Vimala’s aunt Bangalore Connection Erotic Story

Vimala’s Bangalore Connection

“Vimala get down at the Bangalore Cant Railway Station, and we will pick you up.”
That was the last command given to me by my aunt, who is married and settled in Bangalore. This was the first time I am going to Bangalore, although I have been to Bangalore several times with my parents when I was small, but this time I am going alone. I got divorced recently due to personal reasons from my ex-husband, I quit my job and I desperately wanted to travel to get over my worries. Just then, my aunt in Bangalore called me up over the phone and invited me to her house. I decided to leave to Bangalore in a couple of days.

Before I could begin the journey, let me tell you about me. My name is Vimala Chinnasamy, am in my late twenties, was born in Chennai, and was school teacher. Being brought up in an very traditional South Indian family, my parents always encouraged to wear only the south Indian dresses, and my school where I worked always wanted us teachers to wear Saree. I gradually developed attraction towards Saree and continued to wear Sarees even at home. I stand 5 feet 5 inches tall against gravity and weigh a steady 60 kg. My colleagues say I look like Tamil heroine Sukayna in some angle, oval face and cute smile, but I am way taller than her and I am gifted with a proportionate structure for my physique. I never drape my Saree below my navel, only after I got married to my ex-husband I started doing that. He used to say I have a beautiful deep navel, and a round ass, and he always wanted me to expose it to make his friends jealous. It has been 3 months now since we got divorced. My colleagues kept on asking me about my divorce, my personal life etc, I honestly thought I should not work there anymore, and finally I quit. I was leaving to Bangalore for a break.

I have this habit of doing everything at the last minute, just like today. I tried to book tickets in the bus, but I never got any ticket, I tried to book the train, but unfortunately I could not get the tickets reserved. The only option I had was to board in the General class. If I had told my dad that I did not book the ticket, he would start yelling at me, calling me lazy, irresponsible, good for nothing, etc etc. In order to avoid that, I told him I got tickets in the sleeper class, and it was the 11:45 pm train tonight, the last train that goes to Bangalore. Thankfully I was able to book my return ticket. Cursing the Indian Government, I said to myself “a ticket in the train has become a valuable gift in this country, why can’t everybody get tickets when they come to the station. God save my country..!”

The next thing I had to do was the packing. When it comes to packing bags, I always do it dutifully by making a check list. I took 7 sarees and matching blouses and matching petticoats, 4 panties and 3 bras. I packed the bag along with my toiletries, towels etc and kept it aside. It was only 8:00 PM and I had a good 3 hours to get ready and reach the Railway station. I took out a Chiffon Red Saree, black blouse, and a red petticoat to go along with my Saree, a white bra, and of course my 90 cm black panties and placed in on my bed. Switched my music player and started playing “Vaseegaraa..” song, and humming the song I pulled out the Saree I was wearing, opened the blouse hooks and removed the blouse, untied my petticoat and it fell on the ground, I put my hands behind and unclasped the bra hook and off it came, and holding my panties elastic from both ends, I pulled it away, I bunched it up all and kept in the corner. I grabbed a towel and entered the bathroom for the shower.

I came out and saw the clock and it was 9:00 PM, cursing myself for taking such a long time to take bath, I first picked up my Black panties first and wore it and secured it, quickly put my hands behind, gripped the panties gently adjusted it so as to cover my bottom, wore my white bra as fast as I could, took out my red petticoat and secured the petticoat knot, wore my black blouse, draped my Saree eloquently and tucked the Saree right on my navel, applied a little make up, and to add to my finishing touch, I secured a Jasmine flower to my hair; carried my bag and I was about to leave. My dad was sitting in the living room, saw me and started making fun of the Saree color and stuff, I knew he would complain, but I did not bother, and said “Appa, I am leaving,” My mom said “Wait, ” and came towards me and adjusted my Saree and continued, “Appa has called the Auto guy, and he must be here anytime, you can go in the Auto.” I nodded okay. The Auto driver was right at our door step, and I got in, waving bye I left my house.

