Mom’s Lust – EP 2

One morning my doorbell rang and to my surprise it was my neighborhood boy with mom’s clothes in his hand, he had come to hand over to her as the clothes which were kept for drying had fallen to his house. She greeted him inside but he was reluctant as it was the first time they are meeting in person and don’t know each other very well. After some pleasantries, the boy went to his home and mom too got busy in her work. But what really amused me was that the boy’s eyes were continuously sticking and leering at mom’s blouse covered boobs which were can be seen as the pallu was loosely wrapped over her shoulder. Her blouse covered right boob was again and again peeping through the side of pallu along with the 4 inch length cleavage. Looking at mom, I felt like she knows what the neighbor boy is looking for and what he wants. There was a victory smile on her lips with a slutty touch. After some casual talks, the guy left.

From that day onwards they used to smile at each other whenever they meet or get a chance to meet and both used to find out ways to speak to each other.

Day by day it was going like that and slowly things changed and they used to chat in the terrace in the evening hours (I will be in my house and she would know that and the boy will be in his house terrace). This went for months and slowly the duration what they spend started to increase to 1 to 2 hrs and then it was like even if my father is in house, she would still go to the terrace in evening and would spend at least 3 hours.

Finally, that fine day came when she shared her number with that boy. Boy’s name is Rajat. Taking her number from her was also was a very win win situation as she was a beautiful and bold type and she doesn’t like everyone to have her number by any chance.

She had clearly instructed Rajat when to message and when to ping here. Everything was going normal and day by day they became very close. And they became very close in such a way that Rajat even started coming to my house for late night chit chats.

One fine day it was around 5:30 pm and dad was out of the town and he was to return after 4 days. I went to my house after finishing evening tuition classes. I always had an extra key of the main door of our house, if in case mom went out for market or neighborhood shops or elsewhere. I opened the door and straight went to my room. After taking 10 minutes rest I got fresh and made myself a coffee and thought to go in the terrace and have this coffee leisurely. I went up to the terrace, by then it had become dark outside. On the terrace we had 3-4 chairs to sit and enjoy the climate and surroundings. I took one chair and sat near to the terrace border and started enjoying the coffee. After sometime I looked at the house of Rajat. Everything seemed very quiet. I was just about to turn my head to other direction when suddenly I saw some movements happening in Rajat’s room. I quickly managed to hid myself so that by any chance no one can see me. And what I saw really blew my head off. My sweet homely mother was sitting on Rajat’s bed and wiping off something from over her upper part of breasts. Color of saree and blouse was red, stitched with golden thread at the borders. Rajat was sitting on the other end of the bed was intensely watching mom wiping her upper breasts visible in that V cut blouse with her pallu on her lap. The white light in Rajat’s room was somewhat making the whole scene very erotic and dusky color of mom shining.

I wanted to call her name and ask where is she and that’s why immediately ringed her. But for 2-3 times she didn’t pick up the phone and continued chatting with Rajat. But at the 4th time she picked up the phone and in a slight irritating tone asked me what was the matter and why am I calling her again and again. As she was saying me these things, I became sure of her being falling for Rajat. I just asked her where is she and when will she get back. At this she said that she is in one of her friend’s home and will get back soon. Saying this she kind of threw the mobile on the bed and resumed her talking with Rajat. She still didn’t put the pallu back on her chest-shoulder. Rajat was gaping at her 2 inches cleavage formed due to the heavy mammaries formed by the tight concealed blouse. By seeing this itself I too lost my control and was on cloud nine and thinking about touching and feel her body.

After half an hour, mom returned home. She acted quite normal. I too didn’t push the matter much. Almost like a week after that incident I was once going through her mobile to get a wifi hotspot when mistakenly I happened to get into her whatsapp inbox. There were many normal chitchats of her with her friends but one thing got my attention. And that was, messages from Rajat.! Well, mom had saved his number as “R” but it didn’t take me much time to figure out who is he actually. The messages were like this…..
Rajat: – Hi dear aunty.. How r u?

