Raksha bandhan special – Chapter 1

Rakshabhandhan special – Mom is coming

ding dong. The bell rang. No answer. ding dong. The bell rang again. No answer. Rahul was lying on his bed, eyes closed, his payjama and his underwear down to his ankles, his one hand in between his legs with fingers gripping his thick glistening cock. Up-down…up-down…the motions were very fast. His balls were dancing with his furious hand motions. He was masturbating. He was in need. In front of him was the slideshow of nangi girls in his mobile. He was out of his breath. He was only few hand movements close to pumping his semen in the air. Suddenly a photo of a woman appeared on the screen. She was very busty and had a very curvaceous figure. She looked sexy with nipple pointing forward on her jumbo sized boobs, slim waist and thick gaand. He liked how she poked her nude buttocks out, like she was showing exclusively to him. What attracted him even more that she looked like his mother. He looked closely and found that her face was making him remember his mother. She was now replaced by his nangi mother. “aah..” a sound came out of his mouth. This had almost made him cum. The thought of his mother being nangi in front of him and him masturbating was enough to make his cum-balls vibrate. He was so busy in jerking off and fantasizing about his mom that he didn’t even hear the doorbell. “Rahul..Rahu..” he suddely heard the voice of his mother calling. He remembered that today his mother was coming to meet him from home. He did not even went to recieve her. His flat was unclean, clothes everywhere. He was sure to get scoldings from here, and now she was at the door, waiting, probably angry. She’s gonna kill me, he thought while pulling up his underwear. He totally forgot that he was about to cum. He went upto the door and suddenly realised that he was still horny, standing at the edge of cumming. He took some deep breaths and noticed the buldge out of his payjama. How to hide it now?, he thought. Suddenly he got an idea. He pulled his cock up and placed it between his tummy and waistband of his underwear. Now he was ready to open the door.

Aruna held a big luggage bag next to her. With her swayed buttocks, she stood in front of the closed door with her hand on her waist. Why is he not opening the door. May be he is alseep. He must have studied for long at night. Uff..today’s children, they don’t have time even for a little bit of fun, no playing, thought she. She was the wife of a successful businessman. Her husband lived in America. She was here for her children. She was a pyschologist and gave consultation to people in need. She was always dressed pretty. She was a pretty and sexy woman with long black hairs which came down to her buttocks, sexy eyes, pointed long nose, rosy cheeks, thick red lips with a sexy smile, her ivory white perfect teeth with a long pink tongue, long neck which led to her deep cleavage between her big boobs, flat stomach, thin waist and thick thighs which made her look curvy. She had longs legs which made her more attractive.

It was very hot and dark here. No one used to come from the back stairs of the building. The first floor was empty. Rahul lived on the second floor. She was standing alone on the stairs. She had to put on the light from her mobile to see the doorbell switch. She has climbed 2 floors with her heavy bag wearing a skin tight jeans. I should have worn leggings instead of jeans. But jeans make travelling easier, plus men glue their eyes on them. They salivate when they see a nice bubble butt in the jeans and they make you feel wanted too. Like even if you are 35, they will still fuck you hard. Lol. I am such a dirty woman. I have 2 lovely children of mine and I am still wanting to be fucked senseless by strangers?, she started laughing, then realised that she was all alone, standing on stairs on a dark place. She pressed the doorbell again. Door opened.

“Rahul..my son..my baby” She moved towards her son, maternal affection in her eyes, she hugged him hard. Rahul was relieved to know that she was not angry. Her boobs were sandwiched between their chests. Rahul could feel their softness on his chest. It started making him hard again. On top of it, her tight T-shirt was raised revealing her sexy nude stomach which pressed against his body. The hug made his cock come out slightly out of the waistband and the moment it touched the naked stomach of her, it jerked. Rahul remembered the photo of the naked woman he watched few moments ago. She reminded him of his mother and now he was imagining her naked mother hugging him and the touch of her naked soft stomach was too much for him. He only heard his mother saying, I missed you baby…and he shot his boy-juice. “Aahhh…” came out of his mouth. It was after few cumshots, Aruna felt something warm, sticky and wet on her stomach. She moved away and what she saw made her mouth open. His son had an erection. The top portion of his cock coming out of his payjamas, his cock still twitching slightly and oozing out the white liquid which was dripping down and making his payjama wet. Her T-shirt also became wet due to the cum on her stomach. She liked that Tshirt. She put her hand on her stomach, touched the wetness on her stomach with her fingers. She realised very soon that her fingers were wet by her son’s cum. She didn’t know what to think.
Rahul was standing, his head down, waiting for the scream and beating to be rained down on him. The verdict was couple of seconds away. He could see him leaving his school and going to home back with his mother.
“What you did Rahul?” She asked. There was no harshness in her voice but a pity.
“M…mom..T..That…” Rahul was feeling very difficult to explain this. He tried to cover his exposed cock with his hand. Some drops of cum were already on the floor. Such a warm welcome for his mother. He was ashamed and his mother could see that in his eyes.