I reached the railway station, got the general compartment ticket, and was waiting for the train to come. One guy was staring me for a long time, I just tried to look away from him, he was trying to take pictures of me in his phone. I wanted to go there and bash him and break his phone, but towards my left a good 20 feet away there was a tall and fit looking policeman standing, he looked like an educated officer, definitely he must be in good post I thought. I slowly moved towards him and told him “Sir, there is one guy over there taking pictures of me, I am feeling very uncomfortable, please do something.” The policeman caught my right hand and took me towards him, and gave one tight slap on his face, “you deserve it, pervert,” I was saying to myself. “Take his phone and delete my picture if he had taken sir” I pleaded in friendly gesture. When he opened the images, I could see he has taken several images of me since the moment I arrived at the railway station. He has focused my lips, my bottom and my little exposed midriff and the region of my blouse covered left boob. The police seeing my pictures one by and stopped at my photo where my midriff was exposed he asked “is this yours ?” and looked directly at my midriff in the pretext of confirming the picture. The police pulled out the memory card from the phone, and gave the phone back to that pervert, and started hitting him left and right, he was pleading to let him go, I felt sorry for that guy at some point and asked the police to stop. Just then few railway policemen arrived, and asked what happened. To my shock policemen in a commanding voice replied, “this is my wife, and his man tried to misbehave with her” and turned towards me and winked. As if I got the signal, I too added “Yes, I am his wife, and this man tried to misbehave with me” and looked at the policeman. The railway police immediately took him way, and he put his hand on my shoulder and walked me towards my bag. All the people in the place watched this happen.

“What is your name?” he asked. “Vimala sir” I replied. “Listen Vimala, now everybody here will think that you are my wife and no one will try to misbehave or take pictures of you, and more over you will be safe until you reach your destination, got it ?” he said. “Yes sir” I said and smiled at him. He extended his hand and shook my hand saying “Have a nice journey Vimala” and left the place. Shame on you Vimala, you could not say a word “Thanks” to that officer, I cursed myself. Two old ladies came towards me, and asked me “Madam, is that policeman your husband ?” I replied “Yes,” and made a straight face, just like those policemen. The train finally arrived, I immediately tried to pick up my bag to find myself a seat. Before I could move an inch, the people started jumping from everywhere and started fighting to enter the General compartment, and the compartment was completely jam packed. I was the last one to get in, and was struggling to get a foothold. The train started moving. The first thing I wanted to do was to keep my bag on the train luggage rack, so that I will feel relieved. I lifted my bag and placed it on the luggage rack, just then one young man came running to get into the train. When he tried to get in, he tripped and fell on the floor of the train, I bent down to help him get up, but he held my thighs first for balance and then straight away held my butt with his palm, and then gripped my Saree and pulled it down to get up, and stood in front of me, his hand were still on my waist. He had pulled down my Saree along with my petticoat and my navel had got exposed completely. With his hands still on my waist, he said “Thank you” and smiled. I cursed myself for smiling back, I tried to pull his hands off my waist. Before I could do that, the next station approached and the train stopped, people started to rush inside the packed General compartment. As people started flooding the General compartment, we got sandwiched between the people, this man whom I helped to stand up, who had his hands on my hip took this as an opportunity and hugged me tight, I was left with nothing to hold on to for balance but to hug him back. Within seconds my boobs got crushed against his chest, and he started kissing me everywhere on my face. He held my butt with his both hands and started mauling it, and before I could scream, he locked his lips with mine and started kissing me. I mustered all my strength to push him away, but in vain, the crowd was pushing and pulling against me. I was turning my face left to right to save my lips from being kissed. Every time I turned, the kisses would land directly on either my left cheek or right cheek. He held my right boob with his left hand and I started to scream but his lips locked my open mouth and started kissing. The train moved and I pushed him away yelling at him “Bastard, do this to your mother,” and turned away from him. I did not scream because I don’t want to create a scene and grab people’s attention.