Mummy:- Hi Rajat, I’m good and how r u?

Rajat:- Not fine aunty.

Mummy:- what? Why??

Rajat:- Aunty. I am kind of coma. Paralysed.

Mummy:- Hmmm…. I get it. You are missing something… ain’t you?? Tell me, anything serious???

Rajat:- Yeah aunty… you got it right. Actually, am missing you and doctors said that if I don’t get it in time….. I’ll be put in to ventilation.

Mummy:- Hahahaha…. You are seriously so funny Rajat.

Rajat:- Hmmmm….

Mummy:- Okay, now tell me, did you eat anything since morning?

Rajat:- yes aunty, had noodles and a glass full of juice.

Mummy:- Ok…. But I heard that you like to have milk in the breakfast…. So, why juice this morning?

Rajat:- Because you were not here today to give me milk.

Mummy:- What??!! Oh god!!…. Rajat… you’re becoming naughty day by day… Hahahaha.
Rajat:- Aunty, can I tell you something?
Mom:- Yes, sure dear… tell me.

Rajat:- Aunty I’m missing you a lot and I feel like coming back right away and hug u

Mummy:- ohh poor Rajju….. even I’m missing you too.

Rajat:- umaahh

Mummy:- What’s umah? What is the full form?

Rajat:- Aunty, it is short for a kiss.. ummmmaaahhhh

Mummy:- Okay…. So I guess you also deserve one. Therefore, Ummaaah to u also..hahahahahaha

Rajat:- Aunty, tell something more….what else…

Mummy:- You tell Rajat.

Rajat:- Chitra Darling, missing you badly…

Mummy:- Shut up …. You naughty !

Rajat:- really aunty, i’m missing you a lot.

Mummy:- Fine then come my home.

Rajat:- Ok… Sure…but tell me first…what will I get if I come to your home soon??

Mummy:- Ohh wow.. So, are you trying to make a deal? Ok then business man, the deal is I will take you out on shopping and give you a nice treat.

Rajat:- No aunty i dont want those..!

Mummy:- No?? Then you tell me what do you want?

Rajat:- Aunty…Since you’re really close to me that’s why im saying it. If you don’t like it then please tell me but don’t stop talking to me.

Mummy:-Ok fine tell me what is it?

Rajat:-Aunty, ummm… you know…. From the day you showed me …. Ummm… your upper part of your chest… uummm.. don’t you feel you should have shown something more.

Mummy:- Ohhh… hahahahaha…. I dont think so…. Hahahaha.. That was enough.

Rajat:- Really..?? R u sure?? Because before the incoming call of your son.. you seemed like in a mood to show more.

Mummy:- Shut up Rajat. Please… that was enough. Now please don’t remind me of that incident.



Mummy:- Rajat, your both messages are empty.

Rajat:- yes aunty since you asked me shut my mouth, So, nothing comes out from a shut mouth… right?

Mummy:- Oh Rajat you are such a naughty prick. Hahaha.

Rajat:- Yes aunty … I’m naughty only with the people I like and till today I was not naughty with anyone except this beautiful angel.

Mummy:- you are a typical filmy flirt.

Rajat :- I gonna take that as a compliment.

Mummy:- you are so irredeemable.

Rajat:- so is the deal done?

Mummy:- First of all am gonna delete all these messages.. What will my son think about what we are chatting?

Rajat:- Sure aunty. Some things are meant to be hidden and we will make sure that our matter is always hidden.

Mummy:- I get it, what you actually want from me Rajat. But I seriously don’t think it’s good.

Rajat:- common now its a secret of both. And we both will keep our mouth shut and inbox cleared. Then how, anyone will know about this, shona?

Mummy:- Hmm…….

Rajat:- So, is the deal on now?

Mummy:- you first come here then we can decide

Rajat:- No first tell me yes or no

Mummy:- Rajat….! we will think about it first you come down here.

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no

Rajat:- Yes or no aunty?????????!!!!!