“you ejaculated. Just by your mother’s hug?” Then she realised, “Oh..that’s why it got so much time to get you open the door. You were masturbating.” She eyed her son.

Rahul made an eye contact with her. He could see surprise in her eyes. He looked down again. His cock was limped now, and the cum was absorbed the fabric of his payjama. He did not say anything.

“Were you masturbating baby?” Her voice was now soft, full of maternal love. Rahul again looked in her eyes and can see love in them,

“y..yes..m..mom” he said, stuttering and in a very tight voice. Then he felt a soft touch on his shoulders, his mother’s hand. He looked at her her. She smiled faintly.
“It’s okay. Boy of your age masturbate. It’s normal and i think you know that. You must be masturbating for some time now. Don’t be embarassed and don’t feel shy honey. I am your mother” She said to her son, trying to comfort him. Rahul knew that his mother was very friendly and open to him and his sister but he never experienced such friendliness on a sexual topic. He was relieved knowing that she was not angry. “Did i interruped your cumming sesson baby?” She said in a pitiful voice.

“I..you…not” Rahul faltered again.

“Look into my eyes baby. Look at me!” She said in a firm but a voice full of motherly love. “Don’t be shy. Tell me, were you going to ejaculate?” she asked again. Rahul looked into her eyes and nodded.

“Then say it honey. Be brave. Say it that, “Yes Mom! you interuppted my ejaculation”. Say it like that” She forced Rahul. He remained silent. “C’mon say it” she came closer to her son and tried to hug him again. This time Rahul stepped back, feeling shy and guilty. She stepped forward again and hugged him. “Oh my poor son. Struggling in this young age so much.” Her voice muffled by her son’s broad shoulders. He was sportily built. He looked like an athlete. “Say it” she provoked him. Rahul took a deep breath. He was feeling confident and relaxed now.

“yes..i was going to ejaculate mom” He confessed.

“Say the line” whispered Aruna in her son’s ear.

“Mom! Y..you interruped my cumming…ejaculation” He whispered back into her ear. She closed her eyes for a moment and smiled. It was a very sexy allegation. She laughed at spanked a buttock of her son while hugging.

“Ouch..mom?” Rahul said, surprised.

“Hehehe, c’mon, return me the favour. Spank me too!” Aruna asked. Rahul hesitated for a moment but then he looked at those piece of beauty in the jeans. She was giving him the chance to touch them. He could not miss it, so he spanked in the middle of her juicy buttocks. They swayed slightly. She laughed out loud, like she had won some lottery.

“Well, that was fun. Now get my bag to your room while i freshen up. Oh my God, we had not even closed the door yet” She said. In between all this chaos, they had forgotten to lock the door back. To their luck, there was noone on those ‘no man’s land -stairs’.

Rahul looked at her mother while she was going to washroom. Her sexy buttocks swaying made him hornier than he was before. He had cummed already but looking at those beautiful buttocks have made him wanting to cum one more time. Her round ass looked very sexy in the jeans. He made a mental note of jerking at night while thinking about this beautiful view.

Aruna looked into the mirror. She felt aroused. She had never seen her son cum before. The arousing scene of the semen oozing out of her son’s cock in front of her eyes made her aroused. She knew it was wrong but in her heart it did not felt wrong. She could have jerked her son’s naked cock with her naked hands if there was a need of the hour. She was not shy and she knew her son would love her to jerk his cock. If that made him happy, that’s what he would get. She squeezed the wet fabric of her Tshirt between her fingers and smelled them. They smelled familiar. Yes, that’s how her husband’s cum smelled. Then she put her 2 fingers in her mouth. It tasted the same. It was like when she used to lick the remaining cum on her husband’s cum when she jerked him off. She never fulfilled his request of making him cum in her mouth. Though she had tasted the cum, she never drank it. First she thought of washing her Tshirt of her son’s cum but she stopped. She washed her face and got out of the bathroom.

She came to the bedroom and sat with her son on the bed. She placed her hand on his thighs and asked him affectionately, ” So, how are you doing beta?”
“I am doing good Mom. I am going to classes regularly and studying regularly”, he replied.

“That’s good. And what you do after coming back from school?”

“Nothing much. I talk to you on phone and get some sleep. I see some movies on my phone”

“Nice. So how often do you do your gun practice?” she asked winking.
“Gun practice?” Rahul was confused.

“I mean masturbation. How often do you masturbate?” she asked, imitating the motion.

“Mom!” he said shyly.

“Tell me na. Do you do it daily?”

“Almost” he replied. Her hand was still resting on his thigh. She was directly looking into his eyes.

“How many times?” she asked again. Rahul was uncomfortable but he replied, “1. sometimes two”

“Very nice” she said excitingly. “My boy is becoming a man” she said jokingly.
“I still look like a boy mom” he complained.

“I know. But it’s not always the looks which make a man” she replied.

“what then?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you at night. But first I have to change” She stood up. She opened her bag and started taking out the clothes she wanted to wear. It was evening and there was no scope of going out. She wanted to explore how her son lives in that flat and she wanted to spend time on the flat today. She pulled out a loose Tshirt and a payjama. Rahul got busy in his mobile again.

“So do you have any girlfriend?” She asked.

“No. why?” he replied while busy on the phone.

“Just asked. I see you are so busy on your phone. I thought I might ask you.” She explained.

“No. It’s just…my friend replied so i was replying back” he told. She started going for the bathroom. Her eyes fell on his son’s crotch. Cum was dried on his payjama.
“Take off your payjama. I want to wash it.” she asked.

“I..I’ll do it myself. Don’t worry” he replied back.

“Oh don’t be so modest. I am your mother. I will clean that cum otherwise it will make that payjama hard. Cmon take it off” she said. Before he could say, she pulled his pyjama off. Rahul saw that there were spots on his underwear too. He feared that it could be taken off too. Aruna put her fingers on the hardened spots on his pyjama and started feeling it in front of his son. Then she smelled it where the cum was dropped. She placed his payjama near her nose and took a long breath. Rahul was breathless when he saw it. He didn’t know why she did it.

“That’s the way men smell” she said. And kissed on the spot. Rahul felt as if he has been kissed directly on the crotch by his mother. She looked at him and smiled, then she went towards bathroom. Rahul looked at her moving buttocks. The fabric of the payjama was hugging tightly to her big round buttocks giving them shape. They way they swayed when she walked was erotic enough to make even an old man’s cock hard. The beautiful swaying of her mother’s buttocks and her thick thighs made his cock twitch. He watched with lust in his eyes and decided to tease his cock a bit before her mother returns.

Aruna pulled off her Tshirt and pyjama. She was in bra and panty now. Her cream colored D-cup bra and thin fabric panties looked beautiful on her. She was humming a song and took off her bra and panty too. Totally nude, she put on the washing machine. Before putting her son’s pyjama in the machine she smelled it once again and then licked it. Although it was tasteless as it has dried but how many mothers were licking the cum off their son’s clothes by standing nude in the bathroom. That feeling of uniqueness aroused him. She loved approaching sexuality in a different way. She loved breaking and bending rules. She wanted to share her view of sexuality with her children. As they both were adult now, she thought of moving forward. Suddenly she thought of something, spread her legs and put that cum covered spot on her vagina. She shivered. The cum of her son touching her bare vagina was a turn on for her. She pulled the pyjama back. The wetness of her pussy lay over the cum spots of her son. A thought came in her mind, that is how a mother and son should be. Mother on top and son below, wetness from above and cum from below. It was a very strange thought. She laughed in her mind from that crazy thought. Although she knew very well that she would love to sit naked on her son’s cock if he would be willing to give his cock to her.

Rahul was holding his cock with the underwear on. The intermittent teasing of the semi hard cock and the memory of her mother’s swaying buttocks was making his cock ooze the transparent fluid which was making his underwear wet. He was starting to realize that he was aroused more by a woman’s ass. He did not like skinny ones or small ones. He liked them big. He was horny again. The previous cum which was to be ejaculated was still inside his balls. His balls were itching to be empty of that cum as they wanted to produce fresh cum. Sudeenly he got a crazy idea, he pulled down the waistband of his underwear and took his cock out. The string made by the dripping transparent fluid out of his cock looked amazing and got stucked to his hand making a line of wetness. He squeezed his cock to extract more of that fluid which was slippery. His cock dripped the fluid on his pubic region and made his pubic hairs wet. He was craving for a ejaculation now and desperately waiting for his mother to come out so that he could jerk in the bathroom. He closed his eyes and thought about his mother’s ass. Those big moving cum-extractors, those luscious buttocks.

Aruna came out of the bathroom after she put the pyjama and her Tshirt in the washing maschine. She was about to enter in the room when she was met by another abnormal scene of the day. Rahul had his cock out and he totally forgot that his mother could come any moment. She looked at him, standing at the door, how from one hand he was holding the waistband of his underwear down and from another hand slowly teasing his cock. She looked at the string of precum oozing out of his cock and making a pond on his pubic area just below the stomach. She didn’t know what she thought, she didn’t alarm her son, instead she went near and put her 2 fingers on the pool of precum accumulated on him. Rahul suddenly woke up with a jerk. so stupid! such an ass stupid ! Now there was no going back. He was caught again, this time, with a full cock in its natural state. He suddenly pulled his waistband up, making her mother’s hand getting caught in the process in his underwear. Aruna’s hand was now inside his underwear and was touching his full naked cock. They both gasped simultaneously. She was wise enough to not pull her hand out suddenly. She looked at her son and put her palm on his cock. He was too looking at her and his expression was cute when he felt her mother’s hand on his cock. He looked like he was going to explode at any moment. And he exploded.

To Be Continue ….

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