One lady came out from the Toilet, and saw me struggling to stand, and recognized me. This old lady is one of the two ladies at the Railway station who asked me “Madam, is that policeman your husband ?” She asked “Madam, why are you still standing here? unable to move to your seat where your husband is sitting?” Looking at her, “My Husband ?” I blurred and thought, she is talking about the police officer who helped me. “Madam, hold my hand I will take you to your husband who is sitting in the single seat window,” she said and I held her hand. She started screaming “Make way for the Police officer’s wife, she has to go to the last to sit with her husband,” and people were making way for me to go. I felt so relieved that I am going far away from this bastard who groped me and almost raped me in the train. There was a man seated in the single seat in his khaki uniform, and the light was very dim making me hard to recognize him. All the people looked tired and were sleeping. The old lady took me close to him, and I was so happy to see the police officer who saved me from the pervert at the Railway Station sitting. Before I could say a word, the lady said, “Madam, you share your seat with Husband.” “Police sir, I will sit near your leg, I cant stand for 6 hours,” and sat down. The policeman immediately spread his legs and offered me to sit in that little space on the seat. I sat there a bit reluctantly. The policeman placed his hands on my both shoulders and brought his face near my face and whispered “What is your name, you said?” It turned without looking at his eyes said “Vimala Sir.” He said, “Vimala, my name is Anand, please don’t call me ‘sir’ okay?” I nodded yes. Anand moved back and bit to made me sit a rather little comfortably, and I moved a bit behind but I accidentally hit his tool and whispered a “sorry”. He put his arms around my waist, with his left hand passed through my Saree and placed on my folded navel and kept his chin on my right shoulder, and started his conversation. I was beginning to get uncomfortable. “So..Leaving to Bangalore Vimala?” He asked, and I said “Yes.” He continued feeling up my belly “Your skin is so soft Vimala, applied any lotion there ?” “No” I said. He put his finger right inside my belly button, Ufffffhhhh…” was the only sound escaped from my lips. “Do you always wear your Saree below your navel like this Vimala ? you like people watching your navel ? . I said “No no no Anand… one guy caught my Saree along with my petticoat and pulled it down accidentally when he got into the train in a hurry, and I forgot to cover it up. But normally I wear my Saree well above my navel.” He said “Good Vimala, you are a nice girl,” and I smiled, and he kissed me on my right cheek and I did not mind. An old man, must be in his 60s with thick beard and glasses, who was sitting opposite to us smiled at us and asked “newly married Sir?” Anand replied looking at me, kissed my right cheek again and and said “Yes we are newly married,” we both smiled at the old man (I faked a smile).

“She is beautiful, look at her eyes she looks so innocent. “She has got nice features on her face, I wish I had my pencil and paper in my hand to sketch her and take home the sketch to admire her beauty,” the old man said. “Really ?” Anand asked. “Stand up for a second darling,” the old man said. I looked quizzed and raised my eyebrows in confusion. Anand kissed my right cheek again, and said “Stand up Baby,” and again kissed my right cheek again this time a bit longer and came for my lips. To avoid being kissed on my lips, I stood up immediately. “Wow, she has got an amazing structure, look at her body,” he wondered. He held my both hands and made me turn around, and I did. He held my hips, and I put my hands on his hands to hold him from going any further. Admiring my deep navel which was exposed due to that bastard who pulled my Saree down, the old my turned my hips to face Anand, and said “Come closer, look at her navel Sir, look how beautiful it looks,” Anand came close to my navel and kissed directly on my navel. Shocked.!! and Helpless, I sucked in some air and bit my lips, took my hands off the old man’s hand and placed it firm on Anand’s booth cheeks to stop him from kissing me further. Anand smiled at me, and again kissed my navel, this time he put in tongue inside my navel, and it tickled me and I laughed. The old man whose hand was on my hips, started tickling me and we three were laughing. “Alright, now stop laughing, people are sleeping, you might wake them up” the old man said and spanked my bottom playfully and before I could react, Anand started kissing my navel and all over my belly, and this time I was not laughing and as a matter of fact, I was getting turned on. Anand’s kissing intensified, I leaned towards him offering my navel to his lips to feast on, and I held the seat to take support. I was getting wet down there, and I could feel my panties sticking to my skin down there. “Oh oh oh… Hold on for a moment, save her until you reach home,” the old man said and laughed. Anand too laughed, like my real husband, and I had to fake a laughter. I wiped Anand’s saliva off my navel. “Come on darling.. give this old man a hug,” the old man said, and without even waiting for me he turned me towards him and hugged me tight. My boobs got crushed against his chest and his lips was on my neck region. His hands roamed all over my body feeling each and every part his hands could roam through. Saying “Mmmm… your wife is so sensitive, every part of her body is so sensitive Sir,” the old man placed his hands on my bottom and started squeezing it and mauling it, and I was moving uncomfortably “You see that? every part of her body is so sensitive, and you are so lucky to have her.” He said to Anand. I took my hands off the old man’s shoulders and tried to pull his hands off my butt, his lips suddenly came for mine and started kissing me on my lips and then saying “Go sit with your husband darling,” he broke the kiss. I was in at most shock that this is happening in the train. I wiped my lips and sat on Anand’s lap thinking about what this old man did to me right now and now making it look very casual. “She has a wonderful lips Sir, you will love kissing her,” he said to Anand. To change the topic about my lips and kissing my lips, I interrupted the old man, and said “Anand, I think you are feeling uncomfortable because of me sitting on your lap.” I was sitting on Anand’s lap, he made me sit on his lap in such a way that I was leaning my back against the window. “No problem sweetheart,” Anand said and held my left hand and put it over his shoulder. In that way my face came very close to him and my left boobs was hitting his upper chest and chin. He kissed my left cheeks and said “Just relax and feel comfortable.” Now I had already got used to the kissing and hugging. He smiled after kissing my cheeks, and I smiled back. The old man was moving his leg rather uncomfortably, he took my right hand and said “Your wife’s hand is so soft, like the rose petals,” and started kissing my right hand, his kisses were brief, and he was licking my index finger. I was getting turned on, and my panties were getting wet. “Not just hands, every part of her body is so soft” Anand said and inserted his left hand into the Saree exposed region of my belly, and started playing with my navel. His hand went further up and grabbed my right boob and started mauling it and it was driving my crazy. Boob squeeze on one said and kissing on other side, but two strangers was little too much for me. At some point, I pulled my right hand off the old man, turned towards Anand and started kissing Anand on his lips, and he was breathing heavily and started kissing me back, and he was completely charged up. I turned to the old man, he was moving his legs uncomfortably, and rubbing his dick over his Pajama. Until then the 4 guys who were standing near the window were watching us. The old man intervened “Its too hot here, come lets get some oxygen,” he said, and we both broke the smooth and smiled at each other. He called the 4 guys who were standing near the door and asked them to take the seats where we three were sitting. The whole bunch who were standing there came to take the seat. Anand said to them “If I see anyone looking at us, I will put you in Jail, okay?” immediately, “Okay, sir.. we will not turn that way.” Me, the old man, and Anand, went near the door and stood there feeling the breeze hitting us.