Mummy:- Ok Ok fine YES now stop it.

Rajat:- that’s like my sweet aunty. Ummmaahahhhh!

Mummy:- Ummmaaaahhhhhh.

Rajat:- Aunty, I have some work now. Will message you later and make sure you delete your inbox.

Mummy:- Ok sunshine, take care.

( End of messages)

After this chat, there were no more messages.

But in my mind, somewhere it started to strike hard and hard that something’s going to happen very soon. And only one thing was running in my mind that how can he move a step forward to make a bold move for fucking my mom. That day evening I excuse myself from the tuition classes and straightaway reached home and came to the backside of the house to climb the balcony and peeped inside the bedroom of mom. And just as I peeped inside, I got a big shock. My mom was standing saree less in front of Rajat and rajat was playing sitting on the edge of the bed and was playing with mom’s navel.
Suddenly, without thinking a second thought he stood up and just planted a kiss on her forehead. For few seconds mom didn’t say anything and then she held his hand and hugged him strongly. At this, he took a step bolder and planted a kiss on her lips passionately which lasted for more than 10 mins and she was more than happy.
After around 10 mins of hugging she informed that she will close the door and come, and by that time just wait in the bedroom. Immediately she came after closing the door and they hugged and kissed each other wildly.

Slowly he started to play with her boobs over the blouse with one hand and other hand roaming throughout the body, searching the fatty places and once found he starts caressing and squeezing them. He told her to undress and she told him to do so for her and immediately he started unbuttoning the blouse one by one taking his time, relishing the moment, feeling and feasting upon skin which was being revealed slowly after unhooking of each hook. After completely unhooking, he pushed aside the blouse flaps/cups and lovingly yet a bit hard started pressing mom’s juicy boobs over the bra. Mom indeed loved this and as soon as she felt Rajat’s hand on her bra covered boobs, she closed her eyes, bit her lower lips and made her head face the ceiling. With maximum time spent on the boobs over the bra, Rajat couldn’t stop himself and placed his lips over the deep cleavage and wide open breast area. With the ‘chukkkk…chhhukkkkk…. Chhukkkkk.. slllluurpppp’ sounds he started licking and kissing the whole of boobs area visible over the bra. At the same time, he also kept on pressing the boobs from underneath the bra. The whole scene was soooooo erotic and arousing that I too had to take out my dick and start stroking. But somehow controlled myself because I was recording the whole scene with my mobile; in case it may come handy in future. Meanwhile Rajat continued his actions and mom too was encouraging him by caressing his hairs and pulling his head more on to her boobs. No man can stand the beauty of such curvaceous treasure filled woman and so was the case with Rajat. He too can’t withstand the semi naked boobs and curves of mom and therefore he quickly rose upon his feet, took his hands behind and unclasped the bra in one go. This certainly certifies that he is a master in unclasping bra and this isn’t the first time he is doing it. Even mom too was shocked at this but didn’t got much time to react as Rajat soon was sliding down her bra straps from her shoulders and then in one go he took out the bra fully. And here comes the juicy ripen boobs!! He just stared at them for some minutes continuously and groped them suddenly and started to suck them one by one. She seemed to feel a great amount of relief and started to moan slowly.

She started searching his tool over his pants and soon reached the destination. She unzipped the pants and thereafter helped Rajat to remove the whole dress.

