.

Me: You have any doubt on her (I was moving my fingers in her lovely soft hair)

Sara: Maybe…but she is not sure what we are saying is true…

Me: Hmmm. (I fell into thought)

Sara: Let me bring something for you to eat..

The night was passed and then the next day came… As per Sara’s consult, I came out from my room in afternoon…showing that I am getting better by health. In the evening when I was sitting in my bed, the door knocked..

Covering myself with quilt, I asked about who was there… It was Haifa…

She came in and drew a chair to sit near me..

Haifa: How are you now?

Me: Quite better than previous few days..

She was teasingly looking at my face…

Haifa: Look Aniqua, it would be better for you if you keep distance with Sara…

I was shocked what did she say…And I guessed she read the nervousness on my face…

Me: What are you saying Haifa?

Haifa: You know everything what I am saying.. Just advising you that don’t ruin your relationship because of her..(She was stubborn in her talks)

I still couldn’t understand why was she hitting Sara, her sister…But she continued..

Haifa: She destroyed her marriage and now trying to do yours… I am already keeping a distance with her and now I am taking Mona with me…(She made another blast)

Haifa: You should try to be closer to your husband and accompany him on tours, otherwise she will haunt you and keep you under control and ruin your life…(She had blank expression on her face as were of her eyes)

She got up and started to walk away from there and then stopped at the door…

Haifa: I am not advising you that I have grudges with her or I am so keen to keep my brother’s relationship with you… I just did it because I know you are innocent and don’t know much about her like I know…

She opened the door and moved out leaving me distressed…..

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