The wind was heavy since the train was running fast. The old man was standing behind me, and Anand was standing beside. Due to the wind my Saree was moving away and exposing my deep navel. The old man standing behind me put his hand on my shoulder and asked Anand “What is this beautiful lady’s name Sir?” Holding my hips, Anand replied “Vimala.” The old man started having conversation with me with his hand on my shoulder. Anand meanwhile did not wait for anything, he straight away knelt in front of me and started kissing my navel. He was licking and inserting his tongue into my deep navel sending shocks to my brain. Sensing my expression on my face, the old man gave a kiss on my lips and I looked into his eyes, and he smiled. Anand’s kissing intensified, and I wanted someone to kiss me, the old man was teasing me with his lips, I tried to reach for his lips. I made a pleading look in my eyes, like a whore who wants to be kissed. The old man got the message, and came for my lips and started kissing my lips, my panties were getting wet I could feel it. I was moving my legs uncomfortably due to the itch caused by my wet juice. While the old man was still kissing my lips, he brought his hands down, opened his pajama knot, took my right hand and placed my hand on his tool. Involuntarily I started stroking it, and he broke the kiss and was watching me stroke it. Anand saw me stroking the old man’s tool, stopped kissing my navel, and stood up and kissed my lips. He pulled out his tool from his pant, took my left hand and placed it on his tool, and I started stroking it. He was balling my buttocks with his right hand meanwhile, in one grab he grabbed my entire left ass cheek and mauled it.

The old man was trying to lift my Saree along with my petticoat, as he raised my Saree the cold wind was hitting my hard and I was shivering in cold. He bunched up my Saree and my black panties was flashing out. I was trying to cover up my panties by pulling my Saree and petticoat down in shame, that’s when Anand joined in and held my panties and pulled it down till my knees. I was begging Anand in whispers to pull the panties up, I pleaded him “Anand please … please please… please don’t pull it down, I cant be naked.” Anand said “Look darling, no one is watching us, don’t worry.” I was trying to pull my panties up, but my black panties rolled along with its elastic and I was feeling difficult to put it back in place. My right hand was still on the old man’s tool, the old man joined in and with one force he pulled the panties down till my knees, and with his leg with force he stamped and pushed it down, and my panties were down on my anklets. I took my hand off the old man’s tool and tried to cover up my nakedness beneath. The old man caught my hand and made me hold his tool. Meanwhile Anand lifted my Saree along with my petticoat and straight away and inserted his finger inside my already wet pussy. My knees became weak and trembling, and I was gasping for air for every thrust his finger made inside my pussy. The old man put his finger inside my mouth and started playing with my tongue. “Wow, look at her lips, she is enjoying it,” the old man said. I looked at Anand with the old man’s index finger inside my mouth. Anand’s finger fucking intensified, and tears were rolling from my eyes. The more I opened my mouth to gasp some air, the old man’s finger went deeper inside my mouth. My knees could not take it any longer, I knelt down one the floor, Anand’s finger came out of my pussy, but the old man’s finger was still inside my mouth. I was completely turned on, and my pussy was itching to get a cock inside me.

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