After seeing the tool, Mom was like waaaoooooo.!! She said in hefty tone that was seeing it (someone else’s) for the first time apart from her husband and was way bigger than him. I laughed silently at her lie; because it was surely not the first time she is seeing another person’s dick other than her husband! Rajat told her to play with it with her tongue and she bent on her knees and in no time took out her tongue and seductively started to do lick the whole dick and indeed she did pretty well and before Rajat could say anything more, she started sucking off vigorously till he cummed, ‘aaaaahhhhhhhh…….. saali …… aaahhh…ooooohhhh…waaooooo…… auntyyyy…..kyaaa masstttt kartiiiii ho aappppp’. At this comment of his, mom just gave a wide victory smile and continued with her sucking. Soon Rajat reached his climax and said her to drink the cum. But there happened something to which I was very much surprised and a little bit Rajat too and that was, mom was already drinking his cum before he could even say that. After drinking every drop of his cum she got up and gave a push to Rajat which made him fall on his back on the bed. Seductively mom removed her petticoat and panty and smilingly with little touch of shy, climbed up on the bed and straightaway sat on Rajat’s face.
Mom- “Sweety, I did just as you wished. Now fulfill my wish, I never got licked down there. You please fulfill my desire. Lick me… lick me hard and soft.. lick me to the core. Lick me such that all of my desires flow out as a flood. Do it deary. Ah! I can’t wait.”

Rajat was more than happy to do so. As soon as mom finished saying, he started licking her real hard. I looked carefully and found that mom didn’t had a single hair on her pussy! It was soooooo clear and clean that it could very easily make anyone lick it without even asked. Her pussy lips were kind of swollen and looked characteristically inviting. Soon, he widened her pussy lips with his fingers started licking more enthusiastically and a bit of finger fucking her. Now, she was moaning very loudly and soon she got her orgasms too. Rajat asked her politely that whether he can fuck her, and she just hugged him and said,
“I love you darling and go for it and make me a proud woman.”
Rajat told her to lay down on the bed because he wants to start with the missionary position. Mom did so and Rajat came between her thighs and slowly positioned the tool at the entry of her pussy. He applied spit on his dick head and then slowly pushed the mushroom head into the pussy and stayed like that for a while, perhaps he was thinking that indeed his was a big tool and maybe she was not used for this much big and it would make very difficult for both of them.
Slowly he started to push and mom started to cry in pain. After inserting half of it very slowly, he pushed it to the depth of the pussy to which mom gave a loud cry. Indeed she was in pain. Rajat bent forward and kissed her for some time with keeping the dick inside and slowly started the to and fro motion once she was relieved from pain.
He started pumping and gradually she was feeling the full pleasure.
“aahhhh…Ohhhh…. Aaahhhh…..aaaaauuuuu……Ooooohhhh…..dearrrrrr…….ohhhh…slowwwww…nooo…..abitttt….fasstttt…..slowwww….aaahhhh”.
Rajat was humping like a wild animal and as if there’s no tomorrow. Mom too was encouraging and meeting his every thrust by thrusting her hips upward. Both were now wild animals fucking each other with great enthusiasm and the whole room was filled with the ‘fap fap’ and ‘thap thap’ sounds.
They did it for around 20 mins and then went for doggy style for again almost 20 mins. Mom looked like she loved that way of fuck. During the doggy style fucking, Rajat asked her about fucking her ass but she denied. In that position they almost fucked for 20 to 30 mins and here at the other side of window, I too was about to cum. Soon rajat announced that he is going to cum and at this mom replied, “Ohh dear…. Please…. Please cum on ….. cum on me…. not inside…..cum on my boobs….. I need to feel the warmth of your liquid on my bare skin….aaahhh!!
Rajat didn’t waste a second and took out his dick, flipped mom over to face him and with a huge groan, he started to give out large shoots of cum. Mom very shamelessly kept on looking at his dick and the white liquid coming out of there. After Rajat had cummed all out, mom picked up her bra and wiped off all the cum and then again kept the bra nicely under the bed.

Both were fully exhausted and were lying on the bed hugging each other. Here, I too cummed a lot and felt like there’s nothing matchable to own mom getting banged by other. That very instant a thought of pimping came into my mind and I too decided that sooner or later I will start pimping my mom and could use a very good chance of earning golden fortune. Seeing today’s fuck, I can assure anybody that there’s no better whore than my mom.

I could no more stand there, so I called my mom and said that am coming home. I got out of my house campus and after spending 15 minutes, I returned to home only to see Rajat coming out of the main door smiling and mom’s face too was glowing with satisfaction and happiness.

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