My Own Sister

Fucking My Own Sister

Hi, dear reader I m Rajiv Chowdhury I am a Bengali guy of 22 going to be 23 next month. I am quite new in this site. I believe every incest stories of this site because I know everyone cherished a dream to fuck his/her relatives and close ones. Well, I m 5 10 feet, fair complexion, energetic young guy.

I am going to write the incident how I fucked my sister. This is not a story. This is my real experience. This is my first submission. So, Guys and ladies please send comments and mails if you like my encounter. Ok, I am coming to my story. The name of my sister is Seema. She is 27 years old. She is 5.4 inch tall fair and good looking lady she is 4 or 5 years older than me. She is married. She got married about 1 or 5 years ago.

My Jiju is an engineer. He went to Japan for higher study after 3 months of their marriage. In these 1 or 5 years he came twice for short tips. There were a few problems regarding visa etc. So, my sister was not able to go with him. Sometimes she stays in her father-in-laws house with their family. Often my didi comes to our house and spends 1 or 2 months. My didi was really very beautiful before her marriage. We had many proposals from various people for her marriage.

Even in the college she was very popular for her beauty. But, in recent times her beauty decreases. She is still beautiful but not as stunning as she was in the past. When she was married she was 48 kg. tall and slim girl slim and sexy but now after 1.5 yrs of her marriage she is totally different. She got some fats around her belly before marriage her buttock was slim as her body but, now, with the passing of time it grew bigger and now it’s very big.
Her breasts also bloom to it’s full. Earlier it was medium in size but, now it’s bigger. May be it became a little loose too. Now-a-days she has medium length hair. Her hair is black. Let’s come to the main incident. It was 26 days ago. She was in our house for 2 months. We have two stroreyed building. My mom-dad stays in the ground floor and I stay in the 1st floor. My didi’s room is in the 1st floor too. When she comes to our house she stays in the 1st floor beside my room.

It was Sunday night. We took our dinner altogether. Then we came to our floor for sleeping. My sister and I say good night and then we went to our respected rooms.I have a habit of doing push-ups before going to bed. So, as usual I was doing so. After 50 push ups I decided to wash hand and face and then go to sleep because it was around 11:30. So, I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was attached with my sister’s room. I went to the bathroom trough the veranda. I washed myself. Then while coming I saw the light of her room is on.

I wanted to talk to my sis. But, I was shocked to see her. She was listening something probably music because she had earphone in her ear. She was in saree. I saw her hand is inside her petticoat and she is rubbing her pussy with her right hand and at the same time rubbing her breast with her left hand. I said nothing and went to my room. I switched the light of my room off. But I was thinking about the scene.

After a few minutes, I heard the sound of shower. After 10 minutes she came to my room to take her dresses. Actually, the big Almirah is in my room. And most of her dresses are in this almirah. She switched the light on my eyes were closed excecpt my one eye a little open. She did not notice that. She took saree and other garments and went to her room. I was in a fix why she took shower in the late night.

I thought may be for the hot weather but, there is AC in both in her room and my room. I stood up and slowly went to her window. The window was made of glass and perhaps on that day she forgot to draw the curtain over the window. I saw she has already changed her blouse and petticoat. But, instead of wearing saree she was playing with her body. She was touching her boobs and body and making slight moan.

It made me to think about the evil. I could not help but thinking the evil thoughts. Suddenly a plan came to my mind. I went to my room. I knocked her door. After minutes she opened the door. By this btime she wore her saree. I made afraid look on my face. She asked kya hua bhai? I said didi, there is a problem. But I don’t know whether to share it with you or not. She said, kya hua. Bolo bhi main tumhara didi hoon, Sharmao maat
I said, “didi, 3 din se mera penis mein dard ho raha hain. I don’t know is it normal or not. She said yeh to assi baat nahin hain. Kaha par dard ho rara hain. Dikhao mujhe I felt shy. But she said, Sharmao maat. I’m your big sister. Jab chota the tab to hamesa dekhi. Tumhe nahayi dress change kar di. I said, “par didi ab main bada ho gaya main to baccha nahi hoon. She replied, tum mere liye abhi bhi baccha hi ho.

Aur main to peheli bar koi admi ki penis nahi dekh rahi hoon tumhara jiju ka bhi to maine dekha hain. Dijhao sayeed main kuch bata saku I put down my trouser. My penis sprang out but slowly. She said nothing for a moment. I saw she is carefully looking at my penis. Then she took it in her hands. She said it is ok. She said where the pain is. I said in the front and at the bottom. She slowly rubbed it and asks me if I feel the pain.
I said no but my penis was getting bigger in her hand. I said didi jab pani lagti hain penis ki top mein to jalti hain. She then did such a thing by which I turned surprised. She took the top of my penis into her mouth and mixed her savila with my penis. She asked do you feeling something I said yes. But, didi it’s not any pain, I m getting exited she started to go out but I told her what I saw.

I said didi, mujhe bhi bahoot maan karta hain kisike saath close hone ko mujhe pata hain tum bhi feel karti hoon. Mujhe sirf ek baat batao tumhe mera penis pasand hain ya nahi agar nahi ho to main chali ja raha hoon. Par agar tumhe mera penis assi lagti hain to maat jao please. She started to go but suddenly she came back and gave me a tight hug. I realized everything. That time I forgot everything just remembered that I have to fuck this horny lady.

She wore a deep red saree. I helped her to put off her saree. Then I fondled with her breasts. She put off her red blouse. Inside that she wore red bra. I put off her red petticoat and found white Panty there. I unhooked her bra and suddenly two big assets jump out. I liked those very much, I did not waste any time and tried to put off her panty. But, she herself put off her panty. My own sister stood fully naked before me. And my eyes starred at the beauty of the naked queen.

Let me describe her natural beauty her breasts are very big. Those are definitely 36. Not loose not rock steady. The circle around nipples is big. Chocolate colored circle. Yes, what I have anticipated she got fat around her belly and lower belly. But not much, I can guess her nips would be 32. Her breasts color is white creamy. Fair and better than her skin color. And there is sign of all her tight bras that she wears. Her buttock is very fat.
It would be surely 36 again. And buttock is of the same colour of her skin. She has little pubic hair. I grasped her hands and hold her tightly. I took her in my arms. She started to breath heavily. I can feel her breathe. I started to smell her. I kissed her on her red lips. Those are like the petals of rose. I kissed her lips. I thought that I have to make her hornier. I have previous experience of having sex. And one of my sex partners was a neighbor bhabhi.

So, I know how to make sex with elder woman. So I started to press her buttock I felt her body getting heavier. Then I started to kiss on her armpit. Now I can clearly see that she is enjoying my work. I started to suck her armpit. This time she started to react. She holds me tightly. My bare chest is tightly attached with her big boobs. Then she sucked my lips. She was sucking as if she was sucking honey from a cup. She entered her tongue inside my mouth and started giving me oral pleasure.

Our sucking continued for at least 3 minutes. Then she pushes me away. She was teasing me. She was rubbing her boobs with her hands. Then she faced opposite me and does some movement with her buttocks. She was teasing and inviting me for the next step. I could not control seeing her heavy buttocks. She was stunning sexy from her back. Hurriedly, I hold her from her back. But she turned back and again kissed me.
This time her kissing was more violent and constant. And she was kissing me all over my face. At the same time she started to rub my hips.It was a great feeling. She bent down and took my penis in her hand and rubbed it. I said didi, it feels great, She said, “raju, you have very nice penis. Mujhe is type ka penis bahut assi lagti hain. Whats the size? I replied didi, mera penis 7 inches hain tumhe lambi pasand hain?
Seema-“ha. Mujhe moti penis jada assi lagti hain. Aur tumhara penis bahut moti hain
Really, my penis is quite fat. She started to kiss on my penis she kissed me on the top of my penis. Then took it in her mouth. My penis became 7 inch in her mouth with the touch of her sweet lips and tounge. And it became rock hard. She started sucking my penis like a lolipop. She gulped 2/3 of my penis inside her mouth. My penis is big so, she can not take more than that.

I realized that she is a great sucker. She was sucking my penis really hard. She stopped sucking penis and then started to eat my balls. Oh what a feeling that was my balls were inside her mouth and she was eating those violently. I felt great pleasure and pain at the same time. I said didi, dheere se khao. Dard hota hain it’s paining. She stopped for a while then looked at me and gave me a smile. Then said joorse khane se you will feel better honey.

She did it for another minute. Then she again started to suck my penis. She said bhai, tumhara loud bahut assi taste karti hain. Maan kar rahi hain ki ek ghante se isko chuste rahoon I replied didi, sab tumhara hain jab chahe isko chusna. She gave me a wicked smile and said haan khane ke liye pure saal pade hain. Par aj tumse sex karungi. Then she stood up. She told me aao dear, didi ke saath sex karo. Tumhari didi bahut payasii hain meri pyas bujha do I said par didi mujhe to pata nahi kaise sex kartahe?
She said tumhe sachme pata nahi? Oh, meri bhai kitna innocent hain thik hain mein tumko shikaungi. She lay down on her bed. She spread her legs. I saw the lovehole of my didi. It was inviting me. L said to me didi, soon I will show you how to fuck a woman. Didi said, “Raju, come here. This is your didi’s pussy. Come on suck it. Her pussy was wide open. I bent down and started to suck her pussy. Iat first I kissed on her pussy lips. Then I kissed harder then started to suck her pussy. She started to moan oooohhhhhh ummm.

Seema – Do it raju, it feels good. I continued doing so, she was still moaning aaaahhh oooohh ummm yeaaa.
Then I inserted the tip of my tounge inside her pussy this was more exciting for her, she started to move her hips and out of excite ment she started to moan louder ohh yes oh Raju oh khao aur khao bhai isshhh oh hhhh. Her pussy tasted nice.. There was good smell coming from her pussy. I continued to sucking and licking. Then I felt something liquid touching the tip of my tounge. I understood that his was her love juice.

I asked my didi to show me innocent didi, yeh kya hain? She said, “Sona, yeh tumhara didi ki maal hain. Juice, I answered didi, yeh to bahut tasty hain. Main is juice ko piyoon? She replied, thik hain, dear. Piyo, she was moaning in pleasure. Then she ordered me to bring some tissue. I bought. She swept my lips. Then she told me to sweep her pussy. I did so. Then she kissed my lips. We both suck each other. We both were siting on the bed.Then I told her to lay down.

Then I started to rub her huge boobs. Those were really big. I pinched on her nipple. She moaned ahhh. I started to suck her boobs. I was sucking her lefy boob and rubbing her right boob with my hand. Then I sucked her right boob and rubbed her left one. She was enjoying it. I came little lower and kissed on her navel. It was deep. And fat on her belly made it quite invisible. I spread fats with my finger and eventually saw her deep sexy navel. I kissed on her navel and sucked it. She was getting horny again to be continued